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Сколько носятся кроссовки "Nike"?

Купил моему 12-летнему внуку папа кроссовки, недешёвые, больше 7000 отдал. Кроссовки были куплены в фирменном магазине "Спортмастер", который расположен в ТЦ "Космос" г. Ставрополя. Марка у кроссовок тоже фирменная - "Nike".Это был подарок отца на 1 сентября.Поскольку мы не такие богатые, чтобы в дорогих кроссовках спортом заниматься, наказано было мальчику только ходить в них в школу, а на физкультуру были приобретены кроссовки попроще.Путь в школу занимает 5 минут быстрым шагом и 10 минут размеренным. ... read more »

Adventure of Life with Nike

I dedicate this poem to Nike Just Do It and the spirit of adventure. Life is an adventure The post Adventure of Life with Nike appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

Nike – New White Collection

Nike has evolved beyond just being a sports shoe but it is now a symbol of pop-culture. Bela Hadid the The post Nike New White Collection appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – Unlimited you

Life isn’t about finding your limits. It’s about realizing you have none. Narrator: Shhh. Baby Daniel is just waking up. Hes going to win a State Championship one day. Narrator: This guy? Hell run a marathon. Runner:Who will? Narrator: You, man! Runner: Me? Narrator: She is going to have the best swing in the state. [] read more »

Nike Running Shoes

Bought this shoes online for my son, eventhough I wasnt planning to, because my main reason that day why I went online was to look for guitar center near me but I dont know what happened and I end up buying shoes instead.Anywho, he said he needed a new shoes and thankfully, this one was [...] read more »


Buenas tardes!! ya estamos aquí un día mas con un nuevo post para arrancar la semana con fuerza. Parece que el otoño ya esta entrando y esta vez para quedarse,por eso nada mejor que un look de lo mas otoñal. Aproveche para echar las fotos en un parque porque en esta época se ven super bonitos con las hojas ya caídas y los tonos amarillos que con la ropa que llevaba quedaba genial. El look esta compuestos por una blusa blanca con un detalle de cordones en el escote que va perfecta para esta estación ... read more »

Customer Spotlight: "South Beach Desert Camo" g...

A client who recently ordered the"South Beach Desert Camo" Air Force 1slater asked me if I could duplicate the same theme on a pair of nike golf shoes. I was glad to do so as I thought it was a great idea. So after pointing me to the shoe that he wanted them done on, I was ready to make it happen.Here is the original base shoe: The Nike Lunar Force 1 golf cleats: And here is the finished product: And here is a comparison of the two shoes. The original Air Force 1 shoe (top) and the Lunar Force golf sho... read more »

The Joker & Lex Luthor

Picking up where the Justice League Series left off, I wanted to do something based on the two most well known high profile villains of DC Comics. It's well known that the Justice League comes together when a very dangerous worldly threat arises, but outside of League business, the heroes (mainly Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern) also have their solo lives and missions protecting their individual cities from members of their own rogues galleries of villains. For this one we take ... read more »

Jackie Robinson Tribute - Brooklyn Dodgers

This is a shoe I actually made back in January but never shared until now. I've always been aware of the legend of Jackie Robinson but didn't get the inspiration for these until watching the movie 42, which was based on the life story of Mr. Robinson. In case you didn't know, Jackie Robinson was the first African-American baseball player to make it to the Major Leagues and break the color barrier.I was so inspired by his story and personal journey that I decided to make a shoe influenced by him. I went a... read more »

"Dawn Of Justice"

Following the previously released Justice League Seriesas well as the hype for the Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice film, I got the inspiration to do a spur of the moment custom geared towards the movie. The elements of the shoe design were pieced together from a number of details from the movie trailers (these were done about 2 weeks before the movie release). The shoes feature such details as the "False God" spray painting of the Superman statue in Metropolis, the defaced Robin costume seen in the Ba... read more »


I'm personally not a winter weather person (more of a spring and summer guy) but with this particular theme, the winter weather was the perfect compliment and made for a great backdrop. I got the idea for these as winter storm Jonas landed on the east coast this past weekend. I also wanted to get these pics in before the snow melts (scheduled to start warming up over the next few days). These aren't for sale but I can duplicate this design theme, colors and all, on a different shoe by request. For all cu... read more »

