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Steeler’s Backpack

My eldest son is an avid fan of football and his favorite team in the NFL is the Pittsburgh Steelers, so theres no surprised when he told me he wanted this backpack from NFL shop where I bought it online. He also bought another bookbag though (not in the picture). He actually wanted to buy [...] read more »

Doc Sports Investors : The #1 Rated and Most Tr...

Doc Sports Free winning sports picks predictions for NFL, college football, and MLB baseball handicappers read more »

Customer Spotlight: Seattle Seahawks Jordan 5s

This was the third Seattle Seahawks request i've done this year (see the other oneshere). I've had many people inquire about football themed customs, but from my experience it seems to be the Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles fans who follow through and are the most die hard about representing their teams.Anyway, the client requested the custom be done on a pair of Jordan 5s. After working out a design idea, I figured the Jordan metallic 5s would make the best base: And here is the finished product: The... read more »

Customer Spotlight: "Philadelphia Eagles" (again)

I've done a bunch of Philadelphia Eagles customs over the years. The most notable ones made recently would bethese(the Air Max 90s) andthese, and with football season starting again, the football requests seem to be coming in again.I get quite a bit of inquiries for football themed customs, however, it seems like it's always the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks fans who follow through with getting those custom themes done to rep their teams (i've done a few other teams but it's usually those two ... read more »

EAs Madden NFL 15 sagte exaktes Ergebnis des Su...

Jetzt denkt ihr sicher "Wie kann Madden NFL 15 das exakte Spielergebnis voraussagen, dass ist doch bestimt nur Zufall!" Dies haben wir uns auch gedacht und haben das Video von EA uns nochmal genauer angesehen.Allgemeines Gestern Sonntag den 01.02.2015 fand das Finale des 49. Super Bowls zwischen den New England Patriots und den Seattle Seahawks statt. Es zählt zu den unvorhersehbarste und spannenste Finale der letzten Jahre und trotzdem hat es wiedermal eine EA Sports Simulation geschafft, den Sieger de... read more »


I had been looking forward to sharing this post with you earlier, then the New England Patriots’ “Deflate-Gate” scandal blew up… or, well, we’ve heard enough bad puns- I’ll refrain. I am a devoted Patriots fan. I have been since I was a kid. Unlike so many who climbed onto the Patriots bandwagon in the [] read more »

Customer Spotlight: Oilers & Eagles customs

These were done for the same client who requested the Gucci Jordan 3s from the last post. The client sent me a pair of his Jordan 3 Fire Reds and a pair of Air Jordan 1s to create some NFL Team colorways.First up is the Houston Oilers (the team that would later become the Tennessee Titans). The customer not only sent his Fire Red Jordan 3s, but a Mitchell and Ness throwback Oilers jacket for reference to get the colorway as close as possible. This custom was done with just the logos or patt... read more »

20 Micro LED Lights | #sponsored Review #rtgspr...

Hello friends,   You know that saying, “good things come in small packages”, well that’s exactly how it is with these 20 Micro LED Lights by RTGS Products.  After I ordered them they shipped quickly however, I didnt get a chance to try them out until last night and boy was I pleasantly surprised. The 20 Continue reading The post 20 Micro LED Lights | #sponsored Review #rtgsproducts appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

See Some Of The World’s Craziest Tattoos

Some  tattoos are nice. Some tattoos their bodies for fame, while some tattoo their bodies to show who they are or where they come from. These tattoos you are about to see are the crazies tattoos youve ever seen. They may maybe nice, they maybe cool, but some are wild and scary! Take a look read more »


NFL Player Engagement says: NO MORE! Way to go guys! read more »


Segundo Peter Kafka, do All Things D, a Google está a entabular negociações preliminares com a Liga Nacional de Futebol americano (NFL) com vista a transmitir os jogos através do You Tube.A Google poderia adquirir o pacote de jogos de domingo, que actualmente está concessionado à DirectTV, mas cujo contrato termina no próximo ano com a NFL, que estaria em negociações exploratórias de potenciais interessados.Ligação: Is Google Ready to Buy Its Way Into TV With an NFL Deal? [All Things D]. read more »

Great NFL Tickets at

Are you an NFL fan? If you are (like moi who gets totally glued to the TV especially during the Superbowl), chances are you are always on the lookout for a chance to be able to watch the games live (especially when your favorite teams are playing). The thing is, to watch a game live, you need tickets. Guess what? has nfl football seats for the kansas city chiefs tickets as well as the oakland raiders tickets and the seattle seahawks ticketstickets and maps. read more »

WEDNESDAY, August 22, 2012

INSERT TAB "A" INTO... -- Ever alert to expand their products and services, Swedish-owned Ikea, home of reasonably priced assemble-yourself furniture and accessories, is entering the hospitality industry, beginning with 100 budget hotels across Europe. Budget is an understatement. For only $20, you get a large room with a king-sized bed. Well - uh - not exactly a bed. Actually, you get a stack of lumber and a screwdriver. FAIRWAY FAIRNESS -- Finally breaking the iron shackles of tradition that for decad... read more »

A Denver Broncos Etsy Treasury!

I created a treasury to honor the Denver Broncos! Football fans will love this treasury! Check it out: is the item that inspired the treasury collection: read more »

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