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Greetings and welcome!♥One can have lots of money and possessions it buys to show for it but if their character feeds and demonstrates undesirable traits, they're pocket rich and character poor making them nothing to aspire for.♥ PNG url:"Money and possessions may show your net worth,But neither says a thing about your 'self worth'."💟 Have a wonderfu... read more »

Cypto Currency by Bit Coin Global FZE

Bit Coin Global FZE launches Money Trade Coin in the global crypto currency market  A new and reliable global crypto currency comes is now available The post Cypto Currency by Bit Coin Global FZE  appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

Admin problems -2-

The appointment for the heart echo arrived.It's scheduled at the same day as the visit to the cardiologist. So there won't be a written report available during the consultation.The health insurance was also present in the mailbox. It was agreed I would pay on their site, but I had to contact them again because there was no payment link.So I got the bill in the regular mail.Those people are very very sick!!!Well, at least I can pay and maybe then all issues will be finally solved. After precisely 6 months... read more »

...and I played calm.

People don't like to read blogs about depression, illness and pain, unless they suffer from the same.I know that, but I still write about my days, because I think it's important to give an insight what goes on, so people are able to help and support someone to feel better, or live through it too, knowing they're not alone.No news on the subject of the financial administration. I bugged the organisation that collects the rent to confirm receiving my mail, first by using the regular email account and then ... read more »

39. A caregiver's house

The past years the care for people has moved from professionals to family, or better said; from educated and paid, to uneducated and non-paid.The influence on me and my family is tremendous.The oldest went from living in a house with professional care (office within the house), to living in his own apartment without any care at all.The second son was living in his own apartment, rented from a care-organisation, with 24 hours service from professional caretakers, who had their office in the apartment buil... read more »

I hate my medication

When my heart gave up, I was turned into a pill eating machine.I know these clusters of chemicals keep me alive, but that doesn't mean I love them for it. Not at all.They take a lot of my time and attention. 4 times a day I have to remember to take them, if I want or not, regardless of the place or situation. I've learned to take them with a piece of bread or something like that, because water is not always available.It's not possible to take all boxes and pots with me, so I have to fill special boxes.So... read more »

The re-examination

The government has decided that more people with special needs should get a job.So today my classic autistic son needed to be re-examined.The meeting was a combination of the present need for re-examination and a regular re-examination because his evaluation isn't right.A few years ago I went with him for his first evaluation. We were accompanied by a very handsome and friendly woman of a care-organisation.We expected he would be considered to be unable to work.But the doctor who evaluated his case didn'... read more »

More surprise-bills

My income is so low that I can't do anything extra. That's why I'm looking for a job at the age of 61, knowing that not even 3% of my age can get a job.When I got the small income I cancelled a lot of things: memberships, magazines, the local paper, educational stuff, etc etc.I didn't know the father of the children still had a library membership. But I know now: with a bill of 60 euro.None uses it.So I wrote the library a mail, explaining the situation, and they told me not to pay the bill, and they can... read more »

Money, money, money....

'Money makes the world go round' Liza Minnelli sang in Cabaret.Yea... a lot of the world and of life turns around money.Finally the whole problem with the health insurance is resolved and I've got all the medication I paid for. What a relief!And then.... a blue envelope arrived.So that's the annual result of their accounting.I expected to get money back or nothing, but I didn't expect a bill of 193 Euro!My son did the admin over last year, next time I'll do it myself.I was trying to save a bit of money f... read more »

How to raise money smart kids

From our friends atBusyKid, theonline chore chart As a parent, you have a lot to impart upon your children. In addition to helping with homework or homeschooling,you have to teach them about personal hygiene, housekeeping, car care, laundry andfinancial responsibility. For a lot of us,providing them with appropriate financial literacy falls to the wayside. However, in order to help our kids get ahead we must teach them the basics of financial responsibility at a young age. It’s never too early to instru... read more »

My healthinsurance is...a mess

Got a mail to tell me to expect a bill of the pharmacy of 800 euro.So I asked the pharmacy for a specification.Always do...always do.1. the first order was dated in such a way that the insurance has to pay.2. second order was paid at that very moment, as it wasn't an insured item.3. they packed for hundreds of euros in a bag, but we never fetched the bag and it wasn't brought to us with the delivery service.So the action of the pharmacy borders on fraud.I told the pharmacy and the insurance to get their ... read more »

How Much Money You Should Have Saved at Differe...