Clearance Sale

The following 8 pairs are on sale at the website's clearance section ( These items are discounted and my customs will not be discounted like this in the future. All items in the clearance section are pre-made, unworn, and ready to ship immediately:"Surf's Up" Air Max 90, Men's US size 8.5 (UK 7.5 -EUR 42)"Beautiful Destruction" Air Force 1, Men's US size 11 (UK 10 - EUR 45) "Tropical Sunrise" Air Force 1, Men's US size 11 (UK 10 - EUR 45) "Toucan" Dunk Hig... read more »

Customer Spotlight: "Breast Cancer Awareness Mo...

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I recently got a request from a customer to do a breast cancer awareness shoe. The theme is a fairly simple one but represents the message. The base shoe was a pair of white/blue Sport Blue Jordan 6s (grade school size) and the finish product has the pink colors with the pink ribbon on the sides as well. Check out some photos below of the shoes: The original shoe used for the custom: Jordan 6 Sport Blue (grade school size) For all custom inquiries, vi... read more »

История появления кроссовок

Кроссовки – это универсальная обувь, она подойдет для обычных прогулок и активных тренировок. Но для того, чтобы разработать современные модели, вроде обуви на сайте, крупным компаниям потребовалось несколько десятков лет. Как развивалось производство этой обуви, и когда появились кроссовки в своем нынешнем виде? Стоит внимательно изучить этот вопрос и узнать об истории создания и []?? read more »

Скандальная история. Nike и Apple держат удар.

Возведение ЗОЖ (здорового образа жизни) в культ и мода на него заставляют его адептов искать и покупать недешевые девайсы и гаджеты, которые кроме своих полезных функций дают возможность подчеркнуть это аспект визуально. Эффектные браслеты Fuelband являются именно таким акцентом....ДАЛЕЕ read more »

"Marble 1985"

1985 was the year that the very first Nike Air Jordan shoe was released. It's a shoe that would go on to launch a timeless and endless series of sneakers inspired by arguably the greatest NBA player of all time. I remember having a pair of these as a kid except I had the red and black ones (known to sneakerheads as the "Banned" Jordan 1s)Loved the black and red but always wanted the red/white/black ones as well (aka the "Chicago") but never had that colorway. However, what I did have sitting in my bedro... read more »

Customer Spotlight: "Philadelphia Eagles" (again)

I've done a bunch of Philadelphia Eagles customs over the years. The most notable ones made recently would bethese(the Air Max 90s) andthese, and with football season starting again, the football requests seem to be coming in again.I get quite a bit of inquiries for football themed customs, however, it seems like it's always the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks fans who follow through with getting those custom themes done to rep their teams (i've done a few other teams but it's usually those two ... read more »

"Tribal Tattoo"

I remember back in the 90s when tribal tattoos seemed to be the most popular tattoo design. I'd see a number of people sporting them. Being a comic book and wrestling fan, I first became familiar with the style from seeing WCW wrestler Bill Goldberg and Wesley Snipes as Blade sporting the styles: So I thought to myself one day "How would that look on a sneaker?". I originally wanted to have the theme done in time to show off for Sneaker Con NYC but kept changing my mind on what shoe I thought it would... read more »

Customer Spotlight: Crown themed Air Force 1s

Some crown themed Air Force 1s done for a recent client. Base shoe was a pair of all white Air Force 1s. For all inquiries, contact read more »

Nike’s Hyperdunk 2014

This is my sons new shoes. Its not the most expensive shoes there is but Im so proud of him because he bought it with his own money. He saved his allowance from school and when he had enough, he asked me if I could use my card to buy the shoes from Foot Lockers [...] read more »

"Lava On Ice"

These were sort of a random theme I decided to do. About a month ago I had purchased a pair of the Jordan 5 "Metallic" shoes....I knew immediately I wanted to do something with them but had no idea what, so I ended up having them sit on my shelf for a few weeks. (Air Jordan 5 Metallic)I was going through some old drawings I had of shoe designs I never made and came across a recent one I really liked that I drew up earlier this year. It was a design I was going to do on some air force 1s but never did. S... read more »

