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Internet | Ilusão do Dinheiro Fácil.

Depois do estabelecimento definitivo da internet e a globalização, as empresas começaram a apostar nas vendas online e passaram a ir buscar seus clientes na rede mundial de computadores. A disputa por estes clientes passou a ser mais acirrada a cada ano e o marketing cada vez mais agressivo, afinal os empresários veem a web como uma imensa calçada por onde desfilam seus potenciais futuros clientes. Evidentemente não bastam as empresas observarem o desfile de clientes ou esperá-los em seus sites, é precis... read more »

Ponturile in publicitate - si cum sa faci sa le...

Oricât de mult ai munci şi oricât de bun cunoscător ai deveni, nu vei fi în stare să-ţi reprezinţi agenţia în faţa factorilor de decizie ai clientului decât după vârsta de 30 de ani. Unul dintre... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

[Infographic] Video Marketing & the Marketing F...

We hear so much about the growth in popularity of video be it live video or static video; every content marketing expert is quick to list the reasons why you’re missing out unless you are engaging in some form of video marketing. That’s perfectly fine and they are correct in their assertions that video is [] The post [Infographic] Video Marketing the Marketing Funnel appeared first on [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

6 ways your startup can make the most of your s...

Getting your new business noticed on social media can feel impossible at first, but a few key skills can get your social media up and running with ease. Since the [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

The Importance of a Channel Partner Loyalty Pro...

Channel partners are that indispensable link of your indirect sale sequence that is responsible for driving a significant chunk of your business’ revenue. To ensure the smooth sailing of this [] read more »

8 Reasons to Invest In Your Startup’s Name

When getting your startup off the ground, you’re likely overwhelmed by the sheer size of your to-do list. Between putting the finishing touches on your strategy, hiring top talent, and [] read more »

How can flowcharts help entrepeneurs?

When starting a project from scratch it is convenient to surround ourselves with the best possible tools to facilitate the creation process and enhance our creativity. Logical thinking is a [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

How can flowcharts help entrepreneurs?

When starting a project from scratch it is convenient to surround ourselves with the best possible tools to facilitate the creation process and enhance our creativity. Logical thinking is a [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

The Importance of SEO Strategies to a Startup

So, you’re new to the business world with your ground breaking, new business idea and you‘re keen as mustard to get started working with all the people who have said [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

Social Branding – The Often Overlooked Key to M...

The internet age brought about some phenomenal resources for business owners today. Never before has it been so easy and inexpensive to get your message out there and by leveraging [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

8 Tips to Improve Your E-Commerce Website

With the continued increase in consumers who rely on Internet shopping instead of brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce websites have become an... The post 8 Tips to Improve Your E-Commerce Website appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

Millionaire Attitude in 3 Small Steps

This post may seem a bit out-of-place, however, your health and wellbeing is related to your financial status. Read on for some money matters What is money?  A child might say that it’s something rich people have and poor people don’t.  An engineer might go into a detailed and lengthy explanation, but we all know that money [] The post Millionaire Attitude in 3 Small Steps appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

7 Key Online Marketing Strategies for A Local B...

For big box stores, online marketing makes obvious sense. Giant chain businesses have huge online audiences and can afford the... The post 7 Key Online Marketing Strategies for A Local Business Website appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

Getting Noticed on the Web – Marketing for Smal...

The Internet has grown from a small network of academics needing a way to trade research into a world-spanning, ubiquitous marketplace and repository for nearly every possible kind of information and knowledge.  How does a small business avoid being washed away in the constant tide of buying, selling and marketers hawking every conceivable item (and [] read more »

The Newest Content Marketing Technique in Town:...

Its no secret any more that the key not only to search engine rankings, but also to readership, is to... The post The Newest Content Marketing Technique in Town: Viral Photo Websites appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

5 Ways to Build a Solid Community on Your Blog

Blogging is tough, to say the least. But, like all other tough things on Earth, it comes with a marvellous... The post 5 Ways to Build a Solid Community on Your Blog appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

10 Incredibly Useful LinkedIn Tools

We all know that social media is an important tool for businesses. But, did you also know that there are... The post 10 Incredibly Useful LinkedIn Tools appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

Mit klassischer Werbung und Onlinemarketing erf...

