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Crockpot Broccoli And Mushroom Soup

I love making homemade broccoli and mushroom soup in my crock pot. I had a late start making today. As I had to go to the school and discuss with the resource teacher, class teachers, and counselors about my daughter's failing grades and what we can do about it. I really don't think the meeting was a success. As we discussed my daughter is already grounded from everything in the home except her chrome book that is provided by the school. I was asked how long that will last. I said that depends on her. I... read more »

Talli Joe for tasty Indian tapas

Talli Joe in Shaftesbury Avenue Today Im heading for Talli Joe on what I think of as the border between Soho and Covent Garden. The buzzing street called Shaftesbury Avenue. What a good place to be to try some Indian... The post Talli Joe for tasty Indian tapas appeared first on Eating Covent Garden. read more »

The CAKE app for easy eating out in London

Today Im trying out the new CAKE app which really is an app meant for me. Its an app which makes it easier to find, book and pay at London restaurants. And theres a wide range of establishments already on... The post The CAKE app for easy eating out in London appeared first on Eating Covent Garden. read more »

Cheesy Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich

I have been eating a pickle and peanut butter sandwiches as far back as I can remember. I tried finding out when the sandwich was first created. The closest answer I found was during the Great Depression. It may go back further than that. I did find out Elvis Presley and Hemingway liked to eat peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. I love eating peanut butter and pickle sandwiches so much that I added and mixed up the ingredients. The original peanut butter and pickle sandwich only had three ingredients.... read more »

Lunch at Bistro Sixteen82 at Steenberg in Cape ...

Today were heading to beautiful Steenberg about half an hours drive from the centre of Cape Town. Steenberg claims its the Capes oldest farm established in 1682, and who am I to argue? Theres a lot going on here.... The post Lunch at Bistro Sixteen82 at Steenberg in Cape Town appeared first on Eating Covent Garden. read more »

Beautifully fresh dishes at stylish Cavalli

Today were heading just outside Somerset West to Cavalli. Set on a hill with stunning views of Cape Town and the majestic Helderberg mountains, its a working farm with an olive grove, lavender fields, vineyards and citrus trees. Its also... The post Beautifully fresh dishes at stylish Cavalli appeared first on Eating Covent Garden. read more »

Classically perfect pasta at Morgenster

Im taking my job very seriously this month and trying to bring you news and lovely pictures from a range of Cape Winelands eateries. So today weve popped in for a casual mid-week lunch at 95 at Morgenster. Morgenster is a... read more »

Bistro-style food and lovely wine at Glenelly

Today were heading back into the wonderful Winelands to the outskirts of Stellenbosch and Glenelly Wine Estate. In 2003, at the age of 78, May de Lencquesaing bought the estate which was part of the original Ida Valley Farm granted... read more »

Tasty tapas at Spek & Bone in Stellenbosch

Today were in the beautiful university town of Stellenbosch. Majestic tree-lined streets, quirky shops and bars and a happy buzz, this university town offers many dining opportunities. One of the newest ones is chef Bertus Bassons (of the famed Overture)... read more »

A fabulous lunch in the Winelands at Clos Malverne

There are few better ways to spend a Saturday than dining in the Cape Winelands (well, for me anyway). Long, lazy afternoons with beautiful sunny views and amazing food and wine. Like at Clos Malvern which is set deep in... read more »

Creamy baked eggs with garlic and chilli

Baked eggs are an old favourite of my childhood. Popped into the oven topped with cheese, a simple dish that makes such a comforting breakfast. Of course there are many ways to bake an egg and this indulgent creamy recipe... read more »

Vegan Chili

What is your favorite chili recipe? I dont think I have a favorite chili, yet. I have made so many different kinds. This one is high on the list, though. If you love tomato-y goodness, that is not too spicy, then this one is right up your alley. Chili is perfect when its cold! Lately,... Read More The post Vegan Chili appeared first on What Vegan Kids Eat. read more »

Vegetarian lunch, 雲泉仙館

When a Day Tour of New Territories today by Elderly Centre of SAGE (The Hong Kong Society for the Aged), had a vegetarian lunch in one Taoist temple, Wun Chuen Sin Kwoon (雲泉仙館), Ta Kwu Ling District, North New Territories, Hong Kong. read more »

