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"Mamma, -du er som ei ku!"

"Mamma- du er som ei Ku!" -sa dattera mi til meg, da vi vandret rundt med klirrende medaljer hengende rundt halsen, etter Oslo Maraton, -forrige helg. For selv om jeg ikke greide målet mitt om å løpe alle distanser, fikk jeg likevel samlet en hel haug med lekre medaljer etter først å ha løpt 3 for alle fredag kveld, Oslo Maraton og 10 for Grete, lørdag den 16.september. Å gjennomføre hele Oslotrippelen har nemlig vært noe jeg har hatt lyst til helt siden første gang den ble arrangert for få år siden. ... read more »

Monday Morning Motivation: We are marathoners

Im not sure this video qualifies as motivating, but the number of stereotypes that it includes made me smile, so I thought it was worth a share. Marathoners are a different breed. Their world is full of meticulous planning; of getting up before the sun; of personal sacrifice; of lungs gasping for air as they [] read more »

Southampton Marathon – possibly the best race I...

When I heard that there was going to be a full marathon in Southampton, I immediately wanted to enter. Ive never been lucky enough to get a place in London Marathon, so this is the next best thing (for me). I also thought it would be a good comeback race after having Morgelyn theres nothing [] read more »

10 simple ideas for a marathon – How to binge w...

Preparing for a marathon?  Here are 10 simple ideas to get you binge watching like a pro. 1.  Be comfortable Youre going be there for a while right?  Well, you have to setup your watching space so that you are comfortable throughout the whole experience. You can sit or lay down [] read more »

Laufen und Leben auf der Überholspur – neue Buc...

Björn Grass gibt in seinem Buch "Laufen und Leben auf der Überholspur" Zeugnis eines beeindruckenden Lebenswegs und einer außergewöhnlichen Sportlerkarriere. read more »

My Ealing Half Marathon: Journey from 2:30 Pace...

I have started my race from the back following Pacer 2:30, as I have not trained for this and it was my first half marathon. I have participated last year as a Marshall, but I was posted at the beginning of the race, so I have had very little idea of what to expect. As [] read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – Harriette Thompson

I regularly hear people say that they cant do something because theyre too old. Whilst a few individuals really do have limitation for the majority of people, the only limit is their imagination* On crossing the marathon finish line at the Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon in May 2015, 92-year-old Harriette Thompson []oc read more »

My longest ever swim (and a cold dip in the lake)

It has been such a busy week, so far, so I think tomorrow may be a rest day. On Monday morning, I had a cross fit session with SUTRI for the first time in a few weeks. There were only 4 of us there and Olly made it quite a relaxed session, with a lot [] read more »

What will it take to run a 2 hour marathon?

I recently read something on Runners World about what it will take to run a two-hour marathon: Its a completely fascinating article, so I urge you to read it if you have the chance. If not, heres a summary of the main points that are made: The right race needs to be selected It [] read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – Marathon Training

If youre starting to think ahead and are running a marathon in Spring 2015, then this infographic may help you out Explore more visuals like this one on the webs largest information design community Visually. read more »

A Run For Life

This week my brother completed his 3rd marathon (26.2 miles), running the Chicago Marathon. Number 3 in a year. This one allowed him to gain his best personal time. (5:0:25)And I, of course am proud of him. How does one run a marathon? I am sure there are multitudes of great books, web sites and [] read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – Way to go!

Steve Way is  hugely inspirational man, who was an unhealthy and overweight smoker just 7 years ago, but who is now going to represent England in the Commonwealth Games. You can read his amazing story here: Amazingly, not only does Steve hold down a full-time job whilst running over 100 miles every week, but he [] read more »

A Marathon Run and Done.

Regular visitors will be aware I’ve been engaged in a final edit of the last two books of the fantasy trilogy, A Seared Sky, following publication of book 1, Joinings, by Fantastic Books Publishing at the end of March this year. This edit has involved reading aloud from a printed text to discover those errors and other problems that might slip by the more usual, silent, screen read. I’ve ended up with Book 2, Partings, at 199,000 words over 46 chapters and 600 pages, and Book 3, Convergence, at 189,00... read more »

Couple runs a marathon every day for a year.

Friends, OK, the elderly couple actually added New Years Day to make it into the Guiness Book of World Records . So, one year and one day. 366 marathons in one year and one day. Here is the article I Continue reading read more »

Racing, Terrorism and Reality

Politics and running have crossed paths.  The past couple weeks I have seen articles from runners and posts on Facebook wondering, Why us?  Why the Boston Marathon?  Maybe I just read the news too much, but the answer seems clear. Security measures are at an all time high in this countrys history and large races [...] read more »

Twitter During Big Events

As you're well aware by now, yesterday there was a series of explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I first heard of the news through Twitter. I got most of my information through twitter after I realised that the news media was just looping the same three seconds of video and knew nothing.The thing that stood out most was twitter rapidly morphed from the "micro-blog" service that it usually is, into a full on emergency communication network. We were getting information from the Red Cross,... read more »

Ultra Runner or Ultra Insecure?

