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Tittertastic Saturday – Italian Cow

bethere2day - Tittertastic Saturday - Italian Cow - The only cow in a small town in Northern Italy stopped giving milk. Tittertastic Saturday Italian Cow read more »

Is Organic Food Worth It?

When you head to the grocery store, shopping for products like eggs, meat, fish, milk, and produce can be very tricky. Signs are posted everywhere labeling food as natural, organic, and a number of other things—but what’s the difference, really? Learning what specific names mean can help you decide if you should shell out extra [] The post Is Organic Food Worth It? appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

WW On A Tuesday – The Evidence

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - The Evidence WW On A Tuesday The Evidence read more »

My “Appetite” For The New Year!

Id like to kick in the New Year by doing one of the things that I like to do best and that is eating. Chilling again this New Years Eve as I did the last in the comforts of home in the cozy dim light of my bedroom snugged in bed with my favorites of [] read more »

Saturday Giggle – Another Blonde

bethere2day - A blonde heard that baths in milk would make her beautiful. She left a note for her milkman to leave 25 gallons of milk. When the milkman read the note, [] Saturday Giggle Another Blonde read more »

Jolly Cow Milk treats Moms and Kids in an aweso...

Last Saturday, September 5, 2015. Is a special for our family because it is our Patriarch’s birthday and also it’s the day of Jolly Cow’s treat for Mommies and Kids at Art in Island and to watch the very interesting... The post Jolly Cow Milk treats Moms and Kids in an awesome day out appeared first on The Bag Investigator. read more »


5 jaja 1-2 kasike brasna10 kasika griza5 kasika secera1l mlekavanilin secerPriprema: Umutiit jaja sa secerom,pa dodati 10 kasika griza i 2 kasike brasna.Peci u podmazanoj i brasnom posutom posudi (djuvec) na 175C dok kolac ne porumeni (dobije zutu boju).Dok se kolac pece,1l mleka staviti da se zagreje i dodati vanilin secer,da bi mleko bilo slatko (kolicina secera zavisi od toga koliko zelite mleko da bude slatko).Kada je kolac pecen,dok je topao,preliti ga sa zasladjenim mlekom (polako ga preliti). Kol... read more »

A Cup of Flat White

Since this is my first entry of the year, I thought I would start with an easy going post.I have always been a tea lover for as long as I could remember. I don't drink coffee because of a long standing belief of my elders that drinking coffee will make my nose bleed, because random nose bleed has always been my affliction since I was small.When I was in pre-Uni, I tried drinking instant coffee. After a week of drinking it every morning, I stopped because it was causing me migraine every time after consum... read more »

Cuftice,kuskus i povrce

300-400g mlevenog mesa (junece,svinjsko ili mesano)1 jaje3 kasike prezli1 kasika mleka3 cena belog lukazacini-suseni (vlasac,bosiljak,origano,persun)Povrce: sargarepa,krompir,boranija,grasakkuskusPriprema: U mleveno meso dodati 1 jaje,3 kasike prezli pomesane sa 1 kasikom mleka ( kada se prezle i mleko izmesa i doda mesu,cuftice ce biti mekane) 3 cena belog luka sitno iseckano i zacini po ukusu i po zelji. Od navedenih zacina,staviti po pola kasicice svakkog. Izmesati meso sa sastojcica i ostaviti ga da ... read more »

Rice pudding - Budino di riso

Rice pudding - Budino di riso INGREDIENTS80 g rice25g. sugarhalf liter milk1 big yolkgrated lemon rindpowered sugarFOR THE PASTRY125g. flour50g powered sugar80g. butter1 eggPREPARATIONIn a saucepan, bring the milk to a boil, add the rice, and after a few minutes the sugar and the lemonrind. Cookfor about 40 minutes, at least until the rice has absorbed all the milk. Add the egg yolk and let cool. Meanwhile make the pastry by working the ingredients well with your hands. Once you have obtained a homogene... read more »

Smokey Blues using Urban Decay Vice 2

Hello Beauties!! Here is another pictorial Ive done. I wanted to use my Vice 2 while I am waiting for my 3 I hope you enjoy!! First I start with my favorite eye primer Too Faced Shadow Insurance.... read more »

Baby I Got the Shakes For You!

