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Arcancil Paris – Irresistible French beauty at ...

The freshness and fragrance of French beauty were delivered to Buzzingtales. French beauty and style have awed and inspired people The post Arcancil Paris Irresistible French beauty at your finger tips appeared first on BUZZINGTALES in Dubai. read more »

Silly Sunday – Ze French Paratroopers

bethere2day - Silly Sunday - Ze French Paratroopers - Sunday is the place to come for weekly laughs. The rules are simple, just have fun. Silly Sunday Ze French Paratroopers read more »

Mother’s Day Crepes

When I was a kid, Papa used to make crepes every Mothers Day. Thats the only time we ever made crepes. Hed make the crepes and fill them up with thawed out frozen fruit and top with some whipped cream. I remember this vivdly and thats when I realized that I loved crepes. I attempted [] read more »

Arcancil – Mat Hysteria creating waves

When buying skin care or beauty products quality is an indispensable element. After all, the whole point of spending on The post Arcancil Mat Hysteria creating waves appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

Nail Art french con decoro 3D

Oggi vi propongo una nail art semplice e veloce da realizzare, una french su base rosa con decori. Realizzarla e molto semplice e veloce! Come prima cosa cose stendere una base ( io ho usato la formula 2 in 1 di Marionnaud) successivamente applicare una mano di base rosa (io ho usato lasting color n° 205 di Pupa) Ora dovete scegliere gli adesivi per realizzare la french più adatti per ogni unghia. Come applicarli: basta staccare su un lato l'adesivo dalla plastica rigida come si fa normalmente c... read more »

Ce sont quoi, les Jamberry Nail Wraps?

This post is en français! Bonjour mes lecteurs, connaissez-vous les Jamberry Nail Wraps? Je vais vous les montrer et expliquer comment les mettres sur vos ongles. Si j'ai fait des erreurs d'orthographe ou de grammaire corrigez moi, SVP! Aprèsavoir découvert les Jamberry Nail Wraps, je n'utilise plus de vernis à ongles! Les Jamberry Nail Wraps sont des 'emballages' qui se collent sur vos ongles avec de la chaleur et de la pression. Si vous déjà faites vos ongles chez vous, vous avez tous les outils néc... read more »

Tutorial NailArt rosa con brillantini e french ...

Se siete alla ricerca di una nail art semplice da realizzare ma di effetto senza troppafaticaoggi vi mostrocome realizzarla. Bastanopochiminuti per delle unghie rosascintillantieFrenchbianca sempre con brillantini. Per realizzare questa deliziosa Nail art vi servono Una confezione diNailStickerBornPretty Un paio di forbicine per unghie ( io ho utilizzatoPremax) La confezione Nail Sticker BornPretty contiene 12 Sticker Dietro sono riportare le istruzioni anche illustrate per applicarle Per ogni... read more »

Renault Fluence vs Skoda Octavia - 2 of 3 - the...

All pics are clickable to view them as biiig onesThe looks Renault Fluence is a notch-back sedan member of Renault's Megane family. It was however revealed nearly a year after three and five door Megane had been presented to the market. And I kind of know why. Looking at the car makes me think, that guys and girls at Renault +Renaultwere so happy with Megane hatchback that they forgot about designing a sedan version all together. Then someone from top management came in asked "where my sedan is?" and t... read more »

Opel Astra (J) vs Hyundai i30 (GD) - 2 of 3

All pics are clickable to view them as biiig onesThe looks It's been five years already since Astra model J debuted in Frankfurt Motorshow. When you look at the car it actually doesn't look that old which is good news as Opel is known for keeping their models on the market for quite a while before replacing them. Though it has some soft, curvy lines and a bubbly silhouette that by know is probably out of fashion it also has some nice sharp angles here and there. Opel says this car represents their desi... read more »

Romantic Meals For A Table For One

the kouign amann at Brasserie Cicou I was meaning to post this for Valentines. But since I'm such a slowpoke when it comes to writing articles for this online diary, plus inspiration to write a romantic post was sorta, kinda hard to find (surprise! surprise!) so this will serve as my first post for the month of March. And I'm not gonna try to make this a (to quote a phrase from that 90's hit TV show Ally McBeal) "sappy-sappy-puke-sappy" narration because to tell you honestly, it isn't gonna work. Nuh uh... read more »

