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Japanese railway company called for “sincere ap...

A Japanese railway company apologized after one of its trains left the station 20 seconds earlier than scheduled. Rail transport in Japan Wikipedia Rail transport in Japan is read more »

Grave of The Fireflies [1988]

Isao Takahata’s groundbreaking artistic vision created Grave of the Fireflies (1988), a movie based on the book of the same name written by Akiyuki Nosaka. It tells the story of Seita, a teenage boy going through hell during World War II in Japan along with his little sister, Setsuko. The animated film produced by Ghibli Studios remains as one of the finest masterpieces ever and it has often been included in some “The Best of All Time” lists. Due to its strong message against armed conflicts it has been... read more »

“Rabbit Island” and the city where deer romp am...

A great tourist destination with numerous targets, Japan, Land of Rising Sun is a true paradise for animals. Guy Gets Smothered by Bunnies on Japans Rabbit Island! YouTube Jun 26, 2014 Japans Rabbit Island, Ōkunoshima (大久野島), is a small island located in the Inland Sea of Japan in the city of Takehara, Hiroshima [] read more »

Betoyo Anime Figure Subscription Box Launches W...

A representative from Betoyo contacted me last week to let me know theyve recently updated their website and introduced new lower pricing for their monthly subscription box full of geeky anime goods. I discovered Betoyo when working on my Top 10 Subscription Boxes for Geek Girls Blog Post a few months ago. At the time, Continue reading Betoyo Anime Figure Subscription Box Launches Website Revival and Lower Pricing read more »

Couple who retired at 30 years and now travels ...

Jeremy Jacobson and Winnie Tseng lived frugally for ten years to retire early and have time and financial opportunities to explore the world. How to Travel Around the World: 14 Steps (with Pictures) How to Travel Around the World. Traveling around the world at once is often a cheaper option than breaking it down into segments. The secret is to plan carefully Jeremy Jacobson and his partner Winnie Tseng life with their older son Julian eight years, traveling around the world, having lived frugally for ten... read more »

App-etite: Neko Atsume

My brother told me about this cat game, because it deserved demanded my  attention. My four cats are currently boarded off at the cattery until New Years and this was exactly what I needed. Neko Atsume apparently was already popular before its English version was released. The gameplay is pretty straightforward: collect cats. You leave [] read more »

Sushi, HKU

One kind of Sushi, Japanese-Style Rice Roll, with soy sauce, wasabi and a cup of Japanese Tea were from one eatery of HKU (The University of Hong Kong), Western District, Hong Kong. read more »

Box From Japan- Ramen Edition

O meu pensamento inicial sobre esta Edição Ramen da Box From Japan era o de que não iria ser do meu gosto porque tive uma má experiência com um saquinho de Noodles comprado cá. Podia ter sido culpa minha, podia não ter lido bem as instruções-?!-mas a verdade é que não gostei. Mas fui surpreendida pela Box From Japan com quatro variedades de Ramen-sopas japonesas-e foram todas muito bem recebidas, tanto por mim como pelos meus filhos, especialmente pelo mais pequeno.*My initial thoughts on this Ramen Edi... read more »

What do you know about the history of sport in ...

Its a little-known fact that the first football match that I went to see was a friendly between Japan and Nigeria at the St Marys stadium in Southampton. Im not a huge football fan and the weather was bleak (torrential rain), but the atmosphere was electric. The fans were incredibly friendly and also lived up [] read more »

Do you remember my trip to Japan?

In April, my husband (Stu) and I cycled across Japan with our friend, Jez. He has finally finished editing his beautiful photos and blogging about the trip. If you are interested in cycling in Japan, I would strongly recommend that you have a look: Have you ever been cycle touring? Wheres the most interesting [] read more »

Dokdo Island

EuropeDokdo is a small island, namely a pair of small islands grouped closely together. With weak growth, these jagged remnants of an extinct volcano supported the family of a local fisherman and a contingent of police officers in South Korea. They also are at the center of a controversy between the historical and geographical South [] read more »

Freedom Japanese Market Review- September Box

Recebi há uns dias uma box recheada de doces e snacks^-^ A box em questão é da “Freedom Japanese Market“e a domêsde Setembro incluía 12 doces/snacks (11+1 grátis),escusado será dizer que adorei(amos) experimentar todas aquelas regalias! *I received a few days ago a stuffed box of candies and snacks!! The box is from“Freedom Japanese Market” and the September month included 12 candies/snacks (11+1 free),needless to say that I loved (we loved!) try all those perks! Eis o que continha a box: *Here’s wh... read more »

Top European cities that you should visit this ...

