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Recent blog posts on Infertility

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October Causes by Julie Arduini

Twenty-seven causes and awareness campaigns. Thats what I saw when I Googled this month and the awareness campaigns. I thought I would share a couple that are personal to me, and offer encouragement if those are your reality. National Bullying Continue reading read more »

Called, But Not Equipped by Julie Arduini

Years ago there was a guest speaker at our church who prayed for people and had words of encouragement for some. When he got to me I remember thinking he was the real deal. In prayer he shared Christs heart Continue reading read more »

Hope Through A Hurricane Makes One Heck Of a Ra...

Infertility has plagued me for as long as I was trying to have children. As teenagers,and unmarried adults, most have been preached not to have kids out of wedlock. Yet, some of us never realized how difficult it would be to create the family of our dreams while others seem to pop out babies like Tic Tacs. My husband and I experienced this stressful and heart breaking scenario as well as many of our friends. One particular friend has been trying since got married 18 years ago. She has heard diagnosis aft... read more »

Guest Post: The Complicated Road to Motherhood

Hello there, pursuers! I know Ive been a bit quiet on the blog lately, but my schedule has been incredibly busy! Ill be back with posts of my own soon, but in the mean time, I have some great guest posts to share! A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on the sad side [] The post Guest Post: The Complicated Road to Motherhood appeared first on In Pursuit of Simple. read more »

Mother’s Day and Infertility by Julie Arduini

The smell of hyacinths filled the air. Ladies walked in hand-in-hand wearing their finest clothes and holding chubby little hands. They sat and listened to the pastor talk. About them. All good stuff. Encouraging words. Inspiring message. He ended the message with an invitation to help themselves to a plant. A challenge to the men [] read more »

MF, Reincarnated

Loyal Followers of Da Blog: There is an MF3. If you are NOT an LFoDB and have no idea WTF I’m talking about, you can read about my experience with MF1 and MF2 here. (I apologize for all the initials, but I’m super tired of having to spell things out for people. Like how NOT EVERYBODY can get pregnant by dipping her pinky finger in a used condom.) This woman—MF3—like her predecessors, thought the middle of a crowded playground was the ideal place to flaunt both her fertility and her total disregard... read more »

I’m Not Ready by Julie Arduini

You know the phrase, Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it? I was thinking about that when I looked at the pictures from Greater Buffalo earlier this week. I heard a lot of people say how they wanted snow. The people who saw 50+ inches of snow, yes, nearly 5 [] read more »

Consider it All Joy

It's been one year since I sat nervously waiting - they were late. I cleaned, re-cleaned, and organized some more to keep myself busy. I finally saw a car pull into the drive and my heart raced. She's here. Our social worker got out first and then lifted the most precious little girl out of the back seat and came to the front door. This beautiful girl came bounding in the door, put her backpack down, looked and me and said, "Hi mom," and at that moment I thought my heart would burst. She was amazing - so... read more »

It’s a Good Thing by Julie Arduini

Ill never be mistaken for Martha Stewart on several levels, but she has that catch phrase, Its a good thing. Well, there are some good things going on that I thought I would share. Because in full disclosure, Im dealing with the stomach bug making its way through the family, were trying to ready our [] read more »

Wir stellen vor – Koordinatorin für türkische u...

Wir stellen vor – Ebru Sengoz, Koordinatorin für türkische und deutsche Patienten. Ebru wurde in Deutschland geboren und hat dort bis zur einschließlich neunten Klasse die Schule besucht. Ihre Eltern sind dann mit Ihr zurück in die Türkei gegangen.Dort hat Ebru nach dem Gymnasium die UniversitätDokuz Eylül besucht und ihr Studium als Fremdsprachenlehrerin erfolgreich absolviert.Sie spricht fließend Deutsch und Türkisch.Nach Ihrem Abschluss war Ebru in verschieden Arbeitsfeldern tätig.Ein großer Teil I... read more »

Reproduktionszentrum Zypern

Über unsUnser Zentrum für Reproduktionsmedizin „Kibris Tüp Bebek Merkezi“ wurde am 22. April 2005 gegründet und bietet seither auf diesem Gebiet seine Dienste an. Wir befinden uns in GAZİMAGUSA / KKTC unter der Schirmherrschaft von YAŞAM HASTANESİ. Die Labore und Behandlungsräume in unserem Zentrum, sowie sämtliche Ausstattungen sind auf dem neuesten technologischen Stand und auf europäischem Niveau. Unser Ziel ist es hier, auf dem Gebiet der Reproduktionsmedizin einer der Vo... read more »

Wir stellen vor - Koordinatorin für deutschspra...

Wir stellen vor - Lisa Schwarz, Koordinatorin für deutschsprachige Patienten Lisa ist eine gebürtige Engländerin, die in Deutschland aufgewachsen ist und somit fließend Deutsch und Englisch spricht. Seit zehn Jahren lebt und arbeitet Lisa in England. Sie hat einen 13 jährigen Sohn und ist mit ihrer Sandkastenliebe verheiratet. Lisa war viele Jahre im technischen Bereich als Marketing Assistentin und Übersetzerin tätig. Dann wurde Sie wieder schwanger und verlor ihr Kind in der 17 SSW. Dieser Schicks... read more »

Wir stellen vor

Wer steckt eigentlich hinter EFA Eizellspende im Ausland? Also, wir sind eine Assoziation von europäischen Frauenärzten und haben EFA gegründet, um Patienten, die eine Kinderwunschbehandlung in Zypern wünschen, den Behandlungsablauf zu erleichtern und eine gute Betreuung zu gewährleisten. Die europäische Fertilitätsassoziation (EFA) ist eine Schwesterorganisation der United Kingdom Cypriot Fertility Association UKCFA, die 2008 von Frauenärzten in England gegründet wurde, um englischen Paaren einen le... read more »

Wissenswertes: Kinderlosigkeit - Unfruchtbarkei...

