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[#Fashion] @LouisVuitton ‘The Spirit of Travel’...

Loius Vuitton took to the fields of South Africa for their most recent shot campaign, The Spirit of Travel. The shots were taken by photographer Peter Lindbergh and featured models Karen Elson and Edie Campbell. These photo should be making the pages of  Vanity Fair as early as April. “It’s a mix of travel and the fashion world,”(...) read more »

Love: Teal

I really do love the colour teal, so much so that its our main wedding colour! Theres just something so...calm about it. It reminds me of the deepest parts of the ocean, the great below. I also love, love, love Etsy so I thought Id put together a collection of gorgeous teal pieces sourced only from Etsy sellers*. The best part? Everything here is under €50, so if youre looking for a lovely Christmas gift, look no further! Read more » read more »

Beg baru

Yeayyy beg baru kita.. cer teka yg mane pilihan hati $$? ahahaaa...kita dh remvatttt dulu. maka xde dlm gmbr di ats la ye.opkos la kita pilih pink sbb $$ kan Luv Pink.. lg pun color2 yg kat ats tue xde kaitan dgn sy. wakakaaaaaaka.biru itu nmpk menariks jugak tp dh terai2 nmpk sgt tidak ngam dgn $$yg ala2 dekat merah itu pun lg la x berapa nk kick dgn sywhat say u?? pink la kita. dah beli seminggu lepas tp baru hari ini nk pakai. auwwwwada org ckp klu beli color pink SUSAH nk padankan dgn baju2 yg col... read more »


amacam santek ke tidok?? ada sape2 nk bank-in sejumlah wang utk sy?? tolong la tolong la..... sy sgt2 teringin nk pakai beg cumel ini. korang yg dh pakai tu tentu seronok kan... Important : Declaration of images are the intellectual or personal property of the blog owner; SadiyanaSadikin. Declaration of image usage is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the blog owner; SadiyanaSadikin. Failing which may result in possible legal action against the involved party using the image. De... read more »

Stylish Photographer Must Have

Lately was making a research about cool camera bags. And found Epiphanie bags, well they look simply amazing. Just want to share this: Epiphanie Camera Bags They arent big, but lots can enter. LIBERATING STYLISH WOMEN FROM THE MAN BAG. My fave is Lola Red one: read more »

Masa Terluang Bersama Hosemeks

Sape kata saya x mesra dgn Hosemates2 saya??Hehe...xde sape kata pun kan...Saya yg tersedar dari lamunanEkceli uols...i ni bukan x mesra but i ter"over" mesraI terlalu jaga my Hosemates tue la pasal i xde kesempatan nk masukkan dema dlm n3 iJadual kerja weols masing2 berbeda2Kengkadang ok sila ulangi kengkadang sahaja mereka akan berpeluang pulang awalTuntutan kerja almaklumla~kesian mereka keje pagi smpi malamBeruntung nasib diri..xpe la yg penting mereka ade kejeLain hal la pulak dgn CIk $$ nie...Meman... read more »

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