Iced, emphasized by the soft light of autumn days, and interesting events that you can take part in this period to the completion of a ranking of European destinations where you can spend some memorable days. Fall is a perfect time to visit some of the most beautiful cities in Europe, places that acquires a [] read more »

What’s the most amazing place you have swum, bi...

For me it would have to be Japan. I didnt do a lot of swimming there (Im not sure that bathing in the onsen [hot springs] counts), but I did plenty of running and cycling. I travelled there in April with my husband, Stuart and our friend Jez. We spent a few days in Tokyo [] read more »

Reaching the non-Christians in Japan by Camy Tang

I had a really interesting conversation with two young women who are staff with me for our church youth group. Both of these women are in their mid twenties, and one is from China, so their age and backgrounds give me a different perspective on evangelism from my own experience. I was talking about how [] read more »

The safest cities in the world to travel

In the safest cities in the world people can leave their wallet or laptop unattended in public or can walk without fear on his way home late at night.For people to feel safe means to be home. The Economist Intelligence Unit The organization has compiled a list of the safest cities in the world, based on [] read more »

The largest Japanese airport, Narita in Tokyo g...

The largest Japanese airport, Narita in Tokyo, have the opportunity to try modern toilets installed there, whose walls seem transparent, to the amusement of others. Moving silhouettes on the walls modern toilets Narita airport are not of those who are in, but pre-recorded video images, which creates the illusion that the walls lavatories are transparent [] read more »

Nikko, Japan

Life in Tokyo, Japan is extremely different to life anywhere else in Japan. That is one of the major things anyone traveling to Japan will experience. Taking the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Nikko is, in my opinion, one of the must-do day trips from Tokyo.Arriving at the cutest train station is the first sign you are not in Tokyo anymore. The main street makes you feel as though you have stepped back into true ancient Japan. I was lucky I was with another person while in Nikko, as I could have stayed and... read more »

{345} Японский уход за кожей: Hadabisei Молочко...

Просматривая старые папки с фото, я обнаружила, что совершенно забыла рассказать о японском уходе за кожей с маркой Hadabisei! Впочем, у меня еще много фото для ненаписанных обзоров, сделанных 1-1,5 года назад... Молочко и Лосьон от мелких морщин, выравнивающие тон кожи с ретинолом EX и витамином С я получила в подарок на презентации марки Kracie в Мегуми (пост о ней тут). Не во всем мне подошли редства, тем не менее они мне очень приглянулись и использовала я их до конца) Немного повторю текст, напис... read more »

Takayama to Tsumago

Yet another early start today. Despite going to bedat 10pm, I was exhausted by the time the alarm went offat 6am, as Stuart was coughing and snoring all night. Breakfast was a pot of yoghurt with fruit and a muffin that we bought in a convenience store last night. By7am, we were out on [] read more »

Japanese Green Tea, Nan Lian Garden

The Japanese Green Tea is product of Japan and was shot in Snack Shop of Nan Lian Garden that is a classical one and as the Chi Lin Nunnery as is built in the Tang (Dynasty) style, Chi Lin Nunnery, Diamond Hill District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Vegan food, clothes shopping, Harajuku girls an...

Today was the first day since we arrived in Japan that we havent needed to set an early alarm. Stu was excited so he thought this meant that we could eat breakfast (a meal weve not had yet in Japan). Unfortunately, we were both so tired that we slept until10:30amand could quite happily have turned [] read more »

Japanese Black Pine, Nan Lian Garden

Some Japanese Black Pines were shot in Nan Lian Garden that is a classical one and as the Chi Lin Nunnery as is built in the Tang (Dynasty) style, Chi Lin Nunnery, Diamond Hill District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Tokyo via Helsinki…

Wednesday morningstartedat 5:45amas we wanted to be on the road by6:30am. This was a fortunate decision, as we had travelled less than five miles before we got stuck in a traffic jam. The traffic was slow-moving for an almost an hour, which gave me plenty of time to ponder what I had forgotten. Every trip, [] read more »

