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Recent blog posts on Feminism

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Why I don’t want to be a ‘Girl Boss’

Chances are, if youve given your social media newsfeeds even a cursory glance over the last year, youll have noticed terms like girl boss, boss babe and boss bitch pop up from time to time. On the surface these expressions seem to describe a woman who is confident, successful and empowered by her feminity. One Continue reading Why I dont want to be a Girl Boss read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – Drive progress

I really like this Audi commercial that emphasises that men and women should be treated equally, however, it was deemed to be controversial when it was first screened. What do you think? read more »

Take Back Feminism: Book Review of Own It by Sa...

SynopsisA Wall Street Journal and Washington Post Bestseller, Own It is a new kind of career playbook for a new era of feminism, offering women a new set of rules for professional success: one that plays to their strengths and builds on the power they already have.Weren't women supposed to have "arrived"? Perhaps with the nation's first female President, equal pay on the horizon, true diversity in the workplace to come thereafter? Or, at least the end of "fat-shaming" and "locker room talk"?Well, we aren... read more »

Comemorarea masacrului de la Montreal

„Draga mea, erau de vîrsta ta. … Oh, Doamne! Mamele lor… Nici nu vreau să-mi imaginez! Sunt distrusă. …Dulceață, le-a ucis doar pentru că erau femei…” Astăzi se împlinesc 27 de ani de la ziua cînd în unul din cel mai mari orașe francofone din lume s-a întîmplat o tragedie de nedescris, ce a căpătat Continuă să citești Comemorarea masacrului de laMontreal read more »

Pray for me, pray for US

As yall know, I have been TIRED, and sick I need your prayers as I get ready to write some blogs. These topics have troubled me for awhile. And they revolve around the social dilemma, the moral breakdown, the Continue reading read more »

Punctul F.

Pe 29 iulie am pus începuturile unui experiment o emisiune televizată bilingvă (rom+rus) din perspectivă feministă. O fac împreună cu Victoria Apostol și Polina Ciastuhina și sîntem găzduiți de postul TV RAIN Moldova. Prima ediție, din 29 iulie. Titlu: EU MENSTRUIEZ, TU MENSTRUIEZI, NOI MENSTRUĂM A doua ediție, din 5 august. Titlu: Locul Femeii în Viața Publică [] read more »

Ar trebui să fim… profesoara din Ungheni (Marin...

S-o spunem pe șleau: postul de televiziune Pro TV Chișinău și-a bătut joc de intimitatea, demnitatea și viața privată unei femei în modul cel mai abject. Întregul reportaj de vinerea trecută a fost construit așa încît o femeie oarecare să apară în ipostaza cea mai umilitoare. Pentru că o prostie nu era de ajuns, o [] read more »


As a straight, British, middle-class, white girl I can't refute the fact that I'm pretty privileged. Of course the whole concept of my sex is a hindrance and my admittance that I'm a forthright feminist often paves the way towards even more stereotyping and misogynistic comments than I would have previously experienced... you can either attribute this to a limp form of banter or to feminism's negative connotations.The movement has always had an element of negative characterisation, in true Marxist style,... read more »

Zoella: My Take.

So there's been a lot of controversy surrounding Youtuber "Zoella" and the book that she has recently released entitled Girl Online, which has sold over 78,000 copies in its first week, breaking records previously set by J K Rowling (!).The issue that I have with it is: why should a young woman, simply because she has a lot of success in her particular field - that field being "Vlogging" about beauty and fashion - automatically be granted a book deal writing a work of fiction which (from what I can tell)... read more »

Why We Should End Feminism

Image Source: beliefnet.comWhen Martin Luther King stood a top the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, he proclaimed to the universe his dream for his race and for the future. And when I see my son playing with children of color, it makes my heart soar with pride knowing that MLK's dream for the future came true.It also reminds me that society can be changed, and that progress can be achieved in relatively such a short amount of time. The world is vastly different than the days of "I have a dream..." With th... read more »


I haven't posted on this blog in SO long and I feel like I've let my feminist comrades down a little bit (because I'm arrogant enough to suggest that my opinions are actually valued). Exams and mojito's and working in Subway - ha ha irony of a feminist making sandwiches ha ha ha because clearly inadvertently adhering to stereotypes imposed by Neanderthals automatically makes your beliefs less credible - sort of took over and I've been experimenting with writing a lot of bad poetry recently so time to do ... read more »

A More In-Depth Look Into My Views

Hi.In my last blog post I briefly spoke about myself and stated my views; that I am an atheist, libertarian and egalitarian. In this blog post I would like to speak about this in more depth.Atheist: Atheist, secularist, humanist, nonbeliever, whatever you want to call me, it doesn't change the fact that I don't believe in "God". However, I haven't always been an atheist. As a child (like most people) I believed in "God". I wasn't a deep religious person like some people. I didn't go to church or pray, b... read more »

The "Anti-Feminist"

As Tumblr appears to be the epicentre of newly formed societal waves, I discovered this frankly quite upsetting concept whilst innocently scrolling amongst the cats, disposable pictures and pseudo-philosophical quotes that my dashboard has to offer. Feminism occurs in waves (we are currently - disputably - in the fourth wave) and for the first time ever, there is a new wave by women themselves aiming to rebuke the entire concept of feminism - Women Against Feminism.Obviously I was pretty upset by this di... read more »


Just realised how long ago it actually was since I last wrote a blog post, not much has changed except:1) I'm now exam free (wooo)2) ....That's really it, I don't have any more exams therefore I'm definitely less annoying and whiny nowadays.There are so many things I want to get down but I'm gonna do it in bitesize chunks so that the people who read my blog (e.g. my mum) because I tell them to and not because they care about feminism will be able to digest it.So today's class is centred on the word whore... read more »

Scientists say gender is formed

Scientists say gender is formed before kids reach 6 years of age. So, if they want US to believe gay is natural, what message do they send when they tell US we need to be a more gender neutral society? Continue reading read more »

Should you worry about abortion?

