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Greetings everyone! ♥I'm late with posting this but I have other, more pressing priorities. While creating this piece, I began believing I wouldn't ever get it finished because I kept thinking of more elements to add. The title I decided to go with does give new meaning to the term, 'skeleton crew', though.♥"Skeleton Crew" Full Size PNG: "Fright ... read more »


Greetings and welcome!♥Why expend and waste energy on pretending to be someone other than who we are? It just makes more sense to me to concentrate effort and energy in being real and being the best version of our real selves as we can be, giving ourselves worth. Why put effort and energy into being fake, because when all is said and done, it's still fake and fake is worthless.♥ PNG url: read more »


Howdy folks!♥Anyone who creates havoc in another person's life and/or causes another pain, unpleasantness, stress, grief, etc., in my book is a MONSTER!♥"Monster"(image pending)Everywhere I go a monster tags along,No matter what I do, everything is wrong.It seems he has attached himself to my life, to me,No matter what I do, I can't of him shake free.I do not wish to slay the monster,He just needs to get a life,One that doesn't cause meAll this stress and strife.His life must be a pathetic oneIf it's so ... read more »


Howdy folks!♥This poem I wrote along with creating artwork to go with it back in October, 2007 as entries in the Halloween art and poetry competitions used to have. Unfortunately, Elftown has become a virtual ghost town now, barely able to maintain a hundred active members, when it used to have many thousands of active members.I have many great memories from the days when Elftown was a lot of fun to be on, with many great, talented artists and writers. To say I once loved the site and support... read more »


Howdy folks!♥I think this poem speaks well for itself.♥"Behind the Gun"(image pending)Guns are just objects all on their own;They know not whether to oppose or condone.They have no mind to think, judge, or rate.Hence, blaming them rests with a human trait.Humans can't accept accountability,Because the human ego defies humility.So anything we can, we humans like to blameBecause our ego can't accept feeling any shame.So when a drunk driver gets behind the wheel,Gets into a crash and another's life does ste... read more »


Howdy folks!♥This poem resulted from experiencing one too many times another person playing their head/mind games. Those who play head/mind games, do they think they're funny, cute, intelligent? I don't mind having a little fun, kidding around, and whatnot, but never to cause another harm, stress, or duress, because then it's not something enjoyable any longer. It's anything but.Playing head games to torment someone is cruel, heartless, and so immature. No respectable person does such. So, what exactly d... read more »


Howdy folks!♥Keeping up appearances, regardless of how fake,Is the way of many, the path they choose to take.~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Keeping Up Appearances" Full Size PNG: Up Appearances takes precedence these days.It's all about how we look in the various visual ways.Our clothes must be fashionable, our hair must always shine,Our body m... read more »


Howdy folks!♥Beware of those who among us walk,Dressed as sheep, but double talk.~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Beware Of The Sheep" PNG urls:(1) Of The Sheep who "Baa-a-... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥When I posted this poem on Facebook, some comments went like this:Commenter: Awesome Artsieladie my friend""" A truth beautifully narrated with sweeter way""" voice of billions of hurted heartsGod bless you friend.. ♥ January 29, 2014 at 2:49am Sharon Donnelly: Thank you. I think it's one of the cruelest things one can do is play with another's heart and emotions, having no intentions of really ever loving them for real. God bless you too my friend..♥January 29, 201... read more »

Update: Kein Fallout 4

Die Markeneintragung hat sich als Fake herausgestellt, dies ist jendefalls die offizielle Stellungnahme von Bethesda auf Twitter. Zum Twitterpost => Uns stellt sich nun die Frage, warum ist es so einfach sich beim deutschen Patent- und Markenamt als eine Firma auszugeben und einen Antrag auf Markenschutz zu stellen ohne das man zuz der Firma gehört.Und die noch viel wichtigere Frage ist, werden wir jemals ein weiteres Fallout bekommen?Originalmeldung:Jetzt endlich doch ein Fallout 4! Die Fangemeinde w... read more »

Список номеров поддельных 5000 купюр

Недавно прошел бум по стране, когда банкоматы перестали выдавать, а также принимать рублёвые 5000 купюры, затем поутихло и после смены программного обеспечения у банкоматов, данная купюра снова стала в ходу. Работая с деньгами, заметил в последние месяц-два, что стали часто появляться фальшивки данного номинала. Попадаются очень похожие на оригинал подделки, отличить можно только со спец оборудованием. Собственно делюсь с вами небольшой табличкой по подделкам. Список номеров поддельных 5000 купюр No... read more »

Moleton, Bomber, Peplum, Jeans, Skinny, Sapatos...

O moletom agora é chic! Da esq. pra dir.: patch da Sacada, aveludado da Oh Boy e couro de Patrícia Viera E a bomber também está nessa jogada: vitrilhos da Coven e bordados metalizados de Victor Dzenk Peplum, a sainha sobreposta a uma base mais Floor e Alessa O jeans do momento é escuro e tem pesponto amarelo formando desenhos. Da esq. pra dir.: TNG, Herchcovitch e Iódice O fim do império skinny? Amplitude nas mangas e calças! Tem esse exemplo mais contido de Andrea Marques e o volumaço de Filha... read more »


Por uma dessas coisas que só o capeta pode explicar, precisava de um documento que sabia guardado num computador  antido. Ao abrí-lo deu de cara com as coisas que exilou no seu baú das esquecências* (ou assim pensava). Fotos de falsos abraços, filmes de amigos (os tais só das horas boas), das festas e suas engraçâncias, beijos de hipocrisia das almas fakes às quais um dia dera a vida. É, não sabia que aquilo ainda lhe poderia tirar, um bocadinho, o ar… Premiu o delete com uma força que não sabi... read more »

birthday outfit

Hey there! Yesterday was my birthday, here's what I wore: Brandy Melville dress, Boden cardigan, River Island boots, Fake Chanel twenties style pearls ( a birthday present), and my Harry Potter charm bracelet was a Christmas present from a fellow Hufflepuff.I had a really great fifteenth with the Ventisei family! I had a lot of fun hobbling around London with ribbon-adorned crutches.xo, S read more »

Thudercats Fake Trailer (Fanmade)

Sinopsis:Como saben amigos, la exitosa serie de años atrás llamada Thundercats está a punto de sacar su primer película en persona, pero me he encontrado con este trailer creado por un fan de la edicion de video y los Thundercats, cabe mencionar que es un trailer no oficial, pero aún así tiene una calidad profesional, pues hay una combinación de varias películas dentro del video: Fast and the Furious, Garfield (el es snarf), Lord of the rings, y otras más, espero les guste y no olviden dejar sus comentar... read more »

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