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WEITZMANN-Watches. Alta orologeria al polso con...

Normal 0 14 false false false IT X-NONE X-NONE L’orologio nato come strumento per segnare il tempo, che da sempre condiziona il nostro vivere quotidiano, un must che nel tempo si è adattato agli stili , alle epoche, all’esigenza di misurare il trascorrere del tempo è sempre stata sentita, è innegabile che ad esso sono legati stili, m... read more »


Greetings everyone! ♥I wrote this poem in about twenty minutes one day while I was working on my Rhymetyme Blog and it's on a page there, Have a Blessed Day, instead of as a post here on Heartbeats.This poem creates an example of someone wishing another or others a blessed day, with an expression of understanding they know it's not always as easy to do as it may sound, but also suggests how another or others might accomplish actually turning a downer day into one better and feeling blessed. Oftentimes th... read more »


Howdy folks!♥"An attitude of gratitude within maintains a happy lifeThat from us can't be stolen in times of stress and strife."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Gifted By God"(image pending)I am just a nobody with no fortune and no fame,But rich in ways many others wouldn't ever think to claim.Among His many blessings, I'm blessed with a Gift to create,To share with and touch others, to uplift and educate.But to be creative, to feel others' woes, address,God gave me a life of lessons so I could share, express.He kne... read more »

Give Greeting Card Gifts #Lovepop

Samples of Lovepop cards were provided for review purposes, however, opinionsexpressedare my own. Click for complete disclosure. If you're like me, when it comes to choosing greeting cards you put a lot of time and effort into finding the ideal one. You try to find one that looks good (image is everything, right?), expresses the right sentiment, and will mean a lot to the recipient. With the sheer number of cards, it can be quite a task. That's why when I was delighted to find out about Lovepop greetin... read more »

Christmas Greetings

Heres wishing you a joyful Christmas. Let us celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the King, Gods perfect gift. I pray you have a wonderful holiday season with your family and enjoy special time with loved ones. Take time to Continue reading read more »

Cozy Up with Fall Giveaway

I know I should have posted this a long time ago and it should have been a back-to-school giveaway; however, as the elusive "they" always says, 'it's better late than never.' I don't know about you, but when the seasons change I go through changes myself. I'll perk up in the spring, I'm ready to hang out with the kids in the summer, and I'm always in the mood to settle down with a soft blanket and a cozy sweater for the long haul of winter. With every season there's a lot to look forward to. Now, here's ... read more »

The speck of something.

That speck of something, A not-so-existent, yet all-time-there, mysterious ‘that’. When for the first time, she had found it, not by chance, She was actually made to discover it, A trait bundled up and hidden so well, eyeing for a Continue reading read more »

The Gift Of Rest by Crickett Keeth

The Gift Of Rest is a very good for bible study and guide for us to go by if you have a problem resting. I, personally, have a problem resting. I have my ministry at church, my grandma babysitting duties, a husband to see after, my crocheting mats for the homeless, it is very hard to rest. That doesn't include unexpected emergencies that pop up. This book is well written and very easy to follow. This would be a good book for group study. Pick up a copy today, you won't regret it. I received a complime... read more »

Shopping bag, SAGE

The shopping bag is as present from Elderly Centre of SAGE (The Hong Kong Society for the Aged), and was shot in apartment, North Point District, Hong Kong. read more »

Christmas Gifts

Per questo Natale io ho scelto #AccademiaforChristmas!!!Accademia è l'azienda leader nel settore cartoleria in Italia.Specializzata nella produzione e distribuzione di articoli di cartotecnica per la scuola, accessori per il tempo libero, gadget e idee regalo.Il patrimonio di Accademia comprende tanti marchi a livello nazionale e mondiale.Le linee Natale 2015: Masha e Orso, Diadora, Frozen, Chupa Chups, Carlsberg, Paw Patrol. Siamo lieti di darvi il benvenuto nel mondo Accademia...Vi invitiamo ad immerg... read more »

Petit Bateau brings in Christmas Joys

Petit Bateau is all set to wish Dubailanders Merry Christmas! Santa Claus is coming to town this December with Petit The post Petit Bateau brings in Christmas Joys appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

The Perfect Presents Basket

The Perfect Presents Basket is the *perfect* size and price to help you have the perfect Holiday! Available 11/18 & 11/19. Available in 6 beautiful solid colors - you can match this amazing basket to any decor in any season! The Perfect Presents baskets is "perfect" for gift giving! Fill the basket with a variety of tea or coffee, spa products for the bath, candy, gift cards, soaps, hair products, golf balls and tees, games and more! read more »

Tutorial for activating spelling check using sa...