Fabian Portmann kennt die nötigen strategischen Anpassungen, die für erfolgreiches Onlinemarketing aus der klassischen Werbung übernommen werden sollten. Seine Expertentipps unterstützen enorm. read more »

Why a Marketing Strategy is Crucial for Startup...

This is part one of a two-part article. In my experience of working at both startup incubators and accelerators, I witnessed countless app-based startups fail. In most cases, the failure... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

HotelPartner Yield Management expandiert nach G...

Die Revenue Management Experten eröffneten ein Büro in der britischen Hauptstadt. Gerade durch die aktuelle politische Situation ist für die Privathotels ein innovativer Online-Vertrieb gefragt. read more »

How social is revealing a brand new internation...

In case you’re beginning to see fewer and less holiday pix on your social streams, you’re not by myself. Due to the fact the summer winds down, so does the busiest time of the year for vacationers, airlines and accommodations. Exchange Tour (Exchange Biz) [...] read more »

Book Club Revelations by Julie Arduini

I spent the last few Tuesday evenings with a group of ladies from my church talking about my latest release, ENTANGLED. I admit, the thought of a book club where Im the author and the attendees are people Im acquainted Continue reading read more »

5 Great Tips to Attract New Customers If You Ar...

Building a steady stream of new customers can seem like a complex task, especially if you are a small business.... The post 5 Great Tips to Attract New Customers If You Are a Small Business appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

Erfolgreiches Online-Marketing mit bewährten Ko...

Fabian Portmann kennt die wichtigsten Zutaten für erfolgreiches Online-Marketing, um Kunden nicht nur zu finden, sondern auch zu erreichen. Das Internet ist dabei das optimale Medium. read more »

Bezahlen 4.0 – Hürden und Lösungsansätze für ei...

Dr. Ludwig Hierl untersucht in seinem Werk "Mobile Payment - Bezahlen 4.0" die Zukunft des mobilen Bezahlens in Deutschland. read more »

Yield Management setzt sich auch in der Veranst...

Im Rahmen des HSMA Chapter Nord zum Thema ,,MICE 2.0" lud unter anderem HotelPartner Yield Management als Gastgeber Hoteliers zum gegenseitigen Austausch ein. read more »

HotelPartner stellt auf IGEHO neue Web-Booking-...

Der Schweizer Technologie- und Dienstleistungsanbieter für Yield Management präsentiert auf der internationalen Fachmesse für Hotellerie und Gastronomie IGEHO in Basel seine neusten Entwicklungen. read more »

Strategy Selection in Marketing (planning and s...

Higher marketing evaluation and actual application of the theories being studied as to the given SBU (Strategic Business Units) allows the company to execute the exact strategy of the given marketing case at the right time. Most of the discrepancies of today’s marketing strategy drives back to the right timing and execution of the marketing strategy. Strategy formulation starts from the top level management down to the middle and lower management were in various levels of managerial level must send their... read more »

Popular types of promotional staff

Nowadays, marketing is one of the most important departments of any company. Whether you are selling a product or a service, you need advertising to raise awareness about your brand and let people know about the quality of your goods. There are plenty of channels that you can use in order to reach your target [] read more »

Marketing Shake: Data-Driven en Argentina

Este 30 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2015 de 8:30 A 13:00 HS en el FOUR SEASONS HOTEL, POSADAS 1086 (Buenos Aires) se llevará a cabo el encuentro más importante de data driven marketing en Argentina, el MARKETING SHAKE. En Marketing Shake: Data-Driven speakers internacionales y locales especializados expondrán conceptos, herramientas y casos impactantes que mostrarán cuáles son los pasos para aplicar Marketing basado en Datos en su empresa. read more »

What benefits lie in hiring promotion models?

Marketing is a domain that keeps on growing and developing by the day. The techniques used in advertising businesses are far from what they used to be back in the days. Indeed, nowadays, the entrepreneur has a few decisions to make when deciding on how to advertise the products. It is no longer a question [] read more »

Dockers Company “Likes” my Facebook Profile; Ar...

