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Apple блокирует тысячи мобильных устройств iPho...

Apple блокирует тысячи мобильных устройств iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 и iPhone 6 Plus по всему миру Кажется, Apple начала массовую борьбу с любителями чинить свои смартфоны iPhone собственными силами или при содействии мастерских по ремонту мобильных устройств, которые применяют неоригинальные комплектующие. В сети Интернет активно растет количество сообщений о том, что корпорация Apple блокирует тысячи мобильных устройств iPhone 5s, iPhone [...]? read more »

Apple iPhone 8 Won't Be Ugly

Apple's upcoming next-generation iPhone 8 is now about four months away from being announced. As everyone have come to expect in light of all the leaks posted online in previous years, Apple’s new iPhone becomes less mysterious with each passing day.Countless rumors and reports have been flooding the web for months now, and there are a number of things that are consistent across nearly all of them. Some thought that the iPhone 8 will be far smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, yet it will feature a larger dis... read more »

Has The Leaked Mouldings Shed Light on iPhone 8?

If the onslaught of iPhone 8 leaks everyone has seen in the past few days is any indication, it appears that the worst fears about the iPhone 8's new form factor are completely unfounded.Specifically, leaked schematics and case moldings suggest that Apple will not place a Touch ID sensor on the back of the device, a design decision which would have arguably negated the utility of Touch ID and Apple Pay altogether.Instead, rumor has it that Apple has figured out a way to embed the Touch ID sensor into the... read more »

Apple Low Sales Because of iPhone 8 Rumors?

It was clearly emphasized by Apple CEO Tim Cook that the blame the company’s failure to meet Wall Street’s expectations for iPhone sales is no other than the rumors about the next iPhone — presumably called the iPhone 8.Apple was expected to report iPhone sales in its fiscal second quarter of 52.27 million, according to a financial data and analytics firm FactSet, but instead reported only 50.76 million iPhones sold.The figure represented a fall of almost half a million devices sold from the same quarter... read more »

Противостояние Samsung и Apple: конкуренция или...

О противостоянии Samsung и Apple на рынке смартфонов можно спорить очень долго. Фанаты обоих компаний могут с пеной у рта долго доказывать, чем каждый гаджет лучше другого, или наоборот. Обе компании на данный момент являются лидерами в своем секторе рынка и на двоих занимают больше половины мирового рынка смартфонов.Но сейчас популярна идея, что Samsung и Apple придется сотрудничать, чтобы противостоять китайской угрозе. Но есть много вопросов, а была ли у этих двух гигантов вообще конкуренция, и не про... read more »

New Battery for iPhone 8 Is Possible

Everyone are already aware that Apple's iPhones do not possess a stellar battery life. However, Tim Cook's company is about to change that this year by packing the iPhone 8 with a huge battery. If leaks and rumors are to be believed, the iPhone 7 successor could come equipped with a 2,700mAh battery. The Cupertino giant is always trying to prove something when it comes to the thinness of its smartphones, so it won’t be surprising if this year’s phones would be just as thin as their predecessors or even t... read more »

Will The Next iPhone Succumb To The Speed of Ga...

Last 25 April, CNET published a report that explains why the next iPhone might be slower than Samsung's Galaxy 8. This could be the case of history repeating itself.Earlier this month, for example, Qualcomm countersued Apple alleging in part that Apple doesn't use Qualcomm's modems to their full potential. Apple buys modems from both Intel and Qualcomm and needs both to perform similarly for the end user, even if one chip can technically outperform another. That's why the company may hold back some modem... read more »

Possible iPhone 8 Dual Camera Leaked

Apple is widely suspected of working on a major overhaul of the iPhone, on the 10nth anniversary of its introduction into the marketplace. New photos purportedly showing the upcoming iPhone 8 appear to support this speculation.Serial leaker Benjamin Geskin released photos on Twitter of an all-screen device with a vertical dual camera, claiming it is a dummy model provided by a source with connections at Apple supplier Foxconn.If legitimate, the photos support several features that analysts predict will a... read more »

iPhone 8 Will Look Like Apple Watch?

