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Mr. President here is what you do in Syria

Mr. President, First, you must send strong signals you are no longer supporting Islamic Jihad.  So, you jail your brother from the Muslim Brotherhood. Next you hire someone like me to run your military intervention in the Levant.  You must Continue reading read more »


We have great leaders who inspired crowds not only in their life time, but their writings continue to stir generations to come , as their wisdom help everyone to live with a soldier's spirit.Abraham Lincoln is a leader of this rare blend. He has a special place in my heart. The reason is that he showed to the world how a man could lift from a heap of failures. (to read my earlier article on Lincoln, click here )One could learn a lot from this guiding light. More than after a century and half, Lincoln aga... read more »

Is Russia preparing for WW3?

Friends, You may know that I pray for Ukraine almost daily. And I have been known to live in Odessa, Ukraine. So, I read a lot of news about the war in Ukraine. What American news calls a crisis. However, Continue reading read more »

No more secret wars ….

Friends, Every time I fly through Vienna, I am reminded of all of our secret wars. Please pray for our troops to come home. WayneFiled under: Blogging, News, Politics Tagged: Obama, postaday, USA, USArmy, War read more »

Save Baltimore, Save US

Friends, The war on Black Americans in Baltimore is the war on US. I will explain that. And I will explain how we need to react to this aggression. First, the racists riots are a continuation of Obamas Arab Spring Continue reading read more »

Dacă tot plagiem, măcar să plagiem până la capăt!

Domle, noi ca popor suntem în general un popor inventiv. Poet. Original în corceala lui. Trei, patru versuri compuse și-ai uitat de foame. Mai mult parodie, aia prinde mai bine. Și-apoi compunem, compunem, dar nu putem compune noi toată poezia, nu? Mai un cuvânt de ici, mai o rimă de colo, mai o măsură de [] read more »

Obama did not go to Paris, get over it

Friends, Is anyone else tired of everyone complaining about Obama not going to Paris to stand in unity with world leaders against terrorism? I am ready to yea, Obama did not go to Paris, get over it! I can understand Continue reading read more »

Will terrorists tear Ukraine apart?

Friends, As you know, I live as much as I can in Odessa, Ukraine. And they are in the middle of a war. A proxy war between the USA and Russia. A war where Russia invaded Ukraine, and provided insurgents Continue reading read more »


As far as I can tell, both the hard left and the hard right need to be on some type of medication. I have made no secret of the fact that I do not like the policies of the person currently occupying the White House. What I have not made clear is that I do [...] read more »

3 reasons Why Russia invaded Ukraine.

Why? I think there are three main reasons why Russia invaded Ukraine. And no, the reasons are not location, location, location. Those three reasons would be for buying and selling real estate. But, location is one of the three. The Continue reading read more »


Is the theocracy of b.o. actually in trouble? Is it really possible that majority of the populace have become disillusioned with obama-the-messiah? If the liberals had swept the mid-terms the way that the Republicans just did, b.o. would have called it a ‘mandate’ and validation of his policies. Instead, he will try to find a [...]r read more »

A New Level of Populist Stupidity

by J. Andrew Zalucky Its election season in the United States, and though its not a Presidential season, the media is rife with talk of who will run in 2016. And of course, on the Democratic side, much of the media is resigned to the idea of Hillary Clinton winning the nomination. Im on the [] read more »

It’s a Party – Russian Style

It Finally Happened Today Life In Russia Has had over 100,000 Views And over 1,000 followers So to Thank everyone I thought a party was in order  Russian Style So come on in Join the Fun Hang around for a while Or maybe not I invited some of my Friends It would be nice to [] read more »

The Intervention in Syria Has Begun

by Andrew Parker The US intervention in Syria against the Islamic State (ISIS) has begun. Bombs struck targets in their de facto capital city of Raqqa, just as they are threatening to wipe out minority Kurds in the city of Kobane just north of there. This seems to follow a similar formula to Iraq; just [] read more »

Humanitarian bombing

Most people trace the origin of “humanitarian bombing” to the war in Kosovo in 1999.  It was well articulated by Václav Havel: “I believe that during intervention of NATO in Kosovo there is an element nobody can question: the air attacks, the bombs, are not caused by a material interest. Their character is exclusively humanitarian: [] Tags:bombing, Iraq, Obama Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:0 (Zero), Be the first to leave a reply! You might be interested in this: ... read more »

What about Benghazi?

Are we already distracted by all the bad news, wars, and plagues? Or, should we watch Trey Gowdy today? Benghazi.House.Gov I think I mentioned I met the Ambassador, Amb Stevens, before he was assassinated. I tried to talk with the Continue reading read more »

O CERCETATOARE de origine romana, PREMIATA de p...

RADA MIHALCEA, o CERCETATOARE de origine romana, a fost inclusa in top 100 cercetatori in domeniul inteligentei artificiale din SUA si premiata de Casa Alba. In varsta de 40 de... Read more read more »

“Islam is not Islam.”

