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MENCABAR DIRI DI BREAKOUT NU SENTRAL | Assalamualaikum semua... Yeahh, hujung minggu tiba lagi. Tambahan pulak cuti sekolah dah bermula. Yippieee... Korang ke mana weekend ni? dah ada planning ? Ha, kalau belum, apa kata korang ajak kengkawan atau satu family mencabar diri di Breakout. Setakat ni ada 2 cawangan iaitu di Nu Sentral dan Avenue K dan kami pilih untuk mencuba yang di cawangan Nu Sentral. Breakout memang sesuai untuk orang yang sukakan permainan yang menguji minda sebab perlu selesaikan semua... read more »

Mehr Kunden durch Quizspiele – jetzt 10% auf al...

Wer Wie Wann? ist ein Spezialanbieter für Quizfragen. Das Angebot umfasst Multiple-Choice-Quizfragen, Sortierfragen und offene Quizfragen, sowie vieles mehr, ganz nach Kundenwunsch. read more »

Minecraft PE — приключения на краю вселенной.

Грядущее обновление minecraft 0.17.0 for android обещает стать самым значимым в этом году. По слухам, в него должны добавить “The End” (Край) – последнее измерение с зубодробительным испытанием для... (c) read more »

Dicas de como platinar um game

A algum tempo atrás, assim que chegou o sistema PlayStation 3, a Sony incrementou um sistema de conquistas no sistema, chamado do thophies, ou troféus Antes, você começava um jogo,... Leia Mais read more »

Humble Narrative Bundle Features Great Games Fo...

This weeks humble bundle is a great one. I already had many of the games but I picked it up because Shadowrun Hong Kong looked interesting to me and 80 Days was a game I was really excited about when it first came out for mobile devices, and Im looking forward to playing it Continue reading Humble Narrative Bundle Features Great Games For Girls with Emphasis on Story and Branching Plots read more »

Segundo trailer sobre as classes do game Grand ...

NIS America lançou um novo trailer para Grand Kingdom, introduzindo classes como Hunter, Medic, Fighter. Cada classe detalhado abaixo: Hunter (Longo Alcance) Um atirador que podem atingir alvos distantes... Leia Mais read more »

Third-person Action RPG *Anima: Gate of Memorie...

The folks at Badland Games just emailed me their press release for their upcoming title: Anima: Gate of Memories which is based on a series of books. It is being developed by a small team and heavily involving the author of the novels. This looks to be a really fun, story-rich RPG with multiple endings, Continue reading Third-person Action RPG *Anima: Gate of Memories* due June 3 on Steam (Windows/Linux), PS4 Xbox One, North American PS4 launch to take place June 7 read more »

Taisho Alice Picked Up For English Localization...

Taiso Alice has just been picked up for a North American Release by E2 Gaming. I found this news on Tumblr and verified it on E2 Gamings Facebook Page, where theyve also announced a new image song for the English release. Taisho Alice could best be described as a fairytale crossover. The different routes relate to common Continue reading Taisho Alice Picked Up For English Localization by E2 Gaming Who Expressed Interest In bringing Other Otome Games Overseas As Well read more »

Resident Evil 3 a grande estrela da série

Residente evil 3 NEMESIS (BioHazard 3 last escape) é o terceiro game da franquia Residente Evil, o game foi lançado originalmente para Playdtation em 22 de setembro de 1999, o... Leia Mais read more »

100% Orange Juice Videogame Review

Ive been playing 100% Orange Juice, a cute little anime-style board game, with my friends, as well as playing it solo in campaign mode, quite a bit the last few days. And well probably play it again tonight too. What I love about this game is that as you play you earn stars (the in Continue reading 100% Orange Juice Videogame Review read more »

Как начать играть в покер в сети: советы для но...

КАК НАЧАТЬ ИГРАТЬ В ПОКЕР В СЕТИ: СОВЕТЫ ДЛЯ НОВИЧКОВ В покер может играть любой человек на планете, достигший 18-летнего возраста: молодой парень, мужчина, женщина и даже пенсионер. Никаких... (c) read more »

Ever17 The Out of Infinity Visual Novel PC Game...

