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Nintendo Switch Release Date March 3, 2017 Pric...

Tonights Nintendo live event revealed a ton more details about Nintendo Switch. But its almost midnight, so Ill just leave you with the most important thing you need to know. [] read more »

NIKITA ONLINE kündigt die deutsche Version des ...

Die Geheimnisse von Kannaregio jetzt auf Deutsch für Facebook-Nutzer verfügbar read more »

Stormfall Age of War Strategy Game Review

Title: Stormfall Age of War Genre: Strategy Game Developer: Plarium Platform: You can play it directly in your computer browser. Or they also have a mobile app for both android and IOS when you are on the go. Where to Get the Game: Its free to play and you can find the apps or browser Continue reading Stormfall Age of War Strategy Game Review read more »

Humble Narrative Bundle Features Great Games Fo...

This weeks humble bundle is a great one. I already had many of the games but I picked it up because Shadowrun Hong Kong looked interesting to me and 80 Days was a game I was really excited about when it first came out for mobile devices, and Im looking forward to playing it Continue reading Humble Narrative Bundle Features Great Games For Girls with Emphasis on Story and Branching Plots read more »

Taisho Alice Picked Up For English Localization...

Taiso Alice has just been picked up for a North American Release by E2 Gaming. I found this news on Tumblr and verified it on E2 Gamings Facebook Page, where theyve also announced a new image song for the English release. Taisho Alice could best be described as a fairytale crossover. The different routes relate to common Continue reading Taisho Alice Picked Up For English Localization by E2 Gaming Who Expressed Interest In bringing Other Otome Games Overseas As Well read more »

Defeating Dagoth Ur

Read more... The post Defeating Dagoth Ur appeared first on Beautiful Wanderluster. read more »

Sims Spa Quest: Last Day!

After ten days of focus on this quest, I am glad to be getting down to brass tacks.  Ive had four households with their neighbors over mining gems in order to afford spa items to go with the new bathrooms, which can be seen in the upper right hand of this image.  My primary goal []Read more... The post Sims Spa Quest: Last Day! appeared first on Beautiful Wanderluster. read more »

Elvengrace, Horator

Here is Elvengraces progress on the Main Quest being named the Horator of the Great Houses.  These photos also showcase a couple of new mods.  The bottom, right shows an update to Seyda Neen, making it a nice city instead of boring.  I also added a mod that gives high-end outfits to the Dunmer []Read more... The post Elvengrace, Horator appeared first on Beautiful Wanderluster. read more »


This is what it looks like to become Morrowinds Nerevarine.  Here are some of my favorite views from this turning point.  Koranas mod which includes couture clothing includes so many robes that I can thoroughly express the personality of my character.  These screens show the bump mapped cities well, including the moon in the sky replacement []Read more... The post Nerevarine appeared first on Beautiful Wanderluster.l read more »

Posh Bosmer in 2016

After a week of acclimating myself to the current Morrowind mod landscape, here is what I have learned: MacKoms Heads are par for the new course.  It took some getting used to.  Modders once made very cutesy looking elves, but these new heads are serious Nevarrine material in a landscape in which Oblivion and Skyrim are an []Read more... The post Posh Bosmer in 2016 appeared first on Beautiful Wanderluster. read more »

“Going straight to the castle…”

I am around half way through the main quest right now and taking a moment to blog after attempting to clear out the Illunibi Caverns.  Ive added two gowns, wearable necklaces and a health ring to the game, thus far, this evening.  At the right, top, Elvengrace is wearing the Victorian Lace Dress and at []Read more... The post Going straight to the castle appeared first on Beautiful Wanderluster. read more »

“Headed straight for the castle…”

I am around half way through the main quest right now and taking a moment to blog after attempting to clear out the Illunibi Caverns.  Ive added two gowns, wearable necklaces and a health ring to the game, thus far, this evening.  At the right, top, Elvengrace is wearing the Victorian Lace Dress and at []Read more... The post Headed straight for the castle appeared first on Beautiful Wanderluster. read more »

Boutique Time!

