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NTales: Child of Destiny Awakens AneAlmighty!

NTales: Child of Destiny is a 2D RPG (role playing game) brought to us by RuleMkr, a new Korean Development company. Recently made available in the Philippines and Australia, NTales: Child of Destiny has received positive responses and with that, audiences from around the world are anticipating its worldwide launch on the first week of [] The post NTales: Child of Destiny Awakens AneAlmighty! appeared first on Its A or Nothing!. read more »

RetroPlay Game System for Tv Review

As a mother to three small children 2-7 years old, finding a game system that will survive general is a miracle in itself. But the fact that system can withstand all of their obsessive touching impulses, messy hands, clumsyness, and rough handling is more than I can say for any expensive game system. Weve [] read more »

Nintendo Switch Release Date March 3, 2017 Pric...

Tonights Nintendo live event revealed a ton more details about Nintendo Switch. But its almost midnight, so Ill just leave you with the most important thing you need to know. [] read more »

Black Friday bei – eine Woche voller An...

Vom 18.11 bis zum 27.11. kommen Schnäppchenjäger bei auf ihre Kosten. read more »

Por que Patapon 3 não está disponível na PSN BR?

Todos os meses a Sony disponibiliza jogos grátis para assinantes da PlayStation Plus, e desse mês é de um game que estava esperando muito por que já tinha jogado no... Read more read more »

DRIVECLUB – Introdução

Primeiro Vídeo Sobre Driveclub, este é apenas uma introdução sobre este super game, acho que é um dos que mais jogo, veja o que tem de bom Vou fazer muitas... Read more read more »

Hora de renovar a PlayStation Plus…

Eai Beleza Para aqueles que me acompanham sabe que tenho um PS4 e um PS Vita, e que sou assinante da PlayStation Plus a uns 3 anos, então todos os... Read more read more »


Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Hello once again, this is your weird friend Ogah and I am here to write about what goes on in this crazy head of mine. Here is my take on the above subject matter love. But before I go on I would briefly like to talk about what other people have told me about this elusive four letter word.... read more »

Humble Narrative Bundle Features Great Games Fo...

This weeks humble bundle is a great one. I already had many of the games but I picked it up because Shadowrun Hong Kong looked interesting to me and 80 Days was a game I was really excited about when it first came out for mobile devices, and Im looking forward to playing it Continue reading Humble Narrative Bundle Features Great Games For Girls with Emphasis on Story and Branching Plots read more »

O Melhor do PS3 – Redução de preço nos games

O PlayStation 3 pode não ter conseguido a fama do PS2 ou PSOne, mas ele representou e mostrou para a Sony que a marca PlayStation apesar de forte, pode ser... Leia Mais read more »

Everybody Wants Some!!

Everybody Wants Some!!seen @ Kew Gardens Cinemas, Kew Gardens, Queens NYIt just so happens that the main character in my novel is a former baseball player from Texas. I didn't really go into Everybody Wants Some!! expecting to get any further insight into what the life of a Southern college-age jock was like. The machismo, the competitiveness the party lifestyle, and yes, even the subtle homo-eroticism in places, none of it came as much of a surprise, and anyway, we never see my character during his coll... read more »

Ever17 The Out of Infinity Visual Novel PC Game...

Ever17 is probably my all time favorite visual novel. It was one of the first that I had played, and the story is so good. Its not your typical dating or romance novel. Its a very thrilling and suspenseful tale about a group of young people trapped in an underwater theme park. They are running Continue reading Ever17 The Out of Infinity Visual Novel PC Game Review read more »

Bandai Namco Entertainment America Launches Dig...

Bandai Namco Entertainment America has announced the release of Digimon Heroes on iOS and Android. The match-three card battle game allows players to collect more than 1,000 Digimon from every era of the Digimon universe, and upgrade their Digimon over time.In each battle of Digimon Heroes, players tap on colored cards to create matches of three cards of the same color. These colors correspond to Digimon on the player’s team, with matches causing them to attack. Players may collect new Digimon as they de... read more »

Será que a Microsoft desistiu da console War co...

Olá galerinha Mais um post do tio Paulo, um cara despreocupado com a forma de se expressar ou descrever pensamentos E achegamos para mais um post na categoria games. Esses... Read more read more »

Nexon,Envision Entertainment Launch Path of War...

