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After visiting Tuscany, nothing will ever be th...

Tuscany is the term of comparison for future travel stories. Heres a story that you feel you have to live out for many years after youve left, thats where nostalgia read more »

Ideal destination for Easter holidays

If you have not yet made plans for the Easter holiday, the tourist portal The Week recommends three tourist destinations that keep alive the tradition of this great holiday. read more »

The largest underwater museum in the world

The sculptures signed by Briton Jason DeCaires Taylor, though famous, can not be seen on the streets no matter how you search for them. Thats because underwater museums are scattered around the world. In Europe, ecologist sculptor creations that combine art with fauna and flora, you can see the underwater museum in the Spanish island [] read more »


Who chooses Florence as their destination? I guess they are romantics who seek inspiration or solitude. In Florence everything is filled with history and art. Could you imagine that some centures ago here Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Leonardo da Vinci or the Medici family were crossing the same streets as you are crossing nowadays!? This idea drives me crazy! Despite the fact that I adore history and art and, you might not share my obsessions, nevertheless, Florence is the city to visit. As for me, morni... read more »

Firenze / Florence

Firenze, eller Florentia som den heter på Latin, er regionhovedstad i Toscana i det nordlige Italia. Byen bærer et stort preg av den gamle italienske renessansen, med storslått kunst, kultur og ikke mins arkitektur. Hvor enn du går finner man fantastiske bygninger som oser av historie og minner om hvordan byen var i middelalderen./Florence, or Florentia as it is called in Latin, is the capital city of Tuscany, which the northern region of Italy. This old Italian city has a significant history, culture an... read more »

Poggio a Caiano

The Villa Medici at Poggio a Caiano was built by Lorenzo de 'Medici and his heirs between 1485 and 1520, with a likely break between 1495 and 1515 due to the exile of the Medici. It was always the summer residence of the Medici and, in addition to hosting numerous personalities. was the scene of important events in their history, such as the celebration of the marriage of Alessandro de 'Medici and Margaret of Austria (1556), Cosimo I and Eleonora of Toledo (1559), Francis I and his mistress Bianca Cappel... read more »

Ponte Vecchio

Sueter/sweater - HM, camiseta/shirt - HM, pantalón/pants - Guess by Marciano, botas/boots - Roberto de la Croce, bolsa/bag - Etro, sombrero/hat - Firence handcraft Realmente no soy una feshonista en el pleno sentido de la palabra. El hecho es que, incluso durante el viaje, de vacaciones o por negocios, por supuesto, me pregunto qué ponerme, pero la comodidad valora especialmente. Un traje bonito en el Ponte Vecchio lo confirma - estoy usando mis botas de motorista favoritos, pantalones ajustados que se ... read more »

Yes, This Blog Still Exists...

A writer takes earnest measures to secure his solitude and then finds endless ways to squander it.Don DeLillo...some time ago decided I was gonna focus on practicing yoga and not think about it so about it less...certainly stop arguing about it...and, for the most part, that's been a good thing......though,as a result,have also beenwriting about it a readers may've noticed...but, then, I'm writing about other things less, too, as I try to work on a novel about dysfunctional supe... read more »

Festa di Sant'Anna - Firenze

Firenze, July 26On the 26th of Julythe ousterof Duke of Athens Walter of Brienne marks in Florence;the Dukecame to power thanks to the internal dissensions in the Florentine ruling class.The Florentine people rebelled against the oppression and violence,and on the 26th July1343 he succeeded in expelling the Duke from town.From that day on St. Anne was proclaimed Patron Saint of the freedom of the city and 26 July became so feast day.The new Signoria decided to put the effigy of the saint in Orsanmichele,... read more »

Jocul vietii si cum sa-l joci- o carte de suflet

Lumea ta magica, la un pas de realitate...Mi-am amintit despre cartea,“Jocul vietii si cum sa-l joci”- o carte de suflet, de Florance Scovel Shinn si m-am gandit sa o postez pe blog.Viata este ca si un joc... Un joc in care, noi prin visele noastre si gandind pozitiv, putem sa atragem in jurul nostru persoane cu o vibratie sufleteasca pozitiva, deci ne aflam in acel cerc unde radiaza energie pozitiva, cu vibratie inalta care se transmite rapid celorlalti. Doar gandind pozitiv si daca lasam imaginatia n... read more »

The Cavalcade of the Three Kings - La Cavalcata...

Every year on January 6a solemn procession in costume, consisting of about 100 listed and inspired by the famous fresco by Benozzo Gozzoli in the Chapel of the Magi in Palazzo Medici Riccardi, moves through the streets of Florence to celebrate the feast of the Epiphany, in memory the visit of the Three Kings to the Christ Child.The Three Kings are on horseback, wearing sumptuous clothing of the Renaissance, are accompanied by the Procession of the Florentine Republic and parade along a route that starts ... read more »

Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella is one of the most important churches in Gothic style in Tuscany.The Friars Dominicans started to build the church in the twelfth century, in an area of ​​fields outside the walls of the medieval city.The facade is entirely made of white marble and green, the lower part was performed by the architect Dominican Jacopo Talenti, while the upper part was completed later in 1470 by Giovan Battista Alberti.As you enter your eyes are lost in admiring the many wonders of art that can be found... read more »


"Ona Ona, what a beautiful rificolona ......" this old ditty echoed through the streets of Florence and San Giovanni Valdarno the evening of th 7th September the eve of the Nativity of Mary.Its origin is to be found in the seventeenth century, when the peasants and mountain areas around Florence came to town to celebrate the Nativity of the Virgin Mary at the Basilica of the Santissima Annunziata. On this occasion, in the square and in the streets around the church was organized a fair-market. In order t... read more »

Buon Appetito! – Food in Italy

Ah, yes. Italian food. The smell of good olive oil and fresh oregano fills the air. Forks are spun and giant knots of spaghetti brought up to hungry mouths. Delicious red wine follows everything. From the checkered tablecloth to the lone candle burning, just mentioning Italian food gets the imagination – and the appetite – [...] read more »

Florence – Art and culture Italian style

When Florence is mentioned anywhere people will tend to automatically have images of art and culture springing up in their mind and this is actually an accurate description of the city itself. You will not find a city full of parties and people drinking too much, but instead will come away from your trip there [...] read more »

Quarantine a la Florentine

For the past three weeks, we've been in quarantine--well, sort of, anyway. It was enough to keep us off kilter, kill plans to escape to the movies or shopping, and have the rest of the residents to fear us. The quarantine began with a runny nose in Unit 3. (There are five units.) Others in Unit 3 developed the flu. Soon, my Unit, Unit 2, was also quarantined. We wore masks on the Unit. Those without symptoms and were independent were still allowed to smoke during smoking hours (between 7 AM to 9 PM,) bu... read more »

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