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My Fab Four

Well hello there friends! I am just back from a fabulous break with my best friend and I feel equal parts exhausted and exhilarated. We ate, we laughed and of course, we drank. A little. Ahem. Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous post, Ive been practicing acknowledging all the things Im grateful for each Continue reading My Fab Four read more »


Milanie and I go way back to sixth grade, we were actually seatmates and thats where our friendship blossomed. We used to be inseparable and at one point we become surrogate sisters, however situations wasnt favorable to us and by high school, were both enrolled to different private schools. Even then, we still managed to [] read more »

Про тихое счастье, и дружбу.

Привет мои дорогие! Как вы? В общем, я не смогла без моей подруги, я написала ей, и мы снова вместе! :) Это хорошая новость, потому что сейчас я чувствую себя лучше. Вообще, сколько себя помню, ещё со времён школы, я всегда первая шла на примирение. И я всегда задавалась вопросом "ну почему всегда я первая иду на мир?", мне казалось, что мои друзья не дорожат мной, и я не важна, раз уж они могут сколько угодно прожить без меня. Мне и сейчас так кажется. :) Может быть я права, а может быть просто накру... read more »

Travelogue: Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 Jiscovery Concert...

Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 10th Debut Anniversary Concert [Jiscovery History Concert 2017.07.22] and Fan meeting at Olympic Hall at Olympic Park Seoul ♡ Impromptu Weekend Trip from 21 July to 23 July 2017 to South Korea, Seoul, with a new friend I got to know through JCW SG Facebook fanpage! Booked the trip 2 weeks before and flew right away after meeting up for once to discuss the itinerary! Overall the trip is really short since our purpose was for the concert, but its an awesome trip as we still manage to do... read more »

Tittertastic Saturday – Two Close Friends Meet ...

bethere2day - Tittertastic Saturday - Two close friends meet in Heaven and start asking questions Tittertastic Saturday Two Close Friends Meet In Heaven. read more »

Bullying and Dreams...

Bullying is disgusting, it is horribleand I just don't get why people do it. I mean, WHY. Why do people deliberately make people feel bad just so they can feel good about themselves. This has happened to me so much and it got so mentally draining 😠. Somehow if Iwrite all my problems on here it seems like I'm sharing my issues with a wider community then keeping it to myself. Suppose what I'm trying to say is that is you are going through something similar to me you should tell someone even if your doing... read more »

Feline Friday – Friends For Life

bethere2day - Feline Friday This weeks Feline Friday is "Friends For Life" post yours and link up. Feline Friday Friends For Life read more »

Feline Friday – Friendly Liasons

bethere2day - Feline Friday This weeks Feline Friday is "Friendly Liasons" post yours and link up. Feline Friday Friendly Liasons read more »

Mirror Mirror

2016. Lets reflect. Well, this year we have settled properly into our new home and have started to think about how we are going to develop it this year. With plans for a new front door, new carpets, new fence panels and hopefully start thinking properly about an extension so I can finally have my Continue reading Mirror Mirror read more »


There is an exciting event going on at the Singapore Zoo River Safari right now! Zoo-Rassic Park!! The dinosaurs looks pretty real and will rwar and move! So cool and cute~ Here are some photos that I took to share with all of you! =) Had some fun snapping photos with my friends and colleagues! =) Many different dinos! My favourite would be the Triceratop! There is also the T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, etc. * Not a sponsored post! Not an advertisement. read more »

Happy Blessed Birthday Melmel!

Happy Blessed Birthday My Dear Melmel!! ♡ Hope you are having an awesome time with your love in HongKong!! May all your wishes come true and happiness be with you always!~ *Hugs!* On Monday, our Team Valor headed out for dinner after work to celebrate Mel's Birthday in advanced! Went to Goro Goro Steamboat Korean Buffet located at Orchard [email protected] Emerald. Chose 3 soup base, namely Collagen, Mala Bak Kut Teh. Must say that the Mala is just so-so. The best one would be the Collagen soup! The food sel... read more »

Crazy Fun KTV Night!

