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The Sergeant

bethere2day - The Sergeant - A crusty old Artillery Sergeant Major found himself at a gala event hosted by a local liberal arts college. The Sergeant read more »

Fuji X-Pro1 60mm F2.4 Real World Update

I used the X-Pro 1 with 60mm at couple of 1940's events over the last couple of weekends, Kelham Island Sheffield and East Park Hull. Probably the most challenging The post Fuji X-Pro1 60mm F2.4 Real World Update appeared first on An owd togs blog. read more »

Fuji X-Pro1 and 60mm F2.4 Real World Update

I used the X-Pro 1 with 60mm at couple of 1940's events over the last couple of weekends, Kelham Island Sheffield and East Park Hull. Probably the most challenging The post Fuji X-Pro1 and 60mm F2.4 Real World Update appeared first on An owd togs blog. read more »

Microwave Frequencies, Smartmeters, Wifi And Ot...

As Ive already posted about the dangers of emfs and radiation devices in earlier posts, this is just a recap to remind that there are solutions to counter these dangers. Independent scientific research in the past has always shown and proven that electromagnetic signals in radio frequency bands affect the human condition in negative ways. Depending on the frequency itself, its duration and intensity. Microwave ovens are especially harmful and everyone has one these days. It does not matter microwaves are... read more »

The Consequences Are Real

In my dream last night I was called to inspect military systems of deployment of weaponry. Most specifically these systems dealt with observation, reconnaissance and utilization of weapons. The systems were run by folks who were settled away in underground bunkers. Much of what they did was tap into satellite systems and feeds while sitting [] read more »

LA School District Armed Up with Grenade Launch...

LA School District Armed Up with Grenade Launchers, Armored Vehicle For those unruly third graders Armored Vehicle, Grenade Launchers At Disposal Of The post LA School District Armed Up with Grenade Launchers, Armored Vehicle appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Thoughts on Memorial Day

One of the greatest regrets I have in my life is that I did not commit myself to military service I’ve spent the past twenty-five years of my life training and studying the philosophies of the warrior. I’ve borrowed the metaphor of the warrior in my life in martial arts and football. My life as [] read more »

Special Forces veteran reports UFO over Afghani...

By Roger MarshNational UFO Examiner April 24th 2014A Special Forces Army veteran reported a UFO encounter with a low flying sphere-shaped object while serving in Afghanistan, according to April 24, 2014, testimony in Case 55741 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.The witness said his entire Army unit saw the object May 10, 2004, that was so close they "could have thrown a rock and hit it" after it first appeared "out of nowhere.""It floated over one of the mountains from the so... read more »

“Rainer’s War” by Gary Sullivan

Explosive Novel Questions Why America Fought the Iraq War in "Rainer's War" by Gary Sullivan read more »

“Destiny’s Spear: From Hitler’s Obsession to Pa...

From Jesus to Hitler to Patton, ‘Destiny’s Spear’ plays a role in "Destiny's Spear: From Hitler's Obsession to Patton's Possession" by Rodney E. Walker read more »

“Letters to Ann” by Ann Marie

New book chronicles deployed serviceman’s correspondence with his young daughter - "Letters to Ann" by Ann Marie. read more »

Lunch for the Veterans at El Centro College

I had the pleasure of attending a lunch put on by the Culinary Department of El Centro College. They normally hosts lunches every week I think but for this particular one, they sent out invites for 40 veterans to eat for free! I was able to go with my buddy Louis and we ended [] read more »

Making Modern Images Look Vintage

With the increase in popularity of vintage events, 1940's weekends and re-enacting there seems to be a trend for aging photographs and trying to make them look like period images. To help photographers who want their photographs to look like film from the 40's here are a few tips. read more »

Happy Independence Day

As I was getting ready to write this post, I began to reflect on what this holiday means to Americans. We have a very rich history in our country. The signing of the Declaration of Independence ranks at the top of what we, as a country, take pride and great reverence in, namely our freedom. [] read more »

Bright white object 'overtakes' military jets o...

ROGER MARSHExaminer A Pennsylvania witness at West Brownsville reported watching an object "overtake two military jets" and then make a right angle turn before moving away at high speed, according to May 22, 2013, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database."I observed two jets flying side-by-side," the witness stated. "They had to be military because they were close together. My estimation was 10 plane widths apart, traveling west, and I heard no sound. The wing lights were... read more »

“Love and War” by David Arnold

Travel the dangerous seas of World War II aboard a Royal Navy ship, in the exciting novel "Love and War: Commander Hursey’s Story" by David Arnold read more »

Leppings Lane Sheffield Bomb Scare

Leppings Lane behind Sheffield Wednesday football stadium was closed off for a period on Tuesday after Sheffield council workmen discovered what they believed to be an unexploded bomb from the second world war. read more »

Don’t Think Of It As A Cliff, Think Of It As A ...

I have close relatives that work for the government. I’m sorry for what it may do them, but I still think that at this point we NEED to go over the fiscal cliff. Let me show you why. Trying to understand the government as a citizen is hard but trying to understand the government as [...] read more »

Blown Up [Guest Blogger]

**Quick note from Sarah, the blog owner** I invited my dear friend to post this entry today because his story needs to be heard, as far too many stories of our wounded soldiers arent.  However, this post will contain a very frank recalling of wartime situations and, as such, may be disturbing to sensitive readers or inappropriate for children. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello, Red! readers.  My name is Jack Jarrell.  Some of you have seen me mentioned in other of Sa... read more »

Let’s Help Our Military Spouses! And Look Good ...