I already posted few days ago that I am using my samsung E7 in updating my blog because I dont have a laptop anymore. The experience is easy and convenient but I have a hard time on spelling. Yeah! I am slow in spelling and I dont pay much attention in spelling when typing because [] read more »

Less Stress Money Saving Idea For the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner. We’re making lists of what and who to buy for. We’re rushing through the mall maxing out our credit cards. When it’s all over we’re all exhausted and for what? Let’s be honest, a nice chunk of those gifts end up being returned or in a closet never to see the light of day. To avoid the headaches consider making something in bulk and giving everyone the same thing. We all have a secret cookie, sauce, candy etc. recipe that all our friends like. It doesn’t just sto... read more »

September Exclusive!

5" Measuring Basket. Measuring baskets, with their square bottom and round top were once used to measure grain in Dresden's General Store. Today, this basket is perfect for holding snacks, candy, flatware, crayons, spare change or a small plant, to name a few. Available in Warm Brown, Light Warm Brown, Rich Brown, Pewter, Brick Red and Spice. Order yours today at read more »

Flameware for Healthy Cooking~SALE!!

Now is your opportunity to get these retiring Longaberger products before they're gone for good! All Flameware will be retiring on August 31st. Longaberger Flameware is a great way to make healthy cooking easy - and now these fabulous pieces are more affordable than ever! What makes Flameware different? Handcrafted with 100 percent natural, non-reactive ceramics. No PFOAs (Perfluorooctanoic acid, used to make non-stick cookware), lead, aluminum and heavy metals. Vitrified Plus! Designed for use on sto... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥Love is naturally natural to us because we are created of Love, from Love, by Love, for Love, and TO Love. Hate plays NO role in our creation whatsoever. Therefore, it is completely unnatural to hate. So when we hate or apply the components of hate, we are going completely against ourselves, and we desecrate the Divine Gift of God, Love. ♥"Without Love"A candle not lit, can never glow.A seed not planted, can't ever grow.A book never opened, can never be read.A path ... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥In God and Love I believe. God IS Love I perceive. ♥"Magician" I Believe In Love. I believe in Magic.Those who do not, this is so very tragic!For Love is the Magic, Love has the Power,Love's always right, every day and every hour.Love can Heal the heart and can Soothe the soul.Love can work wonders and achieve any goalThat is of a positive nature and is for good.Among us believers, it's acutely understood.For we believers know Love is always right,The Gift of God, ... read more »

What Is Free?

Last night I had a dream about something that needed to be translated but no one in the place could figure out how to do it. A message was given to us. There was something unusual about it. Yet no one could decode it. (Yes, they even tried a Google translator.) A friend took it Continue reading What Is Free? read more »

Special Order Pottery Event!

Special Order Pottery Event! May 8th-May 31st! Add to your collection! Now's your chance to replace a missing piece or expand for a growing family! With so many different colors and creations it’s easy to find the perfect gift or to treat yourself by adding to your best loved favorites! All Woven Traditions Pottery is vitrified so it’s extremely durable and made to stand up to years of daily use. It goes from freezer to microwave to oven to dishwasher to table and back again day after day, year after ... read more »

Motherly Dear $30 PayPal Cash Giveaway

It's time to honor our mother, grandmothers, great grandmothers for their great contribution to family and to the community.Mother's Day is observed on the second Sunday of May. Celebrated with gifts, cards, flowers, chocolates, etc...Other special treats may include a whole day pampering at spa or beauty treatments.But you can also treat your mother by joining this giveaway sponsored by: Traveler’s FootStepsandMems Kitchen Hosted by Momsdrive Villa and co-hosted byWalk with MeandSensy Fashion On... read more »

Gift – Gift 1972 (Germany, Krautrock/Heavy Prog...

Исполнитель: Gift Откуда: Germany Альбом: Gift Год выхода: 1972 Жанр: Krautrock/Heavy Progressive Rock Формат: MP3 CBR 320 Размер архива: 83.1 MB Дебютный альбом культовой немецкой банды из Аугсбурга (Бавария). Группа была создана в 1969 году по названием “Phallus Dei”. Через три года парни записали свой первый альбом уже как “Gift” в “Union Studios” в Мюнхене. [] Запись Gift – Gift 1972 (Germany, Krautrock/Heavy Progressive Rock) впервые появилась Rock Archeologia 60-70.?? read more »

Sweet 26: My Birthday Wish List

No one told me that letting people know what I want for my birthday or Christmas as an adult would be so difficult. As a child, my list was a mile long, and I always had that one special toy that I HAD to have. Holidays and birthdays were the only time I was almost [] The post Sweet 26: My Birthday Wish List appeared first on In Pursuit of Simple. read more »

Si yo fuera padre… ¡Feliz día del Padre!