Customer Spotlight: "Brooklyn Bridge"

Brooklyn. My favorite borough in all of New York City. I love all the boroughs but to me BK is the borough with the most's also the borough where I personally reside. So when I got an inquiry from a client to do a Brooklyn Bridge themed pair of Air Force 1s, I was happy to oblige. (Random pic of the bridge I took one day walking through Brooklyn Bridge Park)Originally the plan was to do the shoe with a black silhouette of the bridge but the client wanted the bridge to have some color....... read more »

Green Thunderbolts

¡Buenas noches! ¿Cómo estáis? Hacía una semana que no podía publicar por los exámenes, pero ya estoy por aquí de nuevo. Es un poco tarde para publicar pero quería subir el post hoy si o si. Hoy en Cataluña celebramos Sant Jordi, si no sois catalanes celebraréis el día del libro. Desde hace un par de años me gusta ir a Barcelona y vivir el ambiente festivo, y de paso comprar rosas y libros (en mi casa leemos mucho así que compramos uno por cabeza y luego los intercambiamos). He aprovechado el día para e... read more »

ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) / Extreme ...

They've been called everything from "That little wrestling group from the bingo hall" to "The little promotion that could" to "The blood guts promotion", but if you were a fan like I was, you call it the ultimate wrestling movement. I decided to do a sneaker themed tribute to what I consider to this day to be my all time favorite wrestling promotion but want to give you a little story along the way, both of me becoming a fan as well as some background on "The Land Of Extreme" for those who might be unaw... read more »

Pastel Spring

¡Buenos días! He tenido un poco dejado el blog por culpa de los exámenes, pero pese a que no paran de ponerlos voy a intentar actualizar lo máximo que pueda. Como veis el look de hoy es muy primaveral, no sólo por los colores que uso sino por el tejido de la camiseta por ejemplo y si como yo soys de los que madruga para ir a clase o a trabajar lo acompañais con una chaqueta fina y listo. Espero que veros pronto en otro posts (si los exámenes me dan tregua).Good morning! I've had a bit left out the blog b... read more »


¡Buenos días! En principio hoy no tenía que publicar un post pero la verdad es que no me he podido resistir a estrenar mis nuevas Nike Air MAX 90 y enseñaroslas.Es un look que como el titulo del post dice, es muy sport, es más es el que he llevado hoy para ir a la Facultad así que es muy fresco y cómodo para correr detrás del tren o el metro.Igual la camiseta os suena y es que la usé en el primer post que hice en la versión antigua del blog y me ha parecido buena idea "rescatarla" del armario.Espero escr... read more »

Y así sin darnos cuenta estamos en Marzo

Y así sin darnos cuenta ya estamos en Marzo...el mes de la primavera, de los días que se alargan , las terracitas al sol . De jamos atrás los fríos looks grises para dar paso a los primeros looks con prints de flores, amarillos, colores flúor...que ganas de primavera! Hoy os dejo con el resumen de los looks que hemos tenido en el pasado mes. Nos vemos el miércoles brown-grey-and-burgundy look-sesentero biker-jeans rojo-y-negro barcelona etnic-cardigan comfy-look-ii. working-girl street-s... read more »

Customer Spotlight:

Recently a friend of mine from my hometown of Philly recommended my work to a co-worker of his who was looking to have a pair of custom air force 1s done representing their company known asPhillyJunk, which specializes in residential and commercial junk removal (btw, I live in Brooklyn but grew up in Philadelphia for those who didn't know). The basic idea was to have something with the company logo incorporated into it, which consists of a teal truck silhouette w. a black silhouette of the city in the ba... read more »

Street Style with Nike

Basta con darse una vuelta por algunos de los blogs más conocidos para darnos cuenta que las Nikeestánmás de moda que nunca y se llevan con looks de calle, no necesariamentedeportivos. Y ahí es donde reside el encanto de esta tendencia, incorporar este must have en looks casual-chic .Mezclas y combinaciones imposibles con las que todas hemos caído. Es por eso que hoy os doy alguna idea de cómo llevar tus Nike y donde encontrarlas a precios asequibles. Ya os hablé deEscapeShoes, pues aqui encontraréis ... read more »

