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Transport to Greece with Nounos Yogurt

The best greek yogurt i ever had wad sitting on a balcony in Mykonos Greece, overlooking a picturesque setting of bright blue waters, and blue Read the rest The post Transport to Greece with Nounos Yogurt appeared first on Style Island. read more »

Green Papaya

Yeah, I am finally back to Hamburg again (after a while) 🙂 C picked me up from the train station, Hamburg Dammtor, and we decided to opt for dinner Thai food.We both, especially me, are really into Asian food recently– last week Chinese food and this week Thai. In particular after my two weeks South America trip where I only had western food non-stop. I was really into... The post Green Papaya appeared first on ByLisaD. read more »

Il Repertorio, il buon Aglianico del Vulture de...

Normal 0 14 false false false IT X-NONE X-NONE Il vino eleva l’anima e i pensieri, e le inquietudini si allontanano dal cuore dell’uomo. Pindaro (518 a.C. circa – 438 a.C. circa) Ciao ben ritrovati, parlo sempre volentieri del nettare degli dei, ed oggi lo faccio con un nettare veramente nobile, l’Aglianico del Vulture, ma prima ... read more »

Media One Hotel ups the happiness quotient with...

Media One Hotel Dubai recently launched a couple of smashing venues like Garden on 8 and Coco. Buzzingtales got to The post Media One Hotel ups the happiness quotient with Garden On 8 appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

Feline Friday – A Demonstration

bethere2day - Feline Friday This weeks Feline Friday is "A Demonstration" post yours and link up Feline Friday A Demonstration read more »

We are what we eat

We are what we eat. Yes, this saying has more truth in it than we realize. By simply eating healthy The post We are what we eat appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

#вкусныйЖЖ Тыквенный суп с имбирем

На дворе октябрь. До Halloween осталось каких-то 2 недели и естественно, что сейчас самое время, что бы готовить и кушать блюда из свежей тыквы.Я блюда из тыквы стал употреблять в пищу относительно недавно.Лет 6 из своих 46 я тыкву люблю, раньше не только не любил, но и ни чего не ел из неё.Теперь довольно часто готовлю и кашу из тыквы,и супчики и даже оладьи.Сегодня вношу в свой кулинарный блокнотик просто, но очень вкусный рецепт от Тани kladez_zolota .Это наглядный рецепт приготовление тыквенного супа... read more »

#ThriveCDO's October 2017 Activities

Before the turn of the calendar, I was fortunate enough to attend the opening celebration of our local breast cancer support and advocacy community in Cagayan de Oro, ThriveCDO. Since it's officially #Pinktober, they launched a great lineup of activities that our locals can attend. (Note: you don't need to have cancer ib order to help promote this advocacy 😂) Background The org was launched by former Miss CDO Karen Lluch in 2012. She was diagnosed with cancer back then and struggled to find comfort... read more »

Eat Artisanal Bakery – Homestyled baked goodies...

Eat Artisanal Bakery the name itself elevated food and baking to the status of art. A review visit to this The post Eat Artisanal Bakery Homestyled baked goodies More appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

Crockpot Broccoli And Mushroom Soup

I love making homemade broccoli and mushroom soup in my crock pot. I had a late start making today. As I had to go to the school and discuss with the resource teacher, class teachers, and counselors about my daughter's failing grades and what we can do about it. I really don't think the meeting was a success. As we discussed my daughter is already grounded from everything in the home except her chrome book that is provided by the school. I was asked how long that will last. I said that depends on her. I... read more »

Flavour Bastard in Soho for something completel...

Flavour Bastard now theres a memorable name for a restaurant. When I recommended some new openings for a night out with friends I think they chose this one purely on the name alone! A quick perusal of their website... The post Flavour Bastard in Soho for something completely different appeared first on Eating Covent Garden. read more »

Travel: What to eat in Warsaw

Today Im continuing my exploration of Poland by tasting the food of Warsaw. But first some history. The area covered by modern Warsaw has been inhabited for at least 1,400 years. The city has had rather a tumultuous history from... The post Travel: What to eat in Warsaw appeared first on Eating Covent Garden. read more »

