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WW On A Tuesday – Tip Of The Week 2

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - Tip Of The Week 2 WW On A Tuesday Tip Of The Week 2 read more »

Get 20% discount with this code: “20off1455” 1 ...

Get 20% discount with this code: “20off1455” 1 ♡  2 ♡  3 ♡  4 ♡  5 read more »

Sexy Specs-y; My Firmoo Eyewear Review

Disclaimer; Post contains affiliate links. I received my eyewear at no cost in exchange for writing an unbiased, honest review regarding my experiences with Firmoo. I was recently approached by Firmoo, in order to review a pair of their snazzy specs from their ever-changing website, and jumped at the opportunity to work with the business. Although my husband needs glasses and won't admit it, no one in the household wears prescription lenses. Due to anxiety issues, as well as my penchant for stylishly c... read more »

A new look!

Look who got glasses? Turns out that Bilal is a little bit far sighted. But he needed glasses mostly because of his astigmatism. He won't need to wear them all the time, but definitely during school work and reading. I think they look cute. And he's definitely not too disappointed to have to wear them! read more »

Black and Man Shirt | Outfit

I had to get these photos taken by my mum, safe to say they're not very good but she does her best and I'm happy with that. I wore this when the weather had a dip and wasn't very warm. So much for it been summer time. I soon have a photo shoot with this same shirt. I say photo shoot it was someone i know who has a better camera and has photography know how. Who says women can't wear men's clothes? This is a man's shirt and i like wearing it. I bought it just because i wanted a red flannel. Also it's no... read more »

Life Through A Fisheye Lens

It was a week ago today. A friend was moving into a new home. As I am an incredibly good friend, I opted to help. I lifted and carried and lugged and hoisted, loading everything into a large truck before heading to my friend’s new home. That is when tragedy struck. I was helping to [] read more »

WHAT'S IN MY | college bag.

hello everyone! Today I've got a 'What's in my college bag' and I'm thinking about doing a 'What's in my hang bag' next... so let me know if you think that's a good idea:-) I know loads of people have such interesting things in their bag but I try to keep it to a minimum and only travel with mynecessities. It's kind of ridiculous that I don't have a pencil case for college but I just take a pen which is from my mums workplace and it has Jamaica written in pink on the side. My bag which is the main f... read more »

Affordable Trendy Eyewear from FOUR EYES

Chocochip, Gummy Bears, Maple Syrup, Frozen Yoghurt words you’d expect to see in a candy shoppe are surprisingly the very same words you’d find in the newest optical store in the country.   With eye wear named after delectable treats and even gadgets, you can expect that they’d be fashionable and hip.  These trendy eyewear are [] read more »

4th Pair of Glasses BROKE AGAIN!!!

Tell me!!!! When will this stop???? 4 pairs of glasses in a span of 2 years! He either sits on them OR gives them a bungee jump ride, without the rope to break the crash that is! Punishment after punishment. Will punishment still work when accidents after accidents kept happening?! *SCREAM* I was so happy [...] read more »

My Kitkit is an Angel!

Nope, not that Kitkit did something fantastic today, but I found a halo over his head. *laugh* Another thing caught my eyes. Matching Eyewear for his soccer outfit today! Blue Frame Yellow Sides Perfect match indeed! For my faithful readers, you might have shouted Fourth Pair!, if you remembered this blog post I did some [...] read more »

He Sat on His Glasses

AGAIN! Yes! He sat on his glasses again! So this is his third pair of glasses. *Aaarrggghhhh* There are certain (few, I would say) things I am extremely particular about, one of them is myopia. I had written TOO MANY posts on this topic and mentioned in the past about how heartbroken I would be [...] read more »

Lunch today

At Rock and Roll Sushi! Delicious!I took Bilal to see the optometrist a couple of days ago. He has been doing exactly what Hamza did before we found out he was very near-sighted, creeping towards the TV. But in addition he has also been complaining about his eyes hurting and his head hurting in the afternoons. With Bilal you just don't know what to make of those complaints; sometimes I think he is constantly seeking something to complain about.So even though he's only five, off we went for an eye exam. H... read more »

Enjoying the View.

My beautiful, sweet granddaughter recently was having a bit of trouble with her eyesight. She was squinting to see the board at school and  had trouble seeing at a distance. She now is the proud owner of eyeglasses. I must say she looks smart and sleek and I am glad she can see things she [...] read more »


Some days ago I recieved from Proopticalspair of great glasses. I like using glasses as accessory, So I was happy.. Especially, cause they are pink and pink is one of my favourite colours! You can find them HERE! There are also a lot of great shapes and styles, so, if you are looking for glasses, I strongly recommend you this online-store.Thank you, Proopticals! read more »

It’s all Japanese to me: Speyes

I dont know how many times Ive been wearing sunglasses and thinking well these glasses are great, they protect my eyes, but I cant see behind me! whats with that! Well say goodbye to those embarrassing moments, and say hello to Speyes, the fantastic glasses that transform your eyes into mini telescopes. So discrete, you [...] read more »

How big is Atlas?

He's high-jantic! (That, by the way, is my absolute favorite Bilal word).When we first got our Great Pyrenees puppy he was six months old, and a mere 72 pounds. He still looked huge when compared to our three year old. Six months later he is weighing in at a whopping 102 pounds, and I'm sure he's still got some more growing to do. Now he weighs about the same as our fourteen year old! We watched him go through the long, skinny stage, where he lost his winter coat and started stretching out. Now, with muc... read more »

Saying Goodbye

I am not good at saying goodbye. For almost eleven years we had been together in my room. I love to glance at the smooth face as the hands runs slowly. A companion indeed for so long, it is difficult let go. Nothing is permanent in life I had accepted this notion long time ago. However when parting time comes, it is difficult. The ticking had stopped. The familiar sound is no more… read more »

New look

Safa's been complaining of late afternoon headaches a lot recently, and she was nearly a year out from her last eye exam, so I figured we should get it done just a few weeks early. She's been noticing a difference in her vision so we figured that's probably the culprit. After her eye exam yesterday we found that her vision is a little bit worse, but she's also more astigmatic. So we got a new prescription for glasses (although she really, really, really wants contacts) and she picked out a pair. I told h... read more »

My New Specs

As I have previously mentioned on twitter, I have recently gotten new pair of eyeglasses and it feels kinda weird. I used to have a plain black frame, remember? I blogged about it previously but just in case you have forgotten what it looks like, here's a photo. The old one looked fine and all, but my glasses needed an upgrade, if that's what you call it, so I no longer have 20/20 vision instead I have 75/50 vision, it used to be 25/50 but then because of my online activities, it has gotten worse. I bla... read more »

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