Tarte Flambee

Tarte Flambee is to the northen Alsace region of France. Tarte flambee is the perfect response to Italian , in Germany it is called a Flammkuchen and is very popular and will find it on the menu of French Restaurants. Tarte flambee is made from thin crust pizza or bread dough generously spread with creme fraiche and sprinkled with onions and bacon. I have not used bacon for my vegetarian version. You can also add in spinach or mushroom. Thanks toSaraswathi Tharagaramand co hostShobhana Shekar of Kitchen ... read more »

French Pharmacy Skincare Haul & Review

I've always loved French pharmacy skincare brands such as La Roche Posay, Vichy, Nuxe, etc., and recently I found a site called which sells a lot of French pharmacy skincare brands for really affordable prices. After doing a thorough research online, I made a list of a few French pharmacy skincare must-haves that people recommended and purchased them on The prices are significantly cheaper than what you would pay for in your local drugstores and the shipping was only $5.Vichy... read more »


Dunno french But loving this song shared by my friend Amazing beats, Moving story, imaginative choreography! French exoticness for good measure what a superb concoction! The child exhorting his dad is so compelling. He makes me want to get up dance with him!All like- lets do this shit! Kudos to the lyricist(yeah [] read more »

French Playlist

ZAZ - Je Veux My current favorite French Song is Zaz's Je Veux (I want). It's about trading luxeries like Chanel, Parisian suites, Limousines, even La tour Eiffelfor Real Love. It's kind of corny, but since it's French, it's certified uncorned. It's actually quite a lovely song with a catchy melody. For this reason, Zaz is not only popular in France but also in neighboring European countries as well. Another song that I like is a ballad called Complainte de la Butte.It's part of the Moulin Rouge Soun... read more »

Recipe: Tex-Mex Ratatouille

What may sound like a well-thought-out exotic dish, combining well-loved Mexican and French flavours, is actually the result of a dwindling pantry and an urgent pang of hunger. The amazing thing about the ingredients used, however, is how well they actually complement each other! You've got the sweet-crunchiness of zucchini and bell peppers, slight meatiness of eggplants, rounded off with the wholesomeness of mixed beans in a hearty tomato base. Want to give it a try? Here's how: Ingredients 1 large... read more »

Floricele intr-o zi ploioasa

Astazi nu am avut programari si pe o vreme ca asta inteleg si de ce, insa ca de obicei Murphy nu ma lasa sa plec de la salon pana nu-mi intra cea mai draguta clienta pe usa si uite asa m-a intors inapoi si bine a facut. Odata intrata clienta in salon a intrat si soarele la masa mea :) Asa ca vreau sa va prezint unghiutele de astazi ale Catalinei, dar am sa va pun si poze cu cateva design-uri facute azi cu gandul la valentine's day ca se apropie tare :)Enjoy va astept cu drag si pupici :) read more »

What To Watch? Oct 9th-Oct-15. New to Blu-ray/DVD

This week there was a variety of genres and stories in the film releases to Blu-ray/DVD. From very rustic,but well written French animation, to a huge budget, CGI-loving, SciFi Space Odyssey. And unfortunately a film that disappointed and felt like a dread to watch, and a real achievement to make thru it. The best graded film this week is the unlikely Oscar nominated "A Cat In Paris", and the film that takes the lowest spot, an a well deserved one,is the indie drama "Crazy Eyes. As always the films are a... read more »

"A Cat In Paris" : Rusitc Animated Mystery

Audiences today seem to define current animated films as those glossy 3-D studio pictures that became the standard in the industry thanks to the success of Pixar. Long gone are the days when studios devoted themselves to hand-crafted traditional animation. In part because of the need to be more efficient to meet the demands of the business, and because the CGI approach fits with the trends of modernity, of hyper-realism, and the growing need to wow the viewer time and time again. In a sense these animate... read more »

The Pitfalls of Stereotyping.