10 Simple Sandwich Ideas for Lunch this Fall

The idea of lunch has evolved a lot in recent years, both in society, and in my life, personally. As a corporate girl, I would Read the rest The post 10 Simple Sandwich Ideas for Lunch this Fall appeared first on Style Island. read more »

Lunch is Ready

This is just a recipe for busy me.I was thinking of buying tilapia fillet at the supermarket after work for a change. But, no more stock, I ended up buying the fresh fish. I bought two for my lunch and dinner. I had them cleaned at the supermarket. As soon as I got home I stuffed the fish with onions and tomatoes. Put them neatly in my electric griller. On my electric stove, a pot of rice, took out a frozen piece of pork chop formy niece. I waited for few minutes, fish and rice were done. It is the... read more »

Picnic at the Presidio: Eating with Off the Grid

Looking for food trucks to help supplement a nice day at a park? Look no further Off the Grid (Presidio) provides a great space to enjoy the beautiful days in San Francisco, with many food vendors to boot. It reminds me of Smorgasburg in New York but with camping tents and picnic area. I managed [] read more »

Meehoon Soup/ Bihun Sup Utara

I love, love, love to eat malay meehoon soup, and it MUST be accompanied by the spicy black chilli soy sauce/ 'cili kicap manis'. But as yummy as it is, it is also very hard to find a nice meehoon soup with the 'cili kicap manis'. One place for sure that sells my kind of meehoon soup is in Ramadhan Bazaar, which means I can only enjoy this yummy delicacy once a year, for that one month. However when a home chef wants to eat something, nothing can stop her! And so, I did my own research for the best rec... read more »

Recipe: Baklava Salmon

Need something healthy and delicious to serve your guests (or just yourself) for dinner? Salmon is full of heart-healthy fats and muscle-building, energy-level sustaining protein!  There are many great ways to serve salmon, from grilled to baked to smoked and so on, but heres a new, fresh way to enjoy it! Baklava salmon takes less than 30 minutes to make and is mostly savory, but slightly sweet, making it a fun switch-up from your usual ways of serving salmon. I served it with oven-roasted Greek potato... read more »

Make This: Packed Tuna Protein Salad Perfect fo...

As hot summer days and nights set in, I find myself more and more, wanting to stay out of the kitchen. I still enjoy having Read the rest The post Make This: Packed Tuna Protein Salad Perfect for Summer Lunches appeared first on Style Island. read more »

NYC Summer Giveaway - $100 Gift Card to Peapod....

Whos ready for summer? I am! And that bird. With the beautiful weather weve been having a lately, its already prime picnic and rooftop party time in NYC. To celebrate that, and (more to the point) the recent expansion of Peapods delivery area to include grocery delivery to all five boroughs of NYC, were giving away a $100 gift card to! Read more » read more »

Healthy Hacks in Germany

Humans are an incredible species. We can survive - and thrive! - on a wider diversity of diets than pretty much any other species! While some cuisines, like the Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines, are known for being healthy, any world cuisine can be healthy. Today, lets take a look at how a cuisine known for heavy meats and less-than-fresh foods can actually be very healthy when done right. Here are healthy hacks for Germany! Read more » read more »

Recipe: Kitchen Sink Salad

To me, summer has always started on June 1 and will always start on June 1.  I used to consider summer to be June and July, with August leading into fall (thanks to the start of school) but now that Im out of school and base my judgments more on weather than an arbitrary academic calendar, most of August is firmly part of summer, with a transitory week or two at the very end.  Anyway, this year its already feeling like summer in NYC and its only mid-May! Im quite happy that Ill have reprieve in the (ho... read more »

Work-Week Convenience with a Discount!