Mike Wehner of BGR recognizes that the iPhone 8 — or whatever it ends up being called — will undoubtedly be the most hotly-anticipated smartphone of all time. This makes sense considering it'll be the tenth anniversary device in the most popular line of smartphones on the planet.Pretty much the only thing many don’t really know about the device at this point is exactly what it will look like. Now, a new rumor out of Japanese Apple blog Mac Otakara suggests that Apple may have drawn design inspiration for... read more »

Apple's iPhone Is Helping Some Companies Stay A...

It cannot be denied that Apple was very successful with the iPhone. Nobody can overstate that more.With over 1 billion iPhones sold over the last 9 years, Apple’s iconic smartphone not only revolutionized the way the world uses technology, it also helped transform Apple into one of the most influential and successful companies on the planet.Along the way, the success Apple saw with the iPhone proved to be an absolute goldmine for an array of companies who happened to manufacture and supply integral compo... read more »

The Pricey iPhone With Retro Design

For the last few years, ColorWare has been gracing Apple’s products with gorgeous special edition paint jobs reminiscent of vintage Macintosh products. A few days ago, the custom painting company showed off its latest retro makeover for the iPhone 7 Plus.Like the earlier custom ColorWare designs, the iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition is repainted in a 1980’s beige, complete with darker stripes meant to resemble the vents on older computers. And of course, the monochrome Apple logo on the back is replaced with ... read more »

How Much Will The iPhone 8 Cost?

As excitement builds for the big reveal of the 10th anniversary iPhone this fall, fans can't be nearly as ecstatic about the rumored price tag.Multiple rumors have suggested that the OLED-equipped iPhone 8 will cost upwards of US$ 1,000, but last 4 April, UBS said in a note that it doesn't expect the cost of the iPhone to hit four figures in 2017. It will still cost more, but Apple will stay competitive with the market.UBS estimates that the factory cost of the 64GB model of the iPhone 8 will be US$ 70-9... read more »

Massive iPhone 8 Sales Expected

Apple has already placed an order for 70 million OLED screens from Samsung, according to a new report from Nikkei. The huge volume alone underscores Apple’s belief that the iPhone 8 — rumored to be the only device in Apple’s 2017 iPhone lineup with an OLED display — will be incredibly popular.What's more, the report adds that Samsung is planning to manufacture 95 million OLED screens for Apple just in case demand for the device is even higher than anticipated.Word of Apple's massive OLED order comes from... read more »

Спецслужбы США вынудили Трампа пользоваться iPhone

Американскому президенту Дональду Трампу не позавидуешь. Давление на него идет со всех сторон. То его обвинили в том, что он выиграл выборы, с помощью русских хакеров, уже несколько его решений были отменены американским судом. И вот новая напасть, теперь его заставили пользоваться айфономДело в том, что Трамп во время своей предвыборной компании активно критиковал яблочную компанию...По статусу и в целях безопасности любому президенту требуется специальный защищенный смартфон. И такой смартфон был перед... read more »

The Problem With Sleek, Jet-Black iPhone

After 21 March 2017, Apple followers are aware that the tech giant has introduced not one or two but three new colors to its flagship iPhone lineup for this generation. The most recent is a deep red that matches earlier special-edition Product Red devices.However, before that, Apple added two fresh colors to its catalog when it first released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus back in September. The first was a matte black that replaces Apple’s space gray color with a stealth black color, and the second was ... read more »

Apple Launches The Red iPhone

Apple unveiled last 21 March a red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, refreshing its most profitable device mid-cycle one week before rival Samsung releases its Galaxy S8.Like earlier red hued products on the Cupertino-based company's lineup, a portion of sales from the red iPhones will be used to help fund HIV/AIDS research, Apple said on its website.The red iPhones will have the same internals and pricing tiers as the black, gold, silver, rose gold and jet black that were launched late last year. The base sto... read more »

