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Recent blog posts on Malaria

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Sporobot! La malaria finalmente sconfitta!

(di Mirko De Frassine) Sporobot! La malaria finalmente sconfitta! Ogni anno muoiono tantissime persone e soprattutto bambini di malattie come la malaria! Nonostante gli sforzi di tante associazione e limpegno di persone che si prodigano ogni giorno per aiutare i più deboli, tale malattia ancora affligge lintero pianeta. Lazienda Sanaria ha trovato un modo [hellip The post Sporobot! La malaria finalmente sconfitta! appeared first on Dammilvia - news, interviste, video e tanto altro. read more »

A look into their daily lives! Children in Uganda

May 13, 2013 7:53pmBelow are true stories of some of the kids who attend school in Jinja and they have found sponsors inour charity. One child was sent to live at school and her little brother was sent to live with a neighbor since their mom can't afford to pay rent. The mom used to come and dig in the school garden to make some money and she wouldeven eat at school since she couldn't afford food either. Two kids had a fire at their home last week . They have said there was some damage to the home an... read more »

Hard life for Ugandan Children

April 25,2013 9:48 amMany Families in Uganda find it hard to provide for their children.A typical family will earn $1-$2 a day. Food for 1 meal such as a bag of cornmealor beans costs about 80 cents to $1 so families spend the majority of their income on food.So they will sometime's send their children to an orphanage or school to live if they can't afford tofeed them at home. Children aren't often valued there and many end up on the streets eitherbecause they run away from abusive homes or because thei... read more »

Mosquito nets for a needy child

March 7, 2013 9:48 amMore kids got monthly gifts from sponsors in Feb.Africa, every year, over 700,000 children die needlessly from this completely preventable disease. More children die from malaria then any other disease in the world. Mostly children under the age of five. There are 10 new cases of malaria every second. Every 60 seconds, a child in Africa dies from a malaria infection. This is why every child will get a mosquito net for their monthly sponsorship gift in March. You can buy a net for a c... read more »

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