I need Air Max Rehab

I bought a pair of sneakers via Ebay this week. I buy mostly everything from the internet. I find shopping in stores a loathe some task and avoid it at all costs. I purchased the Air Max 2014. I have had my eye on the 2013 since 2012 when they arrived. I am a sneaker [] read more »

New Year, New Kit

New Year, New Kit by sharonlynetteFrom Left to right:Sweaty Betty Time Out Luxe Jacket £145 //Sweaty Betty Green Mantra Yoga Tank £23 // Björn Borg Sports bra £21 // Lorna Jane Kelly Green Mesh Sports Bra£46 // Puma Black Top £25 //adidas Performance Tights multicolor £38 //Lorna Jane Candice Bra £42 // adidas Originals TREF Sweatshirt multicolor £55 // adidas Performance Tights dark grey/black £29 // Nike Performance Dual Fusion Run 3 Flash Cushioned running shoes£60 // Mizuno Wave Hitogami Lightweight ... read more »

Desayuno con olor a pan y movimiento matutino

Esperando en la puerta de la imprenta con humo saliendo de la boca, por el frío, capturando los primeros rayos de sol de invierno. Los frenos de los autobuses chirrean. Niños con mochilas en camino al colegio. Pasos de tacones rápidos en la acera. Un perrito levanta la pata. Cerraduras se abren. Unos Nikes pasan [] read more »

Freestyle Customs

Not sure yet how long i'll be doing this (may depend on the response) but I am now offering a freestyle custom option. Basic colorways are $150 while more detailed designs such as prints, logos, characters, etc. are between $250-$300 depending on detail. There are a few rules however:1. Customer must supply their own shoes (leather based or canvas shoes preferred)2. Shoes must be either deadstock (meaning Brand New) or at least in good condition (no damaged shoes)3. Will not be doing any Yeezy or Red Oct... read more »

"Street Art, Part 2"

This shoe is a follow up to aprevious shoe theme of the same name. While I liked the first one, I didn't feel that it got the response I had hoped for nor did I think it popped as bright as it could have so I decided to revisit the theme. I am a huge fan of street art graffiti so the inspiration behind this project is pretty obvious. The shoe features various colors throughout done up in a street art/graffiti style and topped off with a high gloss finish. Currently I will only be making six pairs of... read more »

#POPStyle: ME #StreetStyle #MyStyle #StyleBlog ...

I was so hesitant to post this post, LOL, but when have I never been hesitant to post a style blog? This one was a little more hectic for me because I totally took the chance to show myself dressed in my element my comfort zone.. Screen tees and Dunks my all time 2 favorite(...) read more »

The Boxtrolls x Nike Roshe Run “Trollstrikes”

To promote the upcoming release of 3D animated movie The Boxtrolls, Nike has released an extremely limited run of Roshe Run “Trollstrikes” in adult and youth sizes to be sold by way of online auction. An original design by Tinker Hatfield, the silhouette takes on a whimsical feel, with the upper being an amalgamation of distressed leather and burlap Source: GaelicTech read more »

"Test Anxiety"

What started out as a pair of basic all white Air Force 1s became another shoe to get the Ecentrik custom treatment! I call this shoe "Test Anxiety" because it was inspired by adrum bass song of the same name(The song is by DnB artist Optical is a remix of the original versionwhich was made by 90s alternative rock band Toenut). This shoe was also intended to be a part of an unreleased project called 13, that was supposed to drop the beginning of 2013 (I did end up putting out a few pairs later, which c... read more »

"Desert Camo" Jordan 6

I'm pretty fond of the camouflage themes. My favorite is the desert camo print, which i've done on a few other customs such asJordan1 Camosand theSouth Beach desert camo Air Force 1s. I wanted to revisit the theme with the Jordan 6s because I felt it was the perfect shoe for this theme.Looking at the midsoles, it's pretty easy to tell that the base shoe was the Infrared Jordan 6s: And here's more of the finished product: These are available to order at this link: read more »

Sports Team Theme (on shoe of your choice)

Here's a new offer from Ecentrik Artistry: You can now order a custom shoe based on your favorite sports team with a matching camouflage print and the print style and shoe of your choice! It can be any sport (football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, etc.), any ranking (pro, college, high school), and any brand shoe (Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, etc.). Want a team theme without the print design? That can also be arranged. To order, email me at [email protected] for price and order informa... read more »

