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Monday Morning Motivation – What can you endure?

Jaret Grossman: Theres a certain delusional quality that all successful people have to have. You see all successful people have this belief, they have this understanding, that Im going to do something different than has ever been done before. They have this idea that theyre not going to be told what to do, because they [] read more »

Water and Hotness

Water is the only thing in my life where I can adjust the hotness. (Yeah, thats supposed to be a joke.) When we look around while out in public, one thing we may notice is that some people look hot Continue reading read more »

2017 January Tabata Challenge Final Tally

As this is now February 1st and I have finally pulled myself from the wreckage of the last week, and quite a bit of wreckage there was, it is time to go over the results of the 2017 January Tabata Challenge. This has not been a scientific study, mind you. My part in all this has been anecdotal. Yours has been anecdotal as well. Any input that you have to add is important in that it adds to the sum of knowledge as applied. When I set out on this challenge there were some questions that were in mind. Tho... read more »

Trusting Our Coach in Times of Stretching

I havent gone full-on fan-girl since my teens, but lately, certain television programs had me leaning dangerously close to that response: America Ninja Warriors and the Olympics. Womens gymnastics was both rolled in to one. If you watched even a smidgeon Continue reading read more »

Scilly Swim Challenge – the big day!

We’d got everything ready the night before, so just needed to get dressed and eat breakfast. I opted for porridge with protein powder (as usual), and a bottle of Osmo preload (kindly provided by ProBikeKit). The night before, Roelie and I had drunk a bottle each of Osmo preload hydration in pineapple margarita flavour. I [] read more »

Endurance in Faith

It is a known fact that our human nature continues to doubt our faith. It interferes with our belief and settles dust left from questioning our faith in God. Continue reading read more »

Monday Morning Motivation – What makes a triath...

The combination of powerful images, stirring music and emotive words in this video make it really inspirational. Ive told Stuart that when Ive completed Challenge Weymouth 70.3, Im expecting a montage that is just as powerful! Strength Endurance Determination Speed Risks Limits Power Preparation Pride Perseverance Courage Persistence Dedication Attitude Glory There is no cant, [] read more »


How does hominin evolution impact our daily lives – what the hell is a hominin? We are hominins. Hominoids are the branch of primates that includes all the past and present species of lesser and great apes. Hominins are all the species in the Homo sapiens’ lineage after the split with a common chimpanzee and [] read more »

Is less exercise better for your health

Every day it seems there is new research into what type of physical activity is best for our health and to keep us in best shape. Most recent research suggests shorter high-intensity workouts are better for our overall health (eg for lowering cholesterol) compared to long distance endurance exercise. In a Canadian study by Little et al (2010) investigating the effects of high intensity shorter workouts, researchers were able to show the incredible benefits of shorter, high-intensity exercise. They showe... read more »

Película Haile Gebreselassie

Película sobre Haile Gebreselassie, uno de los mejores corredores de la Historia Endurance parte 1ª Archivado bajo:Personajes, Referencias, Si no lo viste en Twitter Tagged: corredor, Endurance, Etiopia, Haile Gebreselassie read more »

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