A multinational crowd in Paris, taken from the Eifel Tower. You do it; you know you do. We all do, usually without realising it. We have a tendency to put all people from a nation, class, occupation or whatever into the same pot and accuse them all of the same faults. It’s a form of laziness, sometimes a simple resort to shorthand because we find it too onerous to look beneath the surface, sometimes because we lack experience, sometimes because our circle of friends and acquaintances simply isn’t wide e... read more »

Cod Brandade

This dish is a wonderful interpretation of the traditional Cod Brandade, and is delightfully comforting. I agree salting the cod can take alot of time, and to save time making this you can buy cod already salted where necessary. Either way it is worth a go, very moreish and ver homely and hearty. I promise you'll enjoy it.You will need: (makes about 5 portions)500 G cod fillets with skin onRock Salt4 Black Peppercorns2 sprigs of Thyme2 Bay leaves125ml of Olive oil1 Clove of Garlic chopped800g of mashed P... read more »

Oils are actually good for you…

Hello everyone and hows your hair today? I love my hair right now, and Im looking forward to using my argan oil. I know, I know, how can I not have used it yet, but seriously? Ive just been so busy and havent had the time to sit down and document my findings so I [...] read more »

17th French Film Festival in Cebu

At last! My long wait is over! After one year, here comes the French Film Festival once more! I've been watching their movies since 2006 and I am a big fan of this event. 17th French Film Festival in Cebu will be held in Ayala Center Cebu - Cinema 4 from June 21-23, 2012. So what are you waiting for! Grab your friends and bring some popcorn because ENTRANCE is absolutely FREE!!! All you need to do is join the queue!!! See you there! Photos taken from the free brochure Photos taken from the fre... read more »

French Film Festival 2012 Cebu Schedule

What: French Film Festival 2012 When: June 21- 23 2012 1:00 PM Where: Cinema 4 Ayala Center Cebu FREE ADMISSION MOVIE SCHEDULES FOR FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL 2012 21 – 23 June 2012 (Programs are subject to change without prior notice) 21 June 2012 (Thursday) Destinées Sentimentales (Sentimental destinies) 3 h 1:00-4:00 PM Mariage à trois [...] read more »

Day Of Colors Event – One Kings Lane

I absolutely love the Day Of Colors event going on at One Kings Lane right now! There are some fabulous items being offered and a variety of color pallets to... Read The Rest read more »

Confit duck legs / orange braised fennel / plum...

image courtesy *Part of the sizzling staffordshire menu series*This wonderful fragrant dish provides an uplifting tone and clean flavours for the palate to enjoy. t combines the tartness and sweetness of both the plums and the fennel, whilst providing a hearty middle ground with the confit duck legs. Its ideal as a main course or as a light lunch, depending on your serving size.You will need (per serving):2 confit duck legs1 serving orange braised fennel1 serving plum sauceI woul... read more »

Girly Bday Cutie

My secret girly side emerges... I love flowers on my birthday. They make the day seem even more special! Next best thing to flowers? A vintage French card from the 50's with a wish for the "smell of a birthday." Ok, to me that means cupcakes and all my faves but hey, if it's flowers I'll take that too. And Hello There Cutie on a card! xxxo read more »

Má Pêche: Beef 7 Ways – A Meat Feast

Má Pêche, the 4th restaurant of David Changs empire, is his first midtown restaurant located in the Chambers Hotel.  The boeuf sept façons better known as beef seven ways meal isintense. Boy, if you love meat you will love this meal.  Similar to his other food feasts, this meal can feed up to 10 people [...] read more »

Bouley: A Romantic Meal for the Money

Bouley is what I consider a romantic restaurant. Flowers are adorned on tables with the smells of fresh apples infiltrating the room. The waitstaff go around in a relaxed and whimsical fashion, carefully entering the conversations of their guests and gently placing your dishes onto the table. My co-worker and I decided to take a trip to [...] read more »

Bouley: A Romantic Meal with the Money

Bouley is what I consider a romantic restaurant. Flowers are adorned on tables with the smells of fresh apples infiltrating the room. The waitstaff go around in a relaxed and whimsical fashion, carefully entering the conversations of their guests and gently placing your dishes onto the table. My co-worker and I decided to take a trip to [...] read more »

On translation issues

I think people were laughing at me behind my back. Why would I think that? Because one of the hostesses at a restaurant laughed in my face. Go figure. I asked her "Ou est le salle de bain?" ... I must have pronounced it wrong or something. read more »

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