Today, my character Elvengrace made big strides in being powerleveled and decent progress on the main quest.  I added the Metal Queen Boutique by CanadianIce Howndog.  I usually am a purist in regards to a mod being lore-friendly, but most of their fantasy fashion does go well with the game and is empowering to women.  Left, below: []Read more... The post Boutique Time! appeared first on Beautiful Wanderluster. read more »

Beautifully Elvengrace

Mod after mod, reinstall after reinstall, I have the baseline for what I want in the game.  My character Elvengrace is being power leveled in order to showcase the mods and experience the gorgeous additions of meshes and textures.  I will post my video to share the full effect which includes sound, work from talented []Read more... The post Beautifully Elvengrace appeared first on Beautiful Wanderluster. read more »

Ever17 The Out of Infinity Visual Novel PC Game...

Ever17 is probably my all time favorite visual novel. It was one of the first that I had played, and the story is so good. Its not your typical dating or romance novel. Its a very thrilling and suspenseful tale about a group of young people trapped in an underwater theme park. They are running Continue reading Ever17 The Out of Infinity Visual Novel PC Game Review read more »

Beautiful Alternate World

I have been modding Morrowind for around ten years.  The lore and craftsman-style alternate world is a pleasant escape, not to mention the characters beautiful high cheekbones and artistic community who offered up hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous mods.  Here is my character, Elvengrace, a Wood Elf Bosmer, being given a quest from the head []Read more... The post Beautiful Alternate World appeared first on Beautiful Wanderluster.? read more »

Nvidia GTX 980 Laptops Hands On

Nvidia GTX 980 Laptops Hands On We got to check out offerings from Clevo, Aorus, MSI, and down in LA last week, The post Nvidia GTX 980 Laptops Hands On appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

12. Responsible Gaming Academy von Casinos Aust...

Spielerschutztagung mit der internationalen Elite der Spielsucht- und Glücksspielforschung read more »

Top 5 Most Mysterious Video Games

Top 5 Most Mysterious Video Games Top 5 scariest video games with mysterious origins including a haunted Pokemon cartridge, a possessed copy The post Top 5 Most Mysterious Video Games appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

GeNERACE, start the Android version open β of n...

GeNERACE began the Android version open β of smartphones game magical girl (provisional). Open β is scheduled for about 1 month. iOS version is scheduled to deliver as soon as the examination. This work, smartphones training RPG that was my favorite magic you want to grow a little girl, the concept. Traditional and abolished the [] read more »

Okay, okay…

Its been almost a month since my last post, and honestly I hadnt even realized its been so long until the other day when I got to my moms house and was looking for things to do. You might know me by now sometimes Ill do whatever it takes NOT to work when I have [] read more »

Cybernight 2014 – ein Fazit

Nachdem die Veranstaltung nun bereits einige Tage zurückliegt, kann ich nur sagen, gut gemacht. Auch wenn es hier und da etwas zu verbessern gibt, kann sich die LAN-Party durchaus sehen lassen. Die Verpflegung war angemessen ok, kein Gourmet-Menü aber wer erwartet das auch von einer solchen Veranstaltung? Es gab lecker Pommes, Bürger, Würstchen, Cola [] read more »

The Sims 4 - A Review

Now there are many times I've said something isn't my usual product and this is another one, now by this I mean it isn't my usual product to review, it is my type of product though. Having been gaming since I was 3, almost 30 years ago, I can talk about games forever. I've been a life long fan of The Sims, at 18 when the original game out, I felt slightly on the old side for this type of game then but my love of architecture hooked me in, I just loved recreating houses. I have kept all previous games but... read more »

Top 3 mousi de gaming pana in 100 lei

1. Newmen N400 Black Newmen este un producator chinez care este de multa vreme pe piata, dar care nu s-a facut auzit si pe la noi. Soarecul lor costa in jur de 30 de lei, este optic si are un DPI de 1600 reglabil. Are 4 butoane, cantareste 94 de … Continue reading read more »

Vielen Dank!