SENDingDong Delivers To You Malaysia

My youngest son Jayden, turns ONE year old on 8th Sept, I couldn't decide what cake to get for my son's birthday and it was already after lunchtime. Luckily as I was browsing Facebook, I saw VulcanPost on Malaysian Startup Names That was where I found @SENDingDong where they offer #samedaydelivery and catered for #onlineshopping to deliver flowers, gifts, food, products, drinks read more »

Q&A with Jeff Clarke: His Wellness Journey

Although summer has come to an end, I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful, hot months with friends and family! We had lots of beach time and lots of quality family time, but now we are ready for the school year to start (as Im sure many of you are too). Throughout the summer, people haveRead more The post QA with Jeff Clarke: His Wellness Journey appeared first on Nina Bradley Clarke. read more »

Универсальный соус. По вкусу майонез, но полезней.

Вы наверное слышали много раз о том, что майонез вреден для здоровья. Но при этом очень многие рецепты, особенно адаптированные для России, содержат в своем составе майонез. Для тех, кто любит вкус майонеза, но не хочет есть этот вредный продукт, у меня есть сегодня отличный рецепт соуса. Соуса универсального. Соуса, который по вкусу майонез, но не такой вредный. Получается очень вкусный и практически не отличимый от майонеза. Ваши родные и гости даже и не догадаются, что салат был заправлен не майонезо... read more »

Lemon Cake...

This is one of my all time favourite things to bake, the cake comes out such a yellow colour and the flavour is pure lemon. This is a large cake that can easily feed 10 people, there is a icing topping that just enhances the lemon flavour. It is easy to bake and perfect for special occasions. Lemon Cake 🎂 Ingredients For the Cake 200g unsalted butter 250g self raising flour 250g caster sugar 100ml milk 1/2 tsp baking powder 3 eggs 3 lemons juice For the icing syrup 150g caster sugar 3 lemon... read more »

Мясные тефтельки в сметанном соусе

Всем нравятся тефтельки, сочные кусочки мяса, не зажаренные и не тяжелые для желудка, вкусные и ароматные. Они быстро готовятся и хорошо сочетаются с любым гарниром. А можно их есть и без гарнира.Покажу сегодня вам свой вариант рецепта.Ингредиенты * Фарш 500 Грамм (говядина+свинина) * Хлеб белый черствый 150 Грамм * Лук 2 Штуки * Яйца 2 Штуки * Соль, перец По вкусу * Сметана 200 Грамм (Для соуса.) * Мука пшеничная 2 Чайных ложки (Для соуса.) * Вода или бульон 100 Миллилитров * З... read more »

Сезон шарлоток открыт! Быстрый рецепт шарлотки ...

То, что на рынке свежие яблоки могут стоит по 20 рублей за килограмм для меня немного шок. Когда мы жили на Дальнем Востоке яблоки никогда дешевле 70-100 рублей за килограмм не стоили. А тут на Кубани, именно сейчас, в пик урожая, яблок много, и они везде! При чем если есть машина и желание можно отъехать от города минут 30 и самому собрать яблок столько, сколько хочешь прямо с деревьев. Кругом яблочные сады.Так вот, яблок много и поэтому я вчера открыл сезон шарлоток.Если честно, то это была моя первая ... read more »

Choc-illa Cupcake

My Choc-illa Cupcakes are a simple vanilla cupcake with a scrummy twist, they are decorated with chocolate buttercream with hundreds of thousands. These are perfect for parties and special occasions and look attractive 😀. Choc-illa Cupcake🎂Ingredients: For the cake:150g caster sugar150g unsalted butter150g self-raising flour3 eggs For the icing:450g icing sugar175g unsalted buttera splash of water4 tbsp cocoa powder First place the oven on 180℃ then add the castar sugar, and butter into a mixer and ... read more »

Cheesy Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich

I have been eating a pickle and peanut butter sandwiches as far back as I can remember. I tried finding out when the sandwich was first created. The closest answer I found was during the Great Depression. It may go back further than that. I did find out Elvis Presley and Hemingway liked to eat peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. I love eating peanut butter and pickle sandwiches so much that I added and mixed up the ingredients. The original peanut butter and pickle sandwich only had three ingredients.... read more »

Make This: Raspberry Pistachio Cupcakes

Pistachios are my favorite nut; typically winning the go home with me prize at the store when food shopping. I love them in salads, baked Read the rest The post Make This: Raspberry Pistachio Cupcakes appeared first on Style Island. read more »

