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Recent blog posts on Heart Health

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Monday Morning Motivation: Flatline to Finishline

One in three people will suffer from heart disease in their lifetime, but only one in a million will thrive from it. HEART: Flatline to Finish Line® is the raw and emotional journey of six individuals from hospital beds to the finish line of one of the world’s most grueling endurance events, the IRONMAN® triathlon. [] read more »

Tali-O Bites Review

Dates can be a lot of things. They can be fun or awkward, good or bad, exciting or duller than a dollar store can opener. But you know what dates you can always count on? The sticky kind, especially with nuts. Bahahahahahaha I know, Im so funny (why isnt anyone laughing?). Moving on... As a self-proclaimed date-lover, I was excited to try Tali-O Bites! Theyre date and nut bites (also available in bar form for those who dont find all miniature finger food snacks adorable) and they are vegan, certified ... read more »

Barney Butter

I looove almond butter.So does C, my little sister - luckily, because more and more schools are putting peanut bans on lunch. C has pretty adult tastes at time. For example, she enjoys quiche and green smoothies.But sometimes all kids just want to eat kid foods! PBJ sandwiches are a childhood classic and while almond butter and banana sandwiches are the shizz, the grainier texture of almond butter just isn't the same for classic sandwiches as the smooth and creamy peanut butter.Barney Butter is the answe... read more »

Back to School Recipes: Homemade Healthy Granol...

I love, and have always loved, granola bars. They're also a perfect snack for back-to-school and in general beloved by kids and adults alike. They can also be quite healthy and pack great convenient energy! For those interested in snacking with less waste (no individual wrappers necessary - you can use reusable tupperware for transport!) and saving some money, here's a great recipe for healthy homemade granola bars!My 9-year-old sister (yes, we have a 12 year age gap) says taste better than Kashi! Hea... read more »

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