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Basta! Basta con i pregiudizi, basta con le etichette e le convenzioni, basta con le discriminazioni sessuali! Diciamo Si alla libertà di AMARE, di essere noi stessi, di fare l'amore con chi vogliamo! Il marchio Ceres lo ribadisce con convinzione, in occasione del Gaypride di Roma, con una forte presa di posizione contro le discriminazioni; e lancia un messaggio chiaro e inequivocabile: “No alle etichette”... spogliando la sua storica bottiglia. Niente marchi in bella vista! Ceres il notissimo marchi... read more »

Lupta ”sfîntă” cu morile de vînt…

Un coafor din Chișinău, tare faimos, (Victor Micușa, pentru conformitate) a scris pe profile-ul său de facebook un mesaj plin de înjurături la adresa persoanelor LGBT. Mesajul său a fost comentat și răscomentat din toate părțile. Că Victor Micușa are dreptul la părere proprie pe această temă politică – e un lucru pe care nu-l [] read more »

Verloren (Charaktere)

Vor nur zwei Wochen schien alles gut alles wie immer: Wir redeten viel, lachten gemeinsam, küssten uns ausgiebig und liebten uns mehr. So wichtig sind wir füreinander gewesen. Dachte ich. Doch in dir hatte sich etwas eingeschlichen: Das nagende Bewusstsein, dass dir die Beziehung niemals alles geben konnte. Oft genug habe ich Zuhause gesessen, [] read more »

Routine (42)

Routine At the morning alarm I quickly pulled a T-shirt over my head. Still deeply feeling anxiety from the night before, I rushed downstairs to make my two children breakfast. “Jessie” was blaring on the TV. I knew that if I was to calm down, and anything was to be done without my screaming and tears, the TV needed to be off. It was a morning like every other morning. Routine. Soon the pleasant odor of cinnamon raisin oatmeal and freshly ground coffee filled the air. Zoe and Liam finished breakfast, b... read more »

Some Days

Some days I just want to be free, free from the hurt and constant nagging agony of childhood sexual abuse. I want to be free from all of it and go back to the normal life prior to the recovered memories that have overtaken my life these past four years. To wave my hand and AFB never existed. The pain never occurred. Some days, I feel as if my only way to find freedom from what he did to me is to shoot him in the face. To see the terror in his eyes just as the copper wrapped lead round pierces through hi... read more »


Vor nur zwei Wochen schien alles gut alles wie immer: Wir redeten viel, lachten gemeinsam, küssten uns ausgiebig und liebten uns mehr. So wichtig sind wir füreinander gewesen. Dachte ich. Doch in dir hatte sich etwas eingeschlichen: Das nagende Bewusstsein, dass dir die Beziehung niemals alles geben konnte. Oft genug habe ich Zuhause gesessen, [] read more »


Alles gut. War es nicht so? Vor nur zwei Wochen schien alles gut alles wie immer: Wir redeten viel, lachten gemeinsam, küssten uns ausgiebig und liebten uns mehr. So wichtig sind wir füreinander gewesen. Dachte ich. Doch in dir hatte sich etwas eingeschlichen: Das nagende Bewusstsein, dass dir die Beziehung niemals alles geben konnte. [] read more »

“Red Rose (Blood)” by Michael Kudo

"I don't like to be called an assassin. I prefer the term problem solver." -- "Red Rose (Blood)" by Michael Kudo read more »

Gay murder suicide

The british can be strange at times, even when they move to America. A TV personality has been murdered by his former student, his son-in-law, and his former lover. Ironically, there were only two men involved in this murder-suicide. BBC Continue reading read more »

Kisses (39)

Kisses I looked across the room and saw a deep darkness along the wall opposite from where I stood. It was a strange, otherworldly darkness, not because the room was poorly lit, in fact just the opposite. The room was almost too bright with several 100 watt light bulbs shining brightly from the unfinished ceiling boards. As I walked closer to investigate the shadow, it appeared as if it wasn't a shadow, but instead an absence of light occupied the space. As I neared the other side of the room, I tenta... read more »

If You Feel Left Out, This Is The Place

Life is funny. A couple of weeks ago I showed my grandkids “Mork and Mindy” with Robin Williams. Yesterday morning as I drove through Keene and looked at the sign from the time of Jumanji being filmed, I thought of him. Yesterday morning, my post with the picture of leave me alone, I thought about [] read more »

Inteligente campaña de Burger King en San Franc...