Рыбный салат "Бангладеш"

Давайте сразу определимся с тем, что да, это рыбный салат, и да, он слоистый, но все же это не любимая многими Мимоза. Это салат Бангладеш.В этом салате можно использовать любые рыбные консервы (тунец, сайра, сардина, лосось), но главное, что бы рыба была в масле!Ингредиенты. * рис 4 ст. л. * яйцо 5-6 шт. * рыбные консервы 1 банка * яблоко 1 шт. * лук 1 шт.(маленькая) * масло сливочное 80 г * майонез 200 г * сахар 1 ч. л. * лимонный сок 1 ст. л.Готовим.Рис сварить, остудить.Соус: масло ... read more »

Летнее меню. Помидоры по-корейски

Не знаю как Вы, но я очень люблю различные закуски "по-китайски" или же "по-корейски".Сейчас хочу показать Вам довольно не сложный рецепт летней закуски - помидоры по-корейски! Они на следующий день еще вкуснее! Июль. Свежие мясистые помидоры. Свежий сладкий перец.Свежий чеснок.Самое время для летних закусок!Ингредиенты: * 2 кг помидор порезать крупно (пополам) * 4 шт. болгарских перца * 2 головки чеснока * 2 шт красный жгучий перец * зеленьЗаправка: * 100 гр. уксуса * 100 гр. растит. масла... read more »

Худой парень влегкую съедает 4 бургера за 3 мин...

Худой американец по имени Мэтт Стоуни, участник соревнования по поеданию хот-догов, на скорость съел четыре особенно больших бургера всего за три минуты, сняв об этом видео. И это всего лишь разминка перед настоящим испытанием.В ролике, который набрал уже 1,3 миллиона просмотров, Мэтт рассказывает, что сейчас он будет участвовать в испытании, которое называется 4x4x4. Это значит, что ему предстоит съесть четыре бургера, в каждом из которых четыре котлеты и четыре куска сыра. Стоуни говорит, что ему на эт... read more »

G-Project e Leonor Poeiras no MAR Shopping Mato...

Concerto de G-Project Sexta-feira, 7 de julho, 21h30   Workshop DIY “Oficina Poeiras” Sábado, 8 de julho, 16h30   Espaço de Restauração Palco interior MAR Shopping Matosinhos   CONCERTO DE G-PROJECT E OFICINA DE LEONOR POEIRAS ESTE FIM DE SEMANA NO MAR SHOPPING MATOSINHOS Dir-se-ia que será um fim de semana de projetos. O de três músicos portuenses que fundaram o grupo de gypsy jazz G-Project e os de Leonor Poeiras na sua oficina Do It Yourself. O resultado serão momentos bem passados... read more »

Сырные бомбочки

Уже не раз я писал о том, что очень и очень люблю сыр. Разный и много!Рецепт, который сегодня я публикую просто подарок для таких же любителей сыра, как я!Готовится все очень просто и быстро, а сырные бомбочки получаются с взрывным вкусом!Ингредиенты: * Слоеное бездрожжевое тесто 1 упаковка * Чеддер 120 г * Сливочное масло 3 ст. л. * Чеснок 1 зубчик * Пармезан ⅓ чашки * Сушеная петрушка 2 ч. л.Приготовление:1. Разогреть духовку до 190C.2. Раскатайте пласт теста, вырежьте из него круги с... read more »

Как покупать фрукты на улицах юго-восточной Ази...

Юго-восточная Азия - рай для любителей всевозможных фруктов, как привычных нам, так и экзотических. Чего там только нет, рынки завалены, а торгуют прямо на улицах! В цивилизованных и окультуренных странах вроде Таиланда, Малайзии или Сингапура можно смело покупать их где угодно, но вот в некоторых более экзотических странах, таких как Индия или Непал, не каждый решится покупать что-то у не самых чистоплотных уличных торговцев.Хотя на мой взгляд, можно смело покупать - главное быть внимательным, смотреть ... read more »

Готовим буженину в домашних условиях. Это просто!