I was contacted today by Anya Sarre from ShoeDazzle. She wanted to tell me about an exciting new idea from ShoeDazzle that helps the military and their spouses! What? You didnt know I was an Army Veteran? Well, I am! I spent 6 years in the Army as a Graphics Specialist. Now, back to ShoeDazzle! They [...] read more »

Dam Busters 617 Squadron RAF

Operation Chastise took place on the 16th 17th of May 1943, better known to the wider public as the Dam Busters Raid it was an attack by 617 squadron RAF on the Dams in the Ruhr valley. It had the objective of disrupting German industry and water supplies. At around 21:30 69 years ago today Avro Lancasters of 617 Squadron took off carrying the now famous bouncing bombs and headed for Germany. read more »

Cinderella’s Etsy Shop.

My daughter, Cinderella has opened her very own Etsy Shop. She is a most talented baker, crafter, and a great mom. She made some awesomely cute headbands, placemats, and fabric flower arrangements. She is also former army and created an American Flag placemat. Please check out her wonderful creations and let me know what you plan [...] read more »

Local Portrait Bench remembers Cpl Liam Riley

Cpl Liam Riley of the 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment is one of three local heroes who were honoured this morning (Monday 14 March 2011) with the unveiling of their statues at “The Portrait Bench in Killamarsh. read more »

Local Portrait Bench remebers Cpl Liam Riley

Cpl Liam Riley of the 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment is one of three local heroes who were honoured this morning (Monday 14 March 2011) with the unveiling of their statues at “The Portrait Bench in Killamarsh. read more »

Mi Amigo the Sheffield Flying Fortress

On Sunday 19 February 2012 I worked a shift for one of the local newspapers on the diary was a wreath laying memorial for the crew of a B17 flying fortress which crashed in Sheffield shortly before 5pm on the 22nd of February 1944 killing all 10 crew: Intrigued by the story I decided to find out more..... read more »

Photographs of the year 2011

As we get to the end of one more year I thought I might go through my archive of photographs and do a 2011 in pictures blog. It seemed a straight forward enough idea look back and choose some images but read more »

Private Matthew Thornton – Military Funeral for...

The Funeral of Private Matthew Thornton, A Territorial Army Soldier from 4 Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (4 YORKS) was held at All Saints Church Darton in Barnsley on Tuesday Morning 29 October 2011. Private Thornton was deployed to Afghanistan in October of 2011. read more »

Local Remembrance Day Parade Chapeltown Sheffield

Local remembrance day parade  which set out from the Royal British Legion in Chapeltown, Sheffield, South Yorkshire marching to the Newton hall for a service of remembrance. From there the  parade, led by community constable PC Peter Booth, made its way to the local war memorial in Chapeltown Park where prayers were led by Vicar [...] read more »

A Holiday Job? No A Professional News & PR Phot...

Last couple of weeks have been a strange time consisting of a variety of jobs and the holiday that almost wasn't. It started quietly enough with images shot on spec of Peter Andre dropping into WH Smiths Meadowhall to sign copies of his two new children’s books "The Happy Birthday Party" and "A New Day at School". That was followed by a shoot for Atteys Solicitors who had a good news story involving Cupcakes and “The Sweet Taste of Success” then finally a short job on Friday of a Lottery winner from Roth... read more »

News of 1940 Church Wedding at Fylde Coast Wart...

As a full time professional Press and Public Relations photographer I tend not shoot many weddings, but sometimes the areas of News PR and Wedding photography do cross over like this wedding. Andy Hacking and Kath Plummer who are both World War Two reenactors announced they would be getting married at Lytham during the Fylde Coast Wartime Weekend, and they would be doing it 1940 style. Uniforms, reproduction 1940 wedding dress, vintage armoured car to whisk away the bride and groom, right down to ration ... read more »

"Thanks for serving. Now get out!"

"I'm proud to be an American soldier," said Ramdeo Chankarsingh, 44, of South Ozone Park, N.Y. He was promised if he served in the military he would be given citizenship, so the Trinidad native enlisted in the Army in 1991 and served nine years as a medic, with tours of duty in Italy, Germany, and Kosovo during the height of the first Gulf War. When his green card expired in 1999, a military judge ordered him to file for citizenship. However, he was then told that because he served during peacetime, he... read more »

The Difficulty of Dealing With Invisible Wounds.

This is a guest post from Timothy Elliot. Honoring and helping our nations service people and veterans is near and dear to my heart and is why I agreed to have Mr. Elliot post an article here and on Lifes Like a Box of Chocolates. I hope you enjoy both of Mr. Elliots articles and [...] read more »

My Thoughts Today On Veterans Day.

I wrote about Veterans Day on my other blog. Lifes Like A Box Of Chocolates. Go there to read about it. read more »

Happiness Project

My son, Cpl Honda is a US Marine. He just returned from a deployment in April. Needless to say this made me VERY happy! My best friend, Lady Red and I went to homecoming. We stayed in San Clemente, CA. I love this city. It is the perfect beach town. We had quite an adventure [...] read more »

Safeway and Betty Crocker Giveaway! Winner

Congratulations! The winner is Mari! Please email your info and the Safeway gift card and Betty Crocker bake set will be on the way. Just to let you know. Your name was drawn by the newly returning Cpl Honda. He just returned from deployment a few days ago. Happy Marine Mom! read more »

Saving Abel USO Tour

I will be hosting a live stream of the band Saving Abel on my other blog, Lifes Like a Box of Chocolates. The band is in the Persian Gulf entertaining the troops. It is March 4 10pm est 7pm pst. Be sure and stop over tomorrow night and enjoy the show! Just a reminder. Dont forget to [...] read more »

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