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HEAT waves will keep a third of aircrafts from ...

Frequent heat waves and rising temperatures due to global warming could keep the ground up to one third of the planes around the world in the coming decades, and some read more »

The Shitting-Ass Woods Were On Fire

It's been a while since I've posted. I can't help it, you've all become victims (or benefactors depending on how you view my ramblings) of my Dragon Age obsession. The new one is coming out in October, so of course, I've got to replay the old games and make sure that I'm happy with the paths my characters have taken. Well, that and the fact that I work and have all of my usual parenting duties. And my vacuum broke again and my computer is still being a fussy biatch, but I digress. A couple days ago, I wa... read more »

Working the Jazz: Alice Carbone on Miles Davis ...

Writing with jazz in the Los Angeles heat. This column is also LIVE on iTunes, Episode 13. It's FREE, Enjoy! "You teach, and it comes right back to you," Davis says. "I'd show Herbie something, or Wayne, and they'd take it further. It's like putting a crease in your pants, only somebody else continues with the iron." From an interview to Miles Davis by Ken Franckling, 1986 The other night I was preparing my interview to Douglas Rushkoff in that unbearable heat that every year hits Los Angeles for t... read more »

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