Rich, creamy and smooth milkshakes are the perfect summertime indulgences. With a combination of ice cream, milk and flavors like strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. But you can also slip in your favorite pie, cake or even cookies, for that perfect flavor. So let your imagination run wild. Just a little history about milkshakes, before I give you my favorite recipes. The first "milkshake" dating back to the late 1800's, was an eggnog type drink laced with whiskey and served as both "a sturdy, healthful to... read more »

After 15 days of Mireica Challenge

If you have read about my Mireica Challenge, yeah it's 15 days challenge. Above is the result of after consuming this Mireica.I mix the powder with milk or yogurt drink. It depends on what yogurt drink too, not all yogurt drink is nice to mix drink with it. So I just stick to milk with the Mireica.By the way, it is cold milk, not warm milk.To view the difference of my picture, click on the link above for the 1st Day of Challenge. read more »

Got “Got Milk?” Not Anymore…

All good things must come to an end. After 20 years, the iconic “Got Milk?” campaign will be wrapping up. No more celebrities with ridiculous unrealistic milk mustaches. Farewell to the grammatically incorrect slogan that for years has haunted me. It is like a tiny piece of my childhood has died. Not one to miss [] read more »

Mountains Change Your Perspective

As a child nothing excited me more than driving to the Adirondacks, cruising through the mountains and then, there it wasthe lake! I had dream about a mountain last night “The wind was whistling through the tree tops. The snow was blowing across the meadows. The outcroppings of rock seem to move under the tremendous [] read more »

Crème Brulee–Eggless

Crème brûlée (/ˌkrɛm bruːˈleɪ/; French pronunciation: ​[kʁɛm bʁy.le]),[1] also known as burnt cream, crema catalana, or Trinity cream[2] is a dessert consisting of a rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel. It is normally served at room temperature. Making egg-less Crème Brulee was top of the list in dare section and also it was a challenge given by Jayant uncle who is a food and found of crème brulee and many other french desserts. Crème brulee without egg or egg-replacer wa... read more »

Bhapa Doi

Blogging Marathon# 35Week3Day3 Theme :Regional Recipes with Course Specific - Bengali Course :Dessert Bhapa doi is traditional delicacy of Bengal, made from sweetened thick milk and curd, steamed to set almost like cheese cake. The traditional recipe is time consuming one as you have to reduce sweet milk, set curd or yogurt, mix reduced milk and curd and steam to set further. I am sharing you the very popular and quicker version of Bhapa doi by adding condense milk or evaporated milk instead of reduc... read more »

Fada Laapsi - (Gujarati Pressure Cooker Recipe)

Blogging Marathon# 35Week2Day3 Theme :Pressure Cooker RecipesCourse : Dessert My today's post all time favourite of Gujarati's and a must sweet during auspicious occasions such as marriages, house-warning ceremony, any feast to celebrate birth of a child or during kesh mundan etc, laapsi is a must and in olden days the menu without laapsi was considered as incomplete. Laapsi is made from broken wheat known as dalia, slowly roasted in ghee and cooked in milk and sugar. But in today's era people are slo... read more »


Halwasan is one of the most popular sweet of Gujarat made from milk, wheat germ or semolina rich golden colour fudge. Halwasan was first introduced in 1905 by Ratilal Chunilal Halwai and his sweet shop is known as Ratilal Chunilal Halwasanvala, there are many varieties available and many claim that they make the best in the industry but no one can compete with them. Halwasan is what Mysorepak means to South Indian or what Sandesh is to Bengali's. It was my most favorite sweet of all, making this halwasan... read more »

Kalakand - Milk Fudge

Kalakand is an exotic and traditional sweet made from milk and sugar, ideal for Holi, Navratri and Diwali. It is most popular in Western India and is known as Mawa mishri in Rajasthan and Pal Khoa in South. This recipe is very easy to make, traditionally the sweet is prepared by boiling milk till it thickens, alum is added to the thickened milk and further cooked till it reaches granular stage, at this stage sugar is added and cooked till it leaves the sides of pan or light golden in colour. Kalakand i... read more »

Mama, Where's My Milk?

I was trying to find a nice theme for a friend's blog when my son cried loudly. Well, mother's instinct, I stop working and attend to him. I tried to ask him what he wants (as if he can already talk) he just gave me that "please give me my milk" look. My baby was so adorable that he is simply irresistible. I really love him and I wanna give him the best thing in life that I could. As of this writing, he is busy consuming his 210 ml bottle of milk :) read more »

Homemade Strawberry Cake for My Birthday!

For my birthday this year, it was decided that we would recreate birthdays of my youth, and head to the state fair. In some peoples opinions, the state fair has changed for the worse. We used to love seeing all the fish and watching bird shows in the so-called Conservation World.  Unfortunately, this has been mostly replaced with Hair Glitter, FOID cards, and instruction tents on how to use a whip or a gun. One of our most enjoyed activities was riding all the tamest rides and screaming in mock terror... read more »

Blueberry Baked French Toast

This is one of those we havent been to the grocery store suppers. Because we havent been to the grocery store. Sometimes the grocery store is worse than the dentist. And, in the interest of saving my sanity, we are avoiding it. You probably already have most of this stuff in your fridge and pantry, even if it appears empty (like mine - call me Old Mother Hubbard). And the beautiful thing is, you can substitute any fruit you want (even canned! just strain it). This is also a really easy dinner to c... read more »

Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

Raise your hand if you like doing dishes. I didnt think so. And, as you may have seen, I am the not-so-proud-probably-a-little-ashamed owner of a perpetually full sink. So, when I am presented with the opportunity to make something awesome that requires no plates or utensils to eat, I jump on it. And being that homemade strawberry shortcake is almost as awesome as it gets, making strawberry shortcake that you dont need plates or forks to eat is out-of-this-world amazing. Because who wants to do mor... read more »

Scratch Gooey Butter Cake

Alright.  Butter may be Uncle Babys favorite food, but its definitely my favorite ingredient.  So when I saw this recipe, ButterYums Scratch Gooey Butter Cake, a scratch version of Paula Deens gooey butter cake, I had to try my own version. They arent kidding around with this name.  Its gooey.  Ooey gooey.  The middle is gooey, the crust is even a little gooey. Which is delicious, of course, but surprised me.  Um, I dont know why though, seeing as it says Gooey right there in the name. Its also VE... read more »

Perfect Chocolate Frosting (& S'mores Cake!)

Ok, we know I dont like chocolate. If I did, I mightve known how to melt chocolate. Its evidently very intense. The microwave was a fail. The stove top was a fail. So... youd better look up how to melt chocolate before you begin. Can you believe I didnt google it? I just assumed I could do something as easy difficult as melt chocolate? Either way, look it up.  There has to be a better way. I modified this recipe: Our Best Bites Chocolate Frosting. Read More » read more »

Brown Butter White Birthday Cake

When my oldest, mini-muffin#1, was just learning to talk, she loved babies. All babies love to see other babies. She would exclaim Baby! whenever she saw one: on the box of wipes, on TV, walking by on the street. So when she saw a  photo of my husbands youngest brother with a freshly shaved head, she exclaimed Baby! And thus his nickname, Uncle Baby, was born.  (haha) Since he is now 22, hed probably prefer that we stop calling him that, at least in public.  But Im afraid my kids dont actually kno... read more »

Cheesy Potato Soup (Vegetarian)

This soup got eaten too quickly to take a good pictures.In my Pink Lemonade Poke Cake I was looking for something to do with a lot of milk about to expire. Well, here is another loads of milk recipe! This recipe is straight from stud-muffins brain, so these amounts are all estimates, since, as an amazing cook, he thinks that a pot full of milk and dont let this boil are helpful.  HOW you are supposed to not let something boil, is beyond me. I can only aspire to say unhelpful things about cooking one d... read more »

Diabetes? Liver and kidney problems? Makes them...

Birdseed / Canary milk Initial results are excellent in what relates to an improved organ function, mood, etc The birdseed has gone through extensive research at the National University of Mexico due to the high protein and its amino acid which can run stable secure and indestructible by the body. The grass is native [...] read more »

Mia's Milk

Some of you might think what's making Mia strong and bright besides the fact that it came from her parents genes *wink and grin here* and of course from the food that we are giving her? It's also from her milk :) Although I was only able to breastfeed her exclusively for two months (I know I should have breastfed her for at least a few months more but I was not equipped with such knowledge then, I know better now), the formula milk that we've (and of course with the recommendation of her pediatrician) gi... read more »

Love {cocos}

Într-un post anterior vorbeam despre laptele de mac şi mă gândeam să vă povestesc şi despre cel de cocos. Iată că s-a împlinit. Se ia una bucata nucă de cocos, se sparg cele trei copci, se scurge apa, apoi se sparge nuca, se curăţă miezul, se taie bucăţi ceva mai mici, se adauga in blender, [...] read more »

Lapte de {mac}

Seara înainte de somnic, obișnuiam să beau un pahar de lapte. Cred că nu sunt singura care face acest lucru. Scriam mai jos despre faptul că tot mai mult tind spre veganism, uite că, am găsit o bauturică să înlocuiască laptele de văcuță. Având și o nucă de cocos, prospăt zdrobită, am zis să adaug [...] read more »

Free Sample

I love receiving sample product and today is my lucky day because I received two samples in which I already forgot where or when I signed up for it.I think its from one of those emails I received or from some Mommy Club that I belong too. Thankfully, I do not need to make a [...] read more »

Organic-Learn to read the labels

Whenever you are buying your groceries like maybe meat, milk, fish. It can be a little tricky. There are so many signs that are posted there saying "organic" and other stuffs, but how would you really know the difference, Knowing the meaning of those specific names, will actually help you in your buying decision. If you are going to spend or save on something worth buying or maybe not.The term natural is always associated with vegetables and fruits, Honestly this is just a marketing strategy to tell you ... read more »

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