Да, многие мне говорят:Ну зачем мы будем готовить дома когда все есть в супермаркетах! Пошел и купил. Конечно, если гости на пороге и некогда, да т деньги есть. то проще всего пойти и купить. Но, когда, например, впереди запланированная вечеринка или вы привыкли кушать только качественную еду, то лучше взять и приготовить что-то дома. Так, например, я давно не покупаю буженину в магазинах(посмотрите на цены там!), а готовлю её дома сам. Тем более что приготовить буженину в домашних условиях не сложно.Ита... read more »

Домашний майонез без яиц за 5 минут

Уже скоро год, как я живу с диагнозом диабет и поэтому постоянно слежу за тем что я ем и сколько в этом калорий.Я с детства очень любил майонез. Этот соус я добавлял и в супы. и в салаты и в основные блюда. Но с недавних пор мой диетолог запретил мне употреблять яйца. И поэтому я хочу поделится с вами этим рецептом домашнего соуса майонез без яиц.Ингредиенты: * Оливковое масло - 300мл. * Молоко - 150мл * Горчица - 1ч.л. * Лимонный сок - 1-2ст.л. * Соль по вкусуКак готовить:Молоко смешиваем с ма... read more »

Get Classic NYC at Patsys Italian Restaurant

Remember the bar where everybody knows your name? Dine at Patsys Italian in the Theater District of New York on a weekend night and you Read the rest The post Get Classic NYC at Patsys Italian Restaurant appeared first on Style Island. read more »

Asateer Atlantis Iftar – An Iftar spread from h...

Asateer Atlantis Iftar An Iftar spread from heaven If you’re looking for an extravagant Iftar Asateer, Atlantis is definitely The post Asateer Atlantis Iftar An Iftar spread from heaven appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »


Masak untuk 4 orang Bahan-Bahan 200g mi pilihan anda 1 batang serai 4 daun bawang, dicincang 8 daun ketumbar, dicincang 2 liter stok ikan 270 ml Santan Ayam Brand 370g “Fire Hot” Cili Tuna Ayam Brand, toskan Kaedah Masak mi, toskan dan ketepikan Potong bahagian bawah serai sebanyak 10cm dan buang bahagian atas. Potong tengah serai tanpa memotong bahagian bawah(biarkan utuh). Tambah mi, ketumbar, santan dan tuna cili. Pulangan mendidih dan masak dengan api perlahan selama 2 minit. Buang se... read more »

Pizzarella Opens in CDO!

Buon Giorno, Kagayanons! Here comes another food place for us all! Are you ready, CDO? 😉🍕 Opened 5 years ago, Iligan Citys local pizza bistro, Pizzarella, is here in Cagayan de Oro City! Awesome, right? Here comes another pizza place in town! 🍕☺️  Pizzarella opened last May 26, 2017, 10 AM at Bike Avenue, Corrales St. in front [] The post Pizzarella Opens in CDO! appeared first on CDO Info. read more »


SAJIAN SEMPOI SAHUR BERSAMA KIMBALLBAJET RM 15.00 UNTUK 5 RESEPI TERPILIHRamadan ialah bulan yang suci buat umat Islam di mana semua penganutnya diwajibkan untuk berpuasa dari terbit fajar hinggalah terbenamnya matahari. Ia juga merupakan tempoh paling sibuk buat ibu-ibu Melayu kerana mereka perlu mengimbangi tugas harian di rumah, pejabat dan menyediakan hidangan bersahur pada awal pagi untuk ahli keluarga tersayang. Bagi ibu yang pertama kali menyediakansahuruntuk anak-anak kecil, timbul kebimbanga... read more »


KEMBALI KITCHEN, BEST WESTERN PREMIER ION DELEMEN, GENTING HIGHLANDS is one that is not wanting to be left behind in the Ramadhan spread as every local eatery's and hotels are coming out with their own theme and menus for patrons' to savour their taste buds and enjoy their breaking of fast with families and friends. Located on GENTING HIGHLANDS, ION DELEMEN, is a 5-Star, Serviced Apartment Hotel of it's own class and standards but still family oriented and you can have almost everything here, a home wit... read more »


HORNBILL RESTAURANT CAFE, KL BIRD PARKKL BIRD PARK, located 10 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur City Centre, right in Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens, home to 3,000 birds of about 200 species local and foreign birds. Some would think that it's only a Bird Park but don't be suprised that right within it, at the end corner from the Entrance to KL Bird Park, you will find a kampung style architecture building standing silently, but as you step into the establishment, it's equipped will all modern amenities like an... read more »

Govinda ‘s Jumeirah Healthy, Delicious Pure Veg...

