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Preparing A Garden Tire For Planting

Before the snow started to fall in my area, I decided to prepare an old tire as a garden. The tire is not good to use on a vehicle anymore. It was given to me for free. Tires make a great place to garden. I plan to plant some flowers or a rose bush here. I have not decided yet. My preciousgrandson was over for a little while. I was babysitting him. Look at those big beautiful eyes. I love looking into his eyes. They are so dreamy and make me fall deeper in love. My grandson was a big help in helping m... read more »

Celebrating My Grandsons Birthday - KJay

The past weekend, my family got together to celebrate my only grandson's birthday. His birthday is in late June. Between the family taking vacations at different times and finding the day that was open to hold the party took a little work. Thankfully my grandson is only 2 and did not know the difference. The party was held at my dad and stepmom's. First thing everyone did was enjoy the food that was prepared. There was from the grill : BBQ chicken, brats, and hamburgers. Homemade mac n cheese, my step... read more »

Memorial Day-Remembering The Fallen

Memorial Day-My dad was a veteran of WWII. He did not die as many did, the very reason we celebrate Memorial Day, for those who gave their lives. My dad, like so many carried the guilt, the pain the hurt of fallen comrades. I never take the sacrifice lightly. This is the second of two [] read more »

Marcell Has Arrived

Today was a day where a new grandson was added to my life. Marcell J. Petit. My daughter Amy gave birth at 7 this morning. All are well. Funny, my daughter Amy asked me to prophesy over him. As I prayed for him, I felt “not yet”. Something is being added His name means hammer. [] read more »

Big Smile.

This is my youngest grandchild D.D. He is such a happy go lucky guy. We have taken to playing peek-a-boo. He hides. I hide. Laughter abounds. Even upside down. Big smile. read more »


Tomorrow is looking to be a wonderful day. It is looking like my newest grandson will make his appearance. How excited am I? thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much! Yeppers. Cinderella will be induced tomorrow I am praying it go fast. Tomorrow will also be a long day at work waiting to hear. But it is worth the wait. [...] read more »

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