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Safest place in the plane, according to studies...

A large number of travelers using the plane as a means of transport are always wondering which is the safest place in the aircraft in the event of an incident. read more »

Hiccups Will Be The Death Of Me

It isn’t easy being a neurotic mess. Sure, Woody Allen made it look effortless in every single one of his movies. Larry David has made a career out of making neurosis appear easy. As a self-proclaimed high-strung nutjob, though, I can tell you that some days your mind has to go miles out of its [] read more »

Las "dos Españas" de hoy

Los periodistas Pablo Machuca del Huffington Post y Aleix Poblet de LaSexta han sido agredidos este sábado en la manifestación "anti-podemos" que ha tenido lugar en la plaza de Colón de Madrid. El primero de ellos ha recibido un golpe en el brazo y su cámara ha caído al suelo, resultando gravemente dañada. Por otro lado, el periodista de la conocida cadena de televisión, ha sido zarandeado y golpeado mientras le increpaban: "Sois unos mentirosos, hijos de puta". "O les echáis vosotros o les echamos nosot... read more »

When Wearing Black Goes Wrong

I think I can say for most of us that we do enjoy wearing black from time to time, right curvy divas?! In fact, for some people, they wear only the color black. I say that's a bit... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

The deterioration of the Huffington Post

I keep my eye on many news sources, and sometimes this includes the gutter press tabloids and other less credible organizations (Fox, RT, etc). I've noticed in recent years many organizations that previously appeared somewhat professional, and now they don't. Today I spotted this little chestnut from Huffington Post UK... This is not the first time either, that I've seen the HuffPo get really unprofessional... I normally see something questionable at least every other day, and sometimes more frequen... read more »

Visual Update #2

Photo Shoot with Nobuyuki Taguchi | Cookies | My Article on The Huffington Post | Vice The Fashion Issue | Zombie Makeup | Alex Paterson in a chicken mask| Alex Paterson at the Dub Bunnies Event| Setlist| This is what happens when I'm left to clean.So I've put together another 'visual update' post to show you what I've been up to of late in pictures. I recently had another shoot with the very talented Nobuyuki Taguchi, this was in aid of Jin Murano's make up portfolio, I had a lovely time and have added ... read more »

A Eulogy To Music Stores

I recently wrote a piece on the decline of music stores, HMV being the given one and my experience with buying music in its more physical form. It has been published on The Huffington Post where I will be now contributing as regularly as I can on the student blog section. Please go take a look hereand like/share if it speaks to you. All support is thoroughly appreciated and of course I'll still be posting here! read more »

Are You Fulfilling the Highest Expression of Yo...

In a recent article in the Huffington Post, entitled "Five Guiding Questions for Living Life to the Fullest," writer Karen Talvera answered five questions within the context of her spiritual framework. Karen's answers gave me the shot of inspiration I needed to evaluate these questions within the context of my own life, my passion, goals, vision, and commitments. Here are the original questions and my answers:1) Imagine this is the end of your life... What would you like to have said to the world? Just... read more »

The Challenge for Writers.

Allerthorpe Woods. For those of us who like, want, need or arecompelled to express ourselves in writing there are a number of challenges tobe faced. These vary according to the nature of the writer and the type ofwriting pursued. So, if you're a writer, what are your challenges? I'll start you off with my own. My most basic challenge is one I impose on myself bya quirk of personality: I feel strongly about many topics; passionate, even.But I used to allow this strong emotion to overwhelm my writing,... read more »

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