Man Dies After iPhone Electrocution In Bath

A man was reported to have been electrocuted after he charged his mobile phone while in the bath. Richard Bull, 32, died at his home in Ealing, West London, after suffering severe burns.It is believed that he plugged his charger into an extension cord from the hallway and rested it on his chest while he used the iPhone. He suffered severe burns to his chest, arm and hand when the charger touched the water, Mail Online reports.He was found by his wife Tanya. His burns were so severe that she initially tho... read more »

New iPhone May Include 'Gentler' Curves

Many believed that Apple is planning something big for its next iPhone — presumably called the iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition — coming as it does on the 10th anniversary of the company’s first-ever smartphone. Part of this radical redesign was expected to include a curved screen that followed the example of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge handsets.Reports this week now suggest Apple will be ditching this design in favor of "gentler" curves. Japanese magazine Nikkei cited sources familiar with the design in reportin... read more »

iPhone 8 Could Be Called "iPhone Edition"

Apple is almost ready to celebrate this year's 10th iPhone anniversary with an "iPhone Edition" as well as its normal 7s and 7s Plus, according to a report, potentially making this year's release the most complicated ever.The company is expected to reveal its 7s and 7s Plus later this year, in keeping with tradition. But much less is known about a special model that might accompany it – the so-called iPhone 8, which will mark the phone's 10th year in the market.Now a new report claims that phone will hav... read more »

A Possible iPhone 8 Storage Upgrade

Everyone seems to be aboard the iPhone 8 train. Another source is generating a lot of chatter about what to expect from the next Apple flagship product. Research firm TrendForce issued a report last 21 February with its predictions for Apple's next iPhone, citing "information from the supply chain."Lots of details from the TrendForce report line up with current rumors, but there's one new wrinkle it suggests: the "high-end" iPhone could come with only two storage options, 64GB and 256GB. TrendForce analy... read more »

Face-Recognition in iPhone 8?

In the middle of rumors that the iPhone 8 will incorporate advanced facial recognition features, the Hebrew-language website Calcalist (via Times of Israel) is reporting that Apple recently acquired Realface, an up-and-coming Israeli startup with impressive real-time facial recognition software.Lending credence to rumors that the iPhone 8 may forgo the use of Touch ID in favor of facial recognition, Realface’s software is said to be sophisticated enough such that it can reliably be used as a foundation f... read more »

No Big Screen For iPhone 8?

Tech industry observers think that the iPhone 8 is going to be huge owing to the fact that it will be released on the 10th year anniversary of the company. Reports support this observation after Apple ordered another 60 million OLED screens from Samsung, bringing the total to 160 million. And that's just one supplier, according to the Korea Herald.But the iPhone 8 or iPhone X (the name depends on which rumors you read) may not be as physically big as previously reported.Early iPhone 8 rumors and reports ... read more »

The New iPhone Could Cost A Lot

For those who are keen on buying the next iPhone variant, it may be time to tighten the purses and start saving for next iPhone, which is expected to launch this fall with a new design.The upcoming "special 10th-anniversary edition" of the iPhone is expected to cost more than US$ 1,000, according to Fast Company's Mark Sullivan in a report that lines up with many of the rumors coming out of Apple's Asian supply chain.Apple is expected to launch three new iPhones next year. The most expensive of the three... read more »

A Massive iPhone Upgrade Cycle is Coming

The numbers are in and it revealed that Apple sold 212 million iPhone in its fiscal year for 2016. That's massive amount of new smartphones in the market, but that's not good enough for Apple because it means their sales were down by as much as 8 percent.The sluggish sale is pretty much rare for a company that has dominated the mobile industry for close to ten years after dislodging erstwhile leader, Nokia. It is safe to say that Apple has taken a beating as a result, and CEO Tim Cook now regularly comes... read more »

