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Co Jordan Talaba / Bangus Eatery

"Don't give them fish. Teach them how to fish." One fine summer morning, my family decided to take a break from our usual dining experience and opted for something in which we can enjoy the beauty of nature, the taste of good food and the thrill of a new activity. All these three we found in one of the talked-about seafood restaurant in Consolacion, Cebu - Co Jordan Talaba / Bangus Eatery. If you are from Cebu City, it is located just before you reach SM City Consolacion. The road that will lead you to ... read more »

open seat Saturday Sept 5th 2015

The following is a post by Capt. Kerry of Offshore Northwest Lets go Tuna fishing. All you one person types this is your chance. I have one seat for tuna Saturday Sept. 5th. Call asap 253-380-9973 Lets go get some!!! Lets Go Get Some!!!! Capt. Kerry [email protected] Offshore [email protected] The post open seat Saturday Sept 5th 2015 appeared first on Offshore Northwest - Lets go get some!!!. read more »

Sunday Funday on Disappearing Island

I just had my first experience with a SUP ( stand up paddle board ). Another couple on our dock took me and Kim out on their boat down to the inlet for a little island time. This island called, Disappearing Island, is really just a gathering place to hang out and socialize with other boaters. Every day at low tide the water is so low the island appears and it is one large sandbar everyone parks their boats up close and enjoys soaking up some sun and fun! At high tide the island slowly disappears and the ... read more »

Westport Tuna – It’s how much not how many

The following is a post by Capt. Kerry of Offshore Northwest Q: How many did you get? A: Lots A: all of them A: enough You may have noticed we have stopped answering this question. We are also trying to avoid the pictures of gratuitous piles of Albacore Tuna dead on the deck of our 28 foot Parker boat. There are a few reasons for [] The post Westport Tuna Its how much not how many appeared first on Offshore Northwest - Lets go get some!!!. read more »

Westport Salmon Fishing and a Great Cause

The following is a post by Capt. Kerry of Offshore Northwest Those that know us know that Capt. Brian goes to Guatemala every year to build houses for the impoverished peoples there. This is just one of the many things about him that makes me proud to have him on the team. This project is not cheep however and every year we scramble to try to [] The post Westport Salmon Fishing and a Great Cause appeared first on Offshore Northwest - Lets go get some!!!. read more »

2015 Progressive Insurance Northwest Sportshow ...

Newest Fishing Innovations on Display at 2015 Progressive Insurance Northwest Sportshow Annual Sportshow provides first look, chance to shop newest fishing technologies, gear Visitors to the annualProgressive Insurance Northwest Sportshowcan not only shop thousands outdoors products, they also will get a first glimpse at some of the newest innovations on the market, from [] The post 2015 Progressive Insurance Northwest Sportshow in Minnesota #GetTackle appeared first on Central Minnesota Mom. read more »

Westport Salmon – It’s gonna be BIG!!

The following is a post by Capt. Kerry of Offshore Northwest Westport Salmon charter trips will start for us June 5th though the 30th. We will be running as many trips as we can. We have already booked two Saturdays one Sunday and several other weekdays. If you have a date preference you better get crackin. Cost is $180/angler and includes Tax, all equipment, bait and [] The post Westport Salmon Its gonna be BIG!! appeared first on Offshore Northwest - Lets go get some!!!. read more »

Christmas Tuna

The following is a post by Capt. Kerry of Offshore Northwest Youve all seen the commercial where one woman says to another he went to Jarred and they all get giggly. If youve got a fisherperson in your family and you want to give them a gift that will generate this [] The post Christmas Tuna appeared first on Offshore Northwest - Lets go get some!!!. read more »

Fall on the Coast of North Carolina

The leaves are starting to change, and people's minds are shifting from spending time on the water to spending time watching from the shore with friends enjoying a campfire. Living on the coast of North Carolina means comfortable temperatures year-round, yet in the fall the temperatures do start to drop a little, pushing many people off of the water and back on the shore. When you are no longer enjoying the pool and the water activities, here are some popular fall activities to enjoy.Take a HikeThe leave... read more »

Experience Extreme Sports in Russia

Base Jumping If you love extreme sports Russia has become extremist mecca with something to offer every sportsman. If you are ready for a high speed adventure filled with endless opportunities this is the place for it. It where you can discover multiple cultures, exploring untamed wildernesses and indulging in a wonderful array of Russian [] read more »

October BIG tuna special!!

