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Recent blog posts on Moving On

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Grief and Mourning

Grief is what you feel when you lose a loved one. Mourning is how you express those feelings. I read that in a book last year and it stuck with me. I leave it to you, the readers, to decide Continue reading read more »

Trust me, I’m going to be fine – The Quote and ...

Trust me, Im going to be fine Without the shade That brings another lie. Those toxic accusations, You made them Continue reading read more »


Somewhere, sometime on this planet, Through mist and the midnight blue sun At the end of one chapter, effulgent, Continue reading read more »

WW On A Tuesday – Changing Of The Times

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - Changing Of The Times WW On A Tuesday Changing Of The Times read more »

Farewell Old Friend: What I Have Learnt from Wr...

I say goodbye to a dear old friend.  just wrote the final post on my previous blog Write About Me (WAM), I was reluctant to do this because my previous blog taught me so much about the online world and I made some really nice online friends in the process. People have asked me why [] read more »

Tomorrow is the Day.

I head out of this town. This town in the desert where I spent a good part of my life. It is hot here in the summer. It is even hotter where I am going. That is ok. I will be ok. I wish the best for all involved. I truly did try. I do [...] read more »

Basic Instincts (Or, Missing the Mark)

Oftentimes, when we like someone, we're quick to see all the good -- and many times, sweep any of the little "negatives" (which should be flags) under the rug. Instead, we'll indulge in the nice things like their looks or physical chemistry but brush aside the flags, such as the way they don't call when they say they will, seem to mooch off others or vanish and reappear in our lives... I mean, it's like throwing darts at a target and missing the bulls eye: MISS: A guy who has mommy issues... MISS: A guy... read more »

Heart Lockdown

It may be pretty safe to assume that at one point or another, most of us have formed snap judgments on someone based on how they're dressed, how they carry themselves or even who they're with. Whatever it is, we immediately allow ourselves to run with all sorts of theories and speculations, which seem much more appealing over the realities. It's this "ability"-- the one of making abrupt assessments -- that I constantly work on, especially in dating. While I've gotten tons better in the last couple of ... read more »

Breaking Old Habits

Every so often, we find ourselves revisiting a certain type of situation because it's comfortable. An old flame, memories, whatever. And, when it's one of those "what if" situations...Well, you just can't help but wonder. Anyway, even though I took to spring cleaning a lot out of my life, I noticed some of those "missed spots" surfacing back into my life -- in the form of Lionel. Now here's the thing: when I decided that I was done putting myself out there (and told him so), he was hell bent on maki... read more »

The Relapse Effect

Oftentimes, when something feels good (I mean really good) we try to hold onto that sensation for as long as possible. Think back to landing that first job, getting the last spot on that club/team, the first time someone you loved told you they loved you back... All amazing, euphoric feelings that are hard to duplicate... And ones we'd do anything to keep. So when something ends -- like, say, a break-up with the first love -- it's hard to let go of. I mean, how could you let go of something that felt s... read more »

The Heart of the Matter

This evening, I was talking to my dad, which is interesting -- he and I have a somewhat strained relationship, possibly because we're lots alike. Anyway, tonight was interesting because we got into a conversation about my love life. Now, while I know this is a weird conversation with my father, he did make mention that while he thought I had a "tough skin" that I inherited from him, that my softer, dreamier side, comes from my mother (May she rest in peace). "Deep down, that tender, softer, hopeful sid... read more »

The One After The One

Earlier this week, I was having lunch with my boss, mentor and friend who I'll call Rochelle. In catching up on life, I started to talk about my dating life and the impact that my first love, Charles, had on my life. After I told the story, Rochelle made a strong and interesting observation: After you find "The One," can you be happy with another "The One"? I know, I know... Huh? Well, let's look at a well-known couple: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. For years, we swore they were happy, from coupl... read more »

Digital Footprints & Bitter Love

As some of my favorite relationship bloggers tell the stories of the online dating world (check out an ongoing series in Sex-Lies-Dating and a recent post by Single City Guy), I realize that technology and the ability to stay connected really does govern our interactions. We get 24/7 engagement to people and their social networking profiles... And we get to choose how much or little we want to see of them. I mean, can you see how this would seem to give away to online stalking? And the crazy thing is ... read more »

Lessons From A 52-Week Hunt For "The One"

Just this evening, I came across one story about a woman who gave up her search for love this year, after her one-year aggressive online campaign failed. Apparently, through this very thorough site, she posted weekly videos, kept a daily blog, and even maintained weekly goals, not to mention connected with supporters through various social media channels. In turn, the site garnered press on some A-list media outlets and landed her tons of dates -- but no man of her dreams. Now, she's taking a little sabb... read more »

Chemical Reactions & Drunken Calls

Most times, shutting the door on an old relationship can be hard. And, dealing with the post br eak-up emotions are just as tough. I know that each time I got over a relationship I had to go through the phases and when my first love, Charles, and I broke up, I had no idea how I would recover. So, I decided to act out -- going out a LOT, meeting boys, flirting up a storm, dating like crazy... I did anything I could to push him out of my life. So when I was talking to my friend Laurie this week, I more ... read more »

Case Study: Knight in Shining Armor Syndrome

One of the greatest and worst things about dating in your 20s is the fact that it's still very much a trial and error process. But, you have your friends to bat it out with as you try to understand each situation for what it is. And, interestingly enough, I find that many of the guys in my life do things that would make for fabulous case studies. One of these guys is Patrick (mentioned only recently), who I'm finding has many an interesting situation up his sleeve when it comes to the ladies. When I l... read more »

The Dependency Factor

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you just outgrow your relationships. It's not something we're thinking about in the early stages of when we're in them. But it happens. Instead of growing together, you grow apart. But then the question is, how do you handle it? Do you hold on in the hopes it becomes something... Or, do you let grow and worry about starting over on your own? I started thinking about this earlier in the week when my cousin told me about a good friend of hers who's been with a guy ... read more »

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