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Me? Who Me? Really?

Last night I had a dream that seemed to “run” all night. When I awoke this morning, I wanted to go back to sleep. There is a lot to process and lot to think through, but here is one of the biggies. What? Me? I am not ready!Too often we see our self being called [] read more »

The Singing Neighbor

Sometimes when I walk from the gate of our subdivision to our house, I pass by this house and I hear this very nice melody playing out on the guitar. I try not to stop and listen, not look like an idiot, but it always stops me on my tracks. There's a boy that sings from the balcony and he's got such a great voice. A manly post-adolescent voice. It takes almost all of the willpower I've got not to knock on their door (not for myself, he sounds far too young for me, but for Deb muahahaha yes, I'm the kind ... read more »

On the sounds of Harlem on a Tuesday evening

Somebody drives by, blaring salsa music out of his car. I know that song. I've heard it many times. I hum along with the melody, but I don't know any of the words, as I don't understand Spanish. The tune fades away as the car drives off. (Read more...) Your ad could be here, right now. read more »

On the lady in unit 14

"I just be gettin so mad sometimes, you know? I be gettin mad. Sometimes I be wantin to burn all this shit down." "What do you get so mad at?" "Girl, you know." Actually, I don't. (Read more...) read more »

Like a Good Neighbor.

Sometimes I think we forget the importance of good neighbors. I remember as a child we knew most of our neighbors. One lady had a son close in age to my sister and me. He had the greatest tree house ever. We spent many summer days letting our imaginations run wild in that tree house. [...] read more »

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