Wir möchten Ihnen soviel Information wie möglich zukommen lassen. Täglich sind wir auf der Suche nach Links und Artikeln. Die richtige Information ist ein wichtiger Schritt auf dem Weg Ihrer Kinderwunscherfüllung. Eine Zusammenfassung der medizinischen Begriffe ~INFORAPID WISSENSPORTAL - EIZELLSPENDEWas ist Endometriose? Endometriose und Kinderlosigkeit? ~ENDOMETRIOSE-KINDERLOSIGKEITUnfruchtbarkeits - Mythen...welche stimmen und welche sind falsch? ~10-Grössten-Irrtümer-über-UnfruchtbarkeitBei Fragen st... read more »

Reise Info - Zypern - Zypern IVF Klinik Famagus...

Anfahrtsbeschreibung von Larnaca Flughafen bis zur Grenze Wenn Sie den Parkplatz von Larnaca Flughafen verlassen folgen Sie der Straße geradeaus bis zur Autobahn. Auf der Autobahn fahren Sie geradeaus bis sie sich aufgabelt, bleiben Sie bitte auf der rechten Spur. Folgen Sie den “Agia Napa” und “Paralimli” Schildern und biegen Sie links an der Abzweigung ab, die mit “Achna” gekennzeichnet ist. Fahren Sie über eine Brücke and biegen Sie links bei Amophostos ab. Fahren Sie weiter bis Sie zur Ayios Nichola... read more »

Ihr Kinderwunsch liegt uns am Herzen.

EFA ist für Frauen gegründet worden, die eine Eizellspende benötigen und von einem festen Kinderwunscharzt bei jedem Schritt begleitet werden möchten. Unsere deutschen Kinderwunschärzte sind Experten in der Reproduktionsmedizin und haben langjährige Erfahrungen mit Eizellspendebehandlungen im Ausland. Unsere deutschsprachigen Koordinatorinnen sind gut erreichbar und stellen sicher, dass Sie bei jedem Schritt der Behandlung in Zypern begleitet werden. EFA möchte Ihnen den Prozess von Anfang bis Ende erl... read more »


I pride myself on being happy for those who become pregnant after loss and/or infertility. I rejoice in the news and await the birth of a healthy thriving baby. Recently I was conflicted by a different situation. A friend who was essential to whatever ease I could have in the wake of losing Trey. I can never fathom the thanks she deserves for her contribution to our tragic situation. So when she told me she was pregnant, every cell in my body leaped with joy. I asked her how long she had been trying and ... read more »

What to Expect Before Expecting - IVF Fertility...

Before starting with any fertility treatment, you and your partner should discuss how far you are going to take it and where to draw the line. Are you going to only try medicine, are you willing to go for surgery? In addition to that, you also have to discuss how much money you are going to spend on these treatments as they can become a rather costly affair. Making sure to discuss these issues before the treatment starts will help you from becoming emotionally and financially drained.Depending on what is... read more »

Long time coming

Ive been putting off writing this post since forever. Im all on for the sharing of anonymous information with strangers that come across the blog but its much harder to write something personal when I know that theres people in our real lives who read what I put up here. Its even harder when its information that not all of them will have been privy to (until now). This is not a post that will come easily to me, and Id imagine its not going to always be easy to read either. Also, if youre anyway squeamish... read more »

Salt to the Wound

I was once told that since I have conceived a child, it would be easier in subsequent tries. I had such anxiety about my infertility when trying to get pregnant the first time. After we lost Trey, I worried that my chance to have children was lost. My husband and I were eager to try again, yet petrified of going through child loss again. Getting pregnant with Lorelei took less time but still filled me with anxiety again. At this point I had lost a child and had two chemical pregnancies that my husband ... read more »

It Won't Be Me

I will get married and have the three children I always dreamed of. My fertility will make it quite easy, hopefully too easy.My pregnancies will be 100% pure joy and the births will go on without a hitch.I will birth my babies and take them home with me a few days later. Everyone will celebrate and balloons will be put on the mailbox.My children will grow up healthy, give me a run for my money yet succeed at anything they try to do.They'll be the picture of health, save the variousinfectious"bugs" that g... read more »

Some Mothers...

Some Mothers wish for childrenConceive their childrenPlan what they want for their livesEnjoy healthy prenatal appointmentsHear and see healthy heartbeats in sonogramsFind out the sex of the babyTake care of their pregnant bodiesFeel kicks, hiccups, and contractionsGive glorious birth to healthy babiesFind pride in their childrenWork through the sleepless nightsTrudge through the "terrible twos"Attend school plays and performancesGo to sports and dance practicesWeather the storms of parenthoodHelp them w... read more »

Fertility Monitor Give Away many of you know, I was given the opportunity toreviewanOvaCue fertility monitor with vaginal sensor! So many of you expressed an interest in a giveaway that I had to figure out how to make that happen. Not only did I get you a giveaway, I did one better! I managed to turn this into an even cooler giveaway event by inviting my dear friend Jayme atThe Tater Twinsto join me! What does this mean? This means TWO ... read more »

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