Durante la “Semana del Orgullo” apareció detrás del mostrador de Burger King en San Francisco un menú con los colores del arcoiris, anunciando un nuevo producto que nunca se ha vendido antes en ningún lugar del mundo: la Proud Whopper.Cuando la gente preguntaba a los cajeros de la cadena cuál era la diferencia entre esta hamburguesa y la Whopper normal, ellos simplemente contestaban “no sé”. El misterio sólo sería revelado una vez que decidieran comprar la hamburguesa y la abrieran: read more »


It was a crisp, cool morning. The sunlight of a new day opened my weary eyes to endless possibilities. I got up from where I had been sleeping and arched my back in a deep stretch, groaning as my muscles began to relax and go back to their original positions. I wipe the gravel and dirt off my bare back and climbed over the fence. I looked up as I scratch the debris out of my scraggly beard. “Fucking Lemmings!” I bitterly mutter to myself as I watch the people safely cocooned in their shiney automobiles t... read more »

Video: @OneTakeTC – Get Right ft. Tone-EZ (Teas...

TRAINING CAMP MUSIC Presents: One Take ft. Tone-EZ – “GET RIGHT” Produced by Jonny Benjamin, off of their debut Mixtape Coming For Everything Hosted by Don Cannon DJ Sense. Directed by Brian Gregory of CreAction Media Group. read more »

Supposed To

Supposed to I am so very proud of my children. Landmarks of development and growth occur every day. My son has started kindergarten this year. My daughter, is in second grade and wants to join the Girl Scouts. As a parent/survivor how am I to cope with this inherent almost primal desire to cut the parental umbilical cord and venture out into the world on their own? How am I to cope with a dangerous and gruesome world that cares nothing for the young and weak. How am I to cope with this reality without l... read more »


It was my wife’s birthday last week. I am so very grateful for her. If it wasn't for her endless patience and love toward me I wouldn't be alive today. Three years ago I took her aside into our bedroom while she was preparing our Sunday dinner. “Amy,” I said as I closed the door behind me. There was nervousness and fear in my voice, “I think I was, Ummmm” I paused, If I said the next few words would she love me? Would she still want to be with me? Would she believe me when I didn't even believe me? I wan... read more »

Novidade no Inferno!

Amigos do "inferno": Para quem pediu mais facilidade para navegar nos textos do blog, inclusive os mais antigos,coloquei uma caixa de pesquisa personalizada (só do blog) na coluna da direita, abaixo da foto. Basta inserir uma palavra que o/a levará aos posts correspondentes. Espero, assim, ter correspondido ao vosso pedido. Qualquer dúvida, deixem um comentário nas caixas para este fim, também na mesma coluna, mais abaixo. Ou mandem um email. Um abraço, Wania Andrade 19/02/2014 read more »

The boy Inside Me (37)

Right away that morning I was called to meet with the staff psychologist, Mike. “How are you this morning, Joel?” Mike said to me. I had met him a few days earlier during the intake process and we had already built a rapport. I decided to make things easier by opening my mouth and speaking. “I am sure you have already heard about my vow of silence today,” I said. “Yes, tell me about that,” Mike looked worried that somehow I was not doing this for the right reasons. “Mike, as you already know I am a... read more »


Outro dia uma pessoa chamou-me inocente. É, com este sentido mesmo de quase um xingamento. Achei piada porque percebi que ela esperava que, com isso, eu viesse a me "reabilitar", como se o amor fosse o pior dos vícios, ou males, ourever ... Mas falei nisso por conta de um assunto lá da terra que é rica, onde há dignidade social e moral, onde a educação é prioridade e a saúde é o bem maior do povo. Onde a política é completamente sã e transparente, enfim, o país em que os problemas macro, já foram res... read more »

