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Weekday Wisdom from the Ec Expert: Retirement I...

I'm interested in a lot of things - writing, acting, blogging, social media, biology, research, travel, politics, international relations, business, fashion, etc. Finance isn't one of them. Unfortunately for me, and everyone else who isn't a finance whiz, it's very important to make smart financial decisions. Making smart financial decisions can mean the difference between a golden age retirement, full of travel and gardening, and not being able to retire at all. Yikes! Don't let that be you. Reti... read more »

Weekend Wisdom from the Ec Expert: Financial Pl...

Normal.dotm 0 0 1 525 2209 Harvard College 46 13 3681 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false There are many harsh realities that you're hit with once you graduate:You can't 'game' your work schedule like you could your class schedule - bye-bye, 10am day starts.You can't stay up to all hours of the night and be fine (see above).If you forgot to go grocery shopping, there willbe no food in your kitchen. This isn't a magically self-replenishing dining hall, like you had at schoo... read more »

Recipe Review: New York Cheesecake

I visited home for a long weekend at the beginning of the month (guys, how is it already August?) and my mom really likes cheesecake, so I decided to make a cheesecake for my AWESOME mom!We didn't have any graham crackers in the house, so I used Sandy's recipe for a New York Cheesecake that doesn't have a graham cracker crust! Of course, I made some alterations. Following recipes to the letter? Generally not my thing, I like mixing things up! Here's my version of her recipe: New York Cheesecake Makes ... read more »


This is a bit over-due, but here's a photo dump post (courtesy of my smartphone) of my graduation from Harvard. Graduating from Harvard #letmetakeaselfieI now have an A.B. Degree in Human Evolutionary Biology from Harvard University (in a nice frame and everything) and am officially a real life grown up working a real life full time (and then some) awesomejob as Chief City Writer at a tech startup in SoHo! At lunch with my parentsOur Class Day speaker was Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and our Commenc... read more »

The Emotional Stages of Graduation

Congratulations to all 2014 grads! The 2014 World Cup might be pretty darn exciting, but it has nothing on the fact that ****WE'RE DONE******!1) DisbeliefLike wait, what? Wasn't freshman initiation yesterday? Don't I have some paper that I have to turn in or some exam that I need to take or some something that I have to do? It can't just be over, just like that, can it?2) Sheer BlissIt'strueit'strueit'strue NO. MORE. STUDYING.Semester notes, meet recycling bin.YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Th... read more »

Top Ten Tips for a Successful Move

Since I'm graduating (can I say that enough times? I'mgraduatingI'mgraduatingI'mgraduating) I'm moving cities - to NEW YORK CITY! Still, a move is a move. Here are my tips, hopefully I can take some of my own advice next week.Don't count on it.1) Give yourself enough time.I'm guilty of breaking this cardinal rule, but I blame it on Manhattan rent - I'm moving into my new apartment on Sunday, June 1 in the evening and beginning work on Monday, June 2 in the morning.Nobody talk to me. I'm going to be grouc... read more »

Ten Things to Do Before Graduation

Since I'm about to ****GRADUATE**** I thought I'd put together a list of pre-graduation to-dos for those with a semester or more left!1)Take a class for fun.Twelve years of education plus four years of higher education can sometimes lead to a little burnout - it's a lot! And getting bogged down with trying to make the grade can be a bummer, too. But when it comes down to it, learning is fun. Take a class purely for fun to remember that you actually doenjoy learning. If you didn't you probably wouldn't h... read more »

[What's POP] 17 year old Ghanaian Accepted to 8...

In the next month, Kwasi Enin must make a tough decision: Which of the eight Ivy League universities should he attend this fall? The 17-year-old violist and aspiring physician from Shirley N.Y., applied to all eight schools, from Brown to Yale. The responses began rolling in over the past few months, and by late last(...) read more »

NASA and BBC lie about Earth like planets.

Friends, I wrote about Science misrepresenting reality, or truth. And it was interesting to read from a comment that we should expect reporters to sensationalize data. And that does not mean Science lied. OK. Now NASA and BBC report that Continue reading read more »

Mary Mackey's SUGAR ZONE

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Sugar ZoneMary Mackey Amazon Kindle 107 pages Subjects: Poetry, Bilingual, Portuguese, History, Culture, Ecology Professor and poet, Mary Mackey's new collection of poetry, recently published by Marsh Hawk Press, intertwines English and Portuguese in ... read more »

La transición económica ha comenzado

powered by Fotopedia Es muy posible que haya muchos a los que no les guste esto, pero la transición económica ha comenzado. Así lo muestran los diversos movimientos espontáneos, que se forman a lo largo del planeta cada día. Hace unos días, estudiantes de economía de la Universidad de Harvard decidieron abandonar la clase de uno de los economistas "icono" actuales, Gregory Mankiw (ex asesor de Bush). El motivo alegado por los estudiantes para esta acción fue el vacío intelectual, la corrupción moral... read more »

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