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7 Ways To Keep Your Salespeople Happy

Sales have always been one of the key concerns for any type of business. Commonly, sales are directly proportional to the success of the business i.e. if the sales increase [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

3 Key Weight Loss For Ultimate Weight Loss Success

So youve made the resolution that THIS is the year youre going to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life.  Youre not going to settle for second best youre going to achieve that dream body youve always wanted. Great news this is actually the best time to make that [] The post 3 Key Weight Loss For Ultimate Weight Loss Success appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

Turkey Dinner With A Plan

Created using Photo editor and College maker. One thing I like to do when I make dinner for my family is have a plan. I like to plan everything from from creating or finding a recipe, preparing it, all the way down to the small details of serving it. Many of my foods I make with be used for more than one meal. Frozen turkey already precooked Such as last night's dinner. I received a frozen turkey breast and a box of potatoes from one of my local food banks. The turkey has 8 to 10 servings... read more »

How do you deal with the off-season slump?

Ill be honest that Ive been in a bit of a slump recently. I spent the first half of the year building up to Ironman Dublin 70.3 in August and the Scilly Swim Challenge in September and those events were immediately followed by the Tour de Y. I then realised that I was at the [] read more »

Write Non-Fiction In November (WNFIN) – Day 1

As announced previously on my business blog (Notary Memphis) and on Facebook, I have registered for the Write Non-Fiction In November challenge, also known as WNFIN. This is the non-fiction counterpart to the National Novel Writing Month challenge held in Continue reading read more »

For I Know The Plans…

This morning as I laid my agenda for the day upon the table, I thought about how grateful I am for so many things. Family, friends, faith and God are great places to begin. Tonight I will pick up my daughter and her children to begin a Christmas week. Looking at the city’s lights, visiting Continue reading For I Know The Plans read more »

Jesus Has A Plan For That

I watched and read of the votes, waking up to a changed political landscape. But I ask you…is it really changed? I long ago began to feel that their world (Meaning politics) is not my world. I could give you all the information on why that is so , but I will not. On the [] read more »

Sunt poezii pe care trebuie să le scrii la timp...

Vera, o fată cu care mă jucam des în copilărie, îmi spunea că n-o să se întâlnească cu nici un băiat până n-o să împlinească vârsta de 22 de ani. Nu avea nici o restricţie din partea părinţilor, nu făcea Continue reading read more »

Day 1&2

Hi everybody :)so after now 2 days in Bangkok it´s clear to me...bangkok is busy and you have to watch your step :)but first things first, when I arrived yesterday I decided to take a motorcycle taxi and it is just not funny when you have all your things with ya and your texi is like, yeah basically everywhere ;P driving between the line or against the stream but it was definatly better than any roller coster.than I took a lil stroll around and it was like hell degrees spoken ,35 ° to be exact , and as g... read more »

Day Zero

Finally the day has come :)in 5 hours i sit in a flight to Amsterdam and from there to Bangkok ;P arriving 7o´clock in the morning of 12th march. Gonna be legen...wait thru 12hours flight...dary, legendary !!!!what my first day will look like?first I bring all my stuff to a hostel ( after a few days i am going to stay with couchsurfers) than a lil walk around the city getting accustomed before meeting up on a drink with a couchsurfer in Chinatown...yeah i know just came to Thailand and the first thing i ... read more »

NO, go or take it !!!

"If you cant deal with a NO, photography is nothing for you " thats what it is like,(I heared this line on Chase Jarvis Live and had to write about it check it out ^^ it´s good stuff )I get a no all the time, was declined at universitys photography programs ( okey to be fair looking back these porfolios i send in weren´t very good :) ) , but that is part of the deal isn´t it? every client searchs for this unique thing for his poduct and just ant hire them all.Th... read more »

New Years Pomises

Hi everybody,Its been 2014 for 4 days now and where ever i go i see people trying to hold onto there new years promises. Don't we all do it? every year and we most likely fail one way or another ;PMy promise is to fly to Asia and give it my all to get where I want to be and luckily my light tickets are bought so there should be no problem there.2 Month and this blog will burst with news, shoot-outs, Asian fashion and weird stuff that only can be found in Asia ^_^ andright now I stand in contact with lots... read more »

Planned or dreaded?

She smiled past the weird And past the unexpected. She let go of the funny Never once feeling dull. She had changed a little too much All too suddenly. Gradual as it had seemed to her They hoped the change Continue reading read more »

Don’t Follow the Pack, Follow Your Plan

With the internet being such a convenience to modern society its really easy to start messing around in Google, putting in a few dozen search phrases, and ending up on a wild goose chase that ends up in you buying some BS Clickbank course on How to get a Million Twitter followers overnight or some [...] The post Dont Follow the Pack, Follow Your Plan appeared first on Steve Online. read more »

Get Motivated!

Filed under: Graphics, Life, Motivation Tagged: get motivated, goals, Graphics, how to, ideas, Inspiration, Life, lists, motivate, motivated, motivation, plan, planning, plans, tips, tricks read more »

¿Quién es tu enemigo?

La vida está llena de obstáculos u oportunidades, según lo quieras ver.  También se nos presentan retos que debemos enfrentar con valentía.  De eso depende el éxito que puedas tener.  Y en el camino de la vida puedes encontrar enemigos que quieren impedir que llegues a tus metas.  Un enemigo de acuerdo con el diccionario [...] read more »

Una pausa

Cuánto hace que no tomas tiempo para hacer una pausa Frustración, cansancio, aburrimiento, y falta de motivación, son sólo algunos de los síntomas que todos alguna vez en la vida experimentamos.  Pero no quiero deprimirte al recordarte lo difícil que suele ser cuando nos acostumbramos a vivir en una rutina.  Ahora te pregunto: ¿Quieres resultados nuevos haciendo [...] read more »

The Plan to Loose Weight

Right then, it is now a week exactly till I start work and start my new get fitter and shift the baby weight program! Also known as Mummy Tummy Begone, I have decided now is the time after some encouragement at reading Karin at CafeBebes posts. Now, anyone who knows me knows I cant stick [...] read more »

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