The following is a post by Capt. Kerry of Offshore Northwest Its late in the season, the tuna are HUGE!! and closer than they have been all season. Now is the time to go get some!! In September it was starting to look like the season was going to end early. [] The post October BIG tuna special!! appeared first on Offshore Northwest - Lets go get some!!!. read more »

October Tuna is looking HOT!!!!

The following is a post by Capt. Kerry of Offshore Northwest Yes boys and girls we are still in the tuna and it is looking like its going to get nothing but better for the next couple weeks. We have been holding off on October to see what this goofy weather [] The post October Tuna is looking HOT!!!! appeared first on Offshore Northwest - Lets go get some!!!. read more »

Deep Calling Unto Deep

Many years ago an old man told my father about a fishing spot. He told him it is “bottomless”. My father, the fisherman that he was, decided this is where we are going. A few days later he hooked the rowboat up to the motorboat and early in the morning we headed out. A few [] read more »

Eagle Pass – Flathead Indian Reservation

Last year Matt and I took one of our first hikes together, we trekked to Moon Lake, which is nestled in the Mission Mountains on the Flathead Indian Reservation. It was wondrous, some of the most beautiful views I had seen hiking up to that point in time. We were getting to know each other that [] read more »

Westport Tuna Fishing – The experience I’ll nev...

The following is a post by Capt. Kerry of Offshore Northwest By: Kimber Roberts Saturday, July 26th 2014 started early for me. I drove up to Westport Washington at 8pm the night before so I could get a quick 4 hour nap in and be fresh for the morning. It’s easy [] The post Westport Tuna Fishing The experience I’ll never forget: appeared first on Offshore Northwest - Lets go get some!!!. read more »

September Westport Tuna Fishing in July

The following is a post by Capt. Kerry of Offshore Northwest Westport tuna fishing is off the hook this year. Usually in July we have hit and miss fishing with some good days and some slow days. The fish generally start out a little smaller and they run deep and can [] The post September Westport Tuna Fishing in July appeared first on Offshore Northwest - Lets go get some!!!. read more »

Salmon And The Land Of New England

Like many children I learned to fish at my dad’s feet. My dad had been an awesome fisherman. He fished all kids of fish, all kinds of places. One of the main rivers he took us to fish was a tributary to the Connecticut River. I loved to fish and while I preferred lake fishing [] read more »

An Interesting comparision – Obama vs Putin

I must admit I found this clip amusing. The comparisons are stark to say the least. I thought it would be fun to try to do a unbiased commentary on it (as much as possible). Picture #1 @ .07 sec. The first pictures of both Putin and Obama are priceless. Heres Putin giving what I [] read more »

Castaway, “Return me to Mexico.”

Friends, I love reading about boating.  And I hope I contributed to a young mans dream of kayaking across to Mexico.  And I hope this did not happen to the young man: This BBC article has NOTHING to do with Continue reading read more »

Get That Boat Into The Water!

