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Do You Struggle With Weight Loss?

The Weight Loss Patch Perhaps the most appealing benefit of using a patch to lose weight is that it is so easy to use.   No pills to remember to take, no special diets, no required exercise routine.   Naturally, sticking to a healthy diet and exercise program is best for your overall health, but if [] The post Do You Struggle With Weight Loss? appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

WW On A Tuesday – Losing Weight

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - Losing Weight WW On A Tuesday Losing Weight read more »

Lose Weight Easily with Contours

Lose weight easily with Contours. Contours Body Design Studio by Dr. Claudine Roura is the Philippines’ personalized and innovative aesthetic center in the country that offers various precision skin care services, non-surgical weight loss treatments, and VASER high definition liposcultpture. Featuring services that no one in the country ever offered such as [] The post Lose Weight Easily with Contours appeared first on The Lifestyle Avenue. read more »

Mapping out goals is crucial to personal & prof...

Do you have desires but find yourself self-sabotaging your success by not going through with plans to achieve these goals? The main 2 reasons goals are not realised are: 1) no clear roadmap for success 2) no commitment to the roadmap Designing a roadmap to achieve your desires is extremely important, yet is often not undertaken, because it takes time. Let's take a common goal: weightloss/fitness. Most people think they want to get fit, but do not take the time to map out exactly what they have to d... read more »

Flabby Problems

Summer is nearing its end and I am still not beach body ready. Wow, its so hard to lose weight and yet so easy to gain! What the hell happened to my metabolism, Im flabby in all the wrong places and it kills me! Everyday I try to do some sort f exercise that leaves read more The post Flabby Problems appeared first on Life According to Me. read more »

Five Steps to Losing Weight

The United States has become a nation of overweight children and adults.  Lifestyles have changed over the past several decades to the point that convenience has transformed our eating patterns.  It is hard to drive down a street and not notice the hordes of fast food restaurants with window signs touting cheap eats.  Millions of [...] read more »

Have a healthy year!

Well, obviously, I suck in keeping promises such as updating this blog! LOL, but theres always a next time, while there is next time. So, instead of sulking over this, for one I need to get better! For one, I should try one of those thingy majies that others use to be healthy. I [...] read more »

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