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Sinister places chosen as unprecedented holiday...

The combination of emotion and danger sometimes awakens contradictory feelings. Although some images can spark fear, curiosity always overcomes. Not many times, tourists want to get to the most scary read more »

Writing Prompt: Ghosts and Cats

​Writing prompt: Ghosts and Cats Who keeps opening closed doors, unlocking locked ones, closing and locking the ones that were open? Why do you forget what drove you to enter a room just as you pass through the doorway? The Continue reading read more »

Friday Foto Follies: Ghosts

“Terror made me cruel . . .” ― Emily Brontë, Wuthering HeightsFiled under: Gallery Tagged: Friday Foto Follies, Ghosts, Ghosts in Movies read more »

Can't deny the sensitivity!

I am not sure what everyone else has experienced so far. Hopefully you've been able to navigate gracefully through everyday life and the transformation that seems to be taking place. The past couple of days have been awesome. Time REALLY seems to be slowing down for me. I am okay with this, because it has allowed me to SEE more of my own actions and others around me. In my channelings for groups and a few readings there seem to be certain themes that the guides wish us all to pay attention to. I'm ... read more »

Feels like sliding into new skin...

Well these past few days have been an exciting few. I've definitely felt and seen how I live in multiple realities at once. I'm feeling so much more expansive. I am increasingly aware of what I am doing inter-dimensionally.... even as I sit and let myself relax and clear my mind while watching a TV show. I was watching the Fosters the other day and while watching it, receiving updates on the Federations Activities and what another aspect of myself was doing with a team. Pretty neat.I know a couple member... read more »

Paranormal Blindness

The relationships between inattentional blindness, absorption, working memory capacity and paranormal belief or experiences. read more »

The Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes A Perso...

Uh oh! It’s Halloween and you still have not gotten a costume! Now your significant other will be so upset that you ruined one of his or her favorite holidays again! This is just like that St. Patrick’s Day disaster all over again. Fret not my procrastinating comrades. I am here, as always, to offer [] read more »

Diamond Sky - A Short Excerpt

The following is a mid story excerpt from DIAMOND SKY. A team of scientists have been experimenting into astral travelling and unknown to them, their research has produced terrifying side effects. In this scene a local poacher, Ned, is about to discover what kind of affect the technology has had on the local wildlife population... Ned turned off the main road onto a dirt trail that would take him out of sight or earshot of the town and observatory. There was a sweet spot he knew of down by the billabo... read more »

The Emotions of Paranormal Belief

Belief in the paranormal may have more to do with a person’s emotional state than what goes bump in the night. read more »

Bhangarh Fort Investigation

We investigated the most haunted location in India - the Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan. From centuries it has been claimed as that the fort has a parallel world inside it. We got EVPs and video from various locations in the fort. The psychic had a great experience. Sharing with our readers some photos of the investigation. More to be posted soon. read more »


WELCOME TO BHANGARH (Paradise Of Ghosts): Bhangarh is one of the oldest forts in Rajasthan India, established in the year 1573, as claimed by wikipedia. This site is considered to be one of the oldest forts, now turned into ruins also bags the title as one of the most haunted places on earth. Bhangarh comes in the state Rajasthan, and is one of the special cited places form the Rajasthan Tourism Board. This place is located on your way from Delhi to Jaipur – approx 3 Hrs drive from Gurgaon. The town was... read more »

Defixiones... The Curse Tablet

Defixiones which means to BIND or to CURSE and thus these are also known as the curse tablets. Usually made in lead with high tin content. The material is batted and flattened in rectangular sheet. The use of tin is more as it enables the sheet to be written on. It makes the surface soft and a stylus kind of thing is used to write on the sheet.After the curse or the prayer or the matter is written on to it, it is folded in such a way that the written surface is inside and then either it is kept in this s... read more »