Who else cant believe that its already the second week of May? Summer is just around the bend! While the approach of summer can mean anything from travel, to more time outdoors, to just soaking up the sun on your way to work, the time before summer often can get a little hectic. With so many people going on vacations during the summer months, a lot of work is front-loaded and that makes May a little crazy! Luckily, a crazy busy schedule doesnt mean that you cant enjoy balanced, nutritious meals that ta... read more »

Golfers Lunch

bethere2day - A foursome of golfers, all in their 40's, discussed where they should meet for lunch. Golfers Lunch read more »

Silly Sunday – Male Blonde

bethere2day - "Silly Sunday is hosted by Sandee at Comedy Plus Sunday is the place to come for weekly laughs. Silly Sunday Male Blonde read more »

Recipe: Mujaderrah

Ready for your new healthy, frugal, simple, and delicious 5-ingredient lunch? Lets take a culinary journey to the Far East. Mujaderrah is a simple Indian dish of spiced whole grain brown rice and lentils, served with sauteed onions and sour cream, thats high in fiber, heart-healthy, and suitable for a wide range of diets, including a vegetarian (and even vegan, if you substitute vegan sour cream) diet. Its really simple, basic, and budget-friendly, but absolutely delicious. Embrace the simpler, but exo... read more »

Urap daun kenikir

Ga tau nih makanan asalnya dari mana. Sayuran rebus yang dikasih bumbu kelapa parut. Cuman taunya klo urap itu identik sama makanan tempo doeloe yang ndeso banget heheee. Tapi urap ini uenakk banget dan menyehatkan. Mungkin saladnya wong jowo heheee... Kenapa cerita tentang urap2? Karena tadi saya masak itu dan berhasil. Yaay!!!! Keplok2 seneng bgt. Selama ini makan urap cuman buatan mami. Ga pernah sekalipun bikin sendiri. Males sih klo urusan marut2 kelapa. Dan kenapa tiba2 masak urap? Itu karena kemar... read more »

My (Food Processor) To-Do List!

I got a food processor for Christmas from my parents! Its red, mini, and adorable. Dawwwwwww. Now that Im thoroughly versed in the art of food processing nuts into plain nut butters and frozen bananas into creamilicious nice cream, its time to branch out with some more involved recipes! Aka things that can actually be called recipes. Heres my food processor to-do list! Read more » read more »

Review: Greenlite Vegan Meal Delivery Service!

I recently got to try a new-to-me vegan frozen meal delivery service called Greenlite Meals! The meals arrive in an insulated box inside a cardboard shipping box, with cooler packets inside and the meals all packaged in space-conserving freeze-wrap packages. As you can see, the sides and the entrees are packaged separately. Im actually quite a fan of that style of packaging, because you can mix and match the sides and entrees to create the meals that youre in the mood for! Read more » read more »

A Quick Escape to Atwood

Alas! They found me! By "they" I meant the government. The government cordially invited me to the Daley Center for jury duty. Yippee! Not! Upon receiving the letter requesting my presence, I quickly went through the list of why I can't. Unless I was diagnosed with something or elderly, the there was no easy way out. My friend, the Honey Badger (HB, this character appeared in my Takito Kitchen adventure) put it into a poop of rainbow type perspective, and made it sound as though it was a privilege that no... read more »

Pata Sinigang

Finally, I got a well cooked vegetables for my pata sinigang, Filipino pork leg stew. Last Saturday I cooked pata sinigang. It is my niece day off, I got work. I normally prepare lunch or dinner with vegetables on my niece day off as I want her to eat vegetables of her choice. Preparing vegetables takes time. I cleaned them all up without cutting Friday night, and stored in refrigerator. I bought two big slices of pork pata from a meat shop close to my home after work, Saturday. I pressure cooked the ... read more »

Marta: Pizza and More

UPDATE: Ive moved to San Francisco! There will be posts about a NY restaurants that I want to note from last year, and will soon be more posts about some of my travels in Australia, SE Asia and SF!  New Yorkers are always trying to find delicious pizza and luckily enough, it is easy [] read more »

My Kitchen Allies

Here are some of the Christmas gifts I received from my family members. My activities in the kitchen now, made easy. I love this two sided pan. For good health,no more oil needed. I can easily cook meat, fish and veggies with this pan. I just put pork chop or chicken inside, cover it up and in less time, it is cooked. I can also put some veggies together with the meat, like carrots, cauliflower, lady fingers and others. No hassle in washing, too. Yes, I can use this on my butane and electric stove. ... read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – Are you motivated t...