Hallo zusammen,heute wollen wir uns bei allen treuen Lesern und Followern auf Facebook und Google+ bedanken.Nachdem wir nun seid 9 Monaten regelmäßig euch mit neuen Informationen beliefern, können wir uns bereits über mehr als 115.000 Besucher unseres Blogs, mehr als 100 Follower auf Google+ und einigen Facebookfans freuen.Natürlich würden wir uns auch über weitere Unterstützung und neue Leser freuen. Also wenn wir euch gefallen dann empfehlt uns doch einfach weiter.somit bleibt nur noch eins zu sagen, v... read more »

Evolve Alpha Zugang

Auf der E3 wurde es gleich mit einem Tunier vorgestellt, nun kann man sich zur Alpha anmelden. Um an der Alpha teilnehmen zu können müsst ihr nur unter folgendem Link das Paswort happyhunting eingeben und an der Umfrage teilnehmen. Außerdem benötigt ihr einenür alle die nicht wissen was Evolve ist, hier eine kurze Zusammenfassung Bei Evolve kann man sich entweder als Monster oder als Jäger durch die Map bewegen. Dabei kann man Kreaturen besiegen und als Monster ... read more »

Hearthstone - wie man die Arena richtig meistert

Die 10 wichtigsten Punkte, die man bei #Arenakämpfen in #Hearthstone beachten muss: © Blizzard. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.Um die häufigsten Fehler bei Kämpfen in der #Arena zu vermeiden, müsst ihr euch nur an die folgenden 10 Punkte halten: Manchmal ist man so beschäftigt damit die Monster zu clearen, dass man ganz vergisst den Gegner zu töten, also verpasst nicht den Moment euren Gegner low genug zu bekommen um ihn in der nächsten Runde zu töten. Einer der vermutlich dümmsten Fehler ist es, den Angriff... read more »

Microsoft makes changes to XBOX

Microsoft has now announced that the XBOX One will soon be available without their Kinect motion sensor. Yesterday, it was announced on the XBOX Blog that on June 9th, the XBOX One will be available to buy without the Kinect Read more read more »

Meet Nintendo’s new console that could be relea...

Some of the latest gaming news is that according to reports, Nintendo have announced their plans for a console thats going to be aimed at emerging markets and could be released as early as 2015. Below youll find out most of Read more read more »

Minigame mit Braum

#Leona gegen #Braum in #PixelPoro #LeagueOfLegends neues #Minispiel. Gleichzeitig mit der #Veröffentlichung von #Braum, dem neuen #Champion in League of Legends, wurde ein #Minigame mit dem Namen #PixelPoroWer den #Pororetter Braum zum Sieg führen will kann hier das Minigame testen und wie man sieht ist das #Poro voller Liebe, wenn Braum siegreich hervor geht. read more »

Auf zur RPC

Heute und morgen findet in Köln die alljährige Role Play Convention (RPC) statt, welche Games erzählen wir nach einem kurzen Besuch. © 2011 RPC-Germany. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.Dieses Jahr wird Die #RPC von #Assassin's Creed präsentiert, also was können wir erwarten mit #Ubisoft als Hauptsponsor.Wir hoffen auf eine Menge #Cosplayer und die Möglichkeit mal genauer die Kampfkunst der Assassinen zu betrachten und villeicht können wir ja auch das ein oder andere Game finden, was es bald in unsere Wohnzimm... read more »

The latest XBOX One and PS4 news

Hello and welcome to our post about the latest XBOX One and PS4 news! Today, well be taking a look at recent XBOX news and upcoming games for the XBOX One and PS4. Im starting todays post with the news Read more read more »

Die deutsche Version von South Park - Der Stab ...

Noch eine Woche müsen wir uns auf die deutsche Version von South Park - Der Stab der Wahrheit gedulden. Welche Unterschiede es zu der englischen Fassung und welche zwischen der Konsole und der PC-Varaiante, erfahrt ihr hier. © Ubisoft. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. © Ubisoft. © Ubisoft.Wegen Zensurproblemen wurde #SouthPark - #DerStabderWahrheit immer wieder verschoben, sodass nun am 27.03. die deutsche Version erscheinen wird, während die englsiche, unzensierte Version schon am 04.03. die Läden erob... read more »

XBOX One to arrive in 26 additional countries i...

It has recently been announced that the XBOX One will arrive in an additional 26 countries, such as Japan, Greece and India, in September of this year. Earlier today, Microsoft announced in a blog post that their latest gaming console, Read more read more »

I have an Xbox One so here is a youtube of my f...