Silence (36)

My suicide attempt plunged me into a stark reality of cold tiles, paper thin sheets, and total lack of privacy. Bed checks were every 15 minutes, so sleep was nearly impossible. All I wanted to do was to escape with my mistress, but we were never left alone together. I was in a prison, but I needed to make my walls thicker so I would not reveal me. Nobody needed to know me. I didn’t want to know me. The smile on my face and my stupid jokes belied the turmoil churning inside. I still wanted to lie to mys... read more »

Is Phil Robertson Gay?

Readers, Have you heard the latest about Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson? He gave an interview for GQ, and he said some pretty basic Christian things about sin and about homosexuals in particular. Now he is being attacked, fired from Continue reading read more »

El graduado

Mientras caminaba hacia el estrado las piernas le temblaban. No sentía los brazos. Luchaba contra el sollozo para contenerlo. El labio hinchado y un hilo de sangre recorriéndole la barbilla.  De inmediato los profesores, en la tarima, cambiaron su expresión al verlo. El auditorio se llenó de aplausos mientras el director de la carrera le [hellip read more »

Inside Crying (35)

Day after day the gaping maw of despair and confusion pursued me like a jaguar after a sickly gazelle. I felt like I was stuck in an endless loop, unable to find a way free from the pursuant. I was running out of energy to run, to fight, to heal. I had spent the last 10 months learning about how trauma affects the core of the survivors being. I learned about self worth, various coping and grounding techniques. I was finding normalcy, spending less time with my mistress and finding happiness away from h... read more »

Hidden (34)

Hidden Blissful, happy, ignorant years went by, and eventually Andy and I grew apart. We finished our courses at the community college; she moved back home to Texas and I chose to continue my studies at a local bible college. I will always remember our time together, our conversations ranging from the deep philosophical to the silly or mundane. We walked all over town discovering the local coffee scene or the art galleries in the north end of downtown Columbus Ohio. We were as close as friends could pos... read more »

“Tears of a Vampire” by Dewey Stuve

"Tears of a Vampire" by Dewey Stuve - This vampire story takes a novel twist. read more »

A love letter

My love, I have been with you since the beginning. Alone and young you came to me. I gave you the needs of your heart. I was there with my arms open, I invited you deep into my soul. We connected in a way I haven't felt with anyone before. Remember that time you found me, your spirit sunken with grief because of loneliness and betrayal? I was there. I made sence of the confusion you were feeling. I have been your constant unchanging companion since the beginning. Yes, everyone will leave you and find... read more »


听见两人在聊天。A说:“我看见厕所门上写着联系Gay的号码,草,连性别都不写,谁知道你是男Gay还是女Gay啊。” B:“你TM不知道你进的是男厕所还是女厕所啊?” 最新最全的笑话,尽在:集笑话 相关笑话 上厕所时偷偷抹唇膏 正在打扫 以为上厕所 都转过身去! 关厕所反省? read more »

Forgotten Normalcy (33)

I finished my cigarette, and climbed down from the house-sized boulder where I was sitting. By the time I returned to my car my spirit had returned from soaring high above the treetops and grassy meadows in Moraine Park. I loved this place nestled deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and the National Park by the same name. I felt renewed and at peace--a feeling I had not experienced in a long time. I gave myself to the mountains and they in return washed me clean. Whatever had caused me to flee to t... read more »


Wings My spine is poking through my chest--gore of white digestive tract, brown fecal matter and white spinal fluid co-mingling into a gelatinous pinkish ooze dripped into the blood soaked soil where I lay. I am broken and dying. The familiar cacophony of battle fades its echoing in my ear, a robin chirps in the distance. I reach down toward my mid-section and with a confused look on my face. I make a futile attempt at placing my insides back inside. One last gasp of air. One last word. One last denial.... read more »