Ever17 is probably my all time favorite visual novel. It was one of the first that I had played, and the story is so good. Its not your typical dating or romance novel. Its a very thrilling and suspenseful tale about a group of young people trapped in an underwater theme park. They are running Continue reading Ever17 The Out of Infinity Visual Novel PC Game Review read more »

Backgamon (new rules)

Start Player A: începe de pe pozitiile 1-6 Player B: începe de pe pozitiile 19-24 End Player A: trebuie să ajungă pe pozitiile 19-24 (varianta complicată pe pozițiile 20-22) Player B: trebuie să ajungă pe pozitiile 1-6 (varianta complicată pe pozițiile 1-3) Reguli Player A: poate pozitiona doar pe pozitiile pare; poate clădi [] read more »

App-etite: Neko Atsume

My brother told me about this cat game, because it deserved demanded my  attention. My four cats are currently boarded off at the cattery until New Years and this was exactly what I needed. Neko Atsume apparently was already popular before its English version was released. The gameplay is pretty straightforward: collect cats. You leave [] read more »

Серия MSI GAMING — передовые решения для киберс...

Чтобы получить максимальное наслаждение от качественной игры, необходимо использовать высокие настройки. А это допустимо при наличии мощного игрового компьютера. Это особенно актуально при выходе... (c) read more »

Cara Mendapatkan Uang dari Internet

Internet telah menjadi salah satu tempat mendapatkan banyak uang dan penghasilan yang bahkan tidak terbatas. Hanya saja masih sangat banyak orang yang belum tahu dan mengerti benar bagaimana cara mendapatkan uang dari internet. Apa saja itu? Blogging Anda bisa membuat dan mengelola blog dengan topik tertentu serta menghasilkan uang dari iklan yang ditayangkan di dalamnya. read more Posting Cara Mendapatkan Uang dari Internet ditampilkan lebih awal di Guz Ryant Media. read more »

Мнение об игре WoT непосредственного разработчика

Не могу прятать. Репост с Двача: И тут WoT. Ну итить-колотить. Вы не преставляете, как меня задрали танки. Почему? Я в них работаю. Я делаю эти ваши драные танки. Лгу? Лгу. Потому, что ты не можешь... (c) read more »

Android App|結合火車與樂高,小小孩超愛玩的【LEGO® DUPLO® Train】

火車是許多小孩的最愛,尤其像小企鵝就是想當熱衷於火車與鐵道的小小粉絲,對他們來說能夠開火車是一個很棒的夢想,當然真的火車不是人人可以開得起,但透過玩具與遊戲的方式卻能滿足這些小小孩的夢想,LEGO® DUPLO® Train是由樂高所推出的一個App小遊戲,適合幼兒遊玩,主要是透過小朋友都喜歡 [Read More…]o read more »

New fun and fast paced continues space game Eva...

Evade Maze is free and easy to play. All you need to do is move and run away before something catches you. Evade and survive! Continues forever! or at least until you can survive! Checkout the latest updates and explore the game. The post New fun and fast paced continues space game Evade Maze appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Бесплатные оналйн игры xGames-online

Бесплатные онлайн игры Виртуальные развлечения, как же они прекрасны, как в них хорошо проводить время, но стоит учитывать и высокую скорость выпуска этих виртуальных продуктов. Да, аудитория... (c) read more »

Augmented Life Release Moon Gravity Jump – FREE...

Augmented Life, LLC announced today their company’s first game “Moon Gravity Jump”. It is now available in the Google Play Store. Moon Gravity Jump is a simple and minimalistic, yet challenging and addictive arcade game that will put players in the shoes of astronauts who are stranded on the moon. Aliens are attacking them, and astronauts have to jump over them to stay alive. In Moon Gravity Jump, jump timing is crucial. Players must use the moon’s lower gravity to their advantage. Get it NOW!! The pos... read more »

Как сделать унитаз и холодильник в Майнкрафт?