Nexon and developer Envision Entertainment (formerly known as EA Phenomic) have announced the release of Path of War on iOS and Android. The strategy game takes players to the near-future United States, which is ruled by a government regime. Players become part of the rebel militia, and will fight against the government on a quest to reclaim Washington D.C.Path of War takes place on a 1:1 scale map of the United States, with all players beginning near the Pacific Ocean. Players can collect resources from... read more »

Como comprar um PlayStation 4 apenas visitando ...

Sim, é isso mesmo que você leu no titulo Um amigo meu me chamou até a casa dele e chegando lá vi um PlayStation 4, até ai tudo bem, o... Read more read more »

TinyBuild Launches Dungeon Crawler Dungelot: Sh...

Publisher TinyBuild has announced the release of Dungelot: Shattered Lands on iOS. Developed by Red Winter, the roguelike dungeon-crawler is the third game in the Dungelot series, and sees players defeat enemies as they explore randomly-generated dungeons.Dungelot: Shattered Lands asks players to collect the golden key on each floor of a dungeon in order to move to the next floor. Gameplay sees players tap on tiles to uncover any objects or enemies underneath. Objects include helpful items like bombs and... read more »

Ubisoft’s Smurfs Epic Run Dashes For Mobile

Ubisoft has announced the release of Smurfs Epic Run on mobile. The level-based running game challenges players to rescue the Smurfs, who have been captured in a fog released by Gargamel. The game offers more than 100 levels, and allows players to collect famous Smurfs, like Smurfette, Papa Smurf and Handy Smurf, among others.In each level of Smurfs Epic Run, the active Smurf runs across the screen automatically, leaving players to tap to jump over obstacles like spikes or gaps in the path, as examples. ... read more »

Kongregate Launches Battlehand Card Battle Game...

Kongregate has announced the release of Battlehand on iOS and Android. Developed by Another Place Productions, the card battle game takes players to the land of Fellcrest, and challenges them to defeat the evil Queen Amethyst and her minions.Battlehand features 130 cards to collect and more than 200 quests to complete. During each turn-based battle, players drag attack cards from their hand onto enemies to attack them, while defense cards can be dragged onto friendly characters to shield them from enemy ... read more »

King Launches Candy Crush Jelly Saga For Mobile

King has announced the launch of Candy Crush Jelly Saga on iOS, Android and Windows. The game is the third installment in the Candy Crush franchise, and features match-three gameplay similar to that of its predecessors, with new level types and two competitive boss modes.Candy Crush Jelly Saga includes 120 levels at launch, each with a different challenge to complete before running out of moves. For instance, one level may ask players to cover the board in jelly by making matches that include symbols on ... read more »

Prism Puzzle Game Launches For iOS

Puzzle game Prism has officially launched on iOS. The game is the first to come out of the Stugan games accelerator, and was created by artist Clint Siu. Siu came up with the idea for _Prism with the goal of entering the Stugan program and learning more about game development. The game challenges players to manipulate shapes to reveal the powerful cores within.In each level of Prism, players are presented with a shape and a variety of prompts which may ask them to drag dots along lines, move and/or rotat... read more »

Outplay Entertainment Launches Bubble Genius Fo...

Outplay Entertainment has announced the release of Bubble Genius on iOS and Android devices. The bubble-shooting game asks players to help an inventor named Penny defeat an evil scientist named Vee, who has stolen Penny’s bubble generator and is using it to cause trouble around town.In each level of Bubble Genius, players have a different goal, like freeing friendly Furbbles trapped in bubbles (by clearing all of the bubbles surrounding them) or popping six bubbles in the top row of the formation, as exa... read more »

The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings

The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor KingsYouTube viewingSo did you watch the World Series this year? The Mets were in it, so naturally, I was eager to see them beat Kansas City, but even though our boys lost, I have to admit, there was drama and excitement aplenty throughout all five games.So why do I keep seeing this myth being perpetuated over and over about how baseball is losing popularity, especially with the youth? Yes, I know the arguments: other sports are supposedly more exciting to wat... read more »

Santo vs. las Mujeres Vampiro

Hollywood's Hispanic Heritage Blogathones un evento dedicado a celebrar los logros de los latinos en la industria del cine a lo largo de la historia, organizado porOnce Upon a Screen. Para obtener una lista de bloggers que participan, por favor visite los enlaces en cualquier sitio.Santo vs. las Mujeres Vampiro (AKA Samson vs. the Vampire Women)YouTube viewingLong before the Rock, Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura or Rowdy Roddy Piper, there was El Santo - a professional wrestling legend from Mexico who parlayed... read more »

Daily Prompt – Inside the Bubble – Reading, Wri...

