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Atherosclerosis – Symptoms, Causes, prevention ...

By atherosclerosis the inside of the arteries are thickened, hardened and stiffened, causing the space for blood flow to be narrowed or closed. This will decrease the oxygen supply to local or distant tissues. The primary symptom of this is pain, poor organ function and bad general condition. The further consequences are tissue damage, sometimes [] The post Atherosclerosis – Symptoms, Causes, prevention and Treatment appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

Almost Back in Shape

Swimsuit: Sassa || Sunnies: SPRINTO || Coverup: Gift So there you go! I started working out and dieting when Leon turned 10 months. 6 months after my decision, I am now weighing 120lbs from 10lbs. Still a bit far from my 2013 body (108 lbs) but I'm currently struggling to lose more weight. If you have noticed, my tummy, legs and thighs are still heavy while my arms and face are shrinking. Its probably the carbs and the sweets that I still cannot let go. I hope you liked my post! :) Much Love, TBD read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – From Fat Man to Iro...

This weeks motivation comes courtesy of Dan Hyatt, who managed to lose nearly 10 stone (135lbs) to put him on the path to a healthier life and much closer to his goal of becoming an ironman. You can read Dans story here: read more »

Что если-бы герои поп-культуры страдали ожирением?

Что если-бы герои поп-культуры страдали ожирением? No related content found. The post Что если-бы герои поп-культуры страдали ожирением? appeared first on EDC-PATROL. read more »

I Didn't Know That - Fat

After reading the following information in a Weight Watcher's cookbook I've decided to give FAT a closer look. Did you know... That 8 ounces of potato chips is the equivalent of an 8 oz. baked potato with 12 to 20 pats of butter on it? That a "healthy" granola bar may contain as much as 12 grams of fat? Read the label! That butter, margarine, lard and "light" olive oil are all virtually 100% fat? That all of the fat (and cholesterol) in an egg is in the yolk? And that you can substitute egg white... read more »

Absurd, but True?

Have you heard about “the obesity paradox?” Like all paradoxes, the obesity paradox suggests that something absurd might be true such as obese adults might have a greater chance of surviving some diseases than normal weight adults. According to a 2011 review by Paul McAuley and Steven Blair, a 1982 study by a research team [] read more »

Te-ai saturat sa fii urat si gras?Fii doar urat!

Dupa cum se vede m-am inspirat pentru acest articol din aceasta imagine care face furori!O strategie super amuzanta de marketing care chiar prinde la public si aduce clienti.Evident,unora o sa le para jignitor:"Ia uite,astia ma fac urat...De ce sa merg la ei la sala?Sa rada de mine?".Pai in cazul asta,chiar esti si urat si...trist.Sa nu zic altfel.Cum imi place mie sa zic:unele business-uri,produse,servicii nu sunt facute pentru oricine. Daca nu poti trece inca peste astfel de ganduri si impresii e cla... read more »

Fat Vampire Book1 REVIEW

Fat Vampire by Johnny B. Truant (Website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads)Series: Fat Vampire #1 Published by Johnny B. Truant Genres: Dark Fantasy Pages: 196 Format: eBook Source: Free Shop Giveaway Buy Amazon UK Kindle edition • Buy Amazon US Kindle edition • Amazon UK •Amazon US •Waterstones• Book #1 When overweight treadmill salesman Reginald Baskin finally [] The post Fat Vampire Book1 REVIEW appeared first on Darkness Beckons.. read more »

That Elusive Tiny Waistline Vs The Fat Belly

As women in today's society, we have to deal with the constant barrage of advertisements, television programs, designers, everyone and anyone, who constantly compare our bodies and have an opinion of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

A wonderful day, a horrible migraine and a very...

9 months 3 weeks 2 days oldYesterday was my 1st wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful stunning day and my husband and I had an absolutely wonderful day from the beginning of the day to the end. We started out with wicked but gorgeous pancakes at a restaurant in the inner city for brunch, then took the pup to the dogpark, then off to a fancy dinner and finally ended the day with a movie snuggled on the couch (with Knightleybizarrelywatching the movie too!). I hope all our anniversaries are as lovely as ... read more »

Whole prey model raw feeding: a week of feeding...