I had a dream last night that caused me to wake up and seek the realities of some of the things I saw. As I am writing, I hearing the word settle. It can mean to resolve or reach an agreement about (an argument or problem). It can mean to end (a legal dispute) by [] read more »

'The 'Ronda Lene' - Oil Painting

This fishing trawler doesn't exist anymore, she now sits at the bottom of the ocean somewhere. This painting was for my 'cousin-in-law'. The boat belonged to his uncle who passed away a little while it was very special. I only had the 2pic above to work with for reference material. My cousin wanted the boat to be painted as if it was going out to sea. I found this challenging, as I didn't have a pic as to how the actual boat looked from behind....and of course I wanted it to look like the 'Ron... read more »

Get Some Saturday 7-27

We have 2 seats available for Gig Harbor Salmon for Saturday 7-27. Call: (253)-380-9973 Good Fishin' To Ya'  Kerry W Allen read more »

Hot Summer fun for all ages

Salmon Fishing in Gig Harbor has been hot. If you cant get out with me at Offshore Northwest get out there on your own or with a neighbor but go get some. Smaller baits, Kingfisher spoons and needlefish hoochies either behind a Q-Cove breakaway flasher (Green Dragon is my favorite) are working best for me [...] read more »

Hilton Lakes, 23/06/13

I have now returned home from University at Loughborough back to the joyful north-east of England near Middlesbrough - hence the blog name change. I have a job lined up beginning in July in Hertfordshire, which will lead to another blog name change in the next month. Today I thought I would try out somewhere new, and decided to give the Hilton fishing lakes at Hilton near Yarm a try. It is a relatively new man-made venue, only open a few years, so there are no monster fish in there yet, but supposedly... read more »

Hot June Fishing in Gig Harbor

No really you read it right. June fishing in the Gig Harbor area is hot and weve go it dialed in. Check out this post from Offshore Northwest: We have been catching on Q-Cove breakaway flashers with Green hoochies or sonic spoons in cop car or green. Its been a great June call me at: [...] read more »

First Vietnam Trip ~ Day 2/5 : Part 2/3

The commenter from my previous post made me realised that some of you might be interested to contact my friend, to organise a private Vietnam trip for you and your family/friends. Here is his main sales enquiry email : [email protected] Ok! Lets begin our post for today. We are still on the second day of [...] read more »

Grand Union Canal, 10/04/13

Its been unbelievably long since the last bit of nice weather, so the wind dropping and temperatures rising was always going to produce a good days fishing. With the river close season in place, obviously I would be hitting the canal. Fishing along the Bishop's Meadow and Swingbridge sections with mixed maggots and worm produced a good mix of silver bream, perch, roach, dace and bleak. Boat traffic was a major major issue, with everyone in the East Midlands who owns a boat deciding it was a nice day to... read more »

Osiers - First session on the Soar

I think it was November by the time I decided to have a go fishing the river Soar. I had a good look on google maps for the best looking stretches, and decided on 'Osiers', which is south of Loughborough, just before the river joins the canal at Pillings lock. I just wanted to try trotting a maggot along some nice swims and see if there were many fish in that part of the river. I took some castors with me as well; if the fish were feeding well I would go for a larger bonus fish with a castor and maggot... read more »

First canal trip ever

The weather is rubbish and I have loads of University work to do, so I won't be going fishing for a week or so, and to keep this blog interesting I thought I'd do a new post about the first time I went fishing in Loughborough. I had ran along much of the canal around Loughborough before, so I had a reasonable idea of where some fish holding features may be. It was mid-October, and it was very bright. I decided to fish in the shadow of bishops meadow bridge - the first bridge beyond the conversion of ri... read more »

'Let's Get Some Bait' - Figurative Oil Painting

'Let's Get Some Bait' Oil on stretched canvas 30 x 30cm ....close up read more »

Rubber pike strikes again

With the first warm weather for a few weeks, I thought I'd take a few lures along to the canal to see if I could catch a large perch that I have been wantingfor a while. There are definitely large specimen perch in the canal and river Soar around Loughborough; I have seen one being caught before. The lure I decided to use was a little rubber waggly thing (I really don't know that much about lures yet), and from a range of wonderful colours I went for a silver one, as common sense tells me that a fish w... read more »

'Now Son, Let's Catch a Big One' - Figurative O...