The Daily Prompt for September 4, 2015 says: A contagious disease requires you to be put into quarantine for a whole month (don’t worry, you get well by the time you’re free to go!). How would you spend your time in isolation? This is probably the easiest question anyone could ask me! Assuming Im not too More Daily Prompt Inside the Bubble Reading, Writing,Resting read more »

Выдайте планшет ребенку

Вы знаете, можно много и долго говорить о том, что современные технологии - зло, нечего давать, ты плохая мать и так далее... но на деле - это спасение для любой мамы, которая еще должна готовить, работать и так далее. Планшетом вполне можно угомонить ребенка на целых полчаса - больше времени дает только сон ) Это полезно не только в обычной жизни, но и в путешествиях, в кафе и в поездках по городу. Примерно с полутора лет планшет вполне можно давать ребенку в руки, не верьте про 3-5, это все байки. То... read more »


Anuncian la portada del famoso juego nba2k16 y en este muestran que tendra como protagonista nada mas y nada menos que a el grande MICHAEL JORDAN.. Les Dejo este video para que se llenen de mas informacion sobre el tema .. que opiana ustedes? estuvo bien o mal? read more »

Vainglory App Review: iOS and Android

Before I start with my review, Id like to let everyone know that Vainglory is also available now on Android. I found out about Vainglory last year (2014), November. It was just recently released and it was on the featured games on the App Store. It was initially released exclusively for iOS only. I remember [] The post Vainglory App Review: iOS and Android appeared first on The Lifestyle Avenue. read more »


I've played your game, You've played mine. I've failed on your game, You haven't quite finished mine. I've been left now here alone, Feeling despair, Waiting for you to come back for me, Once more, Eager, to finally play my game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nosotros He jugado tu juego, Has jugado el mío. He perdido en tu juego, Tu no has terminado completamente el mío. Me he quedado aquí sola ahora, Sintiend... read more »

Rise from Purgatory Now Available on Google Play

An exciting new side-scrolling adventure for Android devices, this dynamic and high-octane game takes players across a fast-paced escape from their own fate within the depths of Purgatory. The post Rise from Purgatory Now Available on Google Play appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Battle Royal: The gangsters


Five Cool Games for Kids

This is the first article written by my son.  Evan is a great kid and he asked if he could write for my blog every so often.  So this is his first post.  Im proud of the job he did.  Be on the lookout for future posts from him in our Kids Korner.   Ben [...] The post Five Cool Games for Kids appeared first on Small Biz Dad. read more »


- New Feature Allows Users to Play Against Their Viber Friends Launch Games From Storm8 and Playtika Feature Exclusive Viber Content Viber, the leading OTT mobile communications platform, offering free messaging, HD-quality phone and video calls, recently launched Viber Games, a major expansion to the app. Viber has partnered with leading game developers []Read more... The post VIBER launched the new VIBER GAMES WORLDWIDE appeared first on The Bag Investigator. read more »

Entertainment Favourites of February 2015: Twit...

Donna Brown shares her entertainment favourites discovered in February 2015: Twitter for Writers and The Book of Unwritten Tales The post Entertainment Favourites of February 2015: Twitter for Writers and The Book of Unwritten Tales appeared first on B-Lines and Felines. read more »

Entertainment Favourites of January 2015: Eliza...

Donna Brown shares her entertainment favourites discovered in January 2015: Elizabeth is Missing and The Lost Chapter Mystery The post Entertainment Favourites of January 2015: Elizabeth is Missing and The Lost Chapter Mystery appeared first on B-Lines and Felines. read more »

10 Things To Know About Clash of Clan

For over two years ago this game has somehow made its way to every iOS platforms and a year later made its way to every Android device but was limited only to certain countries. On October 7, 2013 it is international released on Google Play, making everyone enjoy the game to their tablets or smartphones. This has become a game to get out of boredom. So what’s game? Well, it’s none other than the COC or Clash Of Clans. To give others a hint about the history of the game, it is a MMO (Massively Multiplayer... read more »

#acquistaAPPconTIM col nuovo strumento di pagam...