Recuerda que puedes suscribirte para saber cuando subo nuevos posts. Hoy os traigo un post diferente a lo que os tengo acostumbrados, como sabéis el día del padre está muy cerca y seguro que os encontráis en la tesitura de querer regalar y no saber el que. Probablemente vuestros padres, Continue Reading La entrada Si yo fuera padre ¡Feliz día del Padre! aparece primero en BFMANZANO. read more »

Post-Valentine Gift For Someone Special

Valentines is over but that doesnt mean we should stop giving gifts or making that someone feel special. Here is something that will surely be a memorable gift for your loved ones. Introducing the CHOCO-ROACH from Magaul Bird Park at Jest Camp. You don’t have to be afraid, Choco-Roach are real chocolates! [] The post Post-Valentine Gift For Someone Special appeared first on The Lifestyle Avenue. read more »

DIY Gift Baskets

We’ve all been there, a gift exchange at work or the present we’d like to give could look a little better. Well sometimes making a gift basket increases the price without emptying your wallet. My place of employment had a Secret Santa. The gifts had to be between $25 to $30. I had 2 problems. I had just started, I barely knew anybody and I’m a cheapskate. Upside I love to cook and my husband finds my sauces delicious so I decided to give my homemade sauces. I made a 16oz jars of my homemade BBQ sauce... read more »


Hoje é o último domingo antes do natal e eu estou super entusiasmada por já estar próximo um dos dias que mais gosto do ano. Para acabarmos bem as inspirações de natal hoje trago-vos os embrulhos, laços e lachinhos que são um mimo.Quem me conhece sabe que adoro embrulhos diferentes e laços, e que guardo tudo (e já tenho uma coleção grandinha).E vocês são como eu? Como já estão esses preparativos para o natal? Já têm as prendas todas embrulhadas? Se não espero que este post vos inspire... read more »

Diabetic-Friendly Stocking Stuffer!

My little sister's good friend is one of the most active, bubbly, sweet little girls you'll ever meet. And at the age of ten, she has type one diabetes. Luckily for her, the candy world of today doesn't have to be as sugar-packed as Wonka's!There are so many options out there for people with all different kind of diets and now there are even some really great tasting chocolate options that are entirely free of sugar! Peg Art Creations Sugar-Free Bark is one such excellent stocking stuffer option!They'... read more »

Daily Deal 12/11

Sweet Cucumber Melon Shower Gel. An ice cold, chilled melon medley with hints of Watermelon, Honeydew, and Cantaloupe. A classic fruity fragrance! Our rich, concentrated Aloe Vera recipe is DEA free. Use with our scrunchie for an invigorating experience and when used with our soap saver it becomes a creamy hand wash. read more »

Daily Deal 12/9

Lemongrass Citrus Hand and Body Lotion. Fresh, herbal lemon citrus notes. The combination of Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil enriched with Silk Proteins and Aloe will leave your skin satiny smooth! This scent also works great as an insect repellent too! read more »

Cool Corporate Gifts!

My first job at The News Straits Times Press saw me receiving lots of corporate gift items and door gifts. Aside from creating brand awareness, corporate gift giving is a wonderful way to express gratitude and foster closer relations between clients and businesses and since I was in the Advertising line, gifts were aplenty! Now that I’m freelancing from home and no longer working in the corporate world, I hardly ever receive any door gift items anymore from marketing events, press conferences, product ... read more »

Last Agricultural Fair

I think last agricultural fair, I would say that I didn't enjoy much the event. Though I went twice but it seems like I don't feel it exciting than before. Besides, it's raining most of the time in the afternoon which made us lazy to go out in the rain. But I think my wife enjoyed it because she bought a silver ring she wanted to buy. She also wants to buy a bracelet but she wasn't able to see the bracelet she wanted. Does she look for a magnetic copper bracelets? I don't think so...I believe she is look... read more »

Is It Ready For The Big Time?

This morning I awoke rather early. I looked at the clock and I said to the Lord. “Could I have another half hour and a dream?” He honored that. I awoke exactly 30 minutes later with a dream. Why did I need another half hour? Because I was beat! Wandering around Lake George, looking at [] read more »

$50 Starbucks Giveaway

Warm up this fall with a delicious drink from your local Starbucks compliments of eMeals. This September Wife.Mother.Teacher. is giving away a $50 Starbucks Gift Card to one lucky winner. This giveaway is open to all US residents, aged 18+. The giveaway will run for the entire month of September with tons of great ways to win - so take advantage of the daily entry options. :) Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway Participating bloggers were not compensated for this post. Giveaway is not affiliated wi... read more »

Acrylic Rubber Gift Stamp By Fiskars For Sale b...