'Now Son, Let's Catch a Big One' oil on stretched canvas 30 x 30cm close up of detail ....under-painting read more »

Tuna Fever

While many of you have been enjoying some great Salmon fishing in the South Sound I have been trying to concentrate on my Tuna education and getting offshore Tuna fishing as dialed in as I can. I have also had some other issues that have made writing difficult in the last few weeks but these [...] read more »

Kings are here.

Well it is late but I here that guys are catching kings right now in front of the Harbor. Usually when they are late like this they are running by so it may not last long.  Get your green gear, find something that floats and get on it!!! Read up on how to rig stuff [...] read more »

It’s King Time

Yes boys and girls its that time of year again. The time when everyone with anything that can float gets out there and catches a few king salmon as they come by on their way to the river. Some guys will catch these in 60 or 8- feet of water and with anything from a [...] read more »


I commissioned my friend Tammy Derwick, the mermaid expert, to make me an image. My original goal was to make a graphic for the boat Three Ladies but as it evolved it became much more than that. What we have ended up with is a beautiful hand drawn portrait of my wife and daughters in [...] read more »

It’s summer crab time

Yes boys and girls its time t o go a hunting the elusive wild dungeness crab. I get asked a lot where to go  for dungees in this area. Heres the deal. If you check out this map on Google maps you will see an area in Quartermaster Harbor that I like to crab but [...] read more »

More Buts 2012

The WDFW has seen fit to give us two more days to fish offshore for Halibut. May 31 and June 2. I cant wait. Good Fishin' To Ya'  Kerry W Allen read more »

2012 Seasons Released

WDFW sent me a note today with this years Halibut Openers. For LaPush, where I usually fish, it will be just as we suspected. May 10, 12, 17 and 19th these are Thursday, Saturday. If there is quota left there will be an open on May 31 or June 2. If there is still Quota [...] read more »

Ringo Rocks

We have been  working on the boat getting it ready for Spring Halibut, Summer Salmon and Fall Tuna. We are adding 10 rocket launchers, Upgrading the electronics to add a Garmin 740S which will replace the old Furuno ls4000 fish finder and an old Garmin 210 GPS, replacing the plugs on my Scotty Downriggers, patching [...] read more »

Kids Craft ~ Fishing Game

I showed the kids how to create this simple handicraft fishing game once, many years back. If I did not remember wrongly, I think I did it when Keatkeat was in Nursery and Binbin was only 2 or 3 years old. Today, Binbin surprised me when he made this all by himself without my knowledge. [...] read more »


My plan was to take the kids out of school early Friday to go to the coast and dig razor clams. Unfortunately with all the nasty weather we decided to bag it and hope for the next opener. The good news is, since the weather kept a lot of people away we should get some [...] read more »

Winter Projects

While we are planning some great Blackmouth fishing in December. We also are tying to get ready for off season projects to get the boat ready for Halibut in the spring and Tuna in the fall. Three Ladies is a 2530 Parker powered by a 7.4 liter Volvo duo-prop. She is a great offshore boat. [...] read more »

Black Friday Razor Clams

Hoping to go out to Ocean Shores to dig some Razor Clams on Friday. Assuming the weather cooperates.  Thinking Ill go around through Shelton to avoid the traffic. Tide is -2 at about 6:30pm so were hoping to get out there around 5ish load up and come home. Ocean shores is open Friday but not [...] read more »

Tuna Lessons

I made my third Tuna trip Saturday. The first one we got three, two trolling and one on bait, but everyone was having to scratch for what they got. The second we were skunked and it was like fishing in the dessert. Turns out we missed them by about thirty miles. Between the second and [...] read more »

Bo Knows Tuna!!

If your a regular reader you know this year I have been learning to fish Tuna. So I get on line to the great offshore guys on and learn from people that have been doing it for a while. One of the things I learned was that because it has been a fairly small [...] read more »

More Kings in the Ocean

It turns out there is more quota left so there will be some more Chinook retention in the ocean. The rule now reads: Change daily bag limit in Marine Areas 1, 2, 3 and 4 to two salmon only one of which may be a chinook, release wild coho. [...] read more »

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