Friends, I do not blog on abortion often. Why? Because of the political fire-storm around the topic. I get comments like, You are a man you have no opinion. Yes, I have an opinion, and yes, I have a right Continue reading read more »

Female Genital Mutilation

**** Post is a little graphic ****Recently it's been brought to my attention that many people are either quite ingorant or uninformed with regards to Female Genital Mutilation. Essentially, there are varying degrees of mutilation that women undergo but it primarily involves the removal of the clitoris in order to remove the potential for sexual pleasure from the woman and in extreme cases, the stitching together of the vagina to ensure that a woman's virginity has been preserved before they get married. ... read more »

Free Bleeding

Just a quick blog post to express my opinion on the feminist "trend" of Free Bleeding. For those of you who don't know, Free Bleeding refers to women specifically choosing NOT to use feminine hygiene products (e.g. sanitary towels and tampons) when she menstruates and instead choosing to let the blood flow "freely" over her legs and clothing. Lovely. In reality, the latest and ridiculously hyperbolic news stories (e.g. "crazy feminists want their period to bleed "freely") regarding Free Bleeding were a... read more »


This is just me writing with a horribly existentialist perception of life because I am so bloody confused by the "inexhaustible variety" of it all (as you can see, I've just finished an English Lit essay). Half of me thinks that the result of my confusion is due to the ignorance and blatant stupidity of some of those people surrounding me and half of me thinks that I cause confusion for myself. For example:"How can you be a feminist and also interested in fashion?""How can you be a feminist when you've h... read more »


Everyone, I think I will need to write about this several times focusing upon different aspects of the problem. But, Feminism? Just like Evolution took an idea and promised US Science would prove that idea valid. I have blogged, and Continue reading read more »

Now the glass ceiling is against men.

Friends, Time reports that women in 1972 were 43% of college students. And that education is the way for women to get ahead of men. Well, now the men are 43% of college students. Shouldnt equality be closer to 50%? Continue reading read more »

The Blame Game — The Good Men Project

Mike Sliwa believes blame has replaced responsibility and therefore reinforced dominant points of view. — The Good Men Project. Conquerors love to blame the conquered. Oppressors love to blame the oppressed. Those who are abusive love to blame those they... read more »

Why hasn’t feminism worked?

This blog is for women as well as men. Feminism has spent the last 100 years marching on.  We are told that the reason more women are not executives and specifically politicians is because it took time. Well, after 100 Continue reading read more »

We should all be feminists.

Een paar dagen geleden kwam ik op tumblr voorbij een reeks gifs van een lezing over feminisme. Vandaag heb ik de volledige lezing gekeken. De spreekster, Chimamanda, heeft het een half uur lang over het probleem met genderroles. Persoonlijk vond ik het erg inspirerend. Het kon niet beter gezegd worden, het kon niet beter worden uitgelegd in een half uur. Ik wou dat ik zo kon spreken want ze neemt de woorden uit mijn mond. Het is jammer dat de video maar 89.949 views heeft, dat aantal zou zoveel hoger moe... read more »

Lasati femeile in pace! De Pastele Blajinilor d...

De 2-3 ori pe an mass-media moldovenească se complace în a vorbi cu gura Mitropolitului sau cel puțin ca și cum ar fi serviciul de presă al Mitropoliei. Televiziunile și portalurile de știri ce umplu în general spațiul cu chiloți de vedete, lenjerie, scandaluri și bîrfe, în aceste momente iau o poză sobră și se [...] read more »

Rasismul e rau, sexismul e ok

The Guardian povestește procesul intentat pe motive de rasism ce îl opune pe căpitanul echipei ”naționale” de fotbal a Angliei, John Terry, jucător și căpitan la Chelsea, Londra și Anton Ferdinand, jucător la QPR. Ferdinand s-a plâns curții că a fost înjurat rasistic. “Fuck off , fuck off …fucking black cunt, fucking knobhead”, ăștia ar fi [...] read more »

badaranie mare…la o cafenea mica…

Cafeneaua Petit de lângă Biblioteca Națională un loc bun de băut o bere în Chișinău, a decis să-și tragă un rebranding. Așa au apărut câteva feluri noi de bere, niște alune, ici un leu în plus colo unul minus. Și un nou meniu cu design nou și cred, cel puțin la nivel de intenție, [...] read more »

(anti)feminismele din minte…

Discriminarea femeii e o chestiune apolitică. Nu că nu s-ar găsi justificări sau formule politice ce ar legitima-o. Nici că sexismul nu și-ar fi făcut loc prin platfomele politice – chemările stridente la restaurarea familiei tradiționale de care-s pline platformele de partid conțin implicit și explicit reguli cu privire la un anume loc [...] read more »

drepturile universale. cum se face.

Reiau, cu niscaiva modificări, un comentariu plasat în subsolul unei dezbateri de pe Dezbaterea pornise dinspre compatibilitatea feminismului cu islamul și ajunsese, nu neapărat surprinzător, la o dispută ce contrapunea universalismul pretins al drepturilor omului relativismului cultural al sistemelor juridice…Răspunsul meu încerca să construiască un pod între cele două ”maluri”… Deci, feminismul (și prin [...] read more »

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