Friends, Our president is becoming as much of an embarrassment as his VP Biden. How can you say that an Islamic Organization that has been around for almost a hundred years the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria is Continue reading read more »


This time there is simply no denying it. The current president of the United States is the one with innocent blood on his hands. I am not talking about the killing that happens in times of war, I am talking about purposeful inaction that allows American citizens to die. Today, a video showing the beheading [...] read more »

8 things Russia wants from Ukraine war

8 things Russia wants from Ukraine war: 1. Stop Obama from overthrowing democracy in Russia. 2. The rare metal mines in eastern Ukraine. 3. Heavy industry especially aircraft and military. 4. Farmland promised to China. 5. A buffer zone Continue reading read more »

Why don’t the liberals want to talk about Black...

Friends, We enter a new week with unrest in Ferguson, Missouri after the death of Michael Brown. Two weeks on, we might finally have peace in the midwest. But, two years on, all the liberals want to do is forget Continue reading read more »

Did Obama know about violence ahead of time?

Friends, With all of the violence in Ferguson, Missouri after the shooting of Michael Brown, I wonder, Do you think President Obama knew about the violent riots before they happened? Really. Do you think community organizer in chief knew ahead Continue reading read more »

What does President Obama really believe?

Friends, I read this blog post, and then I began to wonder. 40 MIND-BLOWING QUOTES FROM BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA ON ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY Here are two of the quotes: #1 “The future must not belong to those who slander the Continue reading read more »

What is Putin’s goal?

Friends, Putin is a strategist. He wants some very simple goals accomplished. First, he wants a large buffer of people in case of a war with Europe. 7 million Ukrainians to die instead of 7 million Russians if Europe attacks. Continue reading read more »

Can Obama stop Putin?

Friends, That is a rhetorical question. Yes, Obama can stop Putin. IF Obama wants to do so, he can. What Obama needs to do is rather simple. Ukraine needs lend lease military equipment; 10,000 soldiers trained; a removal of all Continue reading read more »

Hablándole al espejo

Maduro despierta, habla al espejo, discursea, junta frases, no reconoce el ton ni el son, nunca ha tenido ritmo entre tanto balbuceo. Desde las primeras horas del día y hasta bien tarde en la noche el presidente habla desafinado, como si la realidad nacional no empeorara ese escandaloso ruido que improvisa. Al igual que Maduro, toda la Revolución lleva 15 años hablando sola, hablando para sí misma, sin esperar respuesta alguna del público. Insulta, agrede, miente, grita, acusa, amenaza. El gobierno tie... read more »

Putin stop the insanity

President Putin, I do not understand what happened between you and Obama, but I know, and now you know, you can stop the insanity. It is very simple. First, inform Crimean residents their retirement checks will be the same as Continue reading read more »

Video: Reece Mills – “Tip Her”

Some artists believe becoming a success is going to the studio, laying down a track, and going home. Reece Mills is one of those who believes theres a whole lot more to the process read more »

[Article 3169]Video: Reece Mills – “Tip Her”

Some artists believe becoming a success is going to the studio, laying down a track, and going home. Reece Mills is one of those who believes theres a whole lot more to the process of becoming a successful artist. From being in a group to now being a solo act, Reece has gone through the [] read more »

Russian LTC takes command of Ukrainian Police

Friends, It just gets crazier and crazier in Ukraine. It is now a proxy fight between Ukraine (backed sometimes by the Western Powers) and Russian forces (they are already in Ukraine). Sadly, western powers and countries are ignoring the problem Continue reading read more »

Obama admits ‘twitter’ is used to attack countries

Friends, This is one of those news articles you expect, you wonder why it wasnt reported years ago, and you wonder why our government is involved in so many anti-American activities. BBC Article. The US government developed a software program Continue reading read more »

Putin si Obama au vorbit o ora la telefon

Vladimir Putin l-a sunat pe Barack Obama si au vorbit timp de o ora la telefon despre criza din Ucraina si Transnistria.Putin i-a spus liderului de la Casa Alba, ca regiunea separatista Transnistria, din Republica Moldova, este supusa in prezent unei blocade care le ingreuneaza viata locuitorilor ipiedicandule libera circulatie si activitatile economice. Presedintele rus i-a cerut omologului sau, sa ia in considerare masurile pe care le-ar putea lua comunitatea internationala pentru a contribui la stbil... read more »

Snowden is behind the Second Crimean War

Friends, This is my first article on this topic. I will produce an intelligence analysis soon. But, this is enough. Over the last 5 years, VP Biden and President Obama have pushed the CIA and USAID alliance to overthrow bad Continue reading read more »

President Obama, give me 6,000 Ukrainians and I...