Customer Spotlight: Oilers & Eagles customs

These were done for the same client who requested the Gucci Jordan 3s from the last post. The client sent me a pair of his Jordan 3 Fire Reds and a pair of Air Jordan 1s to create some NFL Team colorways.First up is the Houston Oilers (the team that would later become the Tennessee Titans). The customer not only sent his Fire Red Jordan 3s, but a Mitchell and Ness throwback Oilers jacket for reference to get the colorway as close as possible. This custom was done with just the logos or patt... read more »


Have you ever thought you can match your black fit trousers to have different looks and still look fashionable and stylish as ever..!!! This are all four looks that I have put on the blog a couple of months ago and all of them involve black pants. Look 1: I paired the black fit trousers with Mickey-mouse t-shirt, a burgundy double-breast blazer, stripped socks and black loafer shoes. Look 2: I paired the black fit trousers with a blue polo shirt and whiteNike trainer shoes. Look 3: I paired a whit... read more »

Customer Spotlight: "Gucci"

The Jordan 3s are my all time favorite Jordan model (followed by the 5s and 4s), which is probably evidenced from my last few customs seen here, most of which used the 3s as a base. This particular one here was another Jordan 3 custom, this one an idea from a client.The client sent me a pair of his Jordan flip 3s for customization. The idea was to have the shoe done with a Gucci theme but still kept fairly simple. Here's the original base shoe: And here is the finished product: What I did was white o... read more »

"Easter Egg"

Been on a roll with Jordan 3 based customs lately so here's another for the Jordan 3 column (another one coming after this as well). Now I know Easter's a long way off but I figured i'd dub these as "Easter Egg" because of the color combo.Like the sneakers in my last two posts, the base shoe was once again, the Jordan 3 Fire Reds: And here's the finished product: The pair in this picture were done for a client based in Germany (yes I do ship international for those unaware). I just think the colors r... read more »

"Lemon Lime"

Here's the 3rd green-themed shoe i've done within the past year. Last month I brought you the "Emerald Green" Jordan 5s(which are still available in the online store), andlast year, I did a custom shoe called"Emerald" Jordan 3(which is still availablehere). Well recently, the idea came to revisit that custom style and color theme, but this time with a bit of a twist......of lime. The "Lemon Lime" customs are done with the same process as the Emerald 3s...all the way down to the original base shoe, which... read more »

"Code Blue"

Just a little something I whipped up recently. These are the Jordan 3 "Code Blue" customs. This was pretty much a design that I came up with on the fly a few nights ago. Did these with a pair of deadstock Fire Red Jordan 3s I had sitting around in my bedroom: And here's the finished product: These are currently up in the online store at this link: custom can also be done in other colorways if desired. Email at [email protected] read more »

Customer Spotlight: "Viva L'Algerie"

There's a sneaker/clothing store in the Chelsea section of New York where I would frequently buy sneakers. The owner of the store remembered me not only from all the times i've shopped there, but for the different customs that I would wear all those times. One day he asked me about my shoes and I gave him a business card after telling him what it is I do (along with showing him some pics of my work). Eventually one day he asked me about possibly getting a pair done for himself and said I would love to, j... read more »

"Gamma Bomb"

The Incredible Hulk is my favorite super hero of all time and crazy enough, the reason I became an artist. It all started for me when I first saw episodes of the old Bill Bixby Lou Ferrigno Incredible Hulk tv series from the 70s-80s. That introduced me to comics as a kid which in turn, inspired me to want to be an artist. There was something about the larger than life characters and the in-your-face style panels and action shots of the characters that made me want to pick up a pencil and paper and start... read more »

"Street Art"

I love street art. Street art and graffiti are a major influence in a lot of my work so it was fun to do a shoe specifically based on the street art theme. Recently I had purchased a pair of the Jordan 1 Infrareds: Now originally I planned to use these for a different custom theme, but once I got the idea for the "Street Art" custom, I knew this would be the perfect shoe for it. So after sketching up an idea for this (which took me an entire weekend and about 10 to 15 sketches before coming up with exac... read more »

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