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Recent blog posts on Lucie Tails

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Sharing a Pizza With a Friend.

Yesterday I was dog-tired. Apparently so was Lucie my big, red dog. (No pun intended.) I also was hungry as a dog. (Man, I am on a roll.) I pulled a frozen pizza out of the frig. It was one of those private label pizzas one can buy at the local grocery store. The pizza [...] read more »

Gifts Turn Up In the Craziest Places.

This afternoon I was sitting watching a free preview of a pay channel that I can not afford. It was cool because I was able to see a couple of those popular vampire movies that everyone younger than thirty or maybe a little over thirty goes gaga over. You know, team E or team J. [...] read more »

My Baby.

Lucie my big, red dog loves to eat. What dog does not? She will wait patiently for the last bite of sandwhich, soup broth, or joy of refrigerator clean out day. She will  lie in wait for Buddy the Chihuahua to finish his meal and then quickly sweep in for the leftovers in Buddy’s bowl. [...] read more »

Bedtime Conversations.

Me: Hey Lucie whats up? Lucie: Nothing. Im tired. Me: You look pretty comfortable there. Lucie: I am. Me: Lucie. Oh Lucie Lucie: ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Me: Lucie Lucie Lucie girl. I see you. Lucie: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! Me: I know your not asleep. Lucie: GO AWAY! Me: Hey, whats up Buddy? Buddy: Dont even think about it! Me: [...] read more »

Lucie Tails.

Hi! My name is Lucie and I am juliannah’s big, red dog. I always see juliannah play with the red rectangle thing that lights up, so I decided to see the what the fascination is all about. You see, I secretly know how to get out of my crate during the day when juliannah leaves [...] read more »

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