President Obama, Either militarily, or economically, I can stop Putin with 6,000 Ukrainians. I know Kerry can negotiate. But, I think one person is just not enough. Give me 6,000, and I will stop Russia. Wayne read more »

Reflections on the Revolution in Ukraine

by J. Andrew Zalucky (Photo: Reuters) After holding off to see how things went, here are my thoughts about the events in Ukraine. On Taking Things Personally Ok, so a lot has happened over the past couple of months, so theres plenty of things to talk about. But, just to get this out of the [] read more »

MÂNDRU!!! // #leancă

Nu știu cum voi dar eu nu prea des am motive de a fi mândru de cei ce conduc această țară. Nu știu cum voi dar eu nu prea am președinte de țară, adică am, dar el e peste Prut. Nu știu cum voi dar eu nu prea înțeleg ce face așa numitul primul om [] read more »

أوباما لم يتخلّى عن الشرق الأوسط

أوباما لم يتخلّى عن الشرق الأوسط بقلم راي حنانيه Obama not abandoning the Middle East ألقى الرئيس باراك أوباما للمرّة السادسة الخطاب السنوي المعروف بحالة الاتحاد، يوم الثلاثاء الماضي، تاركا الكثيرين في العالم العربي يتساءلون عن مدى التزامه بالسلام في... Read More read more »

Happy Birthday @MichelleObama – 50 and Fabulous!

First lady Michelle Obama, who turns 50 this year, has accomplished in a half-century what takes many people a lifetime: She earned degrees from Princeton and Harvard Law and went on to work for a Chicago law firm, where she met her future husband, President Barack Obama. She later entered academia and public service. The(...) read more »

In Honor of #TBT I Thought I Would Share Some C...

LOL I felt like Drakes Started From The Bottom track would have been appropriate background music for this post. I came up on some interesting yearbook pics of some very known people. Though most of these totally transformed. Cameroon Diaz was just HOT all her life! Check out the pics below and let us now(...) read more »

Would you believe how many soldiers died when O...

Friends, I am torn by the numbers. 3 out of 4 combat deaths in Afghanistan are because of Obama not pulling out our soldiers, even though he PROMISED. It sounds like, If you want to keep your doctor you can, Continue reading read more »

Check Out The Big Life Style Of Tonto Dikeh’s B...

He is reported to be the guy behind most of the gold plated accessories we see with celebrities. He is the current boy friend of Tonto Dikeh. Born Michael Awujola, he goes by the popular name Malivelihood. From the pictures you are about to see, you can tell how rich this guy is. Check him [] read more »

Wale Not In Nigeria B’cos Ice Prince Did Not Pa...

Wale has not come to the launch of Fire Of Zamani by Ice Prince. The album launch holds 23rd November, 2013. In a tweet by Maybach Music Group on behalf of Wale, the tweets say Wale is not in Nigeria for the album launch because his air tickets were not paid for. In order to [] read more »

Obamacare Sucks: But not for the reasons you think

Obamacare is the topic of the year by far and surely will be a mark on the Obama Presidency. is a giant turd sitting there on the ole Interwebs barely plodding along. People are bitching and moaning about losing their current coverage and being made to either upgrade/downgrade their plans and pricing structures. The [] The post Obamacare Sucks: But not for the reasons you think appeared first on Steve Online. read more »

Mixtape: DoDi – High Notes – Mixed By @TheRealD...

This is the mixtape of the week by Dodi and mixed The Real DJ Spins. Download content available after the cut. Plus check out the track list below. Wanna know why he calls this one High Notes? Hit the download button. Stream Download read more »

Akon & Wizkid Reject “Dark Skinned” Girls

Akon and Wizkid are reported to have rejected what they refer to as Dark Skinned girls. The two are up for a show in Ghana and are preparing for a video shoot before the main event. Akon who originates from Dakar in Senegal comes from a country where most people bleach their skins to look [] read more »


AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH FILMMAKER ROBERT GREENWALD ABOUT THE DRONE PROGRAM, HIS LIFE, AMERICA AND OUR FUTURE AS A DECENT SOCIETY Since I was a child I have always feared war. I don’t know if it was because my grandfather was imprisoned in a German labor camp during World War II. His return to Italy, alive, was a miracle, after all. Or maybe I have always been too sensitive, too easily affected by the news of the wars I grew up watching through the small screen of the one television we had in the ki... read more »

New Music: Shaydee & Wizkid – Won Gbo Mi

E.M.Es Shaydee and former crew member Wizkid a.k.a Star Boi team up on a new joint this week. The relationship between the two camps keep waxing strong. Here is the joint titled Won Gbo Mi. Download and share. Download Won gbo mi read more »

The ObamaCare nightmare continues

Does anyone have a solution? If you could get your solution to our leaders, would they listen to you? Yes, our nightmare is that bad, isnt it. Did you listen to President Obama today? I have a solution that doesnt Continue reading read more »

DJ Alamo (@djalamonj) – Queens Feat. Ali Vegas,...

DJ Alamo premieres his first record bringing together Queens, NY natives Capone, Young Pretty, Ali Vegas.  The record is produced by J.Brown. Listen on East Coast Digital Radio Here Download DJ Pack read more »

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