Acrylic Mounted Rubber Gift Stamp By Fiskars For Sale by BearyAmazing #BearyAmazing read more »

Musing: Au Revoir

I remember reading Malgudi Days as a kid, and I remember reading about Rama Rao. But Swami and Friends…that only rang a very faint bell in my head. Malgudi Schooldays was recently given to me as a parting gift. And as is the custom with me, I badgered the presenter to write something in the book. (Some people refuse to follow this rule. -__-) So my friend decided to write this in the book: I looked at my friend blankly and asked, “But what does that even mean?” “Wait, you haven’t yet read the book?”... read more »


A My Points Promotion - Enter and Upload a picture of what you find rewarding for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Code! read more »

Etsy Treasury! Home Is Where Your Mom Is!

Home Is Where Your Mom Is ... EVERYDAY is Mother's Day! ♥ read more »

A Beauty Day for Mother's Day and a Chance to Win

Mother's Day is next Sunday - are you ready? I feel like Mother's Day always catches me a little off-guard, even though it really shouldn't since my mom's birthday is just days earlier.But finals. Finals. FINALS. Gah. The struggle is real. Anyway, since May can be a really busy time, especially for college students, but moms are really important and deserve lots of appreciation, consider this your helpful reminder to get your mom something for Mother's Day! Especially when you're grown up and out of... read more »

Sales! Shop Walmart, For Everyday, AND Holiday,...

********** Save on All Things Baby - Visit Baby Days Savings at! For a limited time only. ********** #BADealsNOT read more »

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Whether your partner appreciates Valentines gifts completely left field, or is a gift from the heart type person, you could very well be saved from near disaster with one or several of these unique gift ideas. As I’m sure you already know, Valentine’s Day is by far the most difficult occasion for which to shop. [] read more »

A Day for Hearts

Conventionally, today is Valentine's Day. A day to be celebrated with loved ones. And that is very sweet, of course. But it is also a reminder that February 14 marks the end of Congenital Heart Defects awareness week. I admit that this year I have been amiss, not writing about it on the blog. But in my defense, it has been a very eventful week in other ways.So a reminder to all, approximately 1 in 100 children are born with a heart defect. Not all will require surgery during their lifetime, but most will... read more »

The Spirit Of Freedom Real Conversations

Each one of the came to the table. They had each been plotting against the company. They had been exposed. Brought out into the light. Their deeds had gone unnoticed for a very long time. One of them was the son of one of the executives. Life sure looked different from their end of the [] read more »

甜食░ Les Cinq Amandes美國手工訂製糖果盒

人氣 erm一直都很期待發這篇很久了,配合最近聽說很多人都要結婚了!結婚的小禮品,對現在年輕人一個夢幻的甜美婚禮wedding是大家都渴望的,看到這些可愛的甜點禮品圖片,我已經忍不住流口水了 Les Cinq Amandes是一個美國手工甜點品牌,從巧克力的甜點訂製全都是手工的,另外還有很精美的包裝禮盒,從巧克力到甜點的食材選擇,都是經過挑選,還有美麗的訂製包裝盒!真的非常特別喔~以下是我跟各位分享的手工Les Cinq Amandes美國手工糖果禮品,下面有很多美麗可口的圖片!! 剛好最近也是情人節Valentines Day近的日子❤ 閱讀更多Read More » 廠商合作邀稿Mail: [email protected] read more »

Shopping for 2013 Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas that is fast approaching, our thoughts inevitably turn in buying the perfect presents for your loved ones. And if youre the kind of person who stresses every year about how to make this Christmas extra special for the ones you love the most, then dont worry, because there are a lot of gift [] read more »

Wintertag mit Spielzeugmacher Tixx

©2010–2013 ArenaNetAb heute (10.12.) ist in Guild Wars 2 wieder Wintertag und wie auch letztes Jahr wird der Spielzeugmacher Tixx wieder nach Löwenstein zurückkehren und uns die Tage vor Weihnachten mit seinem fliegenden Infinirarium versüßen. Das Fest wird wie gewohnt 6 Wochen umfassen und alle Bewohner Tyrias versuchen nach Löwenstein zu gelangen um einen Blick auf die Werkstatt von Tixx zu werfen, welche mit der Zeit durch die Städte wandern wird. ©2010–2013 ArenaNetNatürlich gibt es wieder ein... read more »

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