Would you love to be financially independent? Personally, it means having enough money to do whatever you need to be... The post How Much Money You Should Have Saved at Different Stages of Your Life appeared first on Lifehack. read more »


Making decisions has been identified as one of the primary responsibilities of any manager. Decisions may involve allocating resources, appointing people, investing capital or introducing new products. If resources like men, money, machines, materials, time and space were abundant, clearly any planning would be unnecessary. But, typically, resources are scarce and so there is a need for read more »

How To Set Up The Right Intention To Succeed In...

Building a startup business requires a lot of resources at the start, and if you don’t do the right things from the start, there is a chance that your business [] The post How To Set Up The... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

I Spent Less Than A Dollar Making These

One thing I love doing is saving money. I am addicted to seeing how much money I can save. I make a game out of it when I go to the store, order online, or make something at home. I was able to make all of these for less than a dollar. How was I able to make it less than a dollar. Last time I made homemade laundry soap, I bought all the ingredients back in May of last year. I had all the ingredients left over except for the Fels-naptha soap. All I needed to do was buy one bar of the soap. Which I found... read more »

Millionaire Attitude in 3 Small Steps

This post may seem a bit out-of-place, however, your health and wellbeing is related to your financial status. Read on for some money matters What is money?  A child might say that it’s something rich people have and poor people don’t.  An engineer might go into a detailed and lengthy explanation, but we all know that money [] The post Millionaire Attitude in 3 Small Steps appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

Being specific – Finding the right one

I have been searching for about six months to find the right laptop that suits my needs.  I’m not an impulse buyer which can be a good and a bad thing depending on the situation.  I first went through the main software I use and looked at their system requirements.  You can search up the [] read more »

Tips on how you can save money

Anyone can save a bit of money, you’ve just got to start small. Think of this as the beginning of something much greater if you commit to it. When I was 13 years old I got my first part time job at my school serving food to students.  I was paid in the form of [] read more »

5 Smart Moves For Millennials To Boost Retireme...

Retirement might not be coming your way for quite some time, but if you havent started planning for it yet,... The post 5 Smart Moves For Millennials To Boost Retirement Savings appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Used Gadgets

The new iPhone 7 has been available for less than four months, and already the web is aflutter with speculation... The post 6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Used Gadgets appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

10 Savvy Tips For Christmas Shopping Thrifters

Were getting closer to Christmas with each passing day. Have you started shopping for the best gifts for men, women,... The post 10 Savvy Tips For Christmas Shopping Thrifters appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

Virtual Coins: A Virtual Goldmine.

Back in 2009 when the first virtual coin, Bitcoin, came on the scene, very few people knew what to make... The post Virtual Coins: A Virtual Goldmine. appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

A New Pay To Write Website - Niume

I recently started writing on a website called Niume. Where you get paid to write. You earn from the views you receive. The more views you get, the faster you can earn. You also can earn by referring new members to join. If you wish to join Niume, would you please join under me. The link to join is : Niume has several different spheres to list your posts under spheres is the same thing as categories on other websites. 20 Spheres to Choose From : 1. Animals 2. A... read more »

Is a Gas or Electric Furnace Best for Your Home?

When it comes time to replace your furnace, it can be challenging to decide whether you should purchase a gas... The post Is a Gas or Electric Furnace Best for Your Home? appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

Secret To Creating Wealth

Is there a secret to create wealth? It may sound surprising when we use the word secret as you do not earn your money unless you sell your product or services, which is no secret at all. Money comes to you only when you sell a product or a service to someone who needs it. ... Continue reading Secret To Creating Wealth read more »

4 Ways to Think Like a Millionaire

A lot of people think that becoming a millionaire is simply a matter of coming up with a great business... The post 4 Ways to Think Like a Millionaire appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

5 Great Tips to Attract New Customers If You Ar...

Building a steady stream of new customers can seem like a complex task, especially if you are a small business.... The post 5 Great Tips to Attract New Customers If You Are a Small Business appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

Saving Money While Shopping

I love to save money while I go shopping. Going to Aldi's is no different. One thing I like doing is bring my own bags. That way I don't have to buy bags to take my stuff home or run around looking for cardboard boxes that aren't ripped or broken down. Hoping they aren't out. ( I have ran into that problem. It wasn't fun.) I have these canvas I can't believe it is butter bags for over 10 years. Add that savings up. Another way I saved significant money this shopping trip was buying Jumex "Mango Nectar... read more »

Saving Money Buying Clothes

I love saving money when buying clothes. How about you? Yesterday, My teenage daughter and I went shopping for some clothes. We are both needing shorts. My daughter for being a growing teenager. Myself, for some reason a bunch of my shorts have come up missing. I am not sure if it is past room mates. Or accidentally placing them in the donating pile of clothes. I started my look for discounted clothing at the local thrift stores. I was able to find a couple pair of shorts for my daughter and myself ... read more »