“世界上基老最多的地方是哪儿?” “哈药六厂!” “为什么?” “有蓝瓶gay!gay中gay,还有新gay中gay” 相关笑话 爆笑的生活总结与婚姻段子 买苹果 会场内最快乐的一个人 体育项目的幽默语录 家庭生活里的搞笑事,看了很开心 read more »

After all, never question your pastor. (32)

After my time at Loveland Christian School I returned to public school and began to find my way in the new noisy environment of a large traditional classroom and multiple teachers. I loved the sciences and yet struggled with math, especially algebra. I found the concept of letters representing numbers confusing. My grades suffered. I began to shut down. Recognizing my struggles, I was put into an Accelerated School to catch me up and try to salvage what was left of my educational years. The middle schoo... read more »

Albert Kennedy Trust Merge with The Outpost Hou...

As Patron of The Outpost Housing ProjectNewcastle-upon-Tyne I am delighted to announce their merger with The Albert Kennedy Trust LGBT youth homeless charities AKT and Outpost merge to sustain and improve services for young people Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) youth homeless charities the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) and Outpost Housing are to merge from 8 May 2013 to help meet rising demand and sustain vital services for young people. Outpost will continue to operate in the north east a... read more »

Bastions of Free Speech?

I guess I’m having one of those moments again. I simply don’t understand the attack on Dr. Ben Carson. He made a statement of his personal beliefs concerning gay marriage and it would seem that the entire establishment is now rallying against him. This includes those bastions of free speech, the colleges and universities that [...] read more »

1983 (30)

The holidays were over. I was getting used to writing 2012. I still had many questions regarding the circumstances surrounding the abuse. The one question that stuck out the most was, “Just how did I get into his office in the first place?” As I write this I am still reeling from the answer to this question, and I am not sure if I am ready to heal from it. The pain is still raw and fresh like a stab wound that pierced my artery causing new waves of pain to gush out with every heartbeat. (This is called P... read more »


外國有媒體指多次演出及製作同性戀電影的James Franco是「最gay的直男」,如果要選個香港代表,應該非少爺占莫屬了吧? 雖然有個拍拖十幾年的女友,但少爺占身邊同志朋友多,而且寫了個以同性戀為主題的廣播劇《攣豬豬》,好好笑好好笑之餘,仲要笑中有淚,而且最近劇中主角朱豔強更如艾粒一樣從廣播劇走進現實世界,成為2013年首位男/女新人,處男/女作《秘密基地》由大周國賢作曲監製,已經派台,上咗《叱吒樂壇》接受訪問,4月仲會有五場show!我終於明白哈利波特迷知道小說會改編成電影時的興奮! 《攣豬豬》講的就是「男人之中最靚、靚人之中最姣、姣人之中最攣」的男同志朱豔強的故事。早在明哥come out和何韻詩高呼「我係同志」之前,豔強已經是一個快樂的中環OL,每天和TB好友Jackie一起嘻嘻哈哈過日子,說老闆Jeradin是非,後來認識了夢幻高富帥我澤佳,豔強嗒哂糖但澤佳卻情傾男人婆Jackie…《攣豬豬》好聽,除了夠幽默,也因為很貼近生活,最初故事講的,就是在office工作的點滴,同事圍埋一齊埋怨老闆、想發達唔駛做、想hea下hea下等放工,其實不論主角是男同志還是港女,都會引起聽眾共鳴。 少少咸... read more »

Worth It? (27)

“Why, Why, Why did he do this to me?” I kept asking myself over and over again. What was his motive? Was it to hurt me? Did he hate me? Or was I just a convenient victim groomed for the sole purpose of the pleasure of others. These questions haunted me every waking moment those last few months of 2011. I could not have foreseen the nightmare I was living in could ever get worse. Day after day the hungry maw of despair, depression and betrayal threatened to consume the very life out of me. Like a giant co... read more »

Homicide (25)

Hunched over a mysterious gray object, I lifted my eyes and looked around the room I found myself in. There appeared to have been a struggle of mortal proportions here. The first thing I saw was a chrome and yellow kitchenette chair overturned on the blue and white speckled vinyl tiled floor.The other three chairs had been slammed against the far wall causing chair shaped holes when the dining table was violently pushed aside. A butcher’s knife teetered precariously on the edge of the counter where the d... read more »

MP Stephen Gilbert visits Outpost Housing Proje...