OLED Screen for iPhone 8 Is A Possibility

For Apple iPhone's 10th year anniversary, everyone expects the company to deviate from the usual industrial design since the iPhone 6 and deliver a groundbreaking new design. This expectation has been steadily building for quite some time.Not one to disappoint, it’s widely believed that Apple's 2017 iPhone — which may be called the iPhone 8 — will finally give iPhone owners happy with their current device a compelling reason to upgrade.With the iPhone 8, it's widely believed that Apple's flagship iPhone ... read more »

Jet Black iPhone is in the Offing

There are already multiple reports online saying that the iPhone 8 will feature a glass sandwich design, meaning that the front and rear panels of the handset will be made of glass, with a stainless steel chassis sandwiched between them. Apple is said to be moving away from metal unibodies and back to glass so that it can bring wireless charging to the iPhone 8, which could be one of the phone’s new flagship features. However, in the future, Apple might employ ceramics in its iPhones, a material that's s... read more »

No iPhone 7 Headphone Jack, No Problem for Apple

Even though the iPhone 7 was released a few months ago, nobody has been able to get a complete handle on how popular the device was — or perhaps wasn't — until Apple’s 2016 holiday earnings report dropped a few days ago.Remember, when Apple last released its earnings report, the iPhone 7 had only been available for purchase for about two weeks during the covered period.The big question mark now in Apple's earnings report centered on iPhone sales figures for the quarter gone by. When the dust settled, App... read more »

Apple iPhone Is Losing Its Chinese Grip

Since 2012, Apple iPhone has been lording it over its rivals in the lucrative Chinese market. And for the first time in 5 years, that tight grip is slowly fading away as the U.S. technology giant became "vulnerable" in the world's second-largest economy, according to a report released last 27 January.The iPhone 6s sold 12 million units in 2016 or around 2 percent of all phones sold in China, behind the Oppo R9 – the flagship smartphone of the Chinese brand Oppo Electronics – which sold close to 17 millio... read more »

New iPhone 8 Video Concept

The start of the year is almost 30-days old, but this early, many Apple fans could barely contain their excitement. First, the new year means that new iPads are on the way — at least, they're on the way if recent rumors of delays aren’t accurate.However, beyond the iPad rumors, 2017 means the start of a fresh new cycle of rumors and leaks that will continue right up until September, when Apple finally takes the wraps off of this year’s new iPhone models.For the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, the rumor cycle... read more »

How An iPhone 5s Became an iPhone 7 Mini

The photo above might look like a picture of an iPhone 7, but it’s not. It has the same matte black finish as an iPhone 7, and it also has the same rounded edges, camera bump and antenna lines.Through the magic of Chinese smartphone parts makers accessible through AliExpress, a number of kits are now available that let users transform their old iPhone 5s into an "iPhone 7 mini." It's actually not as complicated as anybody might think, and pretty much anyone with a steady hand, a bit of patience and about... read more »

Apple's iPhone 8 Could Include An Exciting Feature

When the iPhone 8 debuts this year, it will be unlike any iPhone Apple has made to date, assuming all the rumors that keep surfacing turn out to be true.The phone is rumored to feature a never-before-seen all-screen design, the wraparound display is supposed to embed the fingerprint sensor and maybe even other front-facing components, and wireless charging support is finally coming. In fact, a new report from Asia seems to indicate that a component maker has entered Apple's supply chain to provide key iP... read more »

Will There Be A Jet White iPhone 7?