4 Factors to Consider when Switching Jobs

Do you feel stuck at your job? Are you underpaid or overworked? Or are you just trying to plan the best possible career trajectory for yourself? Whatever the reason, the question of when to change jobs and how often is one that a lot of young professionals face. And the advice out there isn’t The post 4 Factors to Consider when Switching Jobs appeared first on Possess Your Success. read more »

10 Things I Realized at 28

Perhaps there will be a point in one's life that one tries to reflect on his or her life, and attempts to make revisions thereafter to make goals realistic and attainable. At this time, that point is ongoing in my life. I remember at the age of 8, I already had an idea on how I am going to be in the future and what I will do to achieve it. After 20 years, how did I fair and was my previous plan the same still? Tough questions but this blogpost will enumerate my self-assessment, with the intention to insp... read more »

Is Cash Still King?

In a world where cashless transactions rule does it still hold any benefit to carry around cash? Some people around the world still do. For example, notes that Germans lean more on paper money, using it in a whopping 82% of their purchases compared to the US at only 46%. In this article we The post Is Cash Still King? appeared first on Possess Your Success. read more »

Less Stress Money Saving Idea For the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner. We’re making lists of what and who to buy for. We’re rushing through the mall maxing out our credit cards. When it’s all over we’re all exhausted and for what? Let’s be honest, a nice chunk of those gifts end up being returned or in a closet never to see the light of day. To avoid the headaches consider making something in bulk and giving everyone the same thing. We all have a secret cookie, sauce, candy etc. recipe that all our friends like. It doesn’t just sto... read more »

Marry For Love? Marry For Money?

It was family movie night at the Holsum's home. Four elementary children, two girls, two boys lay on their sleeping bags on the grass, chins propped on their hands, legs bent at the knees, feet flappinghappilyintheair under the moon lit sky; eyes ogling the makeshift movie screen. The adults sat comfortably behind in their lawn chairs, carbonated drinks in their hands, whispering conversation here and there. The movie was ending. Belle and Beast with eyes locked danced into jubilant oblivion. Happily eve... read more »

What if Ahia and Kweky have 1 Million?

This post is brought to you by Pampers Baby Dry. This is a paid article, but all opinions stated here is 100% mine. There are two things I would do if my kids have 1 million: a.) Save it for... The post What if Ahia and Kweky have 1 Million? appeared first on The Bag Investigator. read more »

What is Cheap or Expensive?

Everyday, we spend for things and think of worth of the expenses we make. However, is there a general rule of what is cheap or expensive? Should we have an idea of a limitation, then we could guide or limit ourselves from buying unnecessary things. In my personal experience, the concept of what is cheap or expensive lies on three values, namely (1) daily gross salary, (2) weekly gross salary and (3) monthly gross salary. By saying gross salary, it refers to the amount before tax and other deductions. Sa... read more »

Flash Sales Deal Site Ensogo Launches New Andro...

Just want to share this good news to my friends and readers who are very fond of buying deals from Ensogo. Review of the app soon! Ensogo Philippines officially announces the release of their newly developed mobile app for Android, ensuring that users can now have quick access to the best offers in the market [] The post Flash Sales Deal Site Ensogo Launches New Android App appeared first on TweenselMom / Mommy Blogger. read more »

Basic Chemistry Knowledge Can Save You Money

So the other day I was shopping for some flypaper when I noticed a Fruit Fly Trap. I started reading the ingredients. The ingredients were Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Acetic Acid, and water. Remembering from my chemistry classes in college, Sodium Laurel Sulfate is soap and Acetic Acid is vinegar. Knowing what the basic ingredients are, this is something I could make at home. The fruit fly trap was selling for $7.99 and it contained an ounce of the vinegar soap mixture. For the same price I can buy a gallon o... read more »

3 Ways To Make Some Money On the Side

So we are always looking for ways to make extra money. We consider getting a part time job but we don’t always have the energy for that. Here are 3 ways to make a little extra money that won’t take up a lot of your time. I mentioned in a previous article on How To Make Money Off Your Creative Ideas. Zazzle is a great place to do that. You design price and market your creations while Zazzle takes care of the printing, shipping, and payments. Once your commissions reach $50 you receive a payment from Zaz... read more »

3 Ways To Lower Summer Electric Bills

Summer is coming. The temperature is going up and so will our electric bills. Living in sunny Southern California most people think solar panels to lower bills. But solar panels are expensive and not as cost effective as they sound. Every time I get a solar panel quote I keep getting told that they aren’t worth it unless your monthly will is over $150. Here are some more affordable money saving devices that will work regardless where you live and your bill. LED Light Bulbs LED light bulbs use a fractio... read more »