Just recently this week Dockers company makers of khakhi pants line is surprising my facebook account by liking my profile picture. Though I “tag” them for my post few days ago, but to expect the company PR department to like my profile is beyond my expectation. I believe the company marketing and PR department are starting to make use of the online PR and Media marketing highway. Through social media and blogging they can have more unique segments and SBU for new market ventures. As to my line they ca... read more »

Escucha a tus clientes

Quieres iniciar un negocio y no sabes qué ofrecer, o ya tienes un negocio en marcha pero los resultados no son los esperados. Pues déjame decirte que quizás no estás tomando en cuenta algo importante, enfocarte en el cliente. Cuando tengas presente a tus clientes podrás resolver todas tus dudas y las estrategias que establezcas tendrán el enfoque correcto. Desde la definición de la misión debemos tener en claro qué necesidad cubrimos o queremos satisfacer, es decir definir en qué negocio nos encontramo... read more »

Gutscheinlike Exklusiv: neue kostenlose Werbemö...

Unternehmer und Shopbetreiber aufgepasst: das Gutscheinportal präsentiert mit Gutscheinlike Exklusiv eine neue kostenlose Onlineshopping-Community. read more »

HotelPartner blickt auf erfolgreiche Branchen-E...

Der HSMA Pricing Distribution Day und das HSMA Chapter Nord zum Thema "Pricing Strategien" wurden von HotelPartner Yield Management unter anderem durch Fachvorträge und Workshops unterstützt. read more »

DigitalArt Media – wirkungsvolle Werbung auf Vi...

Mehr als 60 Prozent der deutschen Internetnutzer greifen auf Video-Plattformen zu. read more »

Webdesign München – Neues Büro in München eröffnet

Die neue Webseite von geht an den Start. read more »

The Sales Lead System

Do you find it difficult to find all the leads that you need for success? Discover The Secrets To Getting More Leads And Have A Massive Boost In Your Business!Network marketing advertising is an important way to attract the right kind of leads for the business campaign as in most cases generating the desired revenue cannot only come from the focus on the sales aspects of the business.The network marketing advertising tool can be used to generate the prospects that might have some inclination to actually ... read more »

The drawbacks of renting a credit card reader

Small businesses tend to be much more careful with the [] read more »

The Copywriter's Swipe File Vault

Every Swipe File You Will Ever Need To Master Speed Copywriting!Marketers and copywriters use the swipe file in order to pull clips from the most efficient and best campaigns of advertising. Then they can refer to that swipe file whenever the inspiration hits them or in order to see if their thoughts have previously been tried. As marketing and copywriting rely on producing the results of direct sales, understanding which things work in the promo or advertisement saves important dollars and helps profess... read more »

Social Niche Marketing Mastery

Discover How a Self Professed Internet Dumb, Dumb Uses Twitter and Facebook to Develop A Niche Marketing Empire From Scratch!Have you tried to sell on the Internet only to invest thousands and fail?I guarantee you that you're not the first person that has ever had big dreams of making money on the Internet only to discover it was harder than you thought.Getting started can be tough though, especially if you've never tried marketing yourself or your products online before.The key to making money online is... read more »

Webdesign – enorme Unterschiede bei den Kosten ...

Wenn Unternehmen ihr Marketing überdenken, kommt schnell das Thema der Präsenz im Internet auf die Tagesordnung. read more »

20 Resources of 2015 Marketing and Social Media...

Looking for up-to-date marketing and social media statistics in 2015?  Look no further! We’ve identified 20 of the most comprehensive resources on the web featuring roundups of hundreds of statistics in the area of marketing, SEO, social media, small business, email marketing and visual media.  photo credit: Found Movable Type via photopin (license) 104 Fascinating [] The post 20 Resources of 2015 Marketing and Social Media Statistics appeared first on . read more »

Professionelles Webdesign bedeutung für Firmen

Das Internet hat mittlerweile eine erstaunlich große Bedeutung angenommen. read more »

Marketingstrategien pharmazeutischer Unternehmer:

Wie häufig sind illegale Aktivitäten und wie gut funktioniert die Selbstkontrolle? read more »

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