Настоящий дом в Майнкрафт обязательно должен содержать комнату, оборудованную под туалет. Особенно это важно в игре по интернету, ведь пригласив гостей, вы сможете удивить их своей инженерной мыслью.... (c) read more »

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie - Come...

Para começar o jogo Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie já morfado (morphing) e não ter que esperar a barra de energia ficar totalmente cheia.Iniciar o jogo de modo super com os golpes mais fortes e movimentos mais rápidos.Basta fazer a seqüência na tela de título - onde escolhe um ou dois jogadores. ↑, ↓, ←, →, X, B, Y, A A tela irá brilhar como se fosse um relâmpago, sinal que fez corretamente.Escolha um ou dois jogares e comece o jogo 'Morfado'. Sem fazer a seqüência Depois da seqüência re... read more »

The Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron

Avengers : Age of Ultron adalah sebuah film superhero berdasarkan komik Avengers, produksi Marvel Studios dan didistribusikan oleh Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Film ini merupakan sekuel dari Marvels Avengers. Marvel Studios menyajikan Avengers : Age of Ultron, epik tindak lanjut yang terbesar film Super Hero sepanjang masa. Ringkasan : Ketika Tony Stark mencoba untuk ... read more »

Keunggulan Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Teknologi terbaik Samsung memungkinkan Anda melibatkan diri dalam layar paling cemerlang mereka belum. Layar Quad HD Super AMOLED memberikan warna yang kaya, bayangan dalam dan waktu respon-semua... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

Gaming Print's Weihnachtsgewinnspiel - Der Gewi...

Es ist Weihnachten und das heißt unser Gewinner des Weihnachtsgewinnspieles steht fest...OriginalmeldungBald ist #Weihnachten und auch ihr habt #Geschenke verdient, daher gibt es von uns dieses Jahr ein #Gewinnspiel zu Weihnachten und ihr könnt sogar eure #Gewinnchancen erhöhen.Teilnahme mit #Facebook , #Google+ , #Youtube , #Twitch , #WorldofNerds oder einfach mit einer gültigen Mail-Adresse möglich.AllgemeinesAb heute habt ihr bis zum 4. Advent Zeit um an unserem Weihnachtsgewinnspiel teilzunehmen und ... read more »

Gaming Print's Weihnachtsgewinnspiel

Bald ist #Weihnachten und auch ihr habt #Geschenke verdient, daher gibt es von uns dieses Jahr ein #Gewinnspiel zu Weihnachten und ihr könnt sogar eure #Gewinnchancen erhöhen. Teilnahme mit #Facebook , #Google+ , #Youtube , #Twitch , #WorldofNerds oder einfach mit einer gültigen Mail-Adresse möglich.AllgemeinesAb heute habt ihr bis zum 4. Advent Zeit um an unserem Weihnachtsgewinnspiel teilzunehmen und da man nicht weiß was man zu Weihnachten geschenkt bekommt, wollen wir euch dass natürlich auch nicht ... read more »

123 Kids Fun Autumn Puzzle – Free app for kids ...

123 Kids Fun Autumn Puzzle for Android, The Puzzle app that makes kids fall in love with the Fall. The post 123 Kids Fun Autumn Puzzle Free app for kids for Android, appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Legend Coffee di Sini Jantungnya Anak Muda

Anak muda tidak nongkrong, kalau gak di Legend Coffee Demikian klaim Yudi, MO Legend Coffee Malang saat memperkenalkan kafe yang jadi jujugan anak muda di Kota Malang, di tengah sesi kopdar Citizen Reporter (Cipoers) Harian Surya. Sekitar 40 cipoers dari berbagai kampus di Malang Raya, Minggu (7/12) berkumpul di kafe yang terletak di jalan Bandung 22 [] read more »

Wrong Way Game for Android is Out

Wrong way driving racing game for maximum fun. Drive wrong side of the highway. Drive 4-lane, 5-lane wrong way and two-way highway options. Many vehicle options to drive with difficulty selections. The post Wrong Way Game for Android is Out appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Only Power : free Unity game