Scholastic Warehouse Sale 2015

It was my first time to try going to Scholastic Warehouse Sale and I was astounded with how low-priced the books were. Imagine being able to buy my daughters favorite Geronimo Stilton books for only 20 pesos each? And there are so many more books to choose from with discounts up to 80% off. No [] The post Scholastic Warehouse Sale 2015 appeared first on TweenselMom / Filipina Mommy Blogger. read more »

6 Money-Saving Tips for Families with Children

These tips will help keep your family well clothed, fed, and entertained without breaking the bank.1. Save on clothing (and more) by buying used Depending on the selection, thrift shopping can be hit or miss, but when it's good, you can find some amazing deals on children's clothing, toys, games, TVs, and bicycles. Buying gently used clothing can save a family hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. ReadTsh's 12 tips for thrift shoppingand develop a plan for your family. Source: WhatsUpELLE / Y... read more »

Repurposing Leftover Chicken

We all have leftover chicken. Whether it’s from roasted chicken or fried chicken we always tend to have leftovers. The last things we want to eat are the same thing as the night before. So here are some ways to transform that chicken. Chicken Salad This is probably the easiest of them all. Just shred up the chicken and add in the other salad components and mayonnaise. I usually add in a diced apple, craisins, diced celery, and relish. Fajitas Shred up the chicken. Start by sautéing some onions and pe... read more »

Myanmar on a budget!?

Relatively newly open to the world, Myanmar (aka Burma) is an increasingly popular destination for backpackers hoping to see a more traditional, authentic Asia where the countryside is undisturbed and locals smile. In that respect, Myanmar does not disappoint. However, for a country so new to tourism, the prices are not nearly so low as [] The post Myanmar on a budget!? appeared first on Taking The Scenic Route. read more »

How To Prevent Burn In the Oven

So we have all dealt with this problem. My fish or poultry is in the oven and is it fully cooked. We can’t eat it if it’s under cooked and if I overcook it, it’s dry ruined. Well there’s a simple way to prevent overcooking it in the oven, aluminum foil. I have only tried this with fillets, breasts, and thighs but I’ll experiment with it more later on. Just place the fish or poultry on a flat sheet of aluminum foil. Season as preferred. Add a tablespoon of liquid. Wrap completely in aluminum foil. ... read more »

How To Store Broth

So you have made your broth but you only need a little bit of it right now so how do you store it until it’s needed. You can store it in jars and can it or you can freeze it. The best way to freeze it is with a cupcake pan. I recommend measuring the volume of each cup for proceeding. Each cup has a volume of 1/3 cup for my pan. Fill each cup with your broth and freeze it. You use it similar to an ice cube tray. After it is frozen remove the blocks and place in a plastic bag or container until neede... read more »

3 Considerations for OFWs Following Oil Price Fall

Since June 2014, the average oil price went down from 110 dollars to less than 50 dollars per barrel. This news would have not caught my attention if I was not observing the same trend with the exchange rate between Norwegian kroner and Philippine peso, given that I started sending money for my family at the same period of time. So I asked myself how does the current situation affect us OFW's (Overseas Filipino Workers) working in oil exporting countries (primarily from the Middle East, Norway, Canada et... read more »

Great Way To Freeze Meat

So one great way to save money on groceries is to buy in bulk when a certain protein goes on sale. To prevent it from going bad we freeze it. But then the problem of freezer burn, meat sticking together and other problems arise. Well, there are ways to avoid this problem. In this case I am separating out chicken thighs. Start out by sorting out how much meat you are going to need. In this case it will be 2 thighs per package. I usually cook 2 at a time, one of me, the other for my husband. Then wr... read more »

Make Money Off Your Creative Ideas

At one point or another we have all come up with some saying or idea that we believe should be on a t-shirt, pillow etc. A lot of us also have creative hobbies such as poetry, photography and painting. Well did you know you could make some money off of those ideas. Zazzle is a website where you can design your own t-shirts, mugs, mousepads etc. You design the product, market it, and Zazzle takes care of the printing, shipping, money collecting etc. They pay you. You are practically starting your own bu... read more »

Saving Money On Pet Treats and Toys

Bella loves her Sven Maimai with her dragon We all love our pets and we want the best for them. We spend fortunes on food, toys, treats and other things for our pets. However there is a way we can save a lot of money on toys and treats. Consider buying them out of season. We often see holiday themed dog and cat toys and treats. They are in the shape of pumpkins, candy canes, hearts, etc. After the holiday ends the toys go on clearance. They start off as low as 25% off. This is a perfect opportunity... read more »

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