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GlassesShop e i suoi occhiali, con una imperdib...

Ciao,ormai ahimè anche io ho bisogno di occhiali per leggere e scrivere, ormai abituata quasi totalmente ad affidarmi agli acquisti on line, ho è un'azienda nata negli tates nel 2004, ed ovviamente si occupa della vendita di occhiali da vista e occhiali da sole con prescrizione.In oltre dieci anni dalla loro nascita, hanno inviato nel mondo oltre un milione di occhiali sia da vista che occhiali da sole, mantenendo sia la qualità del prodotto che i prezzi; infatti po... read more »

Smell my victory:Mr.Peabody and Sherman

I am so happy that I bring my son and dear for this movie. Mr. Peabody and Sherman cheers up our life and we can never forget the lines from this movie. Our favourite line which my son's love is smell my victory!This Sat starts school holiday a week, if you like comedy movie with family and children. Check out this movie, plus TGV Cinema having a good promo for just this weekend. Click above link to know which cinema and what time!So sad we didn't get spectacles of Mr.Peabody and Sherman, its your chance... read more »

#fab #top #nerd #eyeglasses from @cndirect_001 ...

#fab #top #nerd #eyeglasses from @cndirect_001 #missjhenz #thankyou read more »

#thankyou @cndirect_001 received the #oversized...

#thankyou @cndirect_001 received the #oversized #retro #nerd #eyeglasses, #batwing #loose #printed #top and #bownot #ballet #flats #missjhenz read more »

Is Everything Glassy When Wearing Eyeglasses?

I have been sporting glasses for as long as I can remember. Some people think I wear them for fashion purposes. Sure, uhhh.. if I can root out anything fashionable about them. HA. But really, I need them. We're not allowed to wear contact lenses during duty and I'm trying my best not to garner any more extensions so glasses here I am! I've been wearing contact lenses since I was in 6th grade but due to it being to bothersome when I'm late (please refer to post below), I have glasses as a back up plan. Bu... read more »

Which Lens Show La Vie En Rose?

I don't like wearing eyeglasses very often, but for laziness' sake, I do. Another factor is that my nursing subjects require me to wear them, instead of my contacts. Part of nothing too fancy, we might intimidate our patients. Which is all bugus, if you ask me. If you want my opinion on the matter, the underlying theme of this is the utopian-dystopian realm of Chicago in Divergent. And they're rearing us to be Abnegations, the uniform, the simplicity, the motto "men and women for others". It all boils do... read more »

retro leopard

Наконец-то ужасная жара спала. Конечно, это произошло довольно неожиданно, но все, что ни делается - к лучшему. Я обожаю весну и осень, а сейчас погода как раз изумительно осенняя. Дыхание сентября я почувствовала еще полторы недели назад, когда выбралась в город рано утром и учуяла то неимоверное ощущение "первого сентября", которое знакомо каждому школьнику. Ты идешь по улице, еще совсем сонный, и вроде как тепло, но ветерок прохладный. Такое чувство сложно объяснить, но надеюсь вы его тоже когда-то ис... read more »

Buy Eyeglasses Online: Vision & Fashion the Fru...

A month ago, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) published a piece of news about purchasing eyeglasses online; a month later, this news has already been commented on by thousands of people. With the rise of purchasing eyeglasses online, more and more eyeglass wearers have begun to focus their attention on it. However, with regard to buying [...] read more »

Why Wear an Oleophobic Coating Eyeglasses?

The last time I wore my eyeglasses was last December 2011 when I was checking some updates of my friends in Facebook where I found out that there is a storm coming in. I never thought that typhoon Sendong could reached our place and damaged all our things and belongings. One of my personal things [...] read more »

See Great Savings With Online Eyeglasses

Have you ever gone inside an optical shop for a new pair of glasses and came out with a feeling that youve been robbed?  Have you ever ordered eyeglasses online only to receive ones with the wrong prescription or with misaligned Continue reading read more »

Healthy eyesight

It is very important tohave good eyesight. Well, I’m planning to have a pair of eyeglasses to protectme from daily used of computer and I often noticed that my eyes really introubled in reading words and even numbers. In most cases, when a person gets older,like the rest of the body, eyes get worse also. Good eyesight plays animportant role in our day to day routine. Since our eyes is the number oneasset to see things right and serves as the mobility in our life. Having goodeyesight greatly improves one... read more »

Eye Care

Yesterday Saturday morning, after work shift I thought of having my eyes checked for possible change in my grade. It had been two years since I had my eyes checked. Ever since I had worked with a Call Center my activities had been limited to home and office. There is one new shopping center in Ayala Makati City I had not visited. There is one optical shop I was looking for. They changed their location. I thought of spending time for a reasonable price of eyeglasses and lens in case there is a need to cha... read more »

Saying Goodbye

I am not good at saying goodbye. For almost eleven years we had been together in my room. I love to glance at the smooth face as the hands runs slowly. A companion indeed for so long, it is difficult let go. Nothing is permanent in life I had accepted this notion long time ago. However when parting time comes, it is difficult. The ticking had stopped. The familiar sound is no more… read more »

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