"There is Only Power" è un gioco di strategia in stile roguelike. Bisogna costruire un piccolo esercito, imparare incantesimi e trovare manufatti per conquistare il regno prima che i suoi cittadini si ribellino. I mondi sono generato in modo casuale e ogni game che richiede un approccio diverso per vincere.Per PC, Mac e Web (Unity)link : read more »

Игра «Найди Кота» в Одноклассниках

Современные дети, в большинстве своём, в свободное время заняты просмотром мультфильмов, которые приводят к деградации сознание малышей. Мультики не приносят ничего полезного, они разрушают идеалы,... (c) read more »

Das Wünsch-dir-was-Gewinnspiel

Ist denn schon Weihnachten? Nein natürlich nicht, aber heute ist der 11.11. und es beginnt die Karnevalssaison, also wird es Zeit für etwas Verrücktes! Karnachten - Wünsch-dir-was-GewinnspielAllgemeines Ab heute habt ihr 11 Tage lang Zeit an unserem Wünsch-dir-was-Gewinnspiel teilzunehmen, ja und wie der Name schon sagt, ihr könnt euch wünschen was der Gewinn bei diesem Gewinnspiel sein wird.TeilnahmeIhr wollt beim Wünsch-dir-was-Gewinnspiel teilnehmen, dann werdet Fan und teilt mit eurem Facebook- od... read more »

123 Kids Fun Apps releases AUTUMN DESIGNER for ...

123 Kids Fun Apps announced today the release of 123 Kids Fun Autumn Designer for iOS and Android platforms; a welcomed addition to their extremely large library of leaning games for children ages 3 to 8. The post 123 Kids Fun Apps releases AUTUMN DESIGNER for Android appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Сделаем игру комфортнее модпак от Джова 0.9.4

Сделаем игру комфортнее модпак от Джова 0.9.4 Сегодня об игре World of Tanks знают во всем мире. Игра является самой популярной среди геймеров разной возрастной группы. Есть в ней и свои герои. Игрок... (c) http://www.administrating.ruc read more »

Keine Titten - Kein Geschäft

Das oder ähnliches haben sich einige Streamerinnen und Youtuberinnen beim Zocken sicher gedacht, doch damit ist jetzt Schluss, zumindest auf Twitch. Denn Twitch gibt nun eine Kleiderordnung vor!Vorbei sollen die Tage von aufreizenden Mädchen und Frauen vor der Kamera auf Twitch sein, denn Twitch hat in ihren Regeln neuerdings eine Kleiderordnung eingebaut. Doch diese gilt nicht nur für das weibliche Geschlecht, sondern auch für die Männerwelt.Dieser Kleiderordnung entsprechend, darf man nichts knappes o... read more »

The Barber

bethere2day - A young boy enters a barber shop and the barber whispers to his customer, 'This is the dumbest kid in the world. The Barber read more »

Um Homem, Uma Mulher, Uma Égua e um Colosso

A menos que você tenha vivido os últimos anos dentro de uma caverna, afastado de toda a civilização humana, então provavelmente, deve conhecer o jogo chamado ‘Shadow of the Colossus’. Para as pessoas que não tiveram oportunidade de jogar, vou fazer um breve resumo do porquê você deveria gastar algumas horas e desfrutar desse jogo sem igual. ‘SotC’ foi lançado em 2005 no Japão e na América do Norte, desenvolvida pela Team Ico. Até aqui foi apenas informação técnica que particularmente está aqui apenas p... read more »

The Evil Within: il nuovo videogioco del creato...

Con The Evil Within, nuova creatura di Shinji Mikami e dei Tango Gameworks, il brillante creatore di resident Evil ha affermato di voler tornare alle radici del survival horror. Per il videogioco si è partiti da una ridefinizione di quello che è il vero e proprio stile di questo genere: spaventare il più possibile i [] The Evil Within: il nuovo videogioco del creatore di Resident Evil è un post di: VideoGiochi read more »

Fruit-Slinger: Wild West Target Practice Out No...