#acquistaAPPconTIM Sempre più ci affidiamo per ogni tipo di operazioni al nostro inseparabile smartphone. Oggi con lo smartphone si paga, ci rilassiamo con giochi e app varie, controlliamo i nostri conti e sempre con le varie app abbiamo svariati aggiornamenti nelle più disparate categorie. Ed oggi Telecom Italia Mobile, il prima grande Azienda Italiana per la Telefonia Mobile che tra l'altro detiene il primato assoluto nel mondo per aver brevettato la Prepagata, che lancia il nuovo strumento d... read more »


Foxcatcherseen @ Kew Gardens Cinemas, Kew Gardens, Queens, NY12.19.14Should athletes be heroes? I suppose it depends on how you define the word "hero." As a kid, the 1986 Mets were heroes to me, even though I hadn't even followed baseball all that long. I just happened to begin following them at a time when they were growing into a successful team, one that would go on to win the World Series in a dominating fashion. It was all certainly exciting, but would I have cared about them as much if they played ... read more »

Masterpieces #38: Final Fantasy IX

This week's masterpiece is Final Fantasy IX (2000) The post Masterpieces #38: Final Fantasy IX appeared first on B-Lines and Felines. read more »

Masterpieces #37: Kingdom Hearts

This week's masterpiece is 2002 game, Kingdom Hearts The post Masterpieces #37: Kingdom Hearts appeared first on B-Lines and Felines. read more »

Wrong Way Game for Android is Out

Wrong way driving racing game for maximum fun. Drive wrong side of the highway. Drive 4-lane, 5-lane wrong way and two-way highway options. Many vehicle options to drive with difficulty selections. The post Wrong Way Game for Android is Out appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Friday Night Lights (2004)

Friday Night Lights (2004)seen on TV @ AMC12.5.14It's hard for me to think of Friday Night Lights as a successful TV show or movie much of the time because I always think of the book before anything else. I remember buying the book, written by H.G. "Buzz" Bissinger, after reading an excerpt in Sports Illustrated (you know this was a long time ago if I was still reading SI).I've never been a huge football fan. I rooted for the Giants and Jets growing up, naturally, and I was excited when the Giants had th... read more »

Okay, okay…

Its been almost a month since my last post, and honestly I hadnt even realized its been so long until the other day when I got to my moms house and was looking for things to do. You might know me by now sometimes Ill do whatever it takes NOT to work when I have [] read more »

Masterpieces #36: Darksiders

This week's masterpiece is Vigil Games' 2010 game, Darksiders The post Masterpieces #36: Darksiders appeared first on B-Lines and Felines. read more »

Türchen öffnen leicht gemacht

über all gibt es sie nun... die Adventskalendar! Damit ihr auch wisst, welche sich lohnen haben wir euch eine Übersicht zusammengesucht mit allen interessanten Adventskalendern mit gaming-bezug. Game Adventskalendar 2014Adventskalendar Übersicht Da heute schon der 1. ist wollen wir euch gar nicht lange auf die Folter spannen sondern euch gleich unsere Übersicht liefern. Wir wünschen viel Spaß und Erfolg!ChipChip bietet wie jedes Jahr einen Download Adventskalender bei dem es jeden Tag eine kostenlose ... read more »

New Release: Mikdao

The world's best known Pick-Up-Sticks game "Mikado" finally available for Android phones and tablets. The digital (iOS) version of this family classic stormed the carts and reached No1 Top Rank in various countries (China, Italy, Netherlands, to name a few). On this Friday (2014.11.14) it'll finally be released for Android! Go get this beauty! The post New Release: Mikdao appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Battlefield 4 Final Stand дата релиза: 18 Ноября

Выход нового DLC «Final Stand» анонсирован официально на 18 ноября! Battlefield 4 Final Stand Дата релиза: 18 Ноября Подробный видеообзор-стрим по данном дополнению: No related content found. The post Battlefield 4 Final Stand дата релиза: 18 Ноября appeared first on EDC-PATROL. read more »

Masterpieces #31: Final Fantasy VII

This week's masterpiece is Square Enix's 1997 game, Final Fantasy VII The post Masterpieces #31: Final Fantasy VII appeared first on B-Lines and Felines. read more »

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