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Recent blog posts on Home Security

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What you have to do before you go on holiday to...

Before you go on vacation, you may be so focused on packing all the things you need on vacation and forget to take all the necessary steps to leave the read more »

Top Ways to Improve Home Security in the Philip...

Securing your property in the Philippines is vital for protecting your valuables. Doing it right will certainly ensure peace of mind among its inhabitants. There are a variety of steps you can take to improve home security, many of which are extremely affordable. To find out more, take a look at the tips below: Don’t [] The post Top Ways to Improve Home Security in the Philippines appeared first on The Tottering Mama. read more »

Have You Tried Quick Lockworks Locksmith Services?

Have you been to Southwest Calgary? Perhaps you have noticed how locks of most of their home and offices there were carefully crafted. Well, you might want to know who's behind those ingenuity. Quick Lockworks did their craft perfectly! They offer both office and residentiallocksmith services. They don't have any trade secrets, they just simply use quality materials and hired well equipped and well-trained staff. All of us wants our home and businesses to be really secured and we just could not compr... read more »

My Folks Moved…

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps My folks recently moved into the city which I can’t really say I understand. They’ve always liked being out on the farm but they said they’re sick of being out of touch and that they really wanted to be closer to all of us and the grandkids. I went over [...] read more »

Protect your home this summer!

With summer approaching, many of you may be considering family vacations. You know who else is looking forward to their summer vacation? Neighborhood thieves! Here are a couple of useful articles on how burglars determine if a home is a good topic. From Readers Digest, these two articles are great conversation starters: 13 Things a Burglar Wont Tell [...] read more »

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