Its been a super duper hectic week at work! Back to back meetings and interviews, tight datelines to meet, and adhoc stuff to handle~ 天啊~ Tired die me~ Headache max~ Shagged out! Cant wait for this 2 weeks of forecast and budgetting to end~ Thank goodness I have very supportive and awesome colleagues at work and really glad I can call them my friends and buddies! Really blessed that this group of us share a close and strong bond and are there for each other in good times and bad times making sure neith... read more »

Halloween Horror Night 6 at Universal Studio Si...

Scare Die Me! Told myself 4 years ago after I went for the Halloween Horror Night 2 event that I am never gonna attend such events ever again, but somehow this year I decided to go for it again when my neighbours asked me along. Thought I may be braver now, but right after the 1st haunted house and scare zone, I immediately regret going! Plus this year, I even paid more to get the express passes to scare myself faster. -.-" As much as I hate the queue, I honestly thought for that moment that I need a ... read more »

YUNOMORI Onsen and Spa

I recently went to the YUNOMORI Onsen and Spa located at Kallang Wave Mall, and thought it would be nice to share my experience with all of you since alot of my friends are also asking me about it ever since I posted up photos of the place in my facebook! Reception Area Shoe Locker Area Sitting Area at the Reception Main Door Cute Signages I must say that I really like the place! The whole atmosphere is relaxing and the place is well maintained and clean! (I could only take photos of the reception... read more »

Old Is When

bethere2day - Old Is When - Your sweetie says 'Let's go upstairs and make love' Old Is When read more »

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Eati...

Anna is sitting alone in the lunch room during her free period staring at her doughnut and coffee her mom bought her for breakfast. More often than not this is what Anna ate all day until dinner. As she puts her head on the table and looks to the side over at her breakfast she starts poking it and putting the glaze bits in her mouth. As she closes her eyes for a second she opens them and there stands Lincoln. She starts picking up the doughnut crumbles trying to make it look like she wasn't doing what sh... read more »

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Frie...

It was getting pretty obvious that the feelings were not mutual between Remy and Anna. She was really starting to like him but he just wants pictures and when she did not deliver he would stop talking to her. Anna, really needing someone to talk to would cave just so she could have something to look forward to. It wasn't much, but it keeps her distracted from everything else going on around her. Even Brian and her other guitar friends could tell that there was something different going on with her. Brian... read more »

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Scho...

With the end of the school year coming Anna was super stressed about her current grades. She has a straight line of D's and F's in her classes. She knew that she could do better but she didn't the mental time to even try, she was constantly worried about everything. Most of her teachers didn't even bother teaching her anyways, she is always the difficult student. When she walked into her math class on the first day of the semester her teacher approached her and said "I've heard about you from your other ... read more »

Footlight Parade

Are Ruby and Joanie supposed to be nudein this poster? Sure looks like it!Footlight Paradeseen @ Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre, Jersey City, NJA long time ago, when they used to be shown in venues opulent and lavish enough to be worthy of the name "palaces," movies used to be preceded by live stage shows called "prologues." As I understand it, they were the brainchildren of exhibitors, who put them on as a supplement to the movie, a kind of stage-setter, as it were. Imagine seeingBatman v. Supermanat Ra... read more »

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch ProjectIFC viewingI didn't believe it was real. Not completely. I remember the tremendous hype for it and I remember following it until the release, so I kind of had a pretty good idea that while they were trying to pass The Blair Witch Project off as real, I kinda knew it wasn't. But I wanted it to be real. I remember wanting to believe in it, too, because it was so completely unlike any horror movie - hell, any movie - that had come along. I mean, it made the cover of Time.I saw it with... read more »

Date with the 2 of my favorite friends

Photo was taken February 26, 2016Our date with 2 of my friends in Chapters Book Cafe. We don't see each other often as I am based in Cebu so meeting them while in Dipolog is a must. read more »