While everyone is focused on several new innovations and surprising gadgets at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas, a few rumors flew under the radar.One of those rumors pertained to Apple releasing a Jet White version of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Last 5 January evening, Apple itself added more fuel to the speculative fire when the official Beats by Dre Instagram account posted a new photo which appears to depict the long-rumored device.The accompanying caption is... read more »

Apple Should Focus on iPhone Battery Issues

The previous year was a rough year for Apple, though not as rough as Samsung thanks to the ill-fated launch of the Galaxy Note 7. But Samsung isn't the only smartphone manufacturer to experience problems with its batteries. In fact, the batteries in recent iPhones are problematic as well — just not in the dangerous, explosive way.After plenty of users complained, Apple introduced a battery replacement program for select models of the iPhone 6s, which users reported can shut down unexpectedly. But units w... read more »

Three Things iPhone Has Over Pixel

The Verge’s Vlad Savov points out that "The Pixel isn't everything we wanted, but it is definitely the device and strategy we've been demanding from Google for so long."In other words, it's an exciting new contender in the world of Android phones. The new Pixel is not without its shortcomings, however; there are a few areas where it doesn't come out on top in the perennial competition between Google and Apple. Read on to learn more about how Pixel fared against iPhone.Water ResistantApple tool the prover... read more »

Is Apple Putting Dual Vertical Cams on iPhones?

There is already a very high possibility that Apple will launch new iPhone next year. However, there is also a good chance that not one, not two, but three variants will be launched, including a radically redesigned iPhone 8. The other two will probably be successors for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.The puzzling rumor from Japan now claims that the redesigned version is a a 5-inch iPhone that will feature a vertical dual camera. The iPhone 8 is rumored to have a display of around 5 inches, not counting... read more »

Apple iPhone Clip Device

Apple is trying to address the common problems faced by their forgetful clients, misplace their beloved iPhones. A newly published patent reveals the Cupertino-based company is developing an iPhone that could grip onto any clothing, making it much harder to lose.This news is buried inside of a new Apple patent for "Flexible display devices" published last 22 November. Most of the patent focuses on a foldable iPhone-like device (the patent never mentions the smartphone by name), but the patent notes the d... read more »

After "Touch Disease," Apple Addresses Battery ...

Reports revealed that Apple has just launched its second iPhone repair in less than a week. The reason for the second opening was to deal with a battery issue on some iPhone 6s handsets that causes them to suddenly shut down without warning even when there's plenty of juice remaining.In a message on its website posted last 20 November, the tech titan said the problem affects only "a very small number" of iPhone 6s devices and is "not a safety issue."According to Apple, the flaw affects devices that were ... read more »

Apple iPhone 8 Seeks To Shatter Sales Records

Apple suppliers are going for unprecedented target as they aim to make 120 million to 150 million iPhones in the second half of 2017, a volume that would crush all previous sales, according to a top analytics firm report cited by 9to5Mac.KGI Securities forecasts three new iPhones with wireless charging from Apple next year, 9to5Mac reported last 29 November. The phones could include one major redesign, the iPhone 8, with two more iterative updates to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, according to 9to5Mac.W... read more »

iPhone's "Touch Disease" Caused By User Error

Several news outlets reveal that Apple has admitted to the existence of the mysterious iPhone ailment that caused unresponsive screens and came to be called the "ouch disease." The Cupertino firm's diagnosis? User error. Or, more specifically, user fumbling."Apple has determined that some iPhone 6 Plus devices may exhibit display flickering or Multi-Touch issues after being dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device," Apple said in an online notice.Some users... read more »

Bezel-Less Design of Apple iPhone 8

Nobody is surprise anymore when they hear that Apple is already working on its next iPhones that are going to be released as the special 10th anniversary handsets of the Cupertino giant.As the year 2016 is nearing its end, more consumers are excited and eagerly awaiting information about the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. A few days ago, Barclays Research published a research note that reveals new details about the upcoming iOS-running smartphones. According to AppleInsider, Barclays analysts have stated in... read more »

Black Friday bei – eine Woche voller An...