Govinda s Jumeirah Healthy, Delicious Pure Vegetarian Iftar Govindas Jumeirah has come up with a healthy alternative to Iftar dinners. The post Govinda s Jumeirah Healthy, Delicious Pure Vegetarian Iftar appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »


Perjalanan sejauh 345KM dari Kuala Lumpur ke Gerik, Perak Darul Ridzuan jika melalui perjalanan yang mempunyai Tol. Dan 463KM jika melalui perjalanan lama. Castella Cafe yang terletak di Kg Padang Stang, Mukim Kerunai Gerik, Perak, adalah cafe yang menyediakan menu makanan ala kampung (melayu-pattani) resepi tradisional Melayu Hulu Perak, dengan berkonsepkan berkelah. Agak unik dan berlainan.Seringkali kami membaca peringatan bahawa jika ingin ke Castella Cafe, pelanggan mesti membuat tempahan dahulu. Ja... read more »


With over 20 years' experience under his belt, Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin is no newcomer to the culinary wold of fine Chinese cuisine. It has been a long journey climbing the ladder to the coveted top-chef's hat and the envied position as Executive Sous Chef of the acclaimed Dynasty Restaurant. Since becoming a chef de partie at the age of 16, Chef Kin as he is fondly called by his fellow colleagues has worked at Putra World Trade Centre and as Assistant Chinese Banquet Chef at one of the leading... read more »


Cherish the 2 most important people in your life by pampering them with extravagant meals at TEMPTations or Dynasty Restaurants. Treating the very people that has been around with us for the rest our life regardless of how or who we are, once a year, in May isn't enough. It should be a lifetime treat for the sacrifices that they have given us unconditionally. Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel feels that Mother's Day for one day is not enough. Instead they wish to pay tribute to all Moms, for a whole mon... read more »

All The Gear But No Idea: Make The Most Of Your...

Cooking isn’t for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be a drag. When you’re focusing on eating well, you can sometimes feel as if you have to keep all of your meals as basic as possible. But that’s often where you’re going wrong. Eating well doesn’t mean your food has to be boring. In fact, it can be a lot of fun - especially when you have the right equipment. But, going out any buying a new set of cooking kit isn’t enough to cut it either. Once you’ve got the items you need, you’re going to want not onl... read more »


Chef Ali is all out Tu-Win your heart with his rendition of Malay cuisine RENAISSANCE KUALA LUMPUR HOTEL’s new kid on the block is Head Malay Chef Ali Tuwin. Hailing from the state of Sabah, his career took off when he discovered that a profession in the culinary artswould take him places, which is also aligned with his passion for traveling. With over 20 years of experience up his sleeves, Chef Ali has worked his way up from the cradle of his profession to his current position as Head Malay Chef. Pri... read more »


Avocados are a tree that is native to South Central Mexico, classified as a member of the flowering plant family Lauraceae. Avocado also refers to the tree's fruit, which is botanically a large berry containing a single seed. It also contains many essential vitamins and minerals and known as a good source of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), vitamin K and fiber, which aids digestion and helps maintain regularity. 5 HEALTH BENEFITS OF AVOCADO HELPS WITH DIGESTION With two types of fiber, soluble and un... read more »


CAN YOU SMELL WHAT’S COOKIN’ AT TONY ROMA’S? Tony Roma’s continues to ramp up that innovative spirit by creating the nation's latest smokin' hot food trend BBQ menus are not something new in KL or Malaysia. One will find a plenty, variety of BBQ styles available but having the best and right type of BBQ or grilled dish, not many. TONY ROMA'S is not a name that many do not recognised. When one say TONY ROMA'S, us ourselves will float one picture in our mind of these Food and Beverage outlet, 'RIBS ... read more »

Eating Well When You're Squeezed For Time

As you probably know from experience, it can be very difficult to eat well from the comfort of your home when you’ve got a busy schedule. Without relying on any pre-packaged and processed foods, being able to eat well can be a huge challenge. However, there are still many ways you can make it easier, even in all the chaos of modern life… Focus on What You Love to Eat the Most It’s great to get creative with your cooking when you have the time. However, when you can’t be flexible, sourcing all the in... read more »

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