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Saturday Tittertasticness

bethere2day - Saturday Tittertasticness - Think about it Saturday Tittertasticness read more »

The Sneezer

bethere2day - The Sneezer - A man and a woman were sitting beside each other in the first class section of an airplane. The Sneezer read more »


bethere2day - Poetry - We all like a bit of poetry Poetry read more »

Картельный сговор века в Европе

Европейский союз собирается наложить возможно, самый большой штраф за картель в своей истории, шесть крупных европейских производителей грузовиков, пишет интернет-издание Financial Time. Наказание будет назначено из-за сговора по фиксированным ценам на грузовики и замедление внедрения новых технологий контроля выбросов. Европейский комиссар по вопросам конкуренции Маргрете Вестагер выступила с официальным обвинением против DAF, Daimler, Iveco, [] read more »

What Confucius Didn’t Say

bethere2day - What Confucius Didn't Say - Man who wants pretty nurse, must be patient. What Confucius Didnt Say read more »


Nyamuk demam berdarahdengan nama lainAedes aegypti adalah faktor utama penyebab demam berdarah. Cegah penyakit ini dengan memberantas tempat tinggalnya. Anda boleh mengenali ciri-ciri nyamuk kecil Aedes aegypti yang menyebabkan ini dengan memerhatikan pola belang-belang putih di sekitar tubuh dan kakinya. Nyamuk ini menularkan virus demam berdarah ke manusia melalui gigitan kecilnya ke dalam kulit. Nyamuk demam berdarah yang bertanggung jawab terhadap penularan tersebut adalah nyamuk betina, bukan nyam... read more »

You Can Be The Man Of The House

bethere2day - You Can Be The Man Of The House - A husband had just finished reading a new book entitled "You Can Be THE Man of Your House". He stormed out to his wife in the kitchen and announced You Can Be The Man Of The House read more »

Silly Sunday – Being Assertive

bethere2day - "Silly Sunday is hosted by Sandee at Comedy Plus Sunday is the place to come for weekly laughs. Silly Sunday Being Assertive read more »

Male Logic

bethere2day - Flawless Male Logic as its best : Woman: Do you drink beer? ↓ Man: Yes ↓ Woman: How many beers a day? ↓ Man: Usually about 3 ↓ Woman: How [] Male Logic read more »

SEA Games 2015 points of laughing

Filipino Divers in SEA Games in Singapore scores zero-zero after a splashy-embarrasing attempt to men's 3m springboard last June 10, 2015. It must have been tough for these divers to represent Philippines and then gain booos from Filipinos too. The Filipino diver John David Pahoyo 17-year old who became a laughing stock online after this video became viral. Whats Funny? As if this young diver never knew what competition is? As if this athlete just went to a pool party w... read more »


bethere2day - Balls! - A golfer hits his ball into a garden next to the golf course. Balls! read more »

Рождественский грузовик отправляется в поездку

Стало уже доброй и хорошей традицией в Германии, канун рождества украшают грузовик MAN TGX и отправляют его с праздничной миссией по всем населенным пунктам. Не стал исключением и этот год, MAN TGX будет ходит по маленьким городкам и деревушкам в Баварии, останавливаясь в детских садах, яслях и больницах. Большой грузовик с празднично украшенные прицепом уже []?? read more »


左手食指还不能用力按,幸好不是左撇子,又画了张。和专业的还是差远了,纯属爱好,没有学过…#draw #drawing #pic #pen #pencil #kid #man #picture read more »

Neutrogena [email protected] Canvas

The Canvas is a shop, it is not far away from 99 speedmart. Neutrogena event at The Canvas, I attended with my friends, good to see them there and we have some pampering moment there.The Facebook Neutrogena Malaysia is where we pm them to inform we have interest to join the event and we share them one of our favourite product of Neutrogena. Neutrogena comes with many range, yeah you can even mix and use the Neutrogena range that suitable for your skin.I didn't use full range of Ageless Neutrogena, I mix ... read more »

The nuisance.

He was standing on a corner on the road, The busy traffic as if wouldnt let him go through. He seemed lost, looked up, then around, and then into thin air, Then turned around and started fiddling with his hands. Continue reading read more »

Uomo e mondo dagli occhi di Steve Cutts!

(di Mirko De Frassine) Illustrazione ed animazione hanno fatto di questo artista unicona moderna per tutti! Steve Cutts è un grande personaggio che forse non tutti conoscono e per questo motivo abbiamo riportato uno dei suoi video più famosi sulluomo! Sul sito dellartista è possibile guardare tutti i video. Tematiche ecologiche e non solo [hellip The post Uomo e mondo dagli occhi di Steve Cutts! appeared first on Dammilvia - news, interviste, video e tanto altro. read more »

A Masculine Man’s Sensitivity

bethere2day - A woman meets a man in a bar. They talk; they connect; they end up leaving together A Masculine Mans Sensitivity read more »

3 Words

bethere2day - A woman was sitting at a bar enjoying an after work cocktail with her girlfriends when Ollie 3 Words read more »

Episode Four! Squawker!

Episode 4: Squawker Sightings What is a Squawker anyway? A half man, bird-like creature that stands about six feet tall, whose job as it seems is to scare the local folks in small Oregon towns Think of it as El... read more »

Hope & Life lessons – here’s what they’ll give you

Hi guys!                Its been a while since Ive written a proper post here, but Im back in business! Ive been sitting here for the last two hours thinking about things to write about and listening to Union Js Beautiful Life and then all of the sudden inspiration hits [] read more »

still same but not same!

still here in Tesco but on ground floor, still same leather belts at great value. read more »


That man who came to the restaurant the other day, Made her think about life. These little everyday moments, Actually reflected majors and aggravated her plight. He came for dinner with family of four, To this diner not famous for Continue reading read more »

Woman equal rights?

Getting all new trending in social media and not surpise seing the photo of models from Instagram posted by Isabelle Daza kissing fellow model and IT girl Georgina Wilson with a photo captioned with "Our take on equality for gay rights…", it was in the news and when I saw it on my friend's blog, I can't help asking what in the world is really happening? Screenshot from They said the gesture is to support the US Supreme Court in historic rulings on gay mar... read more »

MAN запускает производство газового двигателя

Мировой экономический кризис подталкивает производителей грузовой техники более активно искать пути по оптимизации расходов для транспортных компаний. Так монополия на использования дизеля, который повсеместно используется для двигателей грузовиков на транспортном рынке, вскоре может быть уничтожена. Произойдет это благодаря усилиям компании MAN. Инженеры и технические работники компании уже разработали новейший двигатель для грузового транспортного средства, который [...] read more »

MAN дарит праздник

С начала декабря и до Рождества специальный рождественский грузовик MAN будет путешествовать по югу Германии. Перевозка груза на время переключилась на перевозку радости. Машина изготовлена ​​на заводе компании недалеко от Мюнхена. Окрашенный в ярко-красный цвет, а прицеп расписан как ночное небо с обеих сторон с рисунком льва символ бренда. Вся композиция украшена дополнительно 200 [...] read more »

Reality hits you hard, bro.

If only everyone were as enthusiastic as this guy. read more »

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