Hello, My Name is Doris

Hello, My Name is Dorisseen @ Cinemart Fiveplex, Forest Hills, Queens NYI'd go out with an older woman. Why not? It's not like I'm a spring chicken anymore anyway, so it probably wouldn't be a Dustin Hoffman-Anne Bancroft situation. (Fun fact: they were only six years apart in age when they made The Graduate. Still are, I would imagine.) There have been older women I've been attracted to in my life, although my luck with them has been no better than with chicks my own age or younger.There are, of course,... read more »

Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Skyseen @ City Cinemas East, New York, NYEye in the Sky deals with a relatively new and unusual form of combat, namely, drone warfare. Pilots fly planes by remote control and target people or places via surveillance cameras. There's a lot of debate as to how America has used drones, and whether or not they even should, and if you wanna see the arguments on both sides, just look at this.How do I feel about it? Well, as far as I understand it, the technology is being used by other countries alre... read more »

WW On A Tuesday – Friends

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - Friends WW On A Tuesday Friends read more »

6 Trends In Jewelry To Wear This Season

You would agree that a woman looks more graceful and charming with jewelry. A woman feels special with this accessory and it definitely enhances her beauty. Necklaces, earrings, bangles and finger rings are worn by one and all.With the introduction of fashion jewelry, wearing jewelry has become affordable. They are readily available and you can choose to have a set that goes with every apparel. Online shopping has made it easy to compare, research and buy.We had a look online to see what are the trends t... read more »

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Wait...

"Tell me more" Anna says as she glances past her friends, not really paying attention. She had her eyes on all the boys that had been trying to make her life hell. She was trying to read them to figure out their next move. Ashton snaps his fingers in front of her face to get attention. Anna snaps out of it and says "wait what, what'd I miss?" She looks down and her arm had blood all over it. Anna had a rubber band on her arm that she started snapping when she was nervous. Aston looks at her and says "jus... read more »

Room (2015)

Room (2015)seen @ Kew Gardens Cinemas, Kew Gardens, QueensWhen I spent a little over a year in Columbus, Ohio, I lived in a tiny apartment in a rundown neighborhood with my friend Max. I must have met him sometime in the late 90s, when I was self-publishing comics and touring all over the country. Dude's a self-taught cartoonist.I can't give you a sense of how small our place was based on words alone. It's not like I cared enough to try and measure it for myself, so you'll have to take my word for it whe... read more »

Follow Me by Glory Glory

Today, I’d like to introduce to you a very talented artist I have had the pleasure of knowing and being blessed by way back when I was a youth. Her name is Glory Attaochu and I may not know her personally, but I have had the opportunity to be blessed by her music especially during worship at church events. Glory plays the guitar, piano, AND the violin and so I’m sure you can imagine how beautiful her music must be. From what I’m hearing in her music, she’s definitely adding her African heritage to the ... read more »

We Have One Shot at This

I've been away for awhile and, admittedly, it has been an odd and difficult last several weeks. In this time though, I've had the fortune (some at least) of a new realization. This new - yet so obvious - notion is that we really just have one chance to get ourselves right. What kind of pressure is that? My grandmother very recently passed away after having lost a bout with pneumonia, a bout that largely occurred because of inactivity. For as amazing of a woman as she was (and she truly was), many of ... read more »

45 Years

45 Yearsseen @ Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, New YorkSeeing 45 Years was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision. All the movies I had wanted to see at the time (Joy, The Hateful Eight, Concussion) had gotten mediocre reviews, and I was kind of itching to see something new after coming off a year of blogging about old movies. I had noticed that this flick had gotten incredible reviews - one compared it favorably with Mike Leigh's Another Year, which I liked a lot - and Vija was planning to see it as part of our m... read more »

Where Friendship Goes Wrong: A True Story: Preg...