It was a pleasure and a privilege for me to meet Stephen Gilbert on Saturday 22nd October 2011 when he visited Outpost Housing Projectthe charity of which I am Patron. Stephen Gilbert MP and Ellen Dean - PatronStephen was impressed to learn that Outpost (established in 1995) helps and supports young people aged between 16 and 25 who identify as LGBT (lesbian/gay/bisexual/trans) and who are either homeless, have a housing need, or are facing discrimination.Stephen met and talked with some of the young ... read more »

National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day. October 11, 2011 is National Coming Out Day Today is National Coming Out Day! Observed every year on October 11, National Coming Out Day promotes civil awareness about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues and lifestyles. October 11 is the anniversary of the second March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay [...] read more »

Outpost Housing Project - Newcastle-upon-Tyne UK

I am proud and honoured to be the first Patron of Outpost Housing Projectbased in Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the northeast of England, UK. The following pictures speak for themselves. Please support this project. Ellen Dean Recommends read more »

Summer Flashback: The Jungle Fantasy

Carnival Parade 19 August 2010 Provincetown, Massachusetts. (Mark your calendars for Carnival 2011:    August 14-19th. This years theme is Cant Stop the Music, so plan accordingly.) Filed under: adventure, Cape Cod, Carnival Parade, fun, gay, it's a jungle, lions and tigers and bears and monkeys, Mardi Gras, monkeys, queer read more »

A Volta dos Mortos-Vivos

Série: Momentos Especiais / Episódio 208 – A Volta dos Mortos-Vivos. [Obs.: se copiar, não altere a imagem ou o texto; coloque um 'link' ou 'backlink' para esta página.] Filed under: Arte, atletas, cariocas, drogas, esportes, futebol, gay, humor, jogos Tagged: campeão brasileiro, Fluminense, gol, mortos-vivos, Rio de Janeiro read more »

A Volta dos Mortos-Vivos

Série: Momentos Especiais / Episódio 208 – A Volta dos Mortos-Vivos. [Obs.: se copiar, não altere a imagem ou o texto; coloque um 'link' ou 'backlink' para esta página.] Filed under: Arte, atletas, cariocas, drogas, esportes, futebol, gay, humor, jogos Tagged: campeão brasileiro, Fluminense, gol, mortos-vivos, Rio de Janeiro read more »

Spirit Day 2010 – Fight Ignorance

Spirit Day, October 20th 2010 – Fight Ignorance No one deserves to be made fun of for being themselves. Be smart, be kind, be human and do the right thing. Don’t be a bully. Being gay/lesbian is not wrong. Nor is being straight. Filed under: Community, Graphics, Inspiration, Life, Movements, Something to Think About..., Special [...] read more »

It Gets Better: What I Did On My Summer Vacatio...

This summer was very hot.   Almost every day was nice and there was almost no rain to spoil anyones plans, unless someone wanted to do something besides water their garden.  There was lots of traffic.   I had lots of fun with my friends.   I also met many new friends.   It was a very good [...] read more »

Eat, pray, love (comer, rezar, amar)

A autora de comer, rezar, amar, Liz Gilbert, numa conversa franca e descontraída com o jornalista Jorge Pontual (no programa Milênio, da Globo). A entrevista aconteceu em sua loja, Two Buttons de sociedade com seu marido, onde vendem artesanato do mundo inteiro na cidade de Frenchtown, New Jersey. Ela fala sobre seu sucesso mundial e dá uma prévia de seu novo livro, 'Comprometida', trata-se de read more »

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