So, I continue not to be well at all and we are doing minimal training unfortunately. When things get back on track I think I'm going to go right back to Level 1 and refresh all our skills from the beginning. Some parts of Level 2 especially are getting a little rusty from lack of use because we have been focusing so hard - pretty much only on retrieve stuff and other bits of Level 3 (all from Sue Ailsby's Training Levels... following the "Training Levels" tab up the top of this page if you are intereste... read more »

Five Steps to Losing Weight

The United States has become a nation of overweight children and adults.  Lifestyles have changed over the past several decades to the point that convenience has transformed our eating patterns.  It is hard to drive down a street and not notice the hordes of fast food restaurants with window signs touting cheap eats.  Millions of [...] read more »


Sorry I havent been around. Life has been a bit difficult since I started to wean off the Fountis way of eating.  I have failed miserably and dont know what to do.  I dont remember if I mentioned it but Continue reading read more »

Flab minus 80 and counting!

So I started weaning off the diet so I can go on my first break. It seemed like forever but in reality it wasnt. The weaning process is simple. You stay on the prescribed amount of foods you were on Continue reading read more »

Flab minus 67 and counting…..

67.6 pounds total to be exact. As of today 8/18 and after being in ketosis for 97 days I am down a total on 67.6 pounds. I have lost on average .7 pounds per day. Ok in JUST over 90 Continue reading read more »

I’m a thief and I admit it….

Ok so Im gonna steal this next post because it struck a chord with me. Some of you know that I am going back to school after years of modeling to become a nurse. I have ALWAYS held a Continue reading read more »

Inspiration comes from many places…

This is one BRILLIANT list.  Read it, breathe it. Live it. I will : from: People always ask me “how?” and I know the main reason, aside from curiosity, is that they are hoping what I say will be Continue reading read more »

I’m a picky bitch

We are officially into August and its been almost 3 months since I started the Healthier Weigh program with Dr Fountis. I have to say so far, I have been very successful at it. Like I have mentioned before , Continue reading read more »


I made a separate profile on Facebook under Vikki WickedCurves that will chronicle my weight loss journey with Dr Fountis and PSMF. Please add me as a friend Looking forward to seeing you there! ) The link is over Continue reading read more »


Sorry I havent written for awhile, Ive been busy getting kids ready/ enrolled for school and shit. Lots of family stuff. We are sticking to the diet but I have seemed to stall a bit. I am at the point Continue reading read more »

Flab minus 50 and counting…Day 60

Wow. Today is day 60 of Josh and I being on the healthier weigh PSMF program by Dr Fountis. Karolynn, my lovely sister who lost 80 pounds before her first break after 4 months on the program is slowly weening Continue reading read more »

I lost my kid….

Ok Let me explainThis is me and my daughter VeronikaI know. I KNOW its not a great shot but it was dark. Anyway I lost her Continue reading read more »

Can’t let go yet…

Its important for me to remember on today of all days that freedom isnt free. Many people I love have fought for our freedom and I thank each and every one of them who risked or gave their life in Continue reading read more »

Quick Note…I’m not dead and neither is Jeff

We have a had an exciting yet brutal last few days. Jeffs endarterectomy went well but his recovery was a little slow going. To make a long story short, he ended up back in the hospital the day before my Continue reading read more »

Flab minus 35 and counting…

I dont see it. I think my husband is getting sick of me asking and wondering if it LOOKS like Im losing weight. I know I am cuz my blood sugars are good but I dont really see it. Continue reading read more »

Breakfast- It’s the most important meal of the ...

Do you know what this is? I do. Its my breakfast. I know what you are thinking. You are probably thinking what I was thinking the first time I weighed out my breakfast portion of sliced turkey for breakfast. SERIOUSLY??! Continue reading read more »

On Labor Day and pointless questions

Some people have argued that it's my "cultural responsibility" (they didn't use those exact words... and by "responsibility" I mean "irresponsibility") to go to the Labor Day Parade at least once and celebrate with mah-people-dem, but I can't be bothered. read more »

Chicken Feet and Crispy Quail

All you can eat chicken feet - sounds like a hillbilly buffet! Follow that up with all you can eat crispy quail. Quail are little cute birds that run through the forest. They look like cartoon characters. They actually taste quite good. The steamed chicken feet were a bit odd. They were very gelatinous and when the skin, fat, and tiny bit of meat pulled away from the bones, you could see all of read more »

Mengapa Kita Jadi Gemuk??

Seperti yang telah dipelajari, anda saat ini tentunya sudah mengerti berapa BMI (Body Mass Index) anda. Sekarang ini anda perlu mengerti kenapa koq berat badan berat badan kita naik.Ada beberapa hal yang perlu pahami: Badan kita membakar sejumlah kalori tertentu setiap harinya. Kalori yang dibakar oleh tubuh tiap orang berbeda. Sekarang kita anggap rata-rata wanita indonesia badannya mampu membakar 1300 kilokalori atau singkatnya kalori per hari. (dalam keadaan tanpa olahraga atau dikenal sebagai RMR ata... read more »

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