As you can guess I am trying Twitch broadcasting out. if you want to see me play my XBONE live visit www, read more »

Gamers Today

Nothing annoys me more than when someone just starts swearing for the sake of swearing. I get it if its part of your sentence, or an exclamation of surprise. But if you’re just sprouting off words, then you get muted. Continue Reading The post Gamers Today appeared first on Keyelog. read more »

Parenting And Gaming

I remember the first game that I really fell in love with. I was a teenager, and I had just discovered that some games had stories every bit as good as what I could find in a book. I have written several 'love letters' about books on this blog, so if you've been reading... you know. If not, suffice it to say that I am the book fanatic of all book fanatics. But I had never really looked for the same kind of writing in a game. I sat down to play for kicks, but never really got hooked. My sister was the per... read more »

YouTube makes a move that proves that “Don’t be...

(warning: Both videos have foul language so you may want to wear head phones watching them) What in the heck is You Tube doing? They changed a policy that started to make game reviewers fight Read more read more »

My Suggestion of what Microsoft should do after...

As we all know Some Investors in Microsoft want XBOX and Bing out when Steve Ballmer is replaced in 2014. Mainly because they want Microsoft to only focus on business products and the cloud. Well here Read more read more »

The #sellG4toNERDIST, #sellG4toTWIT, #sellG4toR...

I visited and follow G4 rewind on twitter. Well I found this Twitter tweeter that they follow named osama bin goomba (I never thought Al Qeada and Nintendo could be combined like that). Who is trying Read more read more »

Why Can’t Gun’s and Video Games Co-exist?

Before I get into my opinion on this. Let me just say that one year ago a psycho went into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 6 year old little children. As a Read more read more »

What is the matter with Xbox One’s Design?

Why do people like the design of the PS4? I Dont understand? Well I do agree Xbox One does look like a Betamax or VHS Machine. But I like the way it looks. The PS4 design Read more read more »

PS4 vs. XBOX ONE: Don’t buy into the fanboy war!!!

I know what you are Saying. Why is a XBOX fan (Me) Telling you Playstation fans to not jump on the fanboy train? Well for starters I like some of what Sony is doing (you are reading a Read more read more »

League of Legends Verkauf der Zuschauertickets ...

Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE Heute Abend (5.12.) um 21 Uhr startet der Verkauf für die Zuschauertickets für die Qualifikationsspiele zum Summoners Cup der Season 4. Dies hat Riot offiziell angekündigt. © 2013 Riot Games, Inc. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Wer also vom 13.12. bis zum 15.12. in Köln oder vom 20.12.-22.12. ... read more »

20.000 können nicht irren!

Heute nach fast 2 monatigem Bestehen von Gaming Print, haben bereits mehr als 20.000 Besucher den Weg auf unseren Blog gefunden, um aktuelle News zu den neusten Spielen zu erhalten. Wir möchten uns bei allen Lesern bedanken und hoffen, dass auch in Zukunft viele weitere Besucher folgen. Wir werden natürlich weiterhin alles Mögliche rund um Games, Previews, Messen, Tests und Informationen für euch bereitstellen und freuen uns auf jede weitere Unterstützung von euch, die zur Verbreitung von Gaming Print ... read more »

Fußball Manager Reihe eingestellt

Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE Nachdem Fußball Manager 14 vor genau einem Monat als Legacy Edition erschienen ist, quasi als Update der 2013 Version, hat EA nun bekannt gegeben, dass die Reihe komplett eingestellt wird. © 2013 Electronic Arts Inc. EA, EA SPORTS. All rights reserved. Wir haben bereits darüber berichtet,... read more »

Goodbye GTA V, Hello Life?

Well that time has come, it felt like the end of a holiday, it has been done, finito, the end, completely completed, 100%. What exactly do I do with my life now? Oh I know the melodrama has kicked in but after waiting all those years for the next release for it to be finally over I feel a little bit lost. I can still play it and I am still playing it I just haven't much to progress with now although I still want to one day be able to buy the super expensive golf club. My client ntoesI really hope ther... read more »

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