Backpackers Guide to Japan - My Story

Assalammualaikum,Seperti yang diceritakan dalam post sebelum ini (klik My Backpacking Trip to Japan), Aku telah pergi ke Jepun secara backpacking bersma adik au, Azim. Kami bertolak pada 8 November 2014 dan pulang semula ke Malaysia pada 14 November 2014. Angan-angan dipasang setelah pulang dari trip ke Korea (klik My Backpacking Trip to South Korea). Perancangan rapi dibuat dalam tempoh 3 bulan sebelum pergi. Dayang ada ajak aku untuk join trip dia ke Jepun pada bulan April lepas untuk feel dan rasa mus... read more »

News: Japan Crowns Its First Mixed-Race Miss Un...

Eriana Miyamoto was recently selected to represent Japan in the next Miss Universe pageant. But there's something that separates her from past winners. Eriana is of mixed ancestry. Her mother is Japanese and her father is American. Although Eriana was born and raised in Japan, there are people who have spoken out against her crowning, stating that they would have preferred amore"Japanese" looking contestant. Though Japan remains a largely homogenous society, Eriana's selection shines a light on its gr... read more »

{317} Крем для рук Aroma Resort - аромат цитрус...

Сегодня расскажу об отличном японском креме для рук! Который мне очень понравился и закончился как-то очень незаметно - я все хотела сделать заглавное фото с настоящими апельсинами, но... я их постоянно покупала, однако солнца не было и я съедала их.. потом солнце появлялось и я опять покупала апельсины. А потом вдруг поняла, что крем закончился:D В серии Aroma Resort марки Kracie очень много разных легкий ароматов, ведь японцы не любят очень сильные запахи. Поэтому цитрус тут очень легкий и ненавязчив... read more »

Опыт новых ощущений

24.01.2015Решила на днях попробовать,что же такое бейсбол.... Вообще среди корейцев, в отличие от нас, этот вид спорта довольно популярный. Вот и я как-то еще летом с поездке с подругой на море увидела такие кабинки открытые, где мяч вылетает автоматически, а тебе нужно его отбивать, при этом следя за тем, чтоб он не угодил по рукам или, еще хуже, в лоб=)).И как-то я благополучно об этом забыла, вспомнила только пару недель назад, и загорелась все-таки испытать это на себе. Ну что, договорилась с другом ... read more »

{297} Японская Гипоаллергенная пенка для умыван...

Из-за чувствительной кожи лица пенка для умывания для меня одно из самых проблемных средств - большинство стягивают кожу и вызывают аллергию, за прошлый год 4 полноразмерки перекочевали к маме\подругам, еще парочку я подарила даже не открывая. Сейчас я пользуюсь японской пенкой для умывания специально для чувствительной кожи марки COW Brand Soap. Очень нравится! Использовала я ~ половину упаковки и уже всерьез начинаю волноваться, купить такую же или рискнуть и попробовать пенку мне не знакомую, но прие... read more »

{294} Молочко для тела Body Milk Fantastic Berr...

В связи с моей малой активностью в блоге в последние месяцы, у меня скопилось очень много косметики на которую надо написать обзор! Я составила список очередности и..... пишу о средстве, о котором должна была писать только через неделю. НО! Это молочко для тела настолько классное, что я не могу ждать недели и очередности!:D Я очень люблю разные крема для тела, постоянно пробую новые марки и есть не так много марок, у которых мне хочется попробовать решительно всю линейку средств для тела. У Kracie хоче... read more »

Mirror Reflections – St. Kitts and Nevis & Russia

Life in St. Kitts and Nevis The recorded history of St. Kitts begins with the second voyage in 1493 of Christopher Columbus who sailed past the island but did not land. There is some doubt as to whether he named the island after himself, or after the patron saint of travelers, St. Christopher.  From a [] read more »

Tomo Cafe: A Maid and Butler Cafe

"Make sure to always surround yourself with happy people. Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you." When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween. Brace yourselves and start counting the days as we are nearing the arrival of the spooky and creepy trick-or-treaters. Woohoohooo~ Let the chills start running through your bones at Tomo Cafe! Tomo Cafe is not one haunted cafe, it just starts to blend in with the seas... read more »

{264} Открытие магазина Мегуми на Октябрьском поле

В среду 11 сентября произошло открытие магазина МЕГУМИ нового формата по адресу г. Москва, ул. Маршала Бирюзова, д. 19, м. «Октябрьское поле». Я никогда не была на открытии, а тут захотелось посмотреть как же переделали магазин. Мне понравилось, как то сразу больше места и много новинок. Возможно они и раньше были, но взгляд как-то не цеплялся:) Первое, что видишь, подходя к магазину - девушки-промоутеры в кимоно раздают флаеры с 15% скидкой в день открытия. Я воспользовалась скидкой:) Еще можно... read more »

Did You Know About Shimonoseki City?

