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3 Key Weight Loss For Ultimate Weight Loss Success

So youve made the resolution that THIS is the year youre going to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life.  Youre not going to settle for second best youre going to achieve that dream body youve always wanted. Great news this is actually the best time to make that [] The post 3 Key Weight Loss For Ultimate Weight Loss Success appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

Cokoladno pecivo

lisnato testonutelaPriprema: Lisnato testo tanko rasklagijati i premazati ga sa nutelom ili cokoladnim kremom.Rolovati testo i iseci ga na komade (ne treba da budu previse siroki,jer ce testo u toku pecenja da naraste).Peci u prethodno zagrejanoj rerni na 175C oko 20 minuta. read more »

I Can Because I Want To!

As I entered the large Christmas store, I was excited. I had my decorated bag in my hands. It had my stuff in there. Things I had brought. Nothing fancy or extravagant, but they were mine. They were things I carried. As I walked into the store I was ready for the beauty of Christmas. Continue reading I Can Because I Want To! read more »

Tuscan cabbage (kale) crostini - crostini al ca...

INGREDIENTS 1kg black cabbage (kale). 12 slices of tuscan breadGarlicExtra-virgin olive oil.Salt PREPARATION Clean and wash the cabbagecarefully and cook in a litre and a half of boiling, salted water. When it is cooked, toast the bread, rub a clove of garlic over each slice and place in soup bowls. Pour over a little of the cooking water to moisten and top with the cabbage leaves, roughly chopped. Pour over the oil and dust with salt and if you want freshly ground black pepper. INGREDIENTI1 kg di ... read more »


The 1988 Rothmans Cyprus Rally was a closely fought battle, the top 3 finishers were all within 8 seconds by the end of the event. This film covers the rally from start to finish with unmistakably ’80s style commentary, as well as driver interviews and plenty of sideways race footage. The film is 27 minutes Source: GaelicTech read more »


Before I present today’s poem, a little background on the theme.. Karvachauth is a celebrated festival in India and is celebrated with a feverish zeal by married Indian women all across. Popularly, the festival is about the wives fasting the Continue reading read more »

Fast Thinking Aussie

bethere2day - An elderly farmer in the Northern Territory had a large pond down by his fruit orchard. Fast Thinking Aussie read more »

Scarpaccia viareggina (sweet - savory zucchini ...

INGREDIENTS4 zucchini200 g flour2 eggs50g butter2 tablespoons of extra virgin oilhalf glass of water or milk1 tablespoon of parmesan cheesea sprig of parsleya few basil leavesPREPARATIONThinly slice the zucchini, salt to taste and leave to rest for30 minutes. In the meanwhile in a medium bowlbeat eggs, flour, melted butter, water and a bit of salt to make a smooth batter. Mix well, then add the zucchini. Grease and flour a baking pan and pour in the mixture. Bake at 180 degrees for about an hour. This ap... read more »

350z POV Drive

Ever wondered what it looked like driving in the cockpit view of a Nissan 350z? Well wonder no more, join me on this little drive to the gas station, and see what I get to experience everyday. My car is all stock besides an aftermarket intake, so every 350z, 06 and up will be like this. Perfect opportunity for someone interested in maybe purchasing one, so you can get a first hand view of what its actually like. read more »

Bread cake - torta di pane

INGREDIENTS125 g stale bread125 g sugar2 eggs100 g butter500 ml milk50 g raisins100 g chocolate chips1 ripepearPREPARATIONSoak the bread in the milk and let it soak. When it has softened, cut into small pieces, add the eggs and melted butter. Mix well. Then add sugar, raisins, chopped pear, chocolatechipsand mix well. Pour the mixture into a buttered baking pan. Bake it at 180 ° for about 60 minutes.INGREDIENTI125 g pane raffermo125 g zucchero2 uova100 g burro500 ml latte50 g uvetta sultanina100g gocce d... read more »

Rice cake - La torta di riso

INGREDIENTS300g rice300g sugar3 eggsBreadcrumbsZest of one lemonA nit of butterA pinch of saltA pinch of baking powderPREPARATIONBoil the rice, add a pinch of salt and the lemon rind. Drain and allow to cool.Add the rice a bit of melted butter, the sugar and the egg yolks and mix well.Whip the egg whites until stiff and add it to the mixture, stirring slowly from the bottom up.Add a pinch of baking powder and mix well.Pour into baking pan the dough, it should be very soft and sprinkle it with breadcrumbs... read more »

Celery balls - polpette di sedano

INGREDIENTSa bunch of celeryone eggflourfrying oilsaltPREPARATIONBoil the celery, drain and squeeze well. After, cut them into small pieces and place them in a bowl. Pour beaten egg, mix well and add salt. Prepare with the mixture small balls and dredge them in flour.In a pan heat the oil to fry and cook the meatballs. Serve hot. They are good as starter, side dish or a main course!INGREDIENTIUn mazzo di sedanoUn uovoFarinaOlio per friggeresalePREPARAZIONEFar lessare i sedani, scolarli e strizzarli bene.... read more »

I biscotti di Arlecchino - Arlecchino biscuits

INGREDIENTS10 biscuits100 g mascarpone100 g butter5 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powdercolored sprinklesPREPARATIONIn a medium bowl, chop biscuits, then pour in it butter, mascarpone and cocoa. Mix well. Prepare little balls and roll them in the colored sprinkles. Arrange them on a tray covered with foil and put it in the fridge for several hours. INGREDIENTI10 biscotti secchi100 g mascarpone100 g burro5 cucchiai di cacao amarozuccherini coloratiPREPARAZIONEin una zuppiera sbriciolare i biscotti, succes... read more »

Oils are actually good for you…

Hello everyone and hows your hair today? I love my hair right now, and Im looking forward to using my argan oil. I know, I know, how can I not have used it yet, but seriously? Ive just been so busy and havent had the time to sit down and document my findings so I [...] read more »

Yogurt-Blue Cheese Salad & Quick Pita Pizza

Today I decided to have my lovely co-chef Marie write-up a recipe. She came up with an awesome idea for a quick, healthy and tasty dinner, for those of us who come home late from work and do not want to spend too much energy cooking. Without further ado, I will hand over the keyboard [...] read more »

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