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#EnjoyOurs, cerca, ama, compra! è un maxi store online, che offre davvero di tutto per le categorie prodotti di bellezza, moda, home decor, gioielli, cellulari ed accessori, prodotti per infanzia e bambini, sport e vita all'aria aperta e molti altri gadgets tutti da scoprire ed acquistare. Non solo la scelta è vastissima, ma gli articoli sono di qualità discreta, con prezzi fino al 90% più bassi rispetto ad altri eshop.Davvero non potevo resistere e così a meno di $ 10 mi sono aggiudicata ben 4 articoli che vi vado a mos... read more »

Brug review

Ive been fortunate enough to test a Kickstarter project recently: Brug by Wunderlife An innovative bag/rug combo. This is a really interesting product that I think will appeal to a wide range of people. The brug can fold up really small (about the size of a 2 pint carton of milk). Which means that it [] read more »

Is ‘nature’ right for you?

I got up at 7am this morning to go for a run. Thats not particularly early, but in the middle of my holidays it certainly felt like it. I had a bowl of porridge for breakfast and then headed out at 7:50am to meet my friend Teri. I stepped out of the door and started [] read more »

I Have No Time For Patience

When I was a child, I learned of a concept called The Fruits of the Spirit in Sunday School. After the inevitable Fruit of the Loom jokes crafted by our well-developed eight-year-old comedic sensibilities had faded away, we would learn that these fruits were the following: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and [] read more »

FREE GSO: Center City Cinema 2015 Lineup

Center City Cinema Center City Park has announced it's 2015 Lineup. Mark your calendars now! May 22 The Hunger Games June 12 Dirty Dancing June 26 Muppets from Space July 10 Empire Records July 24 Journey 2 The Mysterious Island August 14 Talladega Nights August 28 The Notebook September 25 Iron Man Center City Park, located in the heart of downtown Greensboro, fills the block between North Elm and North Davie Streets and is bordered on the south by West Friendly Avenue and ... read more »

How to Throw The Perfect End of Summer Party

It's been a great summer and we still have a month left of summer as we head into August. I'm already looking forward to fall with the crisp, cool fall weather, apple picking, Halloween parties, and gradual approach of Christmas. But before we can welcome fall, we must bid a great adieu to summer. How?END OF SUMMER PARTY!Enjoy the last weekend evenings of summer with friends, but without the stress of throwing a big to-do. A summer evening party should be fun and relaxed from prep to party to clean up!H... read more »

How To Enjoy a Family Bike Ride

Once upon a time, something like six years ago, I had some health issues that greatly affected and controlled my life. There was little time for enjoyment with constant pain, therapy three days a The post How To Enjoy a Family Bike Ride appeared first on Mom Tattles. read more »

A day of kites, sun and sand

Over the weekend, we decided to visit the 3rd International Kite Festival happening outside Dubai Outlet Mall. I figured Little Dude would be interested in seeing lots of kites, since he knows what they are are, and has shown an interest in them. It turned out to be an unusuallyhot day for the rainy and cloudy weather we've been having lately. We reached the venue when the sun was at its peak, and the sand dunes reflecting the sunshine made it even harder to see the kites! And there were many of them. Hu... read more »

Toddler Tales (23): Rainy Day

I never pass up an opportunity to take Little Dude outside when I can - I think outdoor play is simply the best fun a child can have! Since we don't go to a regular playgroup, I take him to the neighbourhood park almost everyday. It's our routine - he loves playing around and I like the 15-minute walk. The past few days have been beautiful here in Dubai - the rain and the falling temperature has made this city even more stunning! A few days ago, just as the sun came out after some rain, off we went to th... read more »

Photographing Animals in the Wild

If you love taking pictures of animals, especially in the wild, and are thinking about trying to sell your photographs as stock photography, here a few important tips to help get you started. Photographing animals in the wild could be a troublesome task. One of the primary reasons being that you have no control over [...] read more »

Bahama Beach Review: Dallas

Bahama Beach Waterpark is the perfect place to cool off this summer! Bahama Beach offers the best family waterpark value in the metroplex. Conveniently located only ten minutes south of downtown Dallas, you can get away from it all without ever leaving town. We have everything from 45 foot tall slides for the big kids [] read more »

DFW Water Park? I’m There!!

Guess where Im going this summer?! Water Works Park has everything you need to make this an awesome summer! We offer exciting Aquatic Explorer Camps, Kayaking Camps, and swim lessons for kids on summer vacation, and were the perfect destination for day care and summer camp field trips. Enjoy four giant water slides, a [] read more »

“Grousin’ Buddies” by Bob Feller/Bob Nelson

"Grousin' Buddies: Tales of Fins, Feathers, and Friends" by Bob Feller/Bob Nelson describes their life in the Northwoods read more »

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