Shimonoseki is a city on the island of Honshu in Yamaguchi district in the southern part. Shimonoseki produce a lot of fish and also a city of industry (machinery, steel) which has a close relationship with the major industrial city of Kitakyushu in the northern tip of the island of Kyushu. Shimonoseki city is also a historic city. In 1863 bombed by American ships, France, Britain, the Netherlands, to be opened as an international trading port. In this city also signed a peace treaty that ended August 17... read more »

Moments with Takumi

"Distance shouldn't matter because at the end of the day, we're all under the same sky." Science may tell us that long distance relationships, be it a familial, romantic or even friendship, won't last. A principle states that as the distance increases, the force of attraction decreases. However, not everything in this world can be scientifically explained. There are certainly some exemptions and this friendship we have is one of them. This is ours and no other geniuses can ever be against us. It was... read more »

Bon Odori Cebu 2014

"When I see you through my eyes, I think that we are different. When I see you through my heart, I know we are the same." -Doe Zantamata- Philippines by now is already a diverse nation. Go out, look at your surroundings and you can see other nationalities roaming around our place. Tourists, expats, exchange students, language learners, investors, businessmen and many more. This situation is actually helping our country's tourism industry and economy. If utilized well, this might even help to improve ... read more »

Nature Helps

About a month ago I started to rejuvenate a horribly conceived garden at the front of a property I own with my sister. It was a project we wanted to tackle since we purchased the property, but we had other priorities that needed our attention before we could shift our focus to the garden. Once [] read more »

食記░ 夏天涼爽的日式涼麵Soba, 珍品手作料理 !

hello 各位好久不見! 最近我真的越來越少貼文章,都當潛水君,今天心情好剛好上來po一下 話說這篇食記,其實不是這個月的!!! 是1個月前的☞ 5月的事,是自己的食記非邀約文 剛好回去一趟,走來走去時發現可愛的日式料理餐館 CONTINUE READING ⇨s! read more »

{204} Презентация марки Kracie в Мегуми

Мне посчастливилось присутствовать на презентации обновленных линий косметики японской марки Kracie в магазине Мегуми. О марке Kracie я узнала достаточно давно, поэтому послушать о их продукции мне было очень интересно, скажу более, лично для себя я узнала много нового. Презентацию вел молодой японец на японском языке и переводила русская девушка. Для удобства основная информация показывалась на слайдах. Сначала нас рассказали немного об истории самой марки. Комапания Kracie изначально было подбрендом... read more »

Pecha Kucha & English Language Teaching, by Tho...

An odd choice of book for a non-specialist and a fiction writer, perhaps. But, this work has something to offer to more than the teachers of English who are its intended readership. Pecha Kucha, for those unfamiliar with the technique, is a patented form of Powerpoint presentation. It was developed in Japan and has rapidly spread over the globe as a means of getting information out to many different types of people. In this book, the method is discussed as it applies to the teaching of English as a for... read more »

Megamouth shark captured!

Megamouth Shark, Shizuoka, Japan April 2014It's the 58th known sighting of the ultra-rare Megamouth Shark. This one was caught at a depth of 2,600 feet. This 13 foot female was capturedoff of Shizuoka, Japan.Grind TVRelated stories . . .Dragon Photo, a tick of Light and Shadow, or a Tulpa?Hidden Dragon, Father of the pterodactyls discovered in ChinaMonster of the Skies! Thunderbird - Legends, Sightings EvidenceFiji Islanders haul in 'mystery' underwater creature (PHOTO)Scotland Mystery creature washed u... read more »

Tropical inspiration

Summer is coming, we will wear dresses and floral print very soon. Thus I suggest you to get inspired by an amazing pictures fromVogue Japan, March 2014. This summer the most fashionable things areappliques, 3d images, flowers and graphics. Photographer: Sharif HamzaStyling: Giovanna BattagliaHair: James RoweMakeup: Benjamin PuckeyModel: Juliana Schurig read more »

VIVI Clothes asian mood!