Emotional Haunting - A New Dimension

The most difficult task for any paranormal investigator on a research venture is to point out the exact type of haunting he is working on. Usually it is termed as an ACTIVE HAUNTING or RESIDUAL HAUNTING depending on matching the nature of reading which are received and what is documented in the past. Usually the haunting are classified under the RESIDUAL bracket.The terms used today in the paranormal research were penned down in somewhere early 1800 and since then there has been no updates to the dictum.... read more »


Episode 4 S2 GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS We continue or revisit of Season 2 with Episode 4. Investigator Sandra Blum introduces a few of the cases that have recently flooded the organization involving ghostly entities. read more »


BRAIN - The most complicated organ in a human body and that is the reason the last century is know as the brain century since medical science is behind understanding and decoding the working of the BRAIN.*How can so much information be stored/retrieved at the correct time?*Why is that someone is fearful about a thing and other is not?*How is fear induced andtransferredacross the body?Quite interesting to know that the actual fear is resided inside some part of the brain and as in scientists decode the ev... read more »

Garway is a very beautiful Church in an ancient...

The church at Garway is a most atmospheric and lovely PortalGarway is a lovely village with an even morebeautifulchurch originally dating to the Saxon periodHowever there's a very Thin Veil there .... M R James a famous writer of ghost stories, had a peculiar experience when visiting Garway in 1917, which he mentioned in a letter'We must have offended something or somebody at Garway I think: probably we took it too much for granted, in speaking of it, that we should be able to do exactly as we pleased. N... read more »

Event on [email protected]

For the first time in India Team Pentacle brings you a workshop to explore the hidden aspect of the world as well as YOU.Come join and know that there is LIGHT even in the darkest corner of the WORLD.DAY-ONE****************We inhibit a multi-dimensional plane and we share everything present which is seen and unseen with many more civilizations apart from the Humans and Animals. The world which is unknown or something which cannot be reproduced in the scientific lab is termed under the category of PARA. T... read more »

Those Who Dream Monsters – CR

Those Who Dream Monsters by Anna Taborska (Website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads)Published by Mortbury Press on 31st October 2013 Pages: 212 Format: eARC Source: Advanced Reviewer's Copy Waterstones• What are you afraid of? What are you haunted by? What waits for you in the dark? Face your fears and embark on a journey to the dark side of the human condition. Defy the demons that prey on you and the cruel twists of fate that destroy what you hold most dear. A sadistic baker, a psychopathic physics profes... read more »

Episode 2 Season 2 CUPIC & The Apparition

Episode 2 Season 2 CUPIC The Apparition We continue our Season 2 revisit with Episode 2. CUPIC is not just limited to reports of UFOs. They investigate a broad scope of phenomena which are examined in this episode. read more »

What did you see?

The latest ad for CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator. read more »

My Friendly Parking Lot Ghosts

I was going to write a nice piece about the hard-hitting news of today. We were going to discuss all of the issues from the Crimean Peninsula to the feud between Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry which is somehow big enough to warrant a spot in the middle of CNN’s homepage. It was going to []k read more »

Call of Duty: Ghosts erscheint im November

Ladet die Maschinengewehre und checkt die Zielvorrichtungen, denn bald können wir uns in ein neues Call of Duty Abenteuer stürzen und die USA ein weiteres mal vor einer Inversion neuer Feinde beschützen. © 2013 Activision. All rights reserved.Der Ego-Shooter wir am 5. November durch den Publisher Activision erscheinen, wir erzählen euch die Hintergrundgeschichte zu Call of Duty: Ghosts und auf was ihr euch gefasst machen könnt.Dieses wurde die Satellitenwaffe Odin, welche zuvor von den USA zur Abschre... read more »

Mass Hysteria, Ghost Attack, or Both? 3,500 wor...

"The Bangladeshi garment industry is still recovering from the April collapse of a garment factory which killed 1,129 workers. In addition, there have been several recent cases of factory fires and water contamination for the workers to deal with."- Manufacturers' Monthly, June 20th, 2013 AFPWednesday, June 19, 2013 Emirates 24/7Agitating workers refused to join duty after management did not take any steps to drive out ghost(s)Owners of a Bangladesh garment factory were forced to offer prayers and dis... read more »

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