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Recent blog posts on Heaven

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Tittertastic Saturday – Two Close Friends Meet ...

bethere2day - Tittertastic Saturday - Two close friends meet in Heaven and start asking questions Tittertastic Saturday Two Close Friends Meet In Heaven. read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥In case any of my readers/viewers are wondering still, I looooove horses!♥ "Paradise" Full Size PNG (2448x3264): by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly©2016-06-21All rights reserved.Website: www.artsieladie.comBlog (here): http://artsieladie-quotes.blogspot.... read more »

An Atmosphere Of Love

This morning I made a conscious decision to not “jump out” of bed. I lay there and listened to the sounds. As I often do, I meditated on the sounds, smells and activity of heaven. I began to think what the atmosphere looked like. What it truly would look like were it to be appropriated Continue reading An Atmosphere Of Love read more »

God Listens, Works on Our Requests, and Answers

It is so hard to wait until the last minute to get an answer to prayer. As a human being, I tend to forget that he is in control and by allowing him such control; all works out in Continue reading read more »

They Don’t Like That In Heaven

bethere2day - GOD visited a woman and told her she must give up smoking, drinking and sex if she wants to get into heaven. They Dont Like That In Heaven read more »

What’s our future?

Wish all a very happy new year, 2015. We, as modern human specie are now +200,000 years old. Enough time has passed for us to start wondering what is our future? Modern human today has a vast pool of knowledge available at his figure tips. What is going to matter is do we understand that knowledge and will we act for our specie to evolve from modern human? “Asking the right question gives you 50% probability of getting the right answer” Evolution needs to be looked through a larger lens than it ha... read more »

Change That Changes

Last night I pondered my day and while I was sitting upstairs I thought, what is it that I can release into the atmosphere that I would know would change someone’s life. The thought came to me that I wanted to see myself somewhere else. I wanted a visitation to a “visible” heavenly place. I [] read more »

Destroy The Works Of The Enemy

The enemy of our soul is alive and well, regardless of our belief or lack of belief in him. The devil and his minions move about looking to hurt, kill and destroy. I bring this up because lately I have noticed a number of folks who were struck down by a virus or disease that [] read more »

Cosmocopia – REVIEW

Cosmocopia by Paul Di Filippo (Website, Goodreads)Published by Open Road Integrated Media on 2 September 2014 Pages: 304 ISBN: 9781497664654 Format: eARC Source: Advanced Reviewer's Copy Goodreads Buy Amazon UK • Buy Amazon USA • Amazon CA •Waterstones•Buy at Foyles • An insane, broken pulp-art painter gets chance at redemption in a phantasmagoric science fiction wonder from a true master of the weird Before his stroke and the onset of old age, Frank Lazorg was the king of the fantasy illustrators—with a... read more »

Realms And Dimensions – Thinking Of Heaven

This morning it was nearly 0300 dark when I awoke. As I lay there I began to meditate on my favorite subject. Heaven. I often think about the occupants, the physical layout, the supernatural beings that are spoken of in the scriptures. The more I think on heaven the more I want it here. Now. [] read more »

Decoding - Heaven & Hell

I can save you from the dilemma of LIFE. From the question that haunts every time you start to introspect or let’s say pray. I know you have thought of this question multiple times in your life and mostly given up hoping your sins will be washed and you will some how gain entry in to Heaven. Depending on the religion you follow or faith you belong to, you would’ve received some knowledge on how to commit sinful actions and then ask for forgiveness. If not ask, bath in some water or simply drink some to p... read more »

5 Reasons To Be An Atheist

Hi. For anyone unsure about atheism, here's 5 reasons to be one! #1 There Is No Evidence To Support God Now, this one is pretty obvious, but I'm still going to mention it. If there is no evidence for a "Sky Daddy," then why would you believe in one? Follow the evidence. No proof for God = probably no God. #2 You Appreciate Life More This one is less obvious so I shall explain it. If you're religious then you believe in some kind of afterlife, right? I mean, Christians dedicate their lives to getti... read more »

To Mentor..Or Not To Mentor…Is There A Question?

Last night I had the opportunity to share on mentoring with the adult class at our VBS. (Which was epic this year!) One of the things the Lord shared with me some 15 years ago or so was. Every Timothy needs a Paul. Every Paul needs a Timothy. And every Barnabas needs a Paul.(And vice [] read more »

The Portals Are You – Today Is the Day

Houston-We have liftoff If you guys can go to the other side of Houston, I can have you on your way home”, the dispatcher said. Homewe had not been to Vermont for nearly 6 weeks. As we left the truck stop, with the idea of a load going home, everything seemed to be going [] read more »

A small piece of Heaven on Earth

in Italy! Este fin de semana he estado en un pequeño lugar en el norte de Italia un espacio mágico creado por los Sres. Becchetti Binkert. Han restaurado una hacienda construida en el 1654 cuando esta parte de Italia fue conquistada por España. Han prestado atención e importancia hasta al detalle más pequeño [] read more »

Just Like That . . . .

Just like that I want to live, I want to die, I want to reach above the sky. Above the earth, I want to fly, Though impossible, I want to try. I want to jump, I want to roll, I want to seperate my body from my soul. I want to crawl, I want to run, I want to shine brighter than sun. I want to love, I want to hate, I want to win and defeat my fate. I want to die, and take rebirth, as a illusion on a seperate earth. I want pleasure, I want pain, I want to run madly in rain. I want to s... read more »

No Resting Here.

I wrote about my Aunt Jessie turning 100 years old in this post. She went to heaven last Sunday. She was 101 and very close to 102. Yes, our family is saddened, but we also celebrate her long and colorful life. I was privileged to spend time with her and her family as a teenager. [...] read more »

A Place We Can Go . . . .

Steps to heaven The deeper part of the dark, Is when you cannot hear your heart.Step by step you make amends,choosing wisely, picking up friends.Store bought tokens take you plans,putting them in machines that make you dance.What a country town that drags you down,surrounded by people that makes you frown.Speaking words that seem profound,digging up dirt that should remain underground.I am just a simple person that loves to lounge,play the guitar and sing out loud.But men try to crush me, tear me apart... read more »

Read My Novel, Free: Chapter 5.

Breaking Faith is publishedas a paperback and an ebook. I'm posting individual chapters here, each week,so that anyone who wishes can read the book in full and free of charge. If you missed the start, here'sthe link: I posted Chapter 1 on 13January, following chapters appear each Friday and can be found via thearchive. Read, enjoy, invite yourfriends. Chapter 5 Friday 12th March ‘Can’t understand it, OldHodge; lass ‘as been e... read more »

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