As Anna is left in front of the classroom door stunned from what just happened. She see's a very panicked Jenny running up to her. Looking at Ashton she says "well this can't be good. I'm gonna have to talk to you later OK? When Ashton sees Jenny's face he hugs Anna and leaves. Anna looked at Jenny and she was crying. When Anna asks Jenny what happened she started crying more. The only thing she could mutter out was "I'm late." Anna grabs Jenny's arm and drags her into the bathroom. "What to you mean you... read more »

An Open Letter to my Wife

When I met the woman who was to be my wife, I had two lists. One was things I did want in a mate and one was things I did not. Those lists are buried at the Shelby County landfill Continue reading read more »

New release roundup for December '15

- Brooklyn. Delightful little movie. I knew Saoirse Ronan was destined for greatness from the first time I saw her, in Atonement, and it looks like she's finally achieved stardom with this film.I saw it with Vija and Lynn (not my sister; different Lynn) at the City Cinemas on the east side of Manhattan, a nice theater that I hadn't been to in years. Turns out it's gotten an upgrade: reclining seats that you can pick out yourself at the box office, just like AMC. Unlike AMC, however, they have the nerve t... read more »

Types Of Friends

A friend in need is a friend indeed! - To how much this is true to some of us sounds quite minimal. Lucky are the ones who have true ones. Sooo let's get started! (Psst: I will be using 'she' mostly because I'm a girl and it's more easy for me to express my thoughts) NUMBER 1....The Reliable So once in a time in our life we've come across that one or many friends that we can count on to. No matter what, you know that your secrets are safe with them and whatever be the circumstance, your friend(s) will... read more »

Fred Astaire

When I was somewhere around ten or eleven, I went to a bar mitzvah for this kid I knew, Howard. Our fathers were co-workers and mutual friends. There was a reception afterward, in which there was much music and dancing.Howard and I were friends, too, though we rarely saw each other. He had a sister, Susan, though for once I wasn't attracted to her. I doubt I even thought of her in those terms, though if memory serves, she was good-looking.Anyway, at this reception, I felt like letting my hair down for on... read more »

Give yourself a fresh start with Grand's Remedy

It's Monday here, raining as well hope you are not feeling blue. Today I am going to blog about the Grand's Remedy Original Foot Powder.Everyday without fail, we need to wear shoes to work or going outdoors. Do you know that it's important to give yourself a fresh start in the morning? Everyday footwear we are wearing, have you ever wonder does your footwear smell?Check this Grand's Remedy Original Foot Powder, it's for smelly feet and footwear. This product is made in New Zealand. It is net contents ... read more »

The Changeling (1980)

The Changeling (1980)YouTube viewingThe Changeling is one of those movies that would have a hard time getting made today, at least by a major studio. The cast is full of old people, the scary scenes in the movie rely far less on "jump-scares" than most, there's no real hook to hang this film on, like the "found footage" format, for instance, and it's far too quiet!It just so happens that it's not an American movie at all, but a Canadian one, and it cleaned up big time at the Canadian equivalent of the Os... read more »

♡ My Blessed 18 (+10) Birthday!

Feeling blessed this year with a wonderful birthday to remember! Thanks for all the well wishes~ thanks for all of you who put in effort to make this day so special for me! First of all, I would like to Thank these special people in my life! Thanks to my Dearest Hubby for everything from the lovely pressies, my favourite cake, cute hello kitty balloon, surprises and all the time and effort just to make me a happy girl~ I Love You so much!! Thanks Daniel, Shirly Charlie for the fun we had, the effor... read more »

Things I Have Learned — Lists of What Matters a...

Todays writing assignment for #Writing101 from the Blogging University is a post of Lists. The choices were things I like, things Ive learned, and things I wish. While this is primarily the 2nd choice, a bit of the 3rd will show up as well. While I have never claimed to be wise or especially smart More Things I Have Learned Lists of What Matters and What DoesNot read more »

317: New SM (Hipster for Social Media)

Good morning friends!I'll be doing an official post hopefully sometime this weekend-but right now I just wanted to let you know about a few things:First of all-Journal Nation has joined Tumblr (yay!) Same name, same logos-everything. So if you're a Tumblr-er (tumblrr? tumbelerer???) go follow us. Do it. Do it now.Currently we're not following anyone-so currently we're not posting anything-but that will all change!You will also be able to see the most recent posts as they will be linked from this website ... read more »