Vom 18.11 bis zum 27.11. kommen Schnäppchenjäger bei auf ihre Kosten. read more »

A New Source of Cheaper Apple iPhones

Holiday season is fast approaching and this early, many are already looking forward to purchasing Apple products as to give to their love ones. However, the cost is what kept them from popular items like iPhones.Apple will try to address that through its refurbished store which allows people to buy like-new Apple products at a significant discount. Apple is selling refurbished iPhones for the first time. Apple is offering a variety of refurbished iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models for about US$ 100 less... read more »

No Refresh for iPhone SE

When it comes to Apple leaks, Ming-Chi Kuo is the an to see. The KGI Securities analyst also known as "the best Apple analyst on the planet” has revealed Apple's decision to cancel the annual upgrade of arguably its most successful iPhone in 2016: iPhone SE.The lack of refresh comes as Apple attempts to maintain high margins on its high-end iPhone models, Kuo said in a new research note. The company's budget friendly 4-inch handset has been a surprise critical and commercial hit and not a few believed th... read more »

Blurry Background Comes to iPhone 7 Camera

For those who were able to get their hands on the new iPhone 7 Plus, it may come as a surprise that they can now turn on Portrait mode.The 7 Plus has two camera lenses: one wider angle, one a 2X zoom. Clever software lets users blend the zoom to any degree between them (or, using digital zooming, go all the way up to 10X).But when Apple first introduced the 7 Plus, it said that the two-lens setup has a second benefit: It lets the camera tell the foreground subject apart from its background.And with that ... read more »

Revolutionary Design Expected From iPhone 8

Almost everyone expect Apple to release a completely redesigned iPhone 8 next year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. Following three consecutive years of seeing the same design reused in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, Apple is expected to make dramatic changes to the appearance of its next-generation iPhone, and to the technology included inside the device.Previous reports have stated that the new iPhone 8 will feature an OLED display that covers almost all of the phone's f... read more »

Grand Visions and Novel Ideas About iPhone 8

When Apple celebrates the 10th year anniversary of iPhone next year, many expects it to be grand enough to compel them them from purchasing the latest iPhone version. The expectation was so high that some were already speculating about the features of Apple's next-gen iPhone. Impressive as they were, many of these novel specs are just, well ... novel.A few weeks ago, Brian Roemmele penned widely circulated post on Quora articulating the reasons why the iPhone 8 will be made out of "stunning ceramic." Whi... read more »

A Strong Dampener For iPhone 8

There is no denying that Samsung and Apple are in a race to reinvent the face of the modern smartphone, with Google trying to closely keep in pace. New rumors revealed that even suggest that next year's iPhone 8 will feature a bold new design overhaul to keep everyone in an arms' length.Apple is working toward a future iPhone with a face that is taken up entirely by the phone's display, from rounded corner to rounded corner. Next year's tenth-anniversary model isn't quite expected to achieve that vision,... read more »

Apple Can't Seem To Get The iPhone Battery Right

After they were released more than two weeks ago, Apple's new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus had undergone some serious scrutiny from its avid users and followers. One of the things they want to know is what are the phones' strengths and weaknesses? And as it turns out, it was observed that the latest variant of iPhones have far more strengths than weaknesses.Apple's next-gen iPhones could be the most powerful smartphones on the planet right now, and they've been improved in nearly every way compared to last... read more »

Chinese iPhone Owners Are Being Asked to Resign

Anybody buying an iPhone in China could end up in a troubling mess, especially if that buyer is a Chinese.The Nanyang Yongkang Medicine Company, located in the Henan province, sent out a memo to staff explicitly telling staff not to buy the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Those that ignored the directive were told they should simply resign, according to the BBC’s translation of the document, which had been shared extensively on Chinese social media.Nanyang Yongkang Medicine was reported to be not the only com... read more »

iPhone 7 Needs A Lot of Catching-Up

If Apple engineers are to be believed, changes were made to the iPhone 7 because it's increasingly difficult to think of new features and the phone makers have pretty much run out of room for new components inside.That, says Apple, is why it removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which went on sale last 14 September. The headphone jack may not seem very big — but on the inside of the phone, the corresponding receptacle occupies an unnerving amount of nonnegotiable space.So how can one l... read more »

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