There will be a poll for you to vote at the end of this article. Its been a while since I went on a rant so here we go and PLEASE read carefully what I am trying to make clear. I was speaking with a friend of mine last night who happens to be an [...] read more »

Saucony Now Availabe in Cebu

Runners and running enthusiast alike will have a new arsenal in their sleeves as the Saucony shoes are already available here in Cebu. The brand has its concessions in SM Cebu Department Store and The Brick Multi Sport Store at J Centre Mall in Mandaue. Saucony products were made available July 15, 2012. The products [...] read more »

If You Can’t Take The Heat……….Cancel The Race?

Where did we go so wrong?  Oh, I remember.  It was the Summerfest Rock-n-Sole Half Marathon last year. After race directors completely failed, I fear this race has set a precedent from which we will not soon recover.  It was hot, the Read More read more »

Running On Adrenaline

Today I would like to take you on a tour of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 stability running shoe and make some comparisons to its sensational predecessors. While attending the expo the day before the Chicago Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon in 2010, Read More read more »

Arrogance At 20mph (WARNING! This may be offens...

I am about to make a sweeping generalization, so please spare me your comments such as, Im not like that! or We have never done that.  I realize there always exceptions to any rule.  The rule I speak of today Read More read more »

Stuck In A Rut? Tips On Climbing Out

Have you ever noticed that many times during training runs you seem to struggle much more than if you were competing in a race?  Its a Monday afternoon and I begin moving forward for the first few steps of my usual Read More read more »

You’re Not Welcome Here!

Suppose I told you I found and awesome 5k/10 race nearby?  Youd be interested right?  Now suppose I told you that it is a very scenic course with a great party at the finish?  Youre all ready to sign up Read More read more »

Birds Of A Feather………..

I am sure you are all aware by now, that my life has changed drastically from the way it was six years ago.  Heavy smoking, an unhealthy diet and an erratic mood were all things that could be expected from me on Read More read more »

Shamrocks, Shillelaghs and Starting Lines

With Saint Patricks Day right around the corner, I would like to take this opportunity to explain to you what it means to me as a runner.  The weather is becoming a little warmer and this is my personal kick Read More read more »

What Do You Believe?

I was having lunch with a friend of mine the other day and inevitably the conversation turned to running.  More specifically, the upcoming season and personal goals we are setting for ourselves.  Quickly she began to compare herself to other runners that Read More read more »

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Note:  Chapter 3 in the Melissa Story will be delayed and is usually posted on Mondays. It is already written and very good but I am waiting on some feedback in regard to turning this into a full book.  Thank Read More read more »

Happy Trails To You…….

Hmmmmm.where to begin?  How about the Parke County 50k? This was an exceptionally hot and humid, trail race that I completed in May of last year.  To be clear, it was mostly a combination of trails and gravel roads, so Read More read more »

Cowbells – The Bane Of Distance Running

We have all heard it.  That terrible clanging sound that seems to drown out all other noise as you push toward the finish line.  Commonly used by well meaning spectators in half and full marathons, this auditory annoyance had me Read More read more »

Half Way There!

Over the past few days I have been asked by a few readers to write an article providing tips based on my experiences in half marathons.  So get your pencils out and be ready to take notes because the half Read More read more »

Globe Run4Home 2012 Marathon races to Cebu

Get Ready for another big Marathon Event in Cebu by Globe. All roads lead to the Queen City of the South as Cebu becomes the official home of this year’s Globe Run4Home, one of the biggest and most awaited running events in the country with the many innovations it pioneered in Philippine marathon history. The [...] read more »

Adventures In Adventures?

Not to be confused with the title of this blog, adventure racing and adventure challenges have quickly grown into a sport that can no longer go unnoticed.  When the term is used, it conjures up images of men and women Read More read more »

Theory Of Evolution

In my observation over the years I have noticed that there are two primary catagories of runners.  There are veterans who started as far back as middle school and continue to run like the wind. Some have grown older or Read More read more »

Pardon My Dust

As you may have noticed, things are a little different around here.  In an effort to keep this blog the best it can be, I have moved from my WordPress hosted domain and servers to my own.  No need for you to Read More read more »

The Emporer's New Clothes

Todays topic running apparel. This is something that may seem pretty uniform upon first glance when looking at a group of runners, but is actually a hodgepodge of different styles haphazardly thrown together. Today I would like to take a look at some of the styles runners are sporting at races. In the interest of full [...] read more »

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