Did you make a New Years resolution to lose weight? If so, then youre not alone. Explore more visuals like this one on the webs largest information design community Visually. Explore more visuals like this one on the webs largest information design community Visually. read more »

A Delightful Start to The Day!

I am half-German and, as can be expected of someone who grew up believing that the first and last meal of every day should be cold and based around bread, love good bread. Bread is a basic staple that can be a delicious part of a healthy diet!With the holidays in full swing, however, a lot of people are either already starting to feel the effects of seasonal indulgence or trying to prevent them by making lighter, healthier choices in the meals around their holiday feasts and bake-offs. Instead of foregoi... read more »

Recipe: High Protein Noodle Bake

Pumpkin is the golden child of the blogosphere. Up there with overnight oats and nut butter, it's really hard to find anyone who doesn't love pumpkin. And it's understandable! Even the hipster bloggers (is that a thing?) probably secretly love pumpkin for it's harvest flavors and the fall memories that spiced pumpkin anything calls to mind. So how about a healthy high protein noodle bake as we approach Thanksgiving? Yum! It's delicious, easy, made to serve one (perfect for all the single ladies!... read more »

Corba od bundeve

1kg bundeve 1 glavica crnog lukamaslinovo uljepavlaka za kuvanjepileci bujon1 kasika medazacini-so,biber,vlasacPriprema: Bundevu iseci na komade,posoliti,poprskati sa malo maslinovog ulja,a luk ne ljustiti,nego ceo,zajedno sa bundevom staviti u rernu i peci na 220C oko sat vremena ili dok bundeva ne omeksa. Za to vreme skuvati pileci bujon. Kada je bundeva pecena,staviti je u blender ( bez kore ),staviti i luk (skinuti ljusku) i dodati malo pileceg bujona (supe) i izmiksati. U preostali bujon ... read more »

Crispy Green Convenience

We're well into fall now and into the busy grind of back-to-school and back-to-work.As schedules pick up and get crazier, it's useful to have some yummy, healthy snacks that you can keep in your handbag for emergencies! After all, no one wants to deal with Hangry. My recent favorite handbag staple, along with the usual granola barsand such, are Crispy Green fruit bags! They come in seven different varieties (apple, pineapple, banana, cantaloupe, mango, Asian pear, and tangerine), but all the varietie... read more »

Little Wonton @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Price Range: Mid-range Cuisine: Asian Fusion Catphobia-Friendly?: Yep! Pork-Free Any lychee fans here? How about garlic? Vinegar? How about this: any fans of vinegar, garlic, and lychee co-existing harmoniously in one bowl? Read on to get to know this cute eatery's eclectic FB offerings. We’ve just gone to check out Little Wonton’s adorably eclectic menu a few nights back and left with happy, goofy grins at the end of dinner. The first-floor restaurant in the same row as Artisan and Sid’s on ... read more »

Better Brunching: Easy Spinach Quiche Recipe

Brunch is a great social occasion and one of the best meals of the weekend!But it can be pricey. And eating out requires you to get dressed and go out in public. That's generally a good thing, but let's be honest - after a Saturday night of hard partying, the last thing you want to face is the crowded NYC subway or slow LA traffic. You just want food.For Sundays when you'd like to save some money, get your food without leaving your house, or just show off your inner domestic goddess, here's a quick and ... read more »

Caracas Arepa Bar: Reliably Delicious

Many people often ask me, what are my favorite restaurants? and I readily list Caracas Arepa Bar as one of my top choices. This spot has been one of my favorites for years; not only is it a great value but it is consistently delicious. So, what is an arepa? Wikipedia defines it as a flatbread made [] read more »

Restoran Che Mat Ayam Kampung @ Damansara Perdana

Price Range: Budget Cuisine: Malay Catphobia-Friendly?: Yes, despite it being open air! Halal We were having this discussion the other day on the ultimate test to see whether someone truly knows you or not: if they can buy you a plate ofnasi campurthat contains all thelaukyou would’ve picked yourself, you’ve got yourself a soul mate! Anyways, on a slightly unrelated note...for a less dauntingnasi campurdining option, check out Restoran Che Mat Ayam Kampung! Laukoptions are super basic but absol... read more »

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