Lawrence of Arabia

The Blind Spot is an ongoing series hosted by The Matinee in which bloggers watch and write about movies they've never seen before. For a list of past entries,visit the home site.Lawrence of Arabiaseen @ The Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria NYIn my writing group, there's this delightful woman named Jennifer who is not only a very good writer, but is a big old movie fan. As you can imagine, we've become pretty good friends. Hitchcock is her particular favorite director, but her tastes are pretty wide-r... read more »

Portrait of Jennie

The Barrymore Trilogy Blogathon is an event devoted to the legacy of the Barrymore clan, one of the most prolific acting families in film and theater, hosted by In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood. For a complete list of participating bloggers, visit the link at the host site.Portrait of JennieYouTube viewingAnyone with a passing familiarity with Greek mythology will know who the Muses were: nine goddesses who brought the gift of inspiration to artistic minds. Surprisingly, there wasn't one for vis... read more »

Sunday Funday on Disappearing Island

I just had my first experience with a SUP ( stand up paddle board ). Another couple on our dock took me and Kim out on their boat down to the inlet for a little island time. This island called, Disappearing Island, is really just a gathering place to hang out and socialize with other boaters. Every day at low tide the water is so low the island appears and it is one large sandbar everyone parks their boats up close and enjoys soaking up some sun and fun! At high tide the island slowly disappears and the ... read more »

Life With Father

Life With FatherTCM viewingThere's a saying that there are no atheists in foxholes. It means that when the stakes are life and death, people are more likely to turn to God for comfort. That might have been true once, back when humans knew little about the world and their place in it, but times have changed, and besides, not everybody worships God in the same way - or at all.William Powell's character in Life With Father isn't an atheist, but he might be the closest thing to one I've ever seen in a studio... read more »

Travelogue - Relaxation Trip to Montigo Resorts...

Its an awesome getaway with my girls! We've been planning this for quite awhile but due to busy schedules, we postpone a couple of times, until finally a month before our planned dates, we booked everything and await for the day to come! Heard alot about Montigo Resorts Nongsa, saw photos and many friends checking into the place in Facebook and been longing to go there to see it for myself! Its truly a nice relaxing place with a really nice villa! Great for couples, family, and also groups of friends... read more »

The Given Word

The Given Word (O Pagador de Promessas)YouTube viewingLast month I wrote about the movie Black Orpheus, a popular and beloved movie known around the world. I think it's terrific. It's superbly filmed, with a fine cast featuring people of color in a remarkable reinterpretation of the Orpheus myth that showcases the beauty of Rio de Janeiro, and I would happily recommend it to anyone.But it never occurred to me how actual Brazilians regard it.You've seen me write about Le for quite awhile; for one so young... read more »

The Summer Bubble

"Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt." - Kurt Vonnegut That's how the summer bubble feels. No school, work, going out a lot and spending a ton of time with your favorite people because you can. My summer bubble was a golden two months (it started in finals week, if we're being honest), filled with all of those things. So much laughing. And I am sad to see it end, with friends parting ways this week until we come back in August.Of course, it's not endingper say. How could one say that going to Eur... read more »

Check out Reebon'z for the #CheckIn2Win campaign

Everyone Is A Winner With Sure-Win Prizes Get on board to RM500,000 in prizes including 56 luxury product prizes when you shop online with Reebonz during the #CheckIn2Win campaign that will run from June 23rd to 30th. The campaign, hosted on Reebonz’ homepage, gives global participants the opportunity to win from unlimited prizes by selecting a seat on its simulated flight booking page.The campaign is a welcome surprise for luxury-focused consumers looking for the best offers of genuine handbags, sho... read more »

Fruits Salad Recipes

The Consultant Dietitian was explaining on what ingredients she's going to use during the event. Health is important for everyone, if there's no health you can't enjoy life. So don't forget to eat healthy balance meal everyday. Fruits also important to everyday life, do you know there's new fruit salad bar available in MBG FruitShop, click on the link if you like to know the three fruit salad recipes shared by Consultant Dietitian. I love being Malaysian because we get to choose variety of food and fr... read more »

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