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Howdy folks! 😀 "RSS Feed For Blogspot/Blogger" After trying for what has seemed like an endless amount of time to create an RSS feed widget for my other Blogspot blogs to place on this one, using, and having no luck with the feed given by Blogspot, I FINALLY decided to look at the code in the feed widgets I've previously made successfully. When it comes to HTML code, using it, and deciphering it, I am really BAD at it. 😧 Since I used the RSS feed from Blogspot previously... read more »

Basic HTML To Spice Up Your Blog

Bloggers should try to learn basic HTML because it can save a ton of money.  It is an easy way to spice up your blog without breaking the bank. Learn Basic HTML Introduction To The post Basic HTML To Spice Up Your Blog appeared first on Concierge Librarian. read more »


JSONP全名JSON with Padding,有Padding的JSON資料,Padding的部份基本上是指呼叫的函式。很多伺服器設定不能直接存取不同網域的伺服器,在使用AJAX時要GET、POST其他網域的WEBSERVICES就會發生錯誤.這時候就可以用JSONP來寫WebservicesTr read more »