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Tittertastic Saturday – What A Hoot

bethere2day - Tittertastic Saturday - What A Hoot - Dreading old age. Tittertastic Saturday What A Hoot read more »

Rebajas, rebajas, rebajas

Si aín no te has decidido por un moisés o una minicuna de cucosbaby, seguro que con las rebajas te animas. Dejamos los moisés FOLK de 330 y 290€ a 250€ Los NIDO de 360€ a 299€ Y tenemos como moisés del Mes al Lilac Star por 225€ y las Minicunas estan de 220€ A 199€ Envío gratuito en península y baleares read more »

Moises mini a precios mini :)

Estos moisés estan esperando su dueñ@ y por eso los gastos deenvíos son gratuitos para quien quiera adoptarlos.Escríbenos [email protected] te lo contamosMoises mini TreesMoisés HelicoptersMoisés mini White OwlMoises mini CherriesMoisés mini Moisés mini Clouds read more »

Owl Gifts Wrapped Up: Wide Eyed Treats for Ever...

Who doesn't love an owl? Who doesn't love a gift? It's a winning combination! Check out this selection of beautiful owl gifts for every budget The post Owl Gifts Wrapped Up: Wide Eyed Treats for Every Budget appeared first on The Mrs B-Line. read more »

Tweet Tweet-- Birds Sensory Tub

In order to convince my son to get out of the heatandcome inside and enjoy the air conditioning, I told him that I would put together his Bird Sensory Tote. A few months ago I participated in a swap with a group of women to create the perfect bird themedsensory tub. I ended up holding off on putting this one together because we had so many set up. For those of you that do not know what a sensory tub/tote is,it is atub or a bin that you fill up with various items to let your child be hands-on. Sensory act... read more »

Random fact for the day

This random fact is brought to you in honour of my groovy socks. Yes, really. Read more » read more »

Cute Owl Polymer Clay Christmas Ornament

I normally create dogs at NanjoDogz, but every once in a while I like to do various critters especially at Christmas time. So here is the latest addition to my "other critters" ornaments. This cute little ornament is an owl that is handmade with polymer clay and sits with a real acorn on a small wreath. The owl is red with green and multi-cane wings. He has a green heart on his chest. The wreath is embellished with little red clay balls and holly and a little glass ladybug has landed on the wreath to kee... read more »

A Chimp, a Bookworm and an Owl Pandora Beads

I normally do dogs because that is where my heart is, but every once in a while I'll do some other critters. Here are just a few of them that are available in my shop. Chimpanzee Little Monkey Pandora BeadBookworm Pandora BeadHoot Owls Pandora Bead read more »

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