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Lucie and Lily Tails.

Here are some new photos of the besties, Lucie and Lily. I must admit they struggle for the alpha role sometimes. They also still want to own Little Princess. But, most days they just tear through the house, up and down the stairs and stealthily steal toys from one another. Sneaky they are. Tug-a-war is [...] read more »

My Newest Roommate.

I will soon share a room with the best roommate in the world. My granddaughter Butterfly. I am in the process of moving to a new city. Same state, just a new city. I am still unemployed and hoping to find better job prospects in my new town. Butterfly and I are not strangers on [...] read more »

See How My Garden Grows – Winter Harvest Contin...

A couple of days ago I went to check out my winter garden. I found more leaf lettuce along with onion and carrots. I made them into a delicious salad. Here is some spinach that will soon be mature enough to eat. I left a few onions to see if maybe they would mature into [...] read more »

See How My Garden Grows – Dang How Long Has It ...

The summer before last I attempted to grow a plethora of veggies and flowers.  I succeeded with some and failed with others. Considering I live in the Desert Southwest where the temps reach over 100 degrees on most days during the summer, I think I did my best. Last September I decided to throw out a [...] read more »

Sharing a Pizza With a Friend.

Yesterday I was dog-tired. Apparently so was Lucie my big, red dog. (No pun intended.) I also was hungry as a dog. (Man, I am on a roll.) I pulled a frozen pizza out of the frig. It was one of those private label pizzas one can buy at the local grocery store. The pizza [...] read more »

Gifts Turn Up In the Craziest Places.

This afternoon I was sitting watching a free preview of a pay channel that I can not afford. It was cool because I was able to see a couple of those popular vampire movies that everyone younger than thirty or maybe a little over thirty goes gaga over. You know, team E or team J. [...] read more »

Bedtime Conversations.

Me: Hey Lucie whats up? Lucie: Nothing. Im tired. Me: You look pretty comfortable there. Lucie: I am. Me: Lucie. Oh Lucie Lucie: ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Me: Lucie Lucie Lucie girl. I see you. Lucie: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! Me: I know your not asleep. Lucie: GO AWAY! Me: Hey, whats up Buddy? Buddy: Dont even think about it! Me: [...] read more »

Fitness Update – Not

Well, what can I say. The report is not so good. I knew it would not be. Considering I was sick for a whole week this month and did not exercise. And lets not even talk about the macaroni cheese, mozzarella sticks, and pizza comfort food. Hey, I was sick. Plus, this week for [...] read more »

Where Have I Been? In the Nurse’s Office.

So to speak. After waking up two days in a row with a major sore throat I decided to go to the doctor. I have a cold. It just has to go away. I was thinking strep throat or some other kind of infection. Not that I really wanted that but I spent $25 for [...] read more »

Is There Pepto For Dogs?

Here is a little warning. Do not keep reading is you are squeamish. Sometimes I come home from work and open the door and smell the cat box or if I forget to close the bathroom door I might find a surprise in the bathtub. I guess I should be thankful it is in the [...] read more »

Dog & Human Training Update.

Yes, I do believe that Lucie my big, red dog and Buddy have the easy tasks in school. They only work about 10 minutes to learn new behaviors. Me on the other hand, I have to spend time thinking about what I need to do and when. It is work but I do not think [...] read more »

Lucie, Buddy and Juliannah Go Back To School.

*Update* If you go here you can see Lucie in action. I would have never believed that I could spend one training session with my dogs and have them turn around so much. On Saturday me, Lucie my big, red dog and Buddy went for our first training class. I thought it would be a [...] read more »

Can It Get Worse?

I came home on Friday expecting to have a nice weekend at home relaxing and staying warm with my dogs because a cold front was coming through and luckily I have an electric fireplace and space heater since they shut down my furnace and started up the cooler. I sat on the couch and ate [...] read more »


Lucie, my bad big, red dog is walking a short tightrope. Or in dog would a short lease. Over the last couple of weeks I have come home from work to find some items chewed on or chewed up. It started with one of my pillows. She bit a hole in the pillow case because [...] read more »

Dogs and Guts.

