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Save Those Wine Corks For Our Cruise Boat

As a young boy, John Pollack built boats from scrap wood that eventually sank.  He dreamed of building a boat from something that couldnt sink.corks. Over the next 25 years, he never stopped saving corks.  His book, Cork Boat, is a memorable account of making his dream a reality.  His 27 foot boat is made [] The post Save Those Wine Corks For Our Cruise Boat appeared first on Retire for the Fun of it. read more »

SALE! 12 Hour Super Special ... TODAY, JANUARY ...

Save 40% on our Spectrum Noir Marker Storage 6 piece tray set! Valid for 12 hours only - 7am - 7pm on January 5th, 2014 - Shop now! read more »

DIY Yarn Lightshade

Have you guys discovered Pinterest yet? Im totally addicted. Every time I pop on there I find another 50 projects that I just have to do and some of them are so simple. Therere a few projects on there that come up time and time again and I keep telling myself that I must get around to soon. The other night Big Guy had a lot of catching up to do on the Sky+ box and I figured that it was as good a time as any for me to get stuck into one of the pins that I see all the time and looks easy-peasy. (It also he... read more »

My Fab DIY'd Wedding Shoes - Part 2

I finally got over the shoe fear and just went for it! They look amazing, I cant wait to wear them. Theyre drying here beside me as I type and Ill add another layer of glitter, then a topcoat seal and theyll be done! So, do you want a pair of your very own glitter-sole dancing shoes (cos baby, these are DANCING shoes!)? Read more » read more »

Product Review: Weldbond- Much More Than Great ...

Hi There,Okay, this is one of my single most favorite craft products, Weldbond. It's like Elmer's on steroids! I use it as a glue and a decoupage medium. But see what a fellow Etsian has to say here as well!!Patrice read more »

DIY Purse Flower Tutorial

This brilliant idea came from a friend who is helping me and several other ladies make accessories for a Fall bazaar. I know youve seen those purses with a huge flower right on the side of them. Theyre really cute! Now, you can make your own! Here are some pictures of the one Ive already [...] read more »

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