Clean up the Wild West in this wacky and whimsical game of target practice and fruit slinging. Sheriff Larry the Lemur needs your help! Truth, justice, and the Lemur way are on the line! The post Fruit-Slinger: Wild West Target Practice Out Now On Android! appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Карманное приложение популярной игры

Среди популярных компьютерных игр Minecraft занимает особое место благодаря своей уникальности. Первая версия, предназначенная для персонального компьютера, сразу же завоевала армию поклонников.... (c) read more »

Sonho, pesadelo ou realidade?

Nessa semana, este que vos mostra um pouco da cultura gamer, tem mais um jogo indie para indicar. O jogo dessa semana trata-se de Limbo. Esse game foi lançado em multi-plataformas, ou seja, saiu para Xbox, Pc, Ps4, PSP e Mac. O mesmo foi tão bem recebido que alguns críticos definiram o mesmo como ‘video game com arte’. Como fiz da outra vez, vou levantar alguns pontos interessantes que, na minha opinião, fazem valer a pena jogar Limbo. 1º ponto: a estética do jogo é algo surreal e surpreendente. Ao c... read more »

FIFA: выбор системных администраторов №1

Ни для кого не секрет, что практически любой системный администратор большую часть жизни проводит за компьютером. Как показывают данные многочисленных опросов, в виртуальном пространстве они... (c) http://www.administrating.rui read more »

Deflect Fireballs and Destroy Bombs in Bomb Squadz

AA Solutionz today introduces Bomb Squadz 1.0, their new arcade game for iOS devices. With visually stimulating graphics and a hip-hop soundtrack, Bomb Squadz challenges players to destroy all the bombs surrounding Freddy "The Bomb." Bombs are destroyed by up to 3 fireballs that Freddy deflects with his hitting gears, which are operated by the player with simple touch screen controls. Bomb Squadz allows players to share high scores and compete with others to climb to the top of the leaderboard. read more »

Her smile.

They called her strong, For she smiled through the tears. They called her weak, For she smiled, but she cried. They said she was brave, For she smiled when catastrophe struck. They said she was a coward, For she only Continue reading read more »

Island Tribe 3 Released on Android

Today Realore announces the release of its resource-management game Island Tribe 3 on Google Play. During its release on PC it topped the charts of casual gaming portals. After its success on PC the game was released on iOS. Today the game is coming to Android users. read more »

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate | Trailer em Inglês

Ooooi malvadinhos e malvadinhaaaas!!! ♥Gente, passei rapidinho aqui hoje só pra contar a novidade pra vocês: saiu o trailer de Bayonetta: Bloody Fate em inglêêêêêês!!!! ☺ ☺ ☺Pelo que fiquei sabendo, em outubro, mais precisamente no dia 21, chegará ao nosso querido lado ocidental, a animação em DVD e Blu-Ray... O bom seria mesmo assistir no cinema, mas esse privilégio fica só para os orientais!!! >.<''Esse filme conta a história que se passa entre o primeiro jogo (2010) e o segundo, que ainda não foi lanç... read more »

Какую пользу несут в себе логические компьютерн...

В нашей стране практически каждый человек, вне зависимости от возраста, увлекается виртуальными играми. Но есть и личности, которые считают, что компьютерные развлечения приносят только лишь вред. В... (c) read more »

Laptop Terbaik 2014

Dari sekian banyak produk laptop yang dikeluarkan beberapa merek/brand ternama dunia seperti sony, toshiba, acer, asus, apple, samsung, lenovo, dan lain sebagainya. tentu beberapa sudah menjadi pilihan anda, berbagai aspek seperti kualitas laptop itu sendiri serta spesifikasi yang dibenamkan pada laptop tersebut dikombinasi dengan harga tentu menjadi pertimbanga utama sebelum membeli sebuah laptop ditahun 2014 ini. Banyaknya tipe dan model laptop/notebook dengan beragam spesifikasi yang berbeda beda sert... read more »

Как начать играть в многопользовательские онлай...

Компьютерные игры в последние годы претерпели массу изменений. Теперь популярными являются онлайн развлечения, в которые одновременно могут играть множество пользователей по всему миру. Одной из... (c) read more »

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