I wrote about Thanksgiving Day over here. But now I have to write about Thanksgiving night. You see I thought I was being real nice to Lucie, my big red dog, Buddy and Angelina. I got the neck and heart and guts from my mom and proceeded to boil them. After they were done I [...] read more »

My Dog Has A Wart And My Power Cord Is Dead.

Yes, my power cord for my laptop finally gave out and and rolled over to play dead, only it was not kidding. So I was on a mission on Friday to find another one. I had a problem though as I could not read the part number and since I was not using my computer [...] read more »

You Capture – Animals

I like this subject. I love, love, love animals. If I could, I would have more than the three that I currently have. I thought about going to our local zoo and taking some photos, but that did just not happen so I just took photos of my animals. This is Lucie, my big red [...] read more »

Dream, Dream, Dream. Dream, Dream, Dream…

I had a real crazy dream last night, or actually early this morning. My dog Buddy woke me up around 4:00 to go outside. Small dog, small bladder. Anyhow, after he got done doing his business I thought about staying up and watching some news or something because I get up at 5:00 and usually [...] read more »

See How My Garden Grows – Thank God It Finally ...

Finally, temperatures under 90 degrees. I shut off my AC and opened some windows. Last week, Corvette decided to harvest. I guess that is ok, except he picked a perfectly good bell pepper that I was hoping would get bigger. He sheepishly walked up to me with said bell pepper and MORE cucumbers. I am [...] read more »

See How My Garden Grows – Pepper Series

Well, the only thing surviving in my garden right now is peppers. Trust me, they are not peppers that I like so much. I have no desire to burn my mouth off. But, they are pretty to look at. Nice colors! I can not eat them, but I can enjoy the colors. Just look at [...] read more »

See How My Garden Grows – Time For Some Harvest...

As we get to fall, I wonder how long this garden will last. The aparagus plants continues to mystify me. It is now basically drying up, so I do not know what to think. One the other hand, my peppers are really starting to take off as are the cucumbers. I harvested three this week. [...] read more »

See How My Garden Grows – Moving Into A Fall Se...

Since it is still quite warm here, my garden continues to bear. My bell peppers are really just starting to produce. Hopefully in a few weeks, I will be able to harvest them. I can already smell the tacos, burritos and veggie sandwiches. Unless Lucie finds them first. I am assuming that this is asparagus  [...] read more »

You Capture – Outside

This week I drove into and survived a microburst. I posted about that adventure here. So since this weeks You Capture was outside I decided to post a few photos of the storm. Trust me this experience was one of the scariest things I have ever went through. I experienced a microburst one other time, [...] read more »

See How My Garden Grows – A Summer Series.

I think I may have to revise that title to See How My Garden Does Not Grow. Actually, it is growing, but not bearing, excepts for cucumbers on steroids. Yea, whatever. That being said, here are a few photos of my non-bearing veggies. This is the steroid-laden cucumbers, Another photo of freshly watered cucumbers. This [...] read more »

Lucie Tails.

Hi! My name is Lucie and I am juliannah’s big, red dog. I always see juliannah play with the red rectangle thing that lights up, so I decided to see the what the fascination is all about. You see, I secretly know how to get out of my crate during the day when juliannah leaves [...] read more »

See How My Garden Grows – Part 2 Summer Series

So, I planted my garden in March. I wanted an early start since I live in the Desert Southwest and it usually gets hot here early in the spring. As it turned out, we are still experiencing cool weather. It is almost May, and normally, we would have 90 degree weather by now. But, no [...] read more »

Garden 2010

I love to grow plants and veggies. When I was a teenager I started growing houseplants in my bedroom. Then when I got married and moved out I continued growing my plants. I get a real satisfaction from watching a plant grow and thrive. I am not sure where this came from. I remember visiting my [...] read more »

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