Anche voi, come me, non avete mai molto tempo per lo shopping, adorate fare acquisti online, siete sempre alla ricerca di nuove idee o semplicemente volete rinnovare il vostro armadio senza spendere un capitale? Se la vostra risposta è sì, vi consiglio di visitare VIVI Clothes Vivi-clothes è un grande web store dedicato alla moda asiatica, giapponese in particolare.Gli stili proposti sono molteplici ed accontentano ogni esigenza. Ecco le categorie presenti sul sito: Manga Anime Sales New Arrivals... read more »

How to Make it to the Top 5% of Indies

I met Fran Pickering a few years ago, when I had just published my first book, and she was debating whether to publish hers. Then she plunged in. Today Fran's novel, the Cherry Blossom Murder has made it to the quarterfinals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014. That’s 5% of the total 10,000 books entered. As a fellow author I was thrilled and as an Indie I felt vindicated by her success. So I asked Fran a little more about how it all unfolded. Here’s what she said: What made you decide to go In... read more »

Carl Randall at Daiwa Foundation House: the art...

In his conversation with Andrew Stahl from The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL at Daiwa Foundation House on Thursday, Carl Randall explained how his meticulous paintings evolved from a simple sketch. It might originate from some movements or peoples facial expressions that intrigued him, and then he would make a few quick sketches on the [] read more »

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate angekündigt!

Alle Monster Hunter Fans dürfen sich freuen den Capcom hat MH4U angekündigt. ©Capcom U.S.A. All Rights Reserved.zufügenNachdem für Herbst 2014 in Japan das gleichwertige Spiel Monster Hunter 4G angekündigt wurde, hat Capcom bekannt gegeben, dass auch für den europäischen Markt die Erweiterung der zum 4. Teil erscheinen soll. Darin wird dann auch eine Wüstenmap nthalten sein, welche viele im 4. Teil vermisst haben. Wie aus allen Ultimate- bzw. G-Spielen (Japan) bekannt, wird es wieder den G-Rang geben,... read more »

Greco Guitars, Kanda Shokai, and the Japanese G...

Headstock from a law suit era Greco Strat clone. Look familiar? Most guitar enthusiasts who comment on the craftsmanship of Japanese-made guitars tend to do so with a level of respect not accorded to guitars made in China, Indonesia, Korea, or Mexico. Japanese-made guitars of the 70s, 80s and 90s (and even today) certainly tended [hellip Related Posts: Ibanez Guitars Hi Tech Japanese Craftsmanship Guitar Lines owned/marketed by Fender Fender Buyers Guide for Newbies Part 1: Fenders and Epiphone the o... read more »

The History of Japanese Guitar Making is Compli...

Most guitar enthusiasts who comment on the craftsmanship of Japanese-made guitars tend to do so with a level of respect not accorded to guitars made in China, Indonesia, Korea, or Mexico. Japanese-made guitars of the 70s, 80s and 90s (and even today) certainly tended to be less expensive than American counterparts, and theres no doubt [hellip Related Posts: Ibanez Guitars Hi Tech Japanese Craftsmanship Fender Buyers Guide for Newbies Part 1: Fenders and Epiphone the origin and status of the brand The... read more »

This is the breakfast of Japanese-style food.

Now, Japan is a morning.Recently, Japanese-style food became an intangible cultural asset of UNESCO. Japanese-style food is very healthy.Please come to Japan to eat Japanese-style food at a travel! A photograph is a meal of my home :-)! Sashimi of fish is popular in Japan.Fish can eat raw , and It is very delicious !!Free Photo materials. read more »

Fukushima Is Now! California To Alaska And Japan

March 11, 2011. The Fukushima nuclear disaster is the most catastrophic nuclear meltdown in the history of mankind. This is why it's being dumbed down in mainstream media. The product of a "loss-of-coolant systems" and "flooding from the 2011 tsunami" is what mainstream media claims occurred, but what we must understand is that reactor core meltdown does not create mushroom clouds, but nuclear weapons, in fact